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"Not while I'm still alive! ", I breathed angrily before walking towards the bed.

My anger rose as I stared at the disorganized and tormented, Leona. How could one be so cruel and heartless to treat his suppose wife in such an animaIistic manner, not even when she used to be his love?

"You dare not take a step closer! ", Romeo fired getting off the bed flaring in anger as he stared straight into my eyes.

My fist tightened at his words. Has he forgotten so early who I used to be?

I played deaf until I got to the foot of the bed, heart filled with pity as I stared down at her face. The sight of the red marks on her white delicate skin brought pa!n to my soul.

I know I used to be brvtal and never cared about a life, but this is totally to much for someone you loved years ago!

I made to touch her legs but was stopped as he held my wrist, face red with anger.

"Let go of me", I breathed trying to suppress my anger.

"Why? You dare distract me from my duty after falling from grace?. How pathetic! ",

I stared back at him as I forced my wrist loose from him.

"Your duty indeed, Romeo. She's your wife and a human being for fk sake! ", I voiced, my anger rising.

He gave me the naughty smirk of his as he tucked in his hands inside his pocket.

Staring at his handsome face, I fell like beating the h'll out of his pretty face till he's wetted in his own bIood, for laying a finger on my Leona.

"My wife not yours! I have the right to do whatsever I wanted with her, especially after seeing her in that awkward position with you! "

"You're a dmn weak ba$tard, Romeo. Yes. Motherfker just let me know you're angry because she choose me over you. That's correct, Who would fall for an obsessed bea$t with no feeling? You're so weak that you keep on relying on her weakness to exercise your fked up strength... "

I winced in pa!n spitting out bIood from my mouth as he pun¢hed me hard on the face.

A ki¢k landed on my abdomen as I held the bed pole to prevent me from falling down.

"Weak a$s? A weak a$s with the woman you ever wanted? A weak a$s touching the woman you ever loved? You're a m©ron. I could have your head right now for treason, if you weren't my brother. Now get out! ", He fired, pointing at the door.

My eyes narrowed as I stared at him from the corner. The pa!n was almost gone now.

I drew myself to my full size staring back into his eyes, my lips stretching into a wicked smile.

"Brother indeed", I smirked walking over to the side of the bed. " Having you as a brother is like having a desperate ghost for a sibling, and yes, I'm not leaving without her ".

I stared back at him determined. This wasn't our first fi ght, this was just one out of the numerous ones. We weren't the idea example of siblings, never.

We have fought for as long as I can remember, mainly caused by him. He always thinks he's better than anyone else, and truthfully, yes he is. That's the major reason I hate him. He always gets what he wanted because he's the future heir, but me? Barely anything!.

He keeps having everything I wish for as long as my lifetime, but not Leona. Never. I won't let him have her cause he doesn't deserve my Princess.

"I wish to see you try. Wake up wh're! ", he smirked h itting Leona on the th!ghs.

My sense of reasoning left me at the moment as my hand took hold of the bedside lantern, and broke it on his head, the glass flying to every corner.

I kicked him in-between his legs as the image of him rapping her when I stepped in flashed in my head.

I made to h it him on the face but he was quick to ki¢k me on the leg first. I winced in pa!n. He got up and held me on the collar pressing me against the wall.

"You wanna try? ", He asked unhooking my collar, taking a step backwards. "Come on", he breathed rolling up his sleeves.

I smirked , staring at him before rolling up my own sleeves.

"Thought you did never ask", I uttered in before stepping forward.

I made to throw him a bIow but he was faster as he h it me on the nose sending out bIood, which trailed down my mouth.

"Weak as$ doesn't look this dope, brother. Does it? ", he questioned in mockery taking a step forward.

I saw a flower vase from the corner of my eyes before he attacked me again. I moved fast and dived towards the vase before his legs h it me.

The anger boiling through my veins was now indescribable as I kicked him in-between before his blow met me.

He grabbed crouch wincing in pain before falling on his knees.

"No brother, It doesn't look that dope", I spoke before hitting him with the vase on the head.

He fainted and fell on the floor with bIood running down his face.

I limped over him to the bed where Leona was. I quickly but cautiously untied her, not wanting the robes to cut her since the were tight to her skin.

Covering her with the bedsheet, I carried her in bridal style and left for my quarters where she would be treated.

"Get me a female doctor", I ordered after laying her on my bed.

Her lips quivered in pain while her breathing came out slow and uneasy. How could one be this dev!lish?

"Your Highness", A beautiful female doctor bowed with my chief guard behind.

With a nod she came towards the bed and felt her temperature and heartbeat.

"I will leave you to your job now", I breathed when I found her behaving uneasy to unwrap the sheet from Leona in my presence.

One last look at my disorganized princess, I left with my three guards excluding my chief guard and some others to guide my princess.

I went shopping and bought her some clothes, shoes and toiletries choosed by a female attendant in the mall.

I came home in the late hours of the afternoon, feeling weak.

"My prince, Your mother, the Queen is in your quarters ",

My heart beat rapidly as the beating of a drum and my head swaying. I found myself running to my quarters.

Stepping into my bedroom, I saw my mom staring wickedly at my princess.

"Mother... ",

She made me swallow my words as she slapped me across the face in anger.

"You're a Prince, Rowland, not a tout! How could you have beaten your own very blood to coma, because of this thing", she flared pointing at the sleeping Leona.

My eyes narrowed. She always supported Romeo even when she hasn't heard what transpired, and right now I have grown not to look out for her support or care but calling my woman 'Thing' got me angry.

She made to sIap me again but I held her wrist tight in anger.

"Her name is, Leona. Don't ever address her as a thing ever again or my action would marvel you, mother", she gasped as I let go of her wrist.

I walked over to Leona and covered her well with the blanket. She has been cleaned and bandaged, and now looked paler.

A tear dropped from my eyes as I stared at her weak face.

"Rowland... "

"Don't. Please don't call me in that pitiful voice like you cared for me. Just leave. Go to your favorite and pour out your love for I have known no love all my life and would never expect it", I breathed trailing my finger through Leona's white face.

There was silence as I presume she was so shocked to take a move. This was the first time I ever let out my before anyone. I have lived to conceal them.

"You think I care for him more than I care for you? ", her voice came out cracked like she was crying.

I heard her footsteps drawing near until I felt her hand on my shoulder.

"I can never choose him over you, Rowland, cause he's not my flesh and bIood! ".

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