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The drizzly day of her departure from Korea, Leona sat waiting for Romeo's call in the splendid gloom of her hotel suite.

She went straight to the hotel and booked a flight to Africa. Though she knew it was crazy but she still expected for Romeo's call even when she knew he didn't have her digits.

The first hour, five A.m., passed swiftly enough with Leona imagining Romeo's step in the h'll, Romeo towering the door, Romeo proposing again.

She found herself wishing to hug and kss Romeo when she knew they were half-siblings. Crazy right?

The second hour went more slowly in a review of mistakes and passionate regrets... about refusing Romeo's proposal, yelling at him, and now trying to forsake him without any reason.

By the third hour, Leona burned with impatience and anxiety. How do she expect him to come running to her after all she said?

At eight forty-five Leona was at the airport gates with only her white fur... And doubts.

It was raining. Very unusual. Leona felt she must be the loneliest woman in the world.

And the most foolish.

First she was tricked into marriage with the boy he bullied back in high school, raped on her first night by an unknown man, beaten and maltreated by the so-called husband, Disowned by mother, humiliated by mother-in-law and sister-in-law, sexually assaulted by Brother-in-law, pregnant, son poisoned, got to know her about her mysterious father, had an anemia, fell in love with the demon husband, reject demon husbands' proposal and now about to flee from the country which holds all her memories.

She wanted to cry out loud, this is not what love is supposed to feel like. Oh, God, she wasn't certain about anything anymore.

She knew she had to leave not to disorganise the family but why does she feel she's trying to do something wrong? Why can't Romoe's image stop pooping up in her head?

At a maddening crawl, the taxi moved up in the snaking line of cars. The driver let her out to the brainwashed pavement.

In the baggage-check line, she couldn't help turning and looking for signs of Romeo.

The woman behind her prodded with a finger. "You're next".

But Leona could only hear Romoe's proposal : "I know you don't remember anything but Your Mr. Handsome here treated you badly before. I first loved you but you wreaked me. I was heartbroken by your rejection that I decided to hate you. To torment you. To make you suffer. I was so immature and made a rash decision by paying your friend to betray you. I married you, t©rtured you, disgraced you, and harmed you like a heartless beast..."

In the next moment, to the happy advantage of the passengers behind her who could then move up a head, Leona peeled off from the line.

She hurried out to the electro gliding doors.

"Romeo? ", she turned her head, first this way, then that, seeking her lover and half brother.

"Romeo! ", Her voice was more desperate now.

With the roar of the jets overhead, the airport ran into a rain-washed blur.

She ran towards the parking field, impeded by the binding fabric of her gown.

"Taxi! ",

He had closed his umbrella. He stood with his broad back against the winds.

She saw him. She threw down her coat and ran up to him.

"Oh Romeo, I was so afraid I won't see you",

She flew into the crook of his arm, half laughing, half weeping in the now-driving rain.

"Don't you know me by now, Leona? Sooner or later I would have found a way to get you back. I can't let you go again", he spoke.

He grasped her lower cheek with his hand, molding the soft flesh as though he were a sculptor with a new kind of clay. His skin was slick with rain too, and the two of them shivered against one another.

Her hot tears streamed down to his hand and warmed his cold body.

"I'm... ",

"Shhhhh. I know everything now. Mom is just trying to pull us apart. You arent my sister, Leona. Your father was my father's best friend and mom, your father's sister "



"Well I under and overestimated you at a time. I never knew you knew about the child",

"Well I did and I told Romeo about it", I breathed angrily.

She had this ev'l smirk as she stared at me.

"Just as expected. The very reason I should be the only alive with my secrets ", she smiled.

I felt my breathing becoming hard. My stomach was on fire. Something is happening to me.

"What.. Do you me. Mean? "I asked with difficulty.

"Well you should be having the effects of the po!son already. You see Sionis, I klled my brother for his wealth and knowing to much, and that's what I'm doing again. I only deserve to have run his businesses not some blond child he had out of wed lock ",

Blood was now streaming down my nose and breathing was becoming extraordinary hard.

Christ, what did she give me? I can feel myself dying already.

"Wtch! ", I yelled but it came out like a whisper.

My strength was being drained by whatever she gave me. My legs were now heavy as I couldn't move them.

"What... Wh. What did you... Do? ", I questioned as bIood flowed out of my mouth.

"Just a pinch of p©ison in your coffee. Just the way I klled Romoe's mother after her birth. I'm sorry, honey ",

"She was your... Best.. Best friend ", I fired almost at the verge of tears.

I can't believe I lived with this d'mon this whole time!

By the moment my intestines felt like the were being ¢ut with a s¢issor. It felt like h'll.

I just hope Romeo finds Leona before this woman klls him too.

"I almost forgot, do well to extend my greetings to her and yes, Romeo would be joining you to. He must have drank his own coffee by now. I can't believe the family of three would die same way. Ouch, I'm sorry but Rowland alone deserves to rule this kingdom not some child by a pretty actress "

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