We arrived at the church and went straight to the Pastor’s office. We met with his secretary and she asked us to wait for a while. We obliged and took our seats.

After 20mins, we were ushered into the Pastor’s office.

Immediately, the Pastor saw us, he was agape for a millisecond but it was very noticeable.

“Good evening Sir/Ma”, he greeted.

” Good evening Pastor. Our daughter said you requested to see us”, mum said.

“Yes please. It is very important. But before I go on, please can we pray?”, the pastor said.

We said a short prayer and the Pastor asked Temi to excuse us.

“It is a very sensitive situation and it is best if no one else gets to know about it”, the Pastor explained.

He brought out the brown leather box which I had given him the previous day and took out the small card which he prevented me from seeing.

“From this card, it is stated that Laura had an exorcism before her death. Right?”

I shook and looked at my parents in bewilderment.

So, Laura had an exorcism performed on her?

“Yes sir”, my parents replied.

“It is also stated that during the process of the exorcism, the demon in her said some things which were incoherent”

“Yes Pastor”, mum replied.

I watched from dad from the corner of my eyes and I saw him fidgeting in his seat.

“Okay. Your daughter told me she saw a rotten wound on Laura’s arm when she came to attack her. Do you know the cause of the wound?”, he asked.

“No Pastor. Though, we noticed it shortly before her exorcism”, my dad replied.

“Okay. I want to enlighten you a little about demonic possession”.

“There are four stages of demonic possession- the infestation, the oppression, the obsession and the possession”

“The infestation stage is where the demonic entity makes the presence known to its victim. The victim will begin to hear strange footsteps, feel strange presence, hear the slamming of doors or flickering of lights. Of which your daughter, Adel, has started witnessing some of these experiences”

“Hmmmm… Yes Pastor. Adel complained of such things”, my mum cut in.

“The oppression stage is when the entity begins physical attacks on the victim. It begins with nightmares, then, sleeplessness. It is followed by bruises and cuts in the body which the victim cannot explain. Adel has also began witnessing some of these. But thankfully, it hasn’t gotten to the extent of bruises and cuts. It was at this stage that Laura got her wounded arm”, the Pastor explained.

I shivered in my spine. I can’t believe I have been targeted by a demon to be possessed.

“The 3rd stage is the obsession. At this point, the person gets fatigues easily and most often, thoughts of suicide creeps in. The person gets negative instructions from voices and their mind gets dominated by the demon at this stage”

“The last stage is the possession. In this stage the demon has full control of the person’s body. Such person begins to do weird things which he/she has never done before and they possess evil powers”.

“Adel is at the 2nd stage of demonic possession. Laura was possessed before her death and she seeks revenge on your daughter”

“Why is she seeking revenge on my daughter”, my mum asked.

“While I was praying, the Lord open my eyes to see the nature of Laura’s death. She committed suicide in her room. Isn’t it?”

Lord Jesus!!! So, this is it?

This is the reason why my parents locked up her room and prevented entry?

“Yes Pastor”, my dad mumbled.

“Laura did not commit suicide on her own accord. She was already possessed by a demonic spirit which made her do it”

“The demon that possessed Laura was once a girl of 16yrs. It is a sequence which rotates amongst every 16yrs old in your household”.

I cringed. Who is this new girl again?

I looked at my parents. I felt very helpless and tired of all the dramas.

“The 16yrs old girl who possessed Laura was killed by you Mr. Donald Bright”.

“Ehn? Me? I said it! This is a fake Pastor”.

“I am only speaking according to what the Lord has asked me to say. I am not mincing my words”, the Pastor said.

“Pastor please continue”, my mum begged amidst sobs. My eyes felt teary as well.

“I will continue but can the young man come in now? I have some questions for him”, the Pastor said.

What? That’s Temi! (ads1)

What role does Temi have in all these?

I started bracing myself for the worst.

I also want to know why Laura’s room was called a prayer room.



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