Tory Lanez - Say Ahh Freestyle Lyrics

It's the remix baby
Hahahah, yeah
Ahh, ugh, ahh
Ay, ahh
Jeval, what it is nigga?
Rimes, you already know what it is
T-Lanez, yeah

Man I'm flyer than a flight that's not delayed
I got bills like a phone that's not prepaid
And you can claim on top, not VJ
Shawty scratch me like my 5 top DJ's
I got my sneak's laced pretty like my G's face
Might see J's, Jordan's on 'em like a keychain
Please, I'm sleepin' on 'em like my PJs
T-Lanez the shit while these other niggas pee stains
I'ma [?] a star baby, I'ma [?] a Marley
I'ma meet you at the [?] mall I don't give a [?] at all
So open wide baby, I'll give you a billion
You'll say ahh like your Christina Million
The alcohol I'm on got me feelin' really gone
I can give you really long D
You can get if from me
If you really want, get it on, spit it on beat
Just leave it round 3
And your girl talk shit, she only talk about me
So wait wait wait
Let's really talk about shit
She she she, she be singin' songs, talk 'bout how we get it on
Never been a kill at all, hop into that yellow thong
They think I'm hella wrong the way that I just send 'em home
I'm like [?] gum, I last extra long
These hoes be blowin' me like a saxaphone
I ain't muscle-buildin' but them bitches what flex I'm on
I'm like [?] killin' all pedestrians
Hands on your girl like a nigga got extra palms
Extra arms, extra long like an extended song
I could pull a nigga girl like a dresser drawer
And I be killin' nigga's girls with they dresses on
And send the order to the bar, I need extra [?]
They say they drink but a nigga say a extra ahh
I'ma like Amario, I get it in, now stretch your jaw

Yeah Trey
Say ahh, ahh


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