Episode 8

©Miriam Edem

As I left the house to stop a bike, a call came on my phone and it was Godswill,

"Look behind you, he said when i picked up and he was just parked outside.

I smiled and got in as he opened the door for me,

"My girls really chose the best for you, he said making me use the seatbelt.

"Yea and thanks for that, why didn't you go in? I asked.

"Nah, you know how your mother gets too excited right? She may not let us go in time, he replied and I just smiled as he drove off. 

We arrived in the city and he horned on a gate, immediately it was opened and he drove in. 

The place was so beautiful that my eyes blinked severally,

"Your mother place? I asked and he nodded and killed the engine. We came down together and walked inside, the place was extremely quiet that it sent chills to my body. 

"Who do I have here? I heard a woman voice and I looked and saw an elderly woman coming down from the stairs. Even in her old age you can smell the money on her brown skin that I got intimidated,

"Good evening ma, I greeted. 

"Sorry I don't like the word ma, I'm not an old woman, she bluntly said and gave Godswill a peck and I was confused.

"My mom does not like that ma calling, just call her mommy Godswill, Godswill said holding my waist and I just nodded. 

"Please sit down and you're welcome, she said and I settled on the softest sofa I've ever seen.

"Okay mom, she's the girl I told you about, Godswill said. 

"I can see that, so tell me about yourself, she said and I looked at Godswill scared and cleared my throat. 

"Ermmmm... Errr my fa.... I mean I lost my......... "Are you a stammerar? She asked cutting me short.

"No mom she's just tensed, common you don't have to be scared no one will beat you, Godswill said to me and I swallowed. 

"Sorry about that ma.... I mean mommy Godswill. My name is Beatrice, the only daughter of my parents though my father is late, I said as she just pinned her eyes on me. I felt my bladder so hot that I began to shake my legs not knowing how to tell them I want to urinate.

"You're pressed? She asked and I nodded. 

"Godswill why not go show her where to ease herself? His mother said and he stood up taking my hands and I left with him. He showed me the toilet and waited outside while I emptied my bladder and breathed out,

"Why are you so scared? He asked outside.

"What do you expect me to do seeing the class of your mother and what do you expect me to say to her when obviously I have nothing to tell her about me? That's so embarrassing, I Replied and looked myself on the mirror there to see I was sweating already, no examination question has made me that tensed before. 

"Beatrice are you done? He asked and I slowly came out from the comfortable bathroom.

"You don't have to be scared of anything because I told her about you already. She only wants to hear it from your mouth so don't scared of mommy Godswill okay, he said and I smiled. 

"Why does she prefer that name to ma? I asked. 

"She does not want that feeling that she's old, Godswill replied and I laughed. 

"Mommy Godswill, very funny, I said smiling.

"Just call her mommy instead, he said and we arrived at the sitting room. 

"Are you feeling better now? She asked with her long legs crossed.

"Yes mommy Godswill, I replied and Smiled at her son who just shook his head.

"That's good. I really have no problem with you as long as it makes my son happy, so once again you're welcome, She asked.

"I appreciate mommy, I happily said and she clapped her hands once and a young lady ran down with the speed of light. 

"Get the table set, make something refreshing for our important guest, she said to her and she bowed her head and ran back. Omoh my mouth was just open, it was as if it's a Nigerian movie and I was just asking myself "Beatrice is this really you?"

What I saw on the table mouth can't say it all, some people are just bastardly rich while many are miserably poor with no No hope of food to eat. I saw wastage of food for just 3 mouths When the dishes there are enough for 15 people to eat to their satisfaction. I was not comfortable with it and I just stared at the table lost and cursing poverty in my spirit,

"What is it? His mother asked. 

"Ma..... Sorry mommy isn't the food too much? I asked. 

"Is it? She asked back. 

"I know of many families in the village this table can feed and they will so appreciate it, I replied and she smiled. 

"Betty not now just eat, Godswill said.

"No let her be, we have once been there remember? When she taste this wealth with us she won't say this anymore, take care of yourself first okay because you are not the government to cater for the people, and even if you want to try, you can never take Care of everybody, she said and I heaved.

"This is so sad, I whispered.

"Eat Beatrice eat okay, she said smiling at me while Godswill scooped the food into an empty plate for me.

I sat there and watched as Godswill and his mother ate and laughed. It was as if I was not on the table with them, in fact Godswill looked different And I began to feel jealous with how he will be feeding his mother and I'll be like "what about me kwa?"

I eventually got choked with the Turkey I was tearing and that was when they turned their attention to me,

"Are you okay? Godswill asked but I was already gulping down water to help my life. 

"Thank you I'm fine, I replied clearing my throat. 

"So Beatrice what is your aspiration in life? His mother asked.

"My aspiration? Uhmm that will be to go to school, get a good job and have a happy home, I replied.

"So what about my son? Aren't you to make him happy? She asked. 

"But its part of the happy home I said, i replied. 

"But its last, you have your interest first and not that of my son, she said.

"Sorry mommy all that I said is important to me irrespective of where I place them, they are all important to me trust me, I said.

"Let's see to that, she said and concentrated on her food while I looked at Godswill who didn't even looked at me. 

Soon we left the dinning back to the sitting room and I thanked her for the delicious meal.

"You're welcome. And ermmm Godswill when are we seeing her family? She asked.

"Anytime soon, he replied.

"When do you want it Betty? She asked me. 

"Uhmmm anytime is fine by me, I replied. 

"What If it happens in the next month? After all we don't even have to use a whole week to pay for your bride price, only the poor waste their time to plan, you know money answereth all things, she said and I swallowed.

"I'll have to discuss this with my mother then, I said.

"No I'll be the one to do that okay, don't worry we'll come see them soon, he said. 

"Okay, I said and his mother clicked her fingers 

"So its was nice meeting you Beatrice, its late and ermm.... We'll see again, she said getting up and I did same. 

"Thank you mommy, I appreciate, I said and she stretched her hand for a hug which I hugged her smiling. 

"Okay mommy see ya, Godswill said and hugged her also. 

"Drive safe okay, bye, she said waving at us as we walked out. 

"So how do you see her? Godswill asked as he drove.

"Yuh mean your mother? I asked.

"Who else? Are you okay? He asked looking at me. Honestly I was not comfortable and I can't explain what was wrong,

"No I'm good, just tired I guess, I replied. 

"What will you say if you were the one on the wheels? He asked. 

'Will you teach me how to drive? I asked and he smiled. 

"Can you even ride a bicycle? He asked and I shook my head. 

"Yes of course, I replied. 

"I'm too busy to do that, but I can get you a teacher if you want, he said. 

"No problem, I said and yawned and placed my head well to sleep..........

He woke me up when we arrived and I slowly took off the seatbelt,

"Thanks again, I sleepily said to him but he touched my cheeks and slowly brought his lips close to mine but I stopped him. 

"No don't, i said looking the other way. 

"Why? He asked.

"I have to go now, I Replied and opened the door and stepped down. 

I knocked on the door and my mother opened up immediately as if she was the gateman,

"You didn't want to come back kwa? And where's Godswill? She asked without replying my greetings and I just sat down first,

"He's outside I guess, I replied and she looked outside but didn't see him

"What did he do to you? How was the meeting with his mother? She asked sitting down next to me. 

"Its was okay, she's cool, I replied.

"I don't understand, what's wrong with you? She asked shaking me.

"Ohhh mommy please stop na I'm just tired, I replied. 

"Tired? Eh Betty you're tired? What did you two do? Did he touch you! She shouted.

"Ahh mama nothing happened na, the distance is far and the food I ate was too much, I think it's overfeeding and too much of air conditioner that is doing me now. How can you say such a thing? I asked.

"Ohr why won't I ask when you are behaving strange. Okay go and rest we'll talk tomorrow, she said and I got up. 

"Good night, I said and left for my room. I felt too weak to even take off my clothes, I just laid in bed with my dress and the thought of Godswill about to kiss me in the car came into my head.........



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