Episode 5

©Miriam Edem

I totally forgot Godswill called and the appointment we had. With the fresh breeze that was coming from the guava tree I was under, I went in and brought a mat to relax under it and eventually I slept off. I woke up with my phone ringing and I blindly picked up,

"Hello Betty, are you done? I heard Godswill voice and I quickly sat up cleaning my eyes.

"Sorry what's the time now? I asked. 

"Its almost 1pm, he replied.

"Oh no! I'll get prepared now please, I said and hurried inside with the mat to get prepared. I searched and searched through my bag looking for something reasonable to wear, that was when I realized I had rags in my bag because none was presentable enough to see someone like him. I decided to put on a simple gown I used for my aunty wedding last year, let loose of my natural hair that curled on my shoulders and Luke walked in and saw me. 

"Where are you going to? He asked.

"Uhmmmm somewhere, I replied. 

"Hmmmm Betty where are you going to? He asked again and I rolled my eyes. 

"Don't worry I'll be back soon, I replied and Maxwell call came on my phone that was just in my bed. I took the phone and left the house immediately when I found out I was 30 minutes late. 

I arrived at the junction and called up Godswill,

"Look left, he said and I turned and saw the jeep parked. I crossed the road and got in apologizing I kept him waiting. 

"No problem, you're not looking bad, he said and I looked at myself shyly.

"Thank you, I said to him and he brought himself close to me which my heart began to beat fast as I saw his hand coming close to my chest. But he brought out a seat belt and fixed it on me,

"Here, it looks good on you, he said and I just breathed out and gave a weak smile as he drove off. 

"So where are we going to? I asked.

'A sit out, he replied. 

"Is that why you didn't want me to tell my mother? I asked.

"Hummmmm yes, he replied.

"But...... Where do you think we can sit out in this village? I thought sit outs is always in the city? I asked and he looked at me and smiled.

"You're right, he said and horned at an okada man who recklessly crossed his path.

"We're certainly not having it here, he continued.

"What! Where? I asked.

"You'll see, he replied........

We drove for about an hour to where the place was more busy. He stopped at a place and I looked at him,

"Are we there? I asked but he took the seat belt from me and opened the door. I slowly came down and he held my hands inside and that was when I saw it was a big boutique with clothes I only see in movies.

"Wow! Came out from my mouth as I saw a place I have never been before. 

"You like it? He asked.


"Its beautiful, but what are we doing here? I asked back.

"Its mine, I opened it few months ago, he replied and two ladies approached us and respectfully greeted him.

"Yes, take her in and give her what ever she chooses. And yes, give her something to wear and don't take long, I heard him said to the ladies and they turned to me smiling which I confusedly looked at him.

"What are you doing? I asked him.

"Don't worry its safe, he replied and I slowly followed the ladies. 

The clothes that were there was too revealing and confusing for me, the ladies had to make the choice for me yet I was uncomfortable with it. I finally came out with a short silver dress and a nice sandals to match and Godswill nodded,

"Beautiful, he said and arranged my hair properly. 

"I don't understand, why are you doing this? I whispered to him and he looked at the ladies.

"The bags? He asked them.

"Okay sir, they replied and left to get the clothes packaged,

"I'll tell you everything okay, he replied when they left and my body was shaking. 

They returned shortly with the bags and he took it,

"Send the cost of everything to my email okay, he said to the ladies,

"Okay sir, thank you, the ladies said and we left the boutique to the jeep. 

He drove again for some minutes and stopped, and we came out into a beautiful place where we sat down,

"So what will you like to eat? He asked and I felt like crying for him. I never expected all this to happen and it was too much for me,

"I don't belong here please, I replied.

"Tell me Betty where do you belong? He asked.

"I don't know but certainly not here, and please sir why are you doing this? I asked and he was quiet and a waiter came to us. 

"What will you like to order? Godswill asked.

"Uhmmm rice, I replied.

"Sorry ma'am what type of rice? The young guy asked.

"Let me see what you have, Godswill replied instead and got the list from him.

"Get us this please with Chivita, is that cool with you? He asked me and I nodded and the guy left. 

"Betty relax, Godswill said seeing the way I was so tensed.

"How can I be? I asked.

"Betty what do you see? I know this is too fast and not expected but I can't help it. I see your family as mine now and I just want to do everything to make you guys happy, is that wrong? He asked.

"Maybe its too much, I replied him.

"Because you feel you don't have what it takes to repay me back? He asked.

"Exactly, such favour comes with a price and am scared, I replied. 

"Do you see me that way? How did the society paint every good deed of a person to be this way? I must not have a bad motive just because am doing good, everyone is not the same you know, he said and I swallowed and the guy returned with what Godswill ordered for. 

My mouth flew opened when I saw what was on the table. Hmmmmm such a food has never found a way to my stomach before,

"You must be hungry, let's eat, Godswill said and I began to calculate how I will start using all the machineries that was on the table for just a plate of fried rice and a lap of turkey. 

Can't someone eat in peace without unnecessary stress? I asked myself as I looked around and knew Godswill just wants to disgrace me.

"Why? Don't you like the food? He asked when I didn't bother to touch even a spoon. 

"Can I take it home? I asked.

"Don't worry there's a packaged one for the house, go ahead and enjoy, he replied and I just shook my head and ate it my own way.............  

I burped loudly and quickly apologized very embarrassed I did that,

"Its alright, I do that a lot with my mother. Anytime am with her we practice every bad habit, he said and I smiled. 

"Even fart? I asked.

"Ahhhh we compete with that, he replied and I laughed. 

"Are you okay or you need more? He asked.

"No no I'm full, thank you, I replied.

"I'm happy you're no more tense, he said and I smiled. 

"When did you lost your wife? sorry to ask, I said and he heaved.

"About 2 years ago, he replied.(ads1)

"It must be so hard for you, I said and he nodded.

"I'm being pressured to get married again. You know there are some positions in life that unmarried people can't get, and sometimes when I get to sit out with my mates I will get to hear questions like "how is your wife? How are your children? And I feel left out, he said and I heaved and took the glass of Chivita and sipped a bit.

"You know when it comes to marriage we shouldn't be pressured so we don't get to make mistakes, I said. 

"That's so wise of you, but I am not falling into their pressure until i find the right one. And when I find her I won't waste time to beat around the bush, I'm too matured for that, he said and I smiled. 

"How old are you? I asked and he smiled. 

'You're good in asking questions Betty, he replied.

"Yes I am, I said and he heaved. (ads1)

"Okay but I'm a 36 old man, am i too old for you? He asked.

"Huh! For me? I asked.

"Yes for you, what will you say if I ask you to marry me? He asked and my eyes bulged out. I began to cough hard and he opened the water that was there for me to drink. 

"You don't have to joke with such a thing, you're way far above me in everything, I said clearing my throat and he smiled. (ads1)

'Let's see about that, but think about it okay and if there's anything you want to know about me, you're free to ask, he said and I just got weak. 

He checked the time and looked at me,

"Let me take you home, he said.

"Oh yes its getting late, I said getting up before he did.

"Wait for me, he said and left and after some few minutes he returned with bags and we left.

I arrived at the village but he stopped at the junction where he carried me,

"You're not coming in? I asked him.

"I will at the right time when I'll be coming to see your mother. Send my greetings to her, he replied and handed all the bags to me and I turned and saw my phone at the side...... That was when I remembered I carried my phone. 

I took it and thanked him for everything and left the jeep, which he stood there until I got on a bike and left. 

I got into the compound and saw no one at home. I dropped the bags and decided to call Luke but saw missed calls on my phone that made me to shout Jesus.

"Where are you! Luke picked up when I called. 

"I'm at home, I replied and he dropped the call.

Minutes later he walked in with my mother and the way she was looking I knew something must have happened,

"And where are you coming back from! She shouted before she even got to where I was standing.

"Mama Dr Godswill took me out, I replied and she paused and that was when she saw I was on a new fine dress. 


"Ahh Betty you're so stupid! So you could not tell me huh! She shouted.

"You made mama stormed into Maxwell place thinking you were there, Luke said.

"Maxwell? Why Maxwell? I asked. 

'It was his call I saw on your phone na when you left and again you refused telling me where you were going to so I thought you wanted meeting with him, Luke replied and I worriedly rubbed my forehead feeling bad because I know what my mother can do at Maxwell place........

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