Story: Wrong Number Episode 43

Story: Wrong Number Episode 43

Episode 43 

Few weeks to our wedding, I got a call from Daniel.

He told me to come down to his office.

“I’m still in school, you know I close by 4pm” I explained “Sweetheart, but we agreed you resign, so you could have time to prepare for the wedding.

“I have my love, I’ve tendered my resignation letter, this is my last week here” I explained.

“OK, I need you here, please get a permission or something” “Ok, let me try to seek permission, I’ll get back at you” I went to the Principal’s office and he gave me permission.

He understands I’m preparing for my wedding.

So he gave me permission.

I drove down to Daniel’s office around 11:30am.

He offered me a cold drink and told me he wants me to accompany him to a place.

We went in his car why I parked mine in the parking lot.

He parked in front of a landed property.

The building is under construction, some workers are there working.

“Where is this place?” I asked “A proposed site for your school and as you can see its already under construction” he informed.

My leg was weakened, I couldn’t believe my ears .

“Please tell me I’m dreaming, all this for me!” my eyes were clouded with tears.

“Woman, you are too emotional” he said and held me in his arms.

I hugged him tightly “I’m speechless, I can’t thank you enough.

Do I really deserve all this” “This beautiful heart deserve more my dear” He hugged and kiss me and patted my back.

We left the place heading back to his office to get my car.

My Dad is really preparing for the wedding, he re- painted the whole house, changed the furniture in the living room.

Even the whole compound floor was plastered.

He fixed every fixable.

Our house turned brand new.

It’s not easy to give your first daughter out in marriage, but he was extremely happy.

My parents in-law to be and all their guests arrived few days to the wedding.

Some stayed at Daniel’s place while others are lodged into a nearby hotel.

We had our Traditional wedding on Friday and church wedding on Saturday.

Our wedding was glorious, my heart was filled with so much joy, i married the man of my dreams.

My parents in-law graced the wedding with their white friends and colleagues in America.

There extended family members in Ekiti were present too.

Also Daniel’s white friends too all came down to Nigeria.

Everyone of them wore the aso ebi, the females among them tied gele as well.

The residents in my area thought I married a white man.

I never believed they could travel that far to attend a wedding in Nigeria.

It was fun to see this whites prostrate with the groom during the engagement ceremony.

I was elated.

My extended family members, my parents colleagues, church members, neighbors, colleagues at my place of work, Daniel’s staff and clients were also present.

The crowd was much, thank God we made provisions that can cater for everyone.

I really miss Joy around, I understand her absence is for the best.

I was shocked to see Tunde, I and Daniel invited him but i never knew he’d show up.

Paul and Lizzy were present, they’ve been very supportive.

Lizzy was not all that active because she’s heavily pregnant.

I threw my bouquet at the reception, guess who caught it? Sharon Everything went well to the glory of God.

After the reception, we were taken straight to the Airport We had our honey moon on an island in Mauritius.

Daniel discovered the place few months to our wedding and made reservations.

Trust me the place was beautiful to behold.

Around the island, there is calm, clear shimmering blue water.

The breeze, The sand sparkles in the sunlight.

There is a small wooden beach hut which is hidden among the tall, tropical palm trees where couples can relax.

The beautiful, blue sunny skies is spread across the island.

ll the hotel rooms look onto the ocean with great views.

I love ocean front hotels, have always dream of a place like this.

I never knew beautiful place like this exist in Africa.

We met some white tourists on the island as well.

Daniel was at my place after work to drop some things for me.

He was about to leave when, I received a phone call from kola.

“Joy is in the hospital” he said with a low voice.

“What happened?” I asked “We lost the baby, she had a miscarriage” “Oh my God! When? How?” I screamed “She just started bleeding, and I rushed her to the hospital” “God! After everything you guys went through to get her pregnant!” “She’s not taking it easy at all, my parents and parent in-laws are around too” “I’m coming right away” I said “OK, thanks” “What’s the name of the hospital?” I asked He told me the name of the hospital and hanged up.

“What’s going on, is joy OK?” Daniel asked me.

“She’s not, she had a miscarriage” After all they went through.

The IVF money that cost them millions of naira and all” “It is well, do you know the hospital?” I nodded.

“Let me drop you and please calm down, I believe she’s in good hands.

She’ll be fine” he said An hour later, we arrived at the hospital.

I met my Uncle and his wife at the reception.

Thank God Daniel met them the previous week, it would have been awkward if they met at the hospital.

I knelt down and greeted them They directed us to her ward.

I ran towards her on the bed and hugged her tightly, she had cried her eyes out” I really felt for her.

We were so glad few months ago that the IVF worked and this happened again.

I tried to console her, but she refused to be comforted.

Even her husband is not in a good shape.

Daniel moved closer to her and console her.

“We will try again, I have very competent doctors in the US, and this time you will be under their care and be monitored thoroughly till you have the baby” Daniel assured her.

“Daniel I’m tired, I already have my hopes up and all of a sudden, I had a miscarriage!” “You have to be strong, don’t loose up, I assure you everything will be fine, just trust God” “This burden is too much for me to bear” she cried in his arms” “Look around Joy, just take a look around, all your loved ones are here.

You are not alone” “I’m grateful, Thank you Daniel” “You are welcome, I’ll talk to your husband now once I step out of here and we’ll start planning” “Thank you very much Daniel, thanks for coming down to check on me on a very short notice” Joy thanked him “He was with me when Kola called” I explained to her.

“Ok, thanks dear cousin” Daniel excused himself and went to the reception area to discuss with Kola.

My Parents met us at the hospital, I guessed my Uncle informed them.

Daniel left for his house while I and my mom left in my Daddy’s car.

Joy was discharged three days later.

I spent my weekend at her place A month later Joy and her husband traveled out of the country.

Daniel had already made all the necessary arrangements with the Doctors over there.

We are all hoping that things we walk out fine this time.

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