Rich Homie Quan – Kno No More Lyrics

Kno No More Lyrics by Rich Homie Quan

this the shit they been wanting to hear quan
This the homie they been waiting on quan
These n***** must’ve forgot
We’ll show em then
Go !

Still pulling up in the middle of the hood in the six in a drop top
You could ask masio first young n**** park
That Bentley in the middle of the block
And where I’m from don’t come with that popping shit cause these young n*****
over here robbing
These young n***** over here starving

Give the boy a plate guaranteed he’ll eat
Got it out the mud n**** look at my feet
The last one it was on you n**** this one on me
I was in the pent house smoking on the top floor chilling in the suite that’s when shit got sweet
I couldn’t eat when they killed lil cee
I told my momma don’t worried about stressing if she got problems then put it on me
I remember starving we couldn’t eat
I done came a long way from that driveway
Now it’s marble on my feet
Got to keep that forty on my jeans in case a target get on me
I was told to never settle, wanted to be with you forever ,
But I don’t know no more

I don’t know no more , I don’t know no more
I don’t know no more , I don’t know no more
I don’t know no more
“ I don’t know no more “

Ion like hoes who basic , I don’t like too much make up
Hell , i don’t like sitting in my car too long
They know I’m too impatient , real N**** face it
I pull up in a spaceship this 600 spaces (600)
I might go boss up on my neighbors and buy some more acres
I remember going to school and I ain’t have no paper
Thinking about putting a hundred thousand dollars in my school now Cause I got a little paper
I ain’t crashing out for no dumb shit
when my people needing me
A lot of these n***** scared of money
cause they too worried about what people think
And I don’t give a fuck about what people think
Down to my last line let me call trip for some juice cause a young n**** need the drank
You might not like me , but im gone make a young N**** respect this shit the Aretha way
Started off friends then we got closer
Shit went bad and you ask was it over
All I said was

I don’t know no more , I don’t know no more
I don’t know no more ,  “ I don’t know no more”
I don’t know no more
“ I don’t know no more “

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