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Horrorshow – Bill Withers Lyrics

Long live king william! Ladies and gentleman, A living legend has just left the building Born with a stutter, the youngest of six children But to me bill was more like one in billion He joined the navy at the tender age of seventeen Repairing planes while he was sailing on the seven seas Then headed west on an adventure for a change of scene Bought a guitar and started playing words and melodies Then at the same age that I am today, made his way to la, To the land where the legends get made Plenty execs said he’d never get played… Then ain’t no sunshine hit the radio waves Topping charts from the start with his songs from the heart But in his heart of hearts, bill ain’t wanna be no star Left the music biz for life with his wife and two kids If mr. Withers ain’t a hero, well tell me then, who is? Now party people in the house, what’s the deal with it? Yeah it’s been a long time, are you still with us? Bump this shit like you’re driving out the dealership Listening to the greatest hits o

Horrorshow – Old Soles Lyrics

Once upon a time not too long ago I was just a young kid standing in the front row Watching my all my heroes and studying their kicks with the ticks Thinking “I gotta get me some of those” So I suppose, I shoulda seen it coming That I’d be going pro for prose over percussion Snapping at their heels, tryna fill in their shoes Spilling out my soul, all over the rhythm and blues On the track I’m something like the little engine that could Took it all around the world from my neck of the woods Following in foot steps where the greats once stood Be back to run another lap, touch wood See I went from being a shy kid who was lacking confidence, uh To kicking raps on half the planet’s continents So I’ll take it as a compliment they hate it with a passion I just keep going in like it’s going out of fashion You can tell that I’m a old sole Check my feet I got worn out sneakers And when I’m rolling down the street, hear that old soul Pumping out my speakers I want that nina, aretha, anita and mar

Horrorshow – My Friend Lyrics

Where did you go my friend? Will I see you again? Cos life’s done taken us down paths Yeah we’ve come so far now, look at where we are You already know that I hold you in my heart, And that’s why I’ve gotta ask, that’s why I’ve gotta ask Where did you go my friend? Will I see you again? Cos we always on the go, yeah always in a rush Life gets in the way, yeah it always interrupts Where we left off’s where we can pick it up, So I’ma hit you up, yeah I’ma hit you up, Where did you go my friend? This one goes out to all the ones that I lost touch with People that I grew up with Ones that I caught the bus with After school, went to the park and learned to dunk with The ones that I got drunk with and caught my first buzz with People that I learned life lessons and built trust with Snuck in the club with, sat in the gutter spilling guts with Girls that I hooked up with, the ones that I split up with Special shout out to the ones that I’m still in love with See I remember late nights sitting

Horrorshow – Take It Slow Lyrics

Ain’t it strange how two people are strangers Then one chance encounter and everything changes? Dunno where to begin, while I’m taking you in, Retracing these shapes on your skin Like how’d you get those scars? Tell me who did your tatts? Tell me all about your family, is your mum still with your dad? What’s the town you grew up in? Any brothers and sisters? Can you tell me some stories? Can you show me some pictures? Let me show you the records that’s in my collection From the hip hop to the funk/soul to the classic rock section Said I’m full of surprises, well I wanna keep you guessing Won’t tell me bout your favourites, cos I’m open to suggestions , so Won’t ya let me in, show me what’s behind that door Never been here before, please give me the tour There’s no rush so let’s not go too far, But I just wanna know who you are, so Let’s take it slow, get to know one another Who knows what we’ll find or just what we’ll discover Let’s close up the blinds, get under the covers and Open up

Horrorshow – Yours & Mine Lyrics

In between the lines of your blank face Read the signs, I can see you had a bad day – Something’s on your mind but you won’t say Hard knock life, annie are you okay? Cos whatever it is, you can tell me, Cos we in this together, no ben lee, So you don’t have to keep it to yourself, I mean, sometimes we all need a little help, Cos I’m yours and your mine And you’re all on my mind Though the tide may be rising I’m sure we’ll be fine If we fighting a war Let our forces combine Cos I’m standing beside ya I’ll fall into line To back you up, cos I got your back Straight from the horse’s mouth, I can promise that, I can see you’re out of sorts, and the only way of sorting it out Is if you and I are talking it out When we’re all worn down Like the soles of our shoes Got ya soul feeling weary Got ya singing the blues When it all falls down, And we don’t know what to do, Well let me tell you just what I’ll say to you You know it’s been a while, babe Since I seen you smile babe That’s how I know t