Tha Eastsidaz - Milk 'N' Honey Lyrics

 {Verse 1: Tray Deee}

Nappy heads, free lunches, food stamps; how we come up

Represent the set, disrespect and we nut up

Run up on a motherfucker strapped or not

And once we ride, we ain't hiding we at the spot

Flipping sacks, hitting Yak, for the bread and meat

Either take off a space off and scared to eat

And I was taught from the start have heart, have money

I have to live lovely if I have to make it ugly

{Verse 2: Goldie Loc}

I'm smashing the game bossed out

Never trip, kept my head up, man the homies flossed out

Eastside thang fool back on that ass

It don't stop you know we always making cash

Stash spot on deck, police come no sweet

'Serve there ass Goldie so they never forget'

Kick on kak while a nigga rip rhymes stay banging on that motherfucking mad ass Eastside

{Chorus: Bamm}

Roll 'em, smoke 'em, make that money

On the Eastside, land of milk and honey

Bull rag idol 'round the 'K

Bang those blue shoes straight away

We tip, we crip, were fly

Straight to the spot, yeah we ride

We toss that throwaway

Bang those blue shoes straight away

{Verse 3: Goldie Loc}

(We on fire) Steady lighting up the scene with this all blue attire

Don't stop now let me hear the whole thing

Bumpin' this shit'll make your momma gangbang

Tied a rag around a cane, hit the streets bring 'em pain

Young black male push the set with my gang

Never throw your hands up when come I'ma bust, hardest rap in the cut, go and get fucked up

{Verse 4: Tray Deee}

On my major chase, paper make the earth go round

Everybody heated, its about the first to draw

Aim, squeeze, take cheese, bang these, escape!

On the grind, sunshine 'til the evening - late

Niggas scheme and hate but when I bring the 'K

I lay down a whole crowd when I sweep the place

No pity, stone gritty, Long Beach for life

Do or die, nigga stand on the creep for mine

{Chorus: Bamm}

{Verse 5: Tray Deee & Goldie Loc}

You be making out that we be 'bout a million strong

When everybody spit the lyrics when they hear our songs

Still G'd up, speak up if you got deez

21st street Eastside I C Gs

We them eastside ridaz, making money

We play for keeps, cos for us ain't nothing funny

Get your wig pushed back try'na start some shit

Lil' Loco from the 1 5 rolling dub Crip

Straight banging, steady bringing rip riding heat

With that young top gun on the side of me

You niggas wish that we would quit

But we ain't about to slip

The only thing we giving up is coming out the clip

Stay true to the streets, move fast with the heat

Bite down on the beat, keep them chucks on your feet

Tray Deee, Goldie Loc C walking in your sleep

(Haha) Were C walking in your sleep

{Chorus: Bamm}

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