Horrorshow – My Friend Lyrics

Where did you go my friend? Will I see you again?
Cos life’s done taken us down paths
Yeah we’ve come so far now, look at where we are
You already know that I hold you in my heart,
And that’s why I’ve gotta ask, that’s why I’ve gotta ask
Where did you go my friend? Will I see you again?
Cos we always on the go, yeah always in a rush
Life gets in the way, yeah it always interrupts
Where we left off’s where we can pick it up,
So I’ma hit you up, yeah I’ma hit you up,
Where did you go my friend?
This one goes out to all the ones that I lost touch with
People that I grew up with
Ones that I caught the bus with
After school, went to the park and learned to dunk with
The ones that I got drunk with and caught my first buzz with
People that I learned life lessons and built trust with
Snuck in the club with, sat in the gutter spilling guts with
Girls that I hooked up with, the ones that I split up with
Special shout out to the ones that I’m still in love with
See I remember late nights sitting on the landline
With dreams to follow footsteps, blowing up just like a landmine
A timestamp on a letter that I never sent ya
I hope we get our next adventure before I get dementia
The ones I’d call from phone booths
Just to say whatup and check in what you’re going through
But I must had the wrong number, maybe you been on the run
Going off the grid like sudoku
Why do we drift from one another?
What does it mean to try and hold on to each other?
Through the fair-weather and thunder, winter to summer ,
Sister and brother,
Acquaintance and significant other
And all the texts that I forgot to hit back,
I’m so bad with that shit,
Ladies and the chaps I used to chat with
Been a minute since your name was on my lip like chapstick
And if I never spit it again that’d be tragic
So I hope we get to kick ‘fore I go and kick the bucket
But if we don’t then fuck it, I’ll see ya next time
This life goes in stages, and we ain’t spoke in ages
Long gone are the days of flipping through the yellow pages
And I can’t square the fact you’re not around
But I’m sure that if we tried, we could still find some common ground,
So holler out, cos I’m not too proud, maybe we could reconnect
That’s what it’s all about
Cos life is too short, yeah
And it’s been too long
Said where did you go? Where’d we go wrong, where’d we go wrong
Cos we were so close
No you feel so far
So I’m sending this one out to wherever you are

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