Midnight Oil – Nobody’s Child Lyrics

Yeah, beauty, love, and compassion
Look around the world
‘Cause nothing less will do
Yeah, I say beauty, love, and compassion
Spread it everywhere
‘Cause nothing less will do

Still waters run so deep
Your kingdom wall falls so cheap
Nobody’s child is coming home

When I came into this world now
Someone had to love me
‘Cause nothing less would do
And I saw, as I got older
Beauty, truth, and compassion
Nothing less would do

Still waters run so deep
Your kingdom walls so steep
Nobody’s child is coming home

You live your life in a fantasy
A secret life in a hideaway
And only you can tell what’s wrong and right
A broken record you can’t fix
A blind you draw to get some peace
And something from your childhood dark and deep

Beauty, love, and compassion, I say it one more time
Beauty, love, and compassion, one more time I will say it
Beauty, truth, and compassion
Getting it every day

I think someone said it out loud
I can tell you now
Alright, ’cause nothing less will do


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