Story: Wrong Number Episode 34

Story: Wrong Number Episode 34

Episode 34

“Calm down Lizzy, everything is going to be fine, I knew things will get ugly tonight.
Let’s give him time to process it, then I’ll talk to him later, your friend is still here, talk to her” Daniel handed over the phone to me.

“Lizzy, it is well, Daniel promised to talk to him, I believe he’ll listen” I said
“I pray he’ll listen, you need to see him, he was something else” Lizzy stated still crying loudly.
“You know what I’ll come over now. I’ll past the night at your place”
“Thanks, I’ll be expecting you” I ended the call and picked my bag.

“Where are you going?” Daniel asked
“I can’t leave her all alone, you know she stays alone”
“I know, but at least hold on, let me get my car keys and take you there” he offered
“Thanks” I said
We set out almost immediately. In the car, I put a call through to my mum, I told her I will be staying at Lizzy's, I had to tell her the situation on ground, because I don’t sleep out.
Daniel stopped in front of a boutique. I gave a why did you stop the car look.
“Wait in the car, I’ll be back in a jiffy” he said and alighted.

I watched him walked into the boutique. Few minutes later, he was out with a plastic bag.
He entered the car and handed the bag over to me.
“What’s this?” I asked before checking it out.

“You’ll need a change of clothes” he said with his gaze fixed on the road.
I opened the bag, he bought a peach color knee length gown and underwears. He knew my size from clothes to shoes, even underwear.
I looked at the amazing man sitting next to me.
“Thank you” I smiled.
“You’re welcome”
This guy is good at thinking ahead. I myself did not think of what to wear the next day, all I want is just to be with Lizzy.
We were almost at Lizzy’s house when Daniel got a call from Paul. Paul told him his coming over to his side, but Daniel told him not to come, he sensed he might not be in a right state of mind to drive. He assured him he’ll come over to his place.

“I’ll have to pass the night at Paul’s place too” Daniel said when he ended the call.
He dropped me off at Lizzy’s place, but he decided to check on her before leaving. We went into her apartment, she sat on the tiled floor sobbing. She doesn’t look like the Lizzy I shopped with some hours ago. I was moved to tears when I saw her.
Daniel gave her words of encouragement and reassured her he’ll try his best to ensure things get better.
I saw him off to his car, he told me not to leave her side.
“And stop crying, you need to be strong for her” he said
i nodded
“Sweetheart I’m not happy, why is all this happening to our friends” I said.
He drew me closer to him and took me into his arms for some seconds. “They will be fine”
He released me from his grip. “I have to go now Paul needs me too”
He left and drove down to Paul's house.
I went back into the house, I told Lizzy Daniel is passing the night at Paul’s house, so she could know she’s not the only one in this difficult situation.

I forced Lizzy to take a cold bath. She showered and I prepared noodles for her which she barely ate.
Daniel called and told me the situation of things at his side.
“How is he?” I asked
“Paul is not in a good shape, the news really broke him” he replied.
"Eh ya! I feel for him too”

“I can’t talk with him now, I’ll have to sit 
and watch him till he sleep”
“Same here, I’m trying to get Lizzy to sleep too”
“Lets just hope for the best”
“Have you called Papilo?” I asked

“Yes, I told him not to wait up for me and instruct him to lock up everywhere.
“OK, then”
“ Make sure you get some rest too once Lizzy is asleep”
“I will, thanks”
“Good night, I love you”
“I love you too, good night”

I ended the call and sighed.
I tried to make Lizzy sleep but she didn’t until like 2am. I took my bath and slept quietly beside her.
The next morning, I prepared a light breakfast, I told her to take her bath and dress up for church.
“I’m not going to church” She said softly.
“Why? Are you mourning? You better dress up and let’s go to church, it’s only God that can help us in this situation”

“She carried herself reluctantly to the bathroom. I took my bath too and wore my clothes, courtesy Daniel. God bless him for me.
By the time we came back from church, her mood was a bit lighter. Daniel called me and told me to come over to Paul’s house with Lizzy.

I told Lizzy we have to go to Paul’s house, she was scared to face Paul but I told her she can’t run away from her challenges, she just have to face it.

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