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Conway the Machine – God Don’t Make Mistakes Lyrics and Tracklist

Artist: Conway the Machine Album: God Don’t Make Mistakes Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap Date: February 25 Year: 2022     Conway the Machine God Don’t Make Mistakes Tracklist 1. Lock Load Lyrics by Conway the Machine & Beanie Sigel 2. Tear Gas Lyrics (feat. Rick Ross & Lil Wayne) 3. Piano Love Lyrics 4. Drumwork Lyrics by Conway the Machine, 7xvethegenius, & Jae Skeese 5. Wild Chapters Lyrics by Conway the Machine, T.I., & Novel 6. Guilty Lyrics 7. John Woo Flick Lyrics by Conway the Machine, Benny the Butcher, & Westside Gunn 8. Stressed Lyrics by Conway the Machine & Wallo267 9. So Much More Lyrics 10. Chanel Pearls Lyrics by Conway the Machine & Jill Scott 11. Babas Lyrics by Conway the Machine & Keisha Plum 12. God Don’t Make Mistakes Lyrics (feat. Annette Price)

Conway the Machine – God Don’t Make Mistakes Lyrics

God Don’t Make Mistakes Lyrics by Conway the Machine (feat. Annette Price)   Sometimes I wonder Be havin’ shit on my mind, n**** ya know Got questions Some of these questions, I know the answer to Some of these shits, I don’t know the answer to But look What if I was still on Doat Street sellin’ crack? What if I was in that car with Lavar when Doe Boy got clapped? What if that was me, shot in my back? When feds ran in Dom house and found a brick, what if that was my pack? What if I was stuck in the prison with numbers Knowin’ these n***** wouldn’t answer even if they did give me they number Would I go to my moms and give her a hundred? And put some money on my commissary, sometimes I sit and I wonder What if I went with Rocko that night? He had a show in Carolina, he like, “Bro, fuck with me, let’s do it right” What if I went? That shit would’ve changed a lot of events But instead of goin’, I flew back to Buff’ to record with French Song never happened, so what? Fuck it, I called a bit

Conway the Machine – Babas Lyrics

Babas Lyrics by Conway the Machine & Keisha Plum   Blood gurglin’ at the back of his throat The smell of gunpowder suffocates his nose Echoes of screams clingin’ to life But he will never leave Came back like it’s prophecy Roberto Cavalli drenched in Burberry trenches Immaculate in Prada boots Tom Ford florals, double breasted suits Send a message to him, through his beloved auntie Left blood on her lace doilies It’ll be weeks before they find her body And I’m lookin’ like the goddess of beauty Gettin’ fed white grapes by a shorty named Ruby I’m fingerin’ her pussy as he kisses her on the neck She is our bird’s nest, I ask for her by request The night gets wet Spontaneous shootouts N***** bring out the heat in the chilly Buffalo streets Lying bodies all over the concrete This is what happens when Keisha Plum meets the Machine Smokin’ weed by the pound, the devil’s playground Burnt mahogany, truffle oils, Persian caviar The bullets left artwork in his skin Beautiful scars God God Do

Conway the Machine – Chanel Pearls Lyrics

Chanel Pearls Lyrics by Conway the Machine & Jill Scott   Yeah, let me see that lighter Uh Cuttin’ through in the Rolls Draco on the seat, I hope I’m makin’ it home Head on a swivel, I always stay on my toes The ones you love most wanna know what your safe really hold No morals in the streets now, n***** breakin’ the code Smoke a blunt of pressure, this fame is takin’ it’s toll I’m thankful ain’t no shows, I need a break from the road Put n***** in position, they still ungrateful, it shows It’s fuckin’ up my energy, shit is makin’ me cold My life a series of drama just like them HBO shows When I die, I’m goin’ out like the pharaoh, drape me in gold I’m still gon’ run this shit until I’m eighty years old They realizin’ lately, I’m the one that’s been takin’ control Private table, car-bones when we leave Miami Beach And I brought sand to beach, your kiss taste like a can of peaches You got that shit on you, killin’ them, that’s just saying the least You about to get away with murder,

Conway the Machine – So Much More Lyrics

They say the eyes is the windows to the soul of a man I look at you and see you weak, so I know where you stand I can’t let nobody in the way of my goal and my plan They say, “I’m your bro, I’m your man,” I know they won’t understand Drumwork, you know it’s the brand Created diamonds when n***** left me with coal in my hand Now it’s like I’m Thanos, bitch, I got every stone in my hand Used to stand in front of that store with the pole in my pants Now I’m parked right in front of that same store in the Lamb’ I’m a motherfuckin’ legend, n**** And I ain’t have to sell my soul to sell no records, n**** I wrotе some of the illest vеrses ever and shifted the culture But I’ll probably never get the credit, n**** But part of me hope I never do ‘Cause if I’m already called the best ever, then shit, what’s left to do? Why you think all my shit so electric when I step in booth? My tweet got taken out of context, they think I left the group Yeah, it’s so much more, it’s so much more Won’t let ’em

Conway the Machine – Guilty Lyrics

Guilty This shit got that feel Uh, look, reject back from the trenches Back with the MAC with extensions Thinkin’ ’bout when they had me layin’ on my back in intensive Clapped in my head and neck That shit was inches from hittin’ my carotid I would’ve bled to death and nobody could stop it Doctor said the bullet too close to my voice box to try to get it out it “You can’t touch it and I doubt there’s anything we can do about it” Bells Palsy from damage to my nerves No feeling in my legs, I took a bullet in the head, n**** That’s why I chuckle at the commеnts that I read About the way my face look, and shit, I could’vе been dead Just focus on the lyrics, don’t focus on my appearance You know you too pussy to go through it, so you fear it You see the way they quotin’ this shit hysterically What you see is the dopest of any era, Machine Like a line of this coke you see on the mirror Sniff, n****, this shit is a gift, n**** King of the underground, but still, I’m a rich n**** A few years a

Conway the Machine – Wild Chapters Lyrics

Wild Chapters Lyrics by Conway the Machine, T.I., & Novel   In the Rolls truck, waitin’ for the light change Thinking damn, I came from the bottom, look how my life changed And all I did was write pain But I’m still runnin’ the streets, line the hope one day I might change My road through the trenches wasn’t the cleanest I know I ain’t perfect, I lied and I cheated I know some of the shit I was doin’ was too egregious Told my girl, “I apologize”, this time, I mean it You know I got a good heart, yo, you seen it Look at all the n***** I look out for, people I’m feedin’ Yeah, I had a son a lil’ while after And when he died, know it was hard for you to smile after While all that was goin’ on, I had a child after So how the fuck I’m ‘posed to be a proud rapper? Story of my life, shit got wild chapters I’m so fried all day On my grind always Seen some foul, foul times In this wild, wild life And I ain’t even trippin’, no Since the world we live in is so cold Uh, been dealing and sinning

Conway the Machine – Drumwork Lyrics

Drumwork Lyrics by Conway the Machine, 7xvethegenius, & Jae Skeese   Yeah Daringer Uh, look I was the most overlooked, now I’m the most noticed Hope it’s noted, this how real n***** supposed to look My verse is like an open book About my life and the n***** I shot and all the dope I cooked Take it off the stove, don’t let it overcook You gettin’ smoked, you put a hand on me Shots run it down even if he had a broken foot All through COVID, we still sold it by the boatload to push Pandemic got you n***** hurtin’, ain’t no shows to book N****, ain’t no backends to collect We shot at n***** back then, the MAC-10 was the skеt Smart with my money now, I tend to invest OG told mе keep them feelings in your chest Just kill ’em with your success They gon’ be sick when they vision your neck Them pieces with the emerald sets 180 for the AP with the baguettes Got my bitches on my neck like I’m Swae Lee Signed to Shady, then hit the connect And you know what I did with the check, my n**** And y

Conway the Machine – Piano Love Lyrics

Bought my bitch the Chanel jacket with the big Chanel bag Sneak the hammer in the club, the realest bitch I ever had My plug like Lulu, give me whatever I ask Bucket low like Ace Boogie, I re-up two hundred cash Richest n**** in my city, got my neck on, Rick the Ruler Press box at all the games, sittin’ next to the Pegulas Came up with them brick sellers, and them hundred pound movers I just made another play and bought a FN for my shooters, n****, yeah Hood n***** still eat the ramen noodles That load cost an extra five if I got it to you We the mob, you violate that, I gotta shoot you Send some rockets through you, hollow tips poppin’ to you Griselda keep winnin’, you don’t know how to stop it, do you? In the end, I’m gon’ be on top as usual I been keepin’ it rockin’ since n***** was rockin’ FUBU I don’t care what city you from, you solid, I’ll salute you Whip until my wrist bone hurtin’ Newspapers on them windows, no curtains, fiends knockin’, soul searchin’ Water tuned off in that

Conway the Machine – Tear Gas Lyrics

Tear Gas Lyrics by Conway the Machine (feat. Rick Ross & Lil Wayne)   Yeah, n**** I’m a legend Look I’m just tryna keep my head above the water, my feet on soild ground Post traumatic stress disorder got me smokin’ out a pound Heard a n**** say he gon’ do something to me, how that sound? Anybody get out of bounds, shots gon’ come and knock him down Probably gon’ get my flowers while I can smell ’em It’s gon’ take my untimely demise before they realize I was a legend I can see this shit now, everybody postin’ they pictures With a caption to make people think you really was my n**** Told my mama don’t let them fuck n***** in my funeral Bury me in my jewels so n***** know my life was beautiful Illest to write it, all challengers are invited They all was inspired by that feeling that I provided Book of Conway, I’m far from my final chapter Retired trapper, my idols wasn’t no rappers Uh, race to the top and I’m drivin’ faster Yeah, run the bag up, then retire after From kilograms to an

Conway the Machine – Lock Load Lyrics

Yeah It’s spooky Way too spooky, n**** Yeah, uh Yeah Everywhere I go, I got it on me, n**** And I ain’t lettin’ shit slide Go head and try me if you want, n**** I let this fuckin’ clip fly GxF to the death, n**** And I’ll never switch sides You know how we play it over here, n**** We get it poppin’ on this side Lock, load Lock, load (You know what’s up, n****) Lock, load Lock, load You can go and ask them other n*****, they’ll tell you what’s up I already been through there and hit one of them n***** up Momma start thinkin’ I’m crazy, baby mama think I’m nuts Ever since them n***** shot me, I just stopped givin’ a fuck I’m losin’ my marbles, lettin’ that AR go Fifty shot sticks’ll do you n***** something horrible Two-sixty on the digi’ dash, look how fast my car go Talk about my face but can’t say shit about my bars though Have my shooter snort a few grams, hit the store for the yams While I’m smokin’ kush with a bitch I just imported from France Rockin’ Bathing Ape shit that I just bo