Korean Story: MR CEO Episode 7

 Korean Story: MR CEO Episode 7

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(Too cold and possessive)

(my penthouse)

Episode 7

By Simrah Saeed

Alexa's POV

I shook my head not knowing what else to say.

I promised Evan and Emma that I will take them out for dinner .
How do I tell them that it has been canceled?

I feel so angry inside of me but I couldn't do anything.

Thinking about quitting, what if he really carries out his threat of making sure I don't get a job anywhere?

With his intimidating aura, his wealth and connections. There's nothing he can't do.

I can't risk the future of my kids, I am very glad we are living fine now.

That's all I want, the best for my children but this man kept denying them of my attention.

He raised an eyebrow at me and I strode out of his office.

I entered into my office, picked my bag and left

Couldn't he have informed me from home so I won't come back from the five hours off he gave me?

Does he think that everyone is rich as him?

Before I could press the elevator, his voice made my heart jumped in fear.

" Sidney "

I groaned face palming myself, what else did he want huh!

" just came to remind you that you shouldn't wear some tattered or lowlife dress to the dinner, if you don't have a befitting dress, I can buy you one "

I scoffed unconsciously ! How can he insult me like this. I wouldn't take it if he's not my boss.

For the first time, I glared at him very hard. Thats glare held all my angers.

" thank you Mr Kingsley but I won't be needing your money "

I angrily pressed the elevator and unfortunately, it wasn't working. Crap!

" stop making it obvious Sidney, you still feed from my money. I mean I pay you salary right?"

He said proudly! He's an egoistic self-centered jerk!

" well yes Mr Kingsley, you Pay me but there is a different between salary and charity "

I stormed away angrily using the stairs out, thank goodness. We are not on the highest floor.

I mentally patted my back for talking back at Mr Kingsley, I know I will serve the punishment but I feel proud.

I am trying to endure everything for my kids, if it's left for only me, I won't mind putting my responsibility on Andrew.


" you look so beautiful buttercup " Andrew complimented as he was done with my makeup.

Oh! I didn't mention he's specialized in makeup.

I look so beautiful truly, very different from me!

I wore a red evening gown revealing every feature of my curve, its all Andrew's choice .

" thank you best "

" I didn't just do all this, you should know it's for a reason " he replied and I rolled my eyes.

Is there anything he does without a reason?

" what did you do it for?" I asked.

" to make Mr CEO drool " he replied with a wink and I chuckled. Seriously? .

Mr Kingsley will never see me as someone attractive.

The door burst open revealing Emma and Evan.

" are you going on a date mummy?" Evan asked while Emma covered his mouth.


" Who told you about dating? What did you know about it?" I asked staring at him amusingly.

" Uncle Andrew told us about it "

My head snapped to Andrew who was now scratching his head.

" Andrew? Is that what you teach my kids? " I asked folding my arms.

" Aha! Of course not buttercup, I... I was just trying to uhh "
I snorted turning my face away from him.

" You don't have to get angry buttercup, okay, I promise not to teach them any of such again "
He said holding his ears..

" You had better and Evan? What makes you think I am going on a date?" I asked.

" Because you dressed so beautifully " he replied and I chuckled.
That's it?

" Don't mind him momma, he's just so dump. Does dressing beautifully means you are going on a date? " Emma said shooting daggers at Evan.

" Are you sure she's my sister mummy? We weren't switched at birth?" Evan asked groaning while Andrew and I began laughing.

This two won't kill me! Do they have to bick all the time?

" You two shouldn't fight before I get back, mummy promise to be back before 9pm and hopefully you will be awake " I said to them afraid of what one of them might say after it.

" Does that means you won't take us to Mac Telly?" Evan asked .

I know he will surely bring up the dinner issue. God! Mr Kingsley! I will make this Money in the future and shove it in your face.

" Kids! I will take you there okay and mummy will take you by Saturday "
I sighed in relief as Andrew spoke up.

I gave him a thankful smile and he nodded.

" Okay uncle, don't stay out so late mummy, we have something to tell you"
Something to tell me ? Humph! This kids!

" Okay babies, I promise. I won't stay out late. Mummy loves you "


I blinked innocently checking out myself, Andrew got me this dress at a huge price so why is Mr Kingsley staring awkwardly at me?

Or is my makeup already smudged?

It's been five minutes we've been standing this way since I came.

He isn't telling me to get into the car and his face is glued to mine with his mouth slightly parted .

His gaze is burning me, it's making me uncomfortable.

I cleared my voice and it seems that brought him out from his dream land .
He blinked his eyes and looked away.

" Enter into the car " he commanded entering into the car.

Such a gentleman! He couldn't even open the door for me.

But wait, am I really going to stay in this backseat with Mr boss? Goodness! I am so done for.

I nervously opened the door and sat down, it was just the middle seat that distanced us.

I thought he was going to punish me by allowing me to take a cab to were the dinner was taking place.

In other to avoid his gaze, I began looking through the window clutching my big handbag. It looks beautiful anyways.

We stayed in a pregnant silent for almost an hour till we arrived at a restaurant downtown.

Without being told, I know it's a rich restaurant.

We both came down and he handed me his phones with his face looking as cold as ever.

What sort of Boss is this? Everything about him is intimidating that I couldn't say a word to him till we arrived here.

If all bosses are this way, I'd rather be poor.

I followed him with my notepad in my hand together with his phone.

" Mr Kingsley, you are welcome " a man I guess should be in his late forties said on seeing us.

I could see fear visible in his eyes, I mean who wouldn't be scared of this cold face Mr Kingsley is masking?

Does he even smile at all? G0sh! He's so pathetic.

Everyone is also very scared of him, including this man that ought to be his father?

Instead of him to reply, he took a seat opposite the man and, wait. A very handsome guy was beside him staring intently at me.

" Let's go ahead with what we came here for Mr Dean " Mr Kingsley said coldly.

Really? No food? Then why the hell did he say it's business dinner?

It was as if a waiter heard what I said and he showed up, he took our orders for just drinks and left.

I brought out my notepad preparing to jot down whatever.

" Yes, we should start it already. I came with the statistics and we've mapped out plans on how to ..."

The next thing I heard was Mr Kingsley banging the door loudly interrupting Mr Dean.
What happened huh? I almost flinched!

I glanced at the guy earlier to see him gulp in fear and Mr Kingsley staring at him with so much anger visible in his eyes.

" This meeting is over Mr Dean, we will reschedule it and when you are coming, do not come with this ass leaking secretary of yours "

He yelled standing up while I followed practically running after him.

What made him angry just now? The guy! He looks so calm so what?

" Were to Sir?" His driver asked

" To my penthouse "

He replied clenching his jaw! Huh? Penthouse?

Next: Episode 8 (link)



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