Clap Sound beatbox Tutorials


The third main sound in the beatbox is Clap (Clap), after studying which you can already try to create basic perebitovki. This sound is already difficult to master, but if you understand the position of the language and the principle of creation, you can quickly bring it to a good sound, it all depends on you.


Pyotr Sarancha is the Russian Beatbox Champion of 2018, participant of the Grand Beatbox Battle 2018 and many other events. Has a huge experience in beatbox and a large audience of fans. In this tutorial, he will tell you how to make his most popular sound – Clap. It is he who makes it ringing and clear, so this lesson is mandatory for viewing.

Famous blogger and beatboxer Yura Antonov tells and shows how to make a classic clap + gives a couple of turns for training. Yura also produced lessons on other basic sound and bandages.


In this tutorial, Alem will push you to perfect your inner snare drum K. To do this, apply the front tip of the tongue to the palate and inhale from both sides of the tongue. In order not to choke on your own saliva, you need to practice a little, so do not forget about the position of the tongue.


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