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Tim Heidecker – Buddy Lyrics

Timmy Heidecker
Sing your song

Buddy, I’ve been thinking ’bout you
And all of the shit that you’ve been through
Nothing, nothing ever worked out right
The only time you smiled is after a few drinks at night
Nothing, nothing ever went your way
You told me that things would be better someday

Sittin’ in class, stoned on grass
Everybody could see that you were gone, gone, gone
Gone before you’re gone

Lately, I’ve been thinking ’bout those days
Walkin’ in your bedroom and seeing you through the haze
Listening, listening to Pink Floyd and Queen
The Beastie Boys and Rage Against the Machine
We turned it up so you didn’t have to hear
The yelling going on downstairs

Buddy, I’ve been thinking ’bout you
Was there more that I, I could do?
Do you, do you think I let you down?
When we lost touch and then I moved out of town

Sittin’ in bed, stoned near to death
Everybody knew that you were gone, gone, gone
Gone before you’re gone

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