Too Late Episode 14

Too Late Episode 14


*Episode 14*

Chioma was yet to recover from the death of her son. To calm her nerve, she travelled home to see her parents. She spent few weeks then returned. It was as good as not returning. This time, she returned to a war zone and she was prepared to fight Rosa.

While she was using physical strength to fight Rosa, Rosa was using supernatural powers. Every single day, there was something to argue and fight for. They would inflict themselves with injuries. Stanley would ignore them as they fight. Then Rosa told her the unimaginable.

“I have kept you quiet enough Chioma but no more. I want you to know who I am. I am strong and terrible. I boast because I know where I draw my strength from. Chioma where do you draw your strength from? You are just a chaff before the wind. I can decide to kill you like a chicken. When mother hen exposes her chicks, will the hawk sit and watch? Nooo Chioma!, I killed your son” She said tapping her chest and laughing wickedly.

“Like your friend was killed, I will kill you. Bet me. I have access to you because the fences around you have fallen. You are empty and vulnerable”

Chioma, annoyed by Rosa’s outburst, ran into the kitchen and returned with a knife. Without thinking twice, thrust it into Rosa’s stomach. Rosa went down. Raving like a mad woman, Chioma gave her an everlasting cut on her face. Stanley who had been quiet all these while, jacked up as he saw the knife went into Rosa’s stomach. He screamed but it was too late for Rosa had already been stabbed and lying in her own blood.

Stanley carried the bleeding Rosa into his car and rushed out of the compound. Chioma seeing the damage that has been done, got a travelling bag. She threw few things inside it. She rushed to her husband’s room and carried the money she saw and ran out of the house with her son. Chioma ran to her sisters house. But she was still afraid that Stanley would find her.


Karen could not understand why Kam suddenly developed so much interest in his first wife Lily. Wasn’t he the one who said his heart is far from her.

Recently, he had been eating and sleeping in Lily’s apartment. Kam had told her he was coming for lunch. She took her time to prepare egusi soup only for him to text her that he had delighted himself in Lily’s pot.

Unashamed, Karen left her bedroom to knock on Lily’s door. She knocked and waited for the door to open, but nothing happened. Furious, she hit the door hard and Kam opened the door. Lily stood beside her husband with anger”

“You are mannerless this girl. If you knock on my door like this again, I will get you arrested” Lily threatened.

“Lily is my wife Karen. Respect her. If you can’t do such, you can leave”

Surprised by Kam’s reaction, Karen turned and left angrily. It all makes sense to her now. Kam was still attracted to his wife after all the lies he said about Lily to get between her legs. She sat in her bedroom fuming with anger. Not as if she loves him. Her heart was never with him but Otumba, who stubbornly refused to cooperate with her.

The door to her bedroom opened and Kam came in and sat beside her. He tried to hold her hand, but she withdrew.

“I am sorry Karen”

“There is nothing to be sorry about. I took my time to cook and you still went to eat her food. Ain’t you the one that told me she almost poisoned you the other time?”


“Since you chose her over me, then go to her” She said

Kam smiled.

“It’s you I want Karen. I choose you” He said drawing closer to her and caressing her neck

“The food is still on the table”

“I want to eat from it”

Sighing deeply, she stood up and walked to the dining table.

Later that night, Karen would only wonder why Kam is getting closer to his wife. He was becoming more comfortable with and she hates it.

Lily is an attractive woman, but she used to wonder why Kam would look at another woman when Lily is an epitome of beauty. Then she discovered that Lily was beautiful for nothing. She’s mannerless, she doesn’t know how to dress.

When Lily is angry, the glasses in the house breaks. Lily was practically abusive to her husband. Karen used to believe that in marriage, men maltreats their wives, but reverse is the case.

When Kam brought her home, Lily passed a horrendous message. The television, windows and phones went down. She broke the glasses of her husband’s cars. Curses were flying from her mouth. It was a statement to change Kam’s mind about bringing in a second wife. Kam who has made up his mind wasn’t disturbed.

It was God that has made him not to send her away. For years, their marriage had only gone soar. Karen was also lucky that she was not beaten. Lily did everything to frustrate her. On several occasions, had caught Lily watching her with murderous looks.

Karen tossed on the bed. “Why am I noticing that Lily has changed”. Few months after moving in, she noticed that every Saturdays, Lily would drive out and return hours later. She has also improved on her dressing. She combines colours perfectly and beautifully.

Few weekss ago, she had come out to go to work, when she saw Lily praying for Kam. Kam was on his knees and Lily placed her hands on his head praying. This didn’t go down well with Karen but she swallowed it.

Sometimes, she has caught her in the kitchen using cookery books and Karen had laughed her to a scorn that very day.

Every night she would hear Lily praying so much. In the morning, she would come out so early to prepare breakfast for Kam before leaving for work.

“I didn’t know she was trying to reclaim my Kam but she won’t succeed. I have come to stay in this house to enjoy what she has been enjoying.”

Karen remembered that, just a month ago, Kam celebrated his birthday. She had thought Kam would take her out for a nice time. Alas!, Lily had other plans. Kam was still on his pajamas that morning when Lily ushered in a saxophonist to play for him. She took the initiative to invite some of his friends and catered for them. She saw Kam was impressed. He kept kissing her. Karen felt out of place that day.

As she rolled on the bed, she smiled. She made up her mind to still hold on to Kam while seducing Otumba to fall for her. She loves Otumba but loves Kam for the money.


Charles has not seem Elena for days now and he was unhappy. He couldn’t understand the feeling inside of him.

“Could it be love?” He wondered.

Since she came into his life, all he sees is light. Depression that settled in his life disappeared. He heard a knock on his door. Charles dropped the cup of tea on the table, picked his clutches, then remembered he was expecting his mother. He smiled then rushed to open the door.

“Brian!” He shouted as he opened the door wide to allow him in. Charles was surprised that Brian could come visit him after the way they parted.

“Welcome to my humble abode” He said shaking his hands with him

Brian took his seat opposite Charles.

“I came because Ann told me she saw…”

“Yes, about a month ago at HIS GLORY CHAPEL. I didn’t realize she is a fire burning for God” He said laughing. Brian joined in the laugh.

“After she told me there was an urgency to see you myself”

“Aah, you are welcome”

“How is Karen?”

“Karen left me. She has gone for a long time now, but thank God for how things turned out” He said shaking his head
“I don’t want my thought to dwell on her”

“I understand”

Brian told him that he wants to help Charles as they have been friends since they were kids. He said he would help him get an artificial limp. This gladdens Charles so much and he began to sob.

“Be grateful you are alive” Brian told him
“Take me as your brother. Whatever I will do for my sister, I will do for you. Your leg will not limit you. Ann applied to study in UK and her application has been granted. She will soon be leaving. We agreed that you take over the management of my sister’s company”

Charles opened his mouth to say something but words failed him. The tears couldn’t stop. Brian had to console him.

Just then, Charles mum came in with food stuff to stock the house.

“Aaah!, See Brian ooh” She said excitedly

“It’s been a long while”

Brian embraced her, then helped her carry the bag as she went to the kitchen. She asked Brian so many questions as both of them arranged the items in the kitchen. They returned to the sitting room and Charles told her everything Brian said. She thanked Brian and kept dancing and praying for him. Before Brian left, he counted good amount of money and handed to her and she danced so much that Brian began to laugh.

“You will laugh again Charles. God is working everything for your good. Stop crying and thank God”

Mama went into the kitchen to prepare something for him. While mama was busy in the kitchen, another knock sounded on his door. Quickly, he wiped away tears with his hand before opening the door.

“Elena!” He said “Where have you been?”

Elena would not stop laughing. As usual she was with her brother. He ushered them in. As soon as mama entered the living room, Elena and her brother stood up immediately. They greeted mama.

“She is the one that led me to Christ mama”

“Aaah my daughter” She said embracing Elena who was smiling. She told Charles she came to inform him she has been posted. She would be going to her place of primary assignment. Charles became sad.

“Come on!” She said cheering him up

“It’s just a year and I will be back”

Elena stayed a little to chat with him before leaving. Mama could see her son was sad but she said nothing. She returned to the kitchen to check her food.

To be continued……

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