Story: FOREST OF DOOM Episode 16

Story: FOREST OF DOOM Episode 16
Episode 16
Elder okoli : But why great one, and what really happened? What killed oge? (He asked with fear, and Okakamuo looked up and shake his head)

Okakamuo : she died out of ignorant, they were warned that this journey was only for the virgins, and she knew that she wasn't a virgin, she persisted and pertake on the journey, that was why the spirits of the forest killed her immediatly she stepped her foot on the forest, one thing she do not know is that she can only trick human but can not trick the spirits because they are invisible and sees everything

Elder odogwu : (shake his head) why oge! why!! But great one, since she's dead, we should take her corspe back to our village, so that her parents will know that she's dead

Okakamuo : No! like I said before, if you go near that place or near her corspe, you will die because right now, her corspe belongs to the spirits of the fores........ (Okakamuo haven't finish his statement, when oge's corspe suddenly turned to dust, when the other maidens saw this, they screamed the more)

Ifeoma : ( terrifying) please Papa! am scared, I don't want to go again 

Okakamuo : (talking to ifeoma) don't come out from that Forest, if not the spirits of the forest will kill you as far as you have step your foot in the forest, you maidens should not be afraid, oge died out of ignorant, so for now you maidens should continue your journey, and may the gods guide and protect you (he said and after that he and the elders returned back to the village, while the seven remaining maidens started their journey to the evil forest of doom, in search of the mystery crown)
As the seven maidens were going, they haven't gone too far, when they started hearing strange sound from the trees, so they stopped

Chika : (whispering tone) Are you maidens hearing what am hearing?

Nneoma : yes! Am hearing it, and I think is coming from the trees

Amuche : what else could be making that noise if not bird, please let's keep on going and ignore the soun....... (She haven't finish talking when they saw multiple of big bats coming out from the trees, the bats have red eyes and long tails, it look very scary, when the maidens saw this, fear gripped over them because the bat was quite different from the bat they use to know, before they could think of to run, the bats jumped on their body and the maidens started screaming without knowing what to do at that moment, before anything could happen, one of the bat that was on Tochi's body bite her on her eyes and plugged it out which make tochi to scream in pains)

Tochi : please you maidens should help me, my eyes, my eyes... (She screamed in pains and at the same time blood was gushing out from her eyes, as she continue to struggle with the bat on her body, the other maidens too was struggling with bats on their body as well, as all this was going on, the maidens was still struggling with the bats, all of a sudden the whole bats left the other maidens and all jumped on Tochi's body because of the blood coming out from her eyes and they started biting and sucking the blood from her eyes, right in front of the other maidens, the bats bite tochi to death and started feeding on her flesh 
Chai..... Too bad tochi is gone, remaining 6 maidens
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