Story: Wrong Number Episode 37

Story: Wrong Number Episode 37

Episode 37

Two weeks later, we were all in front of the altar to witnessed the couples exchanged their vows.
They finally said “I do”.
I was the chief bride’s maid while my Daniel was the best man.
“I think both of you should just tie the knot today once and for all” Paul said and his wife supported the motion.
We all laughed it off.
“Don’t worry, just give us little time” Daniel replied him.
“Little time! Is he planning to propose” I thought within myself.
After the reception, we saw them off to the airport for their honey moon.
I really miss Lizzy, they traveled to Paris for their honey moon.
She called everyday despite the fact that she’s on her honey moon.
My love for Daniel increased on a daily basis.
The same with him.
I frequent his office more often, I’ve dropped most of my extra lesson classes.
I and his secretary Lola are now friends although she’s younger than me.
Daniel’s latest habit is gifts shower.
He showered me with all kinds of gift, some I even had to dash out.
I lacked nothing, I was just working for working sake, not that I need the money.
It got to a stage I had to complain.
“You are spoiling me with too much gift” I said
“Let me spoil you, you are all that I have here, you are my only family.
My sister, my friend, my companion and everything.
If I don’t spoil you who will I spoil” he said teasingly with a kiss.
Daniel proposed to me after we had a dinner date in an exotic restaurant It was so romantic.
“Will you marry this man that is head over heels in love with you?” he said kneeling on one knee with a red velvet box in his hand.
“Yes, I will” I said with teary eyes.
I was so happy.
“I promise to love and cherish you for the rest of my life” he said and kissed me.
He took me home that night when we left the restaurant.
He pulled over and held my hand before I alighted
I got home that very day and told my family about my engagement.
They were all happy to hear the news.
I went to my room.
I looked at the expensive diamond ring on my ring finger, I definitely know it will cost a fortune.
I remember where I was coming from, I couldn’t help but cry, I tried to hold back the tears but I couldn’t, I just let it flow.
Here I am with a man who loved and cherished me.
“Lord I owe it all to you” I said aloud.
I found peace and fulfillment within me.
I’m trusting God to give me all it takes to be a virtuous woman.
An hour later he called me when he got home.
He thanked me for accepting his proposal and he made so many promises.
Please who will turned down a marriage proposal from a man like Daniel.
The couples are back from their honey moon trip.
They came to my house to visit.
It was so good to see them again.
Lizzy was sparkling in her yellow gown.
Her Brazilian hair, make up and all was on point.
She looks more beautiful and fresh.
“Lizzy look at you… Who says marriage is not a beautiful thing”
She turned around and accessed herself.
“Thank you….
she said smiling.
“You look stunning, Paul I can see your hand here”
“Yea! I tried right”
“This is more than try, job well done.
Hi five my guy” I said and gave him a high five.
They also congratulated me on my engagement.
“Girlfriend I think you’ll need a bodyguard to carry that thing around” Lizzy said jokingly,
“You can say that again”
“It’s so beautiful” She said admiring my engagement ring.
“Thank you…” I said blushing.
I asked Lizzy when she’ll resume work and she said the next day.
“This is why I don’t like banking job, do you people rest at all”
“Imagine the bank gave her just two weeks for honey moon leave.
I had to pull strings to get an extra week” Paul explained.
“I’m not complaining, I love my Job” She said giving us a funny attitude.
“You hear that she’s not complaining “ I said and we laughed it out.
They promise to check on Daniel the next day.
They left an hour later.

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