Beatbox Kick Drum Tutorial

 How Beatbox Kick Drum

The first and main sound that we will consider is called Kick (Barrel) and it is used almost always and in all bits. There are many varieties of this sound, but you have to learn how to do exactly the classic kick, from which further development will proceed.

We have tons of types and varieties of kick drums, we have throat kick, techno kick, Classical B kick, Liproll Kick etc.

Tutorial is by Tyla Dabya

American beatboxer Tyla Dubya quickly and clearly explains how to do a classic kick correctly and what you should pay attention to so that it turns out correctly.

In this video, you will learn how to do the kick drum. Follow the steps and practice the sound and you will learn and perfect the kick drum in no time!

Vietnamese beatboxer Trung Bo has extensive experience in beatboxing and is the winner of many beatbox battles. Here he also explains how to learn and waste a basic barrel.

this tutorial clearly shows how easy and quick it is to understand the principle of creating a barrel, and also gives the first rhythmic pattern for honing the sound.

A professional beatboxer from Belgium explains the basic percussive sound. FootboxG has extensive experience in beatboxing and has been the champion of his country since 2018.


The beatbox world champion shows a basic kick workout with a metronome. At first, the metronome works at 112 BPM and in the second half of the video, the BPM doubles, so you need to gradually move through all levels, everything is unlikely to work out at once.

Kick is not a complex sound, but it requires constant practice and time for a clear and sonorous sound. Without this sound, it will not be possible to fully bandage, so it is necessary to study it.

Next Thing we want to learn is Hi-hat Beatbox Tutorial

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