KOREAN NOVELS: High School Romance. Episode 1


KOREAN NOVELS: High School Romance. Episode 1

KOREAN NOVELS: High School Romance. Episode 1 (#_in_love_with_the_rich)

Episode: 1

(Jimi pov)

I was in my class addressing my class mate before our school principal came in, he gave me a smile that shows his white teeth, I stopped and I greeted him by bowing my head, and he nodded his head in respond to my greetings, he cleared his throat and he said * meet me in my office ** he walked out

immediately he told me to meet me in his office, my heart beat because I don’t know what he called me for, I rounded up my speech with my class mates and I walked in a hurry to his office, I saw him sitting down on his brown old chair, he opened a box and he took his recommended glass,


Principal – Jimi how are you doing today

Jimi – am fine sir

Principal – (he shook jimi’s hand) congratulations, you pass “ROYALS HIGH SCHOOL ” scholarship exam,

Jimi – what!!! , sir is these a joke

Principal – (he gave him a paper) here, take a look at it your self

I almost screamed when I saw the scholarship admission slip, tears of joy formed in my eyes my school looked at me and he said


Principal – calm down, you studied hard that is why you succeeded the scholarship, I want you to know something, where ever you meet your self don’t forget where you came from, you know the royals high school is a school for only the rich, but yet you manage to gain admission to that school, when you get there I want you to give them your best shot, I want them to know that we still have good product in our school, so go home and prepare, make sure you make all of us proud not your mama alone,

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I looked at him an I nod my head, I walked stylishly, outside his office, and i went straight to my class, and I told them I will be living our school, I can’t remember the hug and kiss I receive from the girls before I hurried home, I got to my house and I saw my mum picking beans, before she could uttered any word I move close to her and I kiss her in the head, and I told her the good news, she was so happy. And she stood up screaming * my son is going the royals high school,* we hugged each other and I ran inside to start sorting out some of my stuff, I know the person reading this might be like (what’s so special about this high school) let me why the school seems to be so special, royals international high school is a very high standard school and a lot of qualified teacher, someone once told me that most of their teacher there are from abroad, and the school is only meant for the rich not for a middle class family or poor family, but now see what my brain had done for me, I will be studying among the children’s of celebrates and politicians, but that not what really make the school important to me, what makes the school important to me is my girlfriend who is studying over there, I can’t just wait to see how happy she would be when she sees me wearing their uniform, I promised her I come over there to study with her, that why I process the scholarship stuff, back to reality, I already know how the school would look like, so I think I need a bicycle ???? so that I can always ride to school, I told my mum everything I need and she got them, thou everything she bought for me were second hand and already used stuff, but am still happy she provided it for me,

The next morning

I woke up around 3:30 am in the morning because I couldn’t get a good sleep, I was just thinking of alisha my girlfriend, am going to see her there, I took my book and i read for a few minutes before I took my bath, I brought out my new school uniform and I smile when i saw the royals berge on the coat, I wear my school uniform and I ate the little beans that remain yesterday night, I told my mum am living for school abd she told me to face what I went there to do, I took the old bicycle my mum bought for me and I ride it straight to school, I got to the gate exactly 7:04 and the gate man stoped me from entering the school compound, he asked me some few questions and I show him my scholarship admission slip, and he let me in, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw so many big and beautiful building, I felt like screaming, saying * I don enter royals * but I would not wanna do that here because I don’t want to embarrass my self, I ride my bicycle to the bicycle pack space, I was admiring some of the building of the school before I saw alisha, immediately my heart beat increased, and I was shaken, she looks more beautiful and sexy than before, I watch her she hold a pile of book in her hands, and she was smiling, with her friend, I wanted to call her but my mind told me not yet, I summon the courage to call her name, she looked at me and I was surprised about what she said when she saw me.

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