Aitch – Daily Duppy (Pt.2) Lyrics

Daily Duppy (Pt.2) Lyrics by Aitch (feat. GRM Daily)

Yeah, yo, back up on my bullshit
Broski done it bait, ain’t have no mask on when he pulled it
Someone fucked your gal and now you’re mad ’cause we’re the culprits
Come to M-town without a pass, you’ll get your skull split
She want a rapper, tell her chart my way
She want a trapper ’cause she can’t buy yay’
If it ain’t a jet, I’m in business, I just can’t fly bait
I spark a zubbie, then I start my day
Honestly, I fell in love with money, yeah, my heart might break
Lost friends but I can’t buy mates
Fuck her so good in the Bentley, the car might break
Said “I love you, but you aren’t my bae”

Fam I make racks ‘fore I wake up
Stack looking 8 foot
Bad bitch a k-cup
MAC for her makeup
Racks going straight up
Rats showing fake love
She just called me ugly
Facts, I’m a eight plus

She wan’ get jiggy, said “I’m with it”, pull my willy out
Tripping if you think I ain’t living what I spit about
Can’t nobody on the ends say I’m not still around
I just left the realtor with a smile, seven figures down
Manchester, gangchester, slangchester
Lotta bands-chester, man pop up and bang-chester
Ask Tunde, here the Cali’ lands better
Shit, call me Banco got that pakalam cheddar
Couple mill’ that’s quick bands, I’m on big shit
Only thing left is Ms Banks on my wish list
Young boy that can handle his business
Do it on cam’, no hands when I lick this
Hop in the Rolls and head straight to the show
Can’t stop if you don’t know me, I’ve got places to go
Look at my wrist, it’s just a plate full of dough
Babe, this ain’t a Rolly, it’s a Jacob & Co
I set the trend for all the youngers, can’t nobody tell me nothing
Got a problem, we can sort something out
Couple brothers with me thugging, some of them about the money
But don’t think they won’t walk something down
Find the limit, then I push it, ain’t got time for no discussion
Brother, shut it, fuck you talking about?
Collect my money up and run it, see who’s bank account’s the fullest
Must be daft, you think it’s all in the house?

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