I went out to call Temi.


I looked into his eyes and saw his distress.

“Yes, what is it?”, I asked.

He paused for a while as if he was trying to remember what he was about saying.

“Please whatever happens, don’t see me in a different light. I was just trying to protect you”

I nodded. Though, I felt disappointed because it’s obvious he was hiding something from me.

We returned to the Pastor’s office.

“Young man, have your seat”.

“The Lord revealed to me that you know some certain things. Can you explain?”

“Okay Pastor. Aunty Deina was a very kind hearted person. She would always buy me biscuits and sweets as a child and she would play with me. I was about 3yrs hence, I can vaguely remember her face”

“Who is Deina?”, the Pastor asked as if he just read my mind.

“She was Mr. Boma’s daughter. After her secondary school, she worked as an assistant cook to Mrs. Balogun our cook. She also babysat Adel for a while”, my mum explained.

“Was?”, I and the Pastor asked in unison.

“Yes. I used a past tense because she died. Shortly after her death, we employed Laura who was 15yrs old as at that time”, my mum replied.

Wait! Was it her ghost that possessed Laura?

Did my father kill Deina, Mr. Boma’s daughter?

Is Mr. Boma aware that my father killed his daughter?

I got up from my seat feeling so tensed. The fully air conditioned office suddenly felt stuffy. I couldn’t breathe.

“Continue your story Temi”, the Pastor urged.

“One day, I went to the house to play with Aunty Deina and baby Adel and I met Mr. Bright in her room”, he paused and wiped his face. He looked scared.

My father got up in anger and threatened to sue the Pastor for blackmail.

My mum was in tears already. I just stood there with shock.

“Mr. Bright, if you leave now, you will invoke the anger of God upon you”, the Pastor said calmly.

My dad sat while cursing under his breath.

“Temi continue”

“I was very little so I couldn’t understand fully what was going on but I met both of them in a very heated argument. I was scared so, I ran off to the garden to hide without either of them noticing me”

“Okay. You can stop there for now”, the Pastor said.

“Deina was having an affair with Mr. Donald”

I couldn’t believe what I just heard. My dad was having an affair with Deina, Mr. Boma’s daughter.

“Haaaaaa…. Jesus save me”, my mum screamed.

“Calm down madam”

My dad was already on his knees begging my mum.

“You dare do this to me?”, my mum wailed.

“Deina got pregnant for Mr. Donald Bright and he told her to abort it which she refused. She started threatening to reveal their secret. That was the reason for the argument which Temi witnessed”

My God!!!!

Temi looked at me and pleaded with his eyes for forgiveness. I wasn’t blaming him for anything but I wasn’t happy that he kept it from me.

“Pastor, so my husband killed Deina because she refused to abort the child?”

“Yes ma”, the Pastor replied.

My dad killed 16yrs old Deina and an unborn child. No wonder she’s seeking vengeance.

“Honey, I am sorry. It was the devil’s handwork. I was afraid of losing you if you got to know”, my dad begged.

“I haven’t finished ooo”.

I looked at the Pastor.

What else is remaining again?

I thought everything has been revealed?

“The Lord showed me a garden behind your house and said Deina was buried there”


“But Pastor, how did my husband bury her without anyone noticing?”

The Pastor smiled and asked Temi to leave the office again.

“I don’t want the young man to get distraught. Mr. Bright can you tell us how you buried her? I want you to say it yourself”

My dad kept quiet for a while. After a few seconds, he finally spoke.

“After I had the argument with Deina, I left her room. That night, I convinced you to go on a vacation with Adel which you agreed. Few days after, you travelled to Canada with Adel. I met with Deina again and apologised to her. Then, I told her to lie to her father, Boma, that she was going home to get some things so that we would meet secretly. She agreed. When she left the main house, she sneaked to the garden to meet me. That was where I killed her with the help of Falana, Temi’s father. We both buried her there in the garden”.

Jesus!!! So, Temi’s dad was an accomplice?

This is too much for me to bear. I ran out of the office and had Temi running after me.

“Adel? Please wait!”

I stopped.

“What is it Temi?”, I was in tears.

He kept mute then, he came forward to hug me while comforting me at the same time. I felt a bit relieved. I looked into his eyes and started pitying him more than myself.

He does not know about his father being a murderer.

I thanked him for the comfort and went back to the Pastor’s office.



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