Midnight Oil – Reef Lyrics

We’ve got the green light
We’re gonna dynamite
A world heritage site
Scientific recourse
Try to keep them so short
Hey, never read the details
Said it needs protection
But we’ve got elections
Coal-fired erections
We’re gonna make it pay
We’ll do it our way
So how about a railway?

The sky is a mirror
The sea and the breeze
The sky is a mirror
Of self-interest and greed

It really fits with our brand
Lumps of coal in our hand
Welcome to Tomorrowland
Environmental injury
Trashing our ecology
So simply valedictory
Coral reefs are history
Bring on the artillery, yeah

It doesn’t belong to the government
It doesn’t belong to the mine
It belongs to the people
People like you and I

The sky is a mirror of self-interest and greed

Take them down and throw them out
Vote them in and vote them out
Consign them to purgatory
Cash on delivery
All coral reefs are history


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