Episode 5.

Story by Miriam Edem (Miriam Eyen Efik)

Cynthia returned and met Mukasa on the bed and she sat beside him,
"Are you okay? He asked seeing his mood.
"Yes, just thinking about tomorrow, he replied.

"You want to change your mind? She asked.
"Not exactly, but she doesn't deserve this but I think this decision will do her more good, he replied.

"Well you caused this and got me involved to clear this shit, just imagine what my parents will say when they get to know about this. I don't want to think about this anymore, she said getting up.
"I'm sorry and thanks for your help, he said.

"Whatever, she said and left the room..........


The next day Mukasa came out and met Cynthia already with Christiana talking to calm her nerves,
"Ermmm are we taking her there or will you bring the substance home? Cynthia asked him..

"Christy what do you want? He asked her.
"Do I have a choice? All I know is I don't want to die yet, she replied.

"I thought about it last night, and i won't like you to take anything rather let's do it in a safe way to avoid complications, let's go to the hospital, Mukasa said.
"Hospital! Not even a clinic? Cynthia asked.

"I am scared for her and I don't need any mistake, I want this to be all over and let her life go back to normal, my friend will assist, he replied and Cynthia rolled her eyes.
"Are you ready? Mukasa asked Christiana and she nodded.

"Okay I guess I'm not coming right? Cynthia asked.
"Please stay back I'll be back, he said and slowly left with Christiana.

Getting to the hospital they were called up to see the doctor who was a close friend to Mukasa,
"Who is doing the abortion? His friend asked.

"She's here, Mukasa slowly replied and the doctor looked at Christiana.
"Like seriously? How did this happen? The doctor asked.

"Please there's no time to explain or for questioning, we really need to do this because she needs this, Mukasa said and his friend looked at him.

"Young girl can you please excuse us? Let me have a word with him I'll call you back thank you, the doctor said and Christy slowly walked out.

"How can you do this! Can't you see that's a small girl you are asking me to do an abortion for, what came over you to impregnate her? The doctor angrily asked and Christiana heard it outside the door.

"Hey I came to you to help me out, I would have flushed it out myself if I want to but it want it to be more safe, don't make me regret I came here, will you help me or not? Mukasa asked and Christiana slowly touched her stomach and shook her head.

"Fine, probably you'll come back tomorrow with a 10year old girl, looks like that's what you're dealing on now, the doctor said.
"Are you insulting me? Mukasa asked.

"Call her in, his friend angrily replied and Mukasa looked at him for a while, stood up to call Christiana but couldn't find her outside.
"Christiana! He called out but she wasn't there any more.

"Where is she? The doctor asked.
"I don't know, this is all your fault, why did you ask her to go! Mukasa shouted.

"Hey don't cross the boundary, I never asked her to leave the hospital, I only asked her to stay outside the door and if she has run away, it only means she didn't want this, The doctor said.

"I was so stupid to bring her here thinking you'll help me out, Mukasa angrily said facing him.

"Pray I should find her, Mukasa added breathing hard and fiercely looking at him.
"So you'll do what? I think you should leave now else everyone will get to know what you were about to do with a small girl, the doctor said.

'Just let me find her, Mukasa said and left.
"Rubbish! The doctor shouted angrily as he thought of how small Christiana is for an ab.ortion.........


Christiana walked for a while and stood on the road not knowing where else to go, she thought of going back home but the distance was far and she had no dime on her.

She saw a restaurant nearby and slowly got in,
"Hey what do you want? A woman asked her.

"Sorry madam, please I was wondering if I can work here, Christy replied and she sighed.
"I am done with you lazy girls working here and dragging back my business, I'll do it myself, she said.

"No ma I am not lazy, I'll surely do everything you ask me to do, Christy said and she looked at her.
"Shouldn't you be schooling? Please I don't want anybody to arrest me, she said.

"Ma there is no money to continue for now but I will, that's why I need this job to support me, Christy said and the woman laughed.
"Support you? Do you think I'll be paying you in dollars? I have no such money young girl, she said.

"But ma I'll manage, anything you give me will do please I really need this job I beg you, Christy pleaded going on her knees.
"Hey, woman! A man shouted to order for something.

"Fine go attend to him then, the woman said.
"Thank you, thank you, Christiana said and hurriedly went to him............

Mukasa furiously got home and met Achen and Cynthia discussing.

"What's the problem? Cynthia asked when he stormed in but he ignored her.
"That quick? And where is she? Achen asked.

"That little witch ran away from the hospital with the little chance she got, he replied.
"Ran away? How did you let that happen? Cynthia asked.

"The stupid doctor of a friend I took her to caused this, he wanted talking to me in private and she left the office, that was how she escaped, he replied.

"Gosh! I had this feeling and wanted coming wit you but you refused, Cynthia angrily said.

"But she can't go far, she doesn't have any money or clothes to escape with. Do you think she will go to her mother? Achen asked.

"I don't bloody care if she's there or not, I don't want to have any child with her, what will people say? what all this! Mukasa shouted.

"Alright calm down, if you still don't want this baby and she is still insisting to keep it, we can always terminate it in a hard way if that's what she wants.

Let's first watch if she will get back to her mom, then we will take it from there, Achen said.
"What are you insinuating? Cynthia asked.

"Baby girl, there are different ways to catch a bird except you two still need the baby, I only want to help, Achen replied and Cynthia looked at Mukasa.

"She must not give birth before I do, no I won't accept that, Cynthia angrily said..........

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