I ran inside and went straight to my dad’s study. I opened his cabinet and brought out some files. My dad keeps record of all our staff. I just believe I will find Laura’s file.

Dad and mum had gone out to see a family friend who lives in our estate. So, I had time to search.

I saw Mr. Boma’s file, Mr. Falana, Mrs. Balogun and Mr. Adamu’s file (our security guard). I also saw the files of our past employees. I searched over and over again but I could not see Laura’s file.

I got up from where I sat and walked over to dad’s wardrobe. I started searching but still could not find anything. I was about giving up on my search when I saw it.

It was a small leather box. This is it!!! It must be inside. I gently took out the box and sat on dad’s swivel chair. Immediately, a very strong wind pushed the chair with me on it. I fell with the box. I got up, picked up the box, checked the windows and found it closed. Where did the wind come from?

I made an attempt to leave the study and a force shut the door, preventing me from leaving the study.

I felt a firm grip on my hair and I fell again. I started perceiving the strong stench again.

It dawned on me.

Laura’s ghost is here!!!!

I became very scared and started crying. I clutched the box tightly under my arm and got up again.

At that instant I saw her physically. She had a rotten wound on her hand. No wonder! That’s the stench I always perceive. I screamed in fright as she lunged towards me.

Immediately, I heard a knock on the door.

“Adel!!!! Open up”, it was Temi.

I ran to open the door and fell backwards again.

“Temi run!!! Please”

“I can’t leave you alone there”.

He started making an attempt to break the door and gain entrance inside.

Withing few minutes, he succeeded and got in. Laura disappeared that instant.

Temi helped me get up and together we ran to search for Mr. Boma or Mrs. Balogun.

We couldn’t find either of them. I ran to my room to get my phone and saw her there again. She was sitting on my bed and facing the window.

I tried to sneak in without to get the phone which was behind her. But she turned and saw me. She gave an evil laugh and hurriedly ran towards me. She held my neck and scratched my arm. I shrieked in pain.

Temi ran to my aid again. He tried to release me from her grip but she pushed him hard against the wall. He groaned and got up again. He quickly ran to where I kept my phone and picked it up.

Laura saw his move. She released me and started moving towards Temi. He dodged her, picked up the small leather box which had fallen on the floor, held my hands and together we hurriedly left the room, shutting the door behind us.

I started dialling Mr. Boma’s number but it wasn’t going through. Dad and mum’s number wasn’t connecting as well.

Strangely, the house was unusually empty. Mr. Falana had gone out earlier. But where is Mr. Boma, Mrs. Balogun and Mr. Adamu?

We had one last choice: RUN!!!

I and Temi started running. I had no idea where we were running to. But I trusted Temi. He held my hand as he guided me to a church, to call a pastor.



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