Nigeria Story: Deep Sea Episode 9

 Nigeria Story: Deep Sea Episode 9

Deep Sea Episode 9


 the following Sunday,” Abubakar briefed her

She nodded. She felt a sudden ache. She placed a hand on her throbbing forehead and sighed. ‘Oh God! Oh God! What am I going to do?’ “If you have any further questions, Maimuna will fill you in,” he left her side and returned to his seat

She nodded again. She felt nauseous. She staggered to her feet and found her way to the restroom. Abubakar watched her go

“Is that girl okay?” “She will be fine. Maybe she is afraid of flying,” Maimuna met his concerned gaze

Edet and Ogbonna started to laugh

Promise sat on the toilet seat. She held her shivering body and tried to still her confused mind

She had always wanted a job that would fulfill her dreams of travelling round the world. She would have been estatic about her trip to Accra if her boss wasn’t disturbing her, but he was. How safe would she be alone with him in Accra? She was attracted to him physically, how long could she hold up her defences against him. What was she going to do? ‘God! Where are you?’ ******** Promise tried to compose herself when her boss picked her up at the airport. She had almost resigned but had decided against it at the last minute. She was spending a week in Accra with her boss, if she survived the trip, she might be able to get him off her back for the rest of the months she had left in Yellow Tube

They squeezed their way through the crowd in the arrival hall and headed to the car park

“How was your flight?” “It was okay.” Their driver collected her bags and placed them in the boot of the car. On their way to the hotel they were lounging, her boss intimated her on the series of meetings they would be having. Once the contract deal was sealed, hopefully before the weekend, he assured her that they would head back to Abuja

They arrived at Labadi beach hotel. She collected her bags from the driver and followed her boss into an elevator. They stopped on the second floor and walked out

“This is the key to your room,” he handed her a thin thick square card, “Have a goodnight.” “Thank you sir, goodnight sir,” she watched him go. She heaved a sigh of relief and located her room. His room was opposite hers, but that didn’t bother her. The fact that they had separate rooms was enough consolation. The fact that he had not mention anything about his request and her rejection was an added plus. If they could concentrate on the task ahead and leave out their emotions, everything would be fine. Would it? Would everything be just fine? ‘God, over to you. I need you now.’

 ************************** **************************

 Promise returned to her hotel room immediately after the contract was awarded to Yellow Tube Communications Company. They had the final meeting in one of Labadi Beach hotel halls. It was a Friday and she had only a day left to explore Accra before she returned to Abuja with her boss

She had made plans with the driver to go to as many places as possible. She would spend the whole day sight-seeing. She hoped to return to Accra during her next vacation. She might visit with Gift and Prince if they were available

At about a quarter past eleven, she noticed the text message icon on her phone. It was from her boss and he was at the door. She wondered if he had been knocking for a while. What does he want now? Why hasn’t he slept? She dragged her weight from the sofa and made sluggish steps towards the door. She was still clad in the navy blue skirt suit she had been wearing all day. She needed to take a bath and get into her silky pyjamas. She needed at least six hours of sleep in order to be able to function the next day

She unlocked the door and opened it. Her boss stood at the doorway in his pyjamas, holding a bottle of wine, a small bucket of ice, two empty wine glasses and a packet of Snickers chocolate

“We need to celebrate,” a sheepish smile was pasted on his face

She tried not to look at him directly, “Sir it is late

I want to sleep. I have a lot of places to visit tomorrow.” “I know, the driver told me,” he brushed past her and walked into the room

She gapped in shock. How dare him? He can’t just walk into her room without her invitation. He might be her boss, but, she was entitled to her privacy. ‘What is wrong with this man? What part of ‘it is late’ doesn’t he understand? Is it by force to celebrate? I don’t want any disturbance tonight.’ He placed the bottle, glasses, bucket and chocolate on the table. She closed the door and folded her hands across her chest

“Do you know that your salary has been increased just because of the success of this contract?” An increase in her salary would settle a lot of needs. The frown on her face began to fade

“You should travel with me more often. You are very reliable,” he filled the glasses with ice-cubes and opened the bottle of wine. He poured some of the wine into the glasses and beckoned to her

“I don’t drink alcohol.” “I know, this is Eva wine. It is non-alcoholic. It is a fruit wine.TBC

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