Story: Wrong Number Episode 30

Story: Wrong Number Episode 30

Episode 30

I went to his house on Saturday morning expecting the worse. I got there and sat in the sitting room like a complete stranger. He was in his room upstairs, so I waited for him to come downstairs, he knew I was around.

He joined me in the sitting room and sat directly opposite where I was sitting.
“Hi” I said
“ How was your week?” He asked
“Fine and yours?”

“Not bad. You didn’t bother to call me during the week” he said coldly.
“I thought you needed some time to your self. So I decided to give you some space”
"I’m hungry” he said
I wonder what that statement had to do with me, So I kept quiet.
“I said I’m hungry, I want you to cook for me” he said sternly.

“Daniel, did you asked me to come here just to cook, I think we have more pressing issues to discuss”
“Oh! I’m now Daniel? I can’t remember the last time you call me Daniel”
“Sorry, I mean….
He ignored me and went upstairs, he came back with his wallet. He opened it and counted 10 #1000 notes and handed it to me.
“Here is #10,000 buy all the necessary ingredients you need”

“What ingredients?” I asked still surprised at his drama.
“I want pounded yam and vegetable soup”
“Pounded yam!” I wonder what game he’s trying to play here.
“Daniella don’t just stand there, it’s almost noon, I haven't taken anything today”
“What kind of a man is this for God sake, we are in the middle of crisis and all his asking for his food” I thought.

“I can’t pound” I said
“That’s a lie, the last time I came to your house, I met you and one of your siblings pounding”
You can get an Ekiti man out of Ekiti but you cannot get Ekiti out of him. I wonder why they love pounded yam so much.
“There’s no mortal” I said

“My gateman, Papilo got one for me yesterday” he grinned.
“So this is actually not a joke, so you already have a mortal in this house ” I said and I almost curse that gateman of his.
“The car keys is upstairs, go get it and take the car with you” he said and switched on the plasma TV
“I’ll take a cab” I said annoyingly. Imagine he went upstairs to get his wallet and couldn’t bring the keys along with him.
“Your choice” he said.
I just pick my purse and phone from my handbag and left.
I came an hour and half later, I met him watching a football match. I went to the kitchen hoping he’ll join me but he did not. I can not come and kill myself, so I called the gate man.
“Papilo!" I called out
“Ma I’m coming ma” he answered.

I ordered him to lock the gate and join me in the kitchen. Shebi he knows how to buy mortal right. I even thought Daniel will send him back to his post but he said nothing.
I set the dinning when I was through. I checked the time, 2:45pm. I told him I was through.
He settled down on the dinning. I turned back to leave the dinning when he called me.
“Daniella, where are you going won’t you eat?”

“I did not make provision for myself, I only pounded two wraps and I’ve served your gate man the other wrap”
“And why is that”
“Dee, I’m not here to eat”
“Really! So what are you here for, come back here and sit, we’ll eat this together”
There’s no point arguing with him, he won’t let me be if I don’t join him. And more so I want to know where all this stunt he’s pulling is heading.

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