I arrived home with Temi around 8:34pm. Mum and dad had returned home. Mr. Boma opened the door and I met my parents sitting in the living room.

“Adel, where did you go to? You got us worried”, dad asked.

“Baby, are you okay?”, mum asked.

“I’m fine mum”

“But you don’t look fine”, mum said.

I looked at both of them and kept mute. Will they believe me if I talk?

Anyway, I really need to tell them so that the exorcism can be done and I’ll have my peace.

“Mum? Dad?”

“Yes baby…”, they replied in unison.

“I have something to tell you”

“What is it?”

“I now know about Laura. I know the fact that the ‘prayer room’ was her room. I know she was my nanny and she died at 16yrs”, I felt heavy within me as I spoke.

My parents were transfixed with their mouths agape.

“Adel, who told you?”, dad asked looking agitated.

“I can’t answer dad. But you must know one thing: Laura’s ghost is in this house and she has been attacking me to kill me”.

“Kill? That’s ridiculous. Laura loved you. She can’t possibly kill you. Besides, she died a long time ago”, mum said.

“No mum. I know what you are thinking; I am not hallucinating”

“Adel, you need to see a doctor. We have prolonged this issue for too long now”, dad said.

“What? No! I do not need any doctor. I need prayers. I need a Pastor”, I said defensively.

“By the way, the stench you both lied to me by calling it incense, is actually a rotten wound on Laura’s arm”, I said.

My parents looked at each other very surprised.

“Adel, how did you know about the wound?”, dad asked.

“Laura visited me today and tried to kill me. She was wearing a pink gown and a bonnet”, I replied.

My parents were gradually believing me. I could tell from their expression.

“Oh my baby! I’m sorry I did not believe you all these while”, mum said while coming to hug me.

She led me to sit beside her and asked me to narrate everything from the beginning.

I started narrating till I got to my experience of this present night.

“Mum? Dad? The Pastor said he wants to see both of you”, I concluded.

“Okay dear. We will see the Pastor”, my mum said.

“I am not going anywhere. How are we sure he’s not a fake Pastor who wants to extort money from us?”, dad objected.

“Honey, we have to go. The life of our only child is in danger. You heard all she said. Laura truly died with a big wound on her arm and when she died, Adel was an infant. So, I believe my daughter. I was just to careless to realise it all these while”, mum said amidst sob.

“I forbid you from going there. We can tackle this as a family. We can pray on our own”, dad insisted.

I watched the arguments between my parents. Dad was truly not innocent. Else, why should he object?

“To save my daughter’s life, I will see that Pastor tomorrow and get to the root of all these”, mum said with a tone of finality as she took my hands and led me upstairs.


It was morning already. Nothing unusual happened during the night. I obeyed all the instructions of the Pastor and mum slept with me in my room.

I got up, stretched my body and walked straight to the bathroom. I was very happy. Today is the appointed day; the day of revelation and exorcism; the day I’ll be free from demonic attacks. I couldn’t wait.

I took my bath hurriedly, dressed up and walked downstairs to the dining room.

“Good morning dad. Good morning Mrs. Balogun”, I greeted when I saw my dad at the dining with Mrs. Balogun serving him.

“Good morning dear, Morning Adel”, my dad and Mrs. Balogun answered respectively.

“Where is mum?”, I asked.

“I’m right here baby”, mum replied walking downstairs.

“Good morning mum”

“How are you my love? I hope you slept well”, mum replied.

“I’m fine ma”

I watched my parents as they both ignored each other. I guess dad was still upset and mum was still adamant. I am taking sides with mum, though.

We all ate in silence. When we were done, mum told me to get prepared so we can go and see the Pastor.

“I am coming with you both”, dad chipped in.

I smiled.

“After all the stubbornness. Huh?”, mum teased as she laughed.

“I’m sorry. You were right. I will also do anything to save my daughter and if the Pastor has a solution, then, we will all see him”, dad said.

I ran to hug my dad.

I thanked them for their love and support.

“Please dad, can Temi come with us?”


I went upstairs to tidy my hair and then, I went out to the garden to call Temi so, we can leave.

It is today or never!!!



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