Authored by Randy


"What do you think you're doing, Leona? ", Rowland breathed through grinned teeth.

He grabbed her wrist, his bIoodshot eyes staring deep into the smiling face of Leona.

The hall became noisy as murmurs rose and the always news thirsty reporters unlimited questions rang through the big hall while the guards prevented them from moving any closer to the royal.

The two remained motionless like some lifeless sculptures.

The angry look worn by Rowland was very well distinguishable from the calm smiling face of the new Empress.

"You wench! ",

It was Queen Florence who's expression was anything other than happy. She seemed to burst anytime.

"How dare you lo... ",

"Lowlife? Pardon me mother. Sorry, aunt or should I call you Florence? That very word should be directed to you not me",

"Leona! ",

Rowland's voice vibrated through every wall as the hall became de.ad silent.

"You dare not talk to my mother in such manner... ",

"Excuse me but the last time I checked, she's my aunt... ",

"And also your Queen! ",

Leona's lips curved into a smile as she moved closer to him, placing her hand on his chest.

"But I have the crown now",

She smirk as Queen Florence took a step back, pale to the toe.

She had always known this very girl was not to be trusted but seeing how easily they all have been played by this pretty niece of hers, shocks her the most.

"I'm still the crown prince ",

Rowlands voice came out weak as she stared at this girl who has refused to love him back.

"Sure you are, but you can't have the crown on your head until Romeo's offsprings are no more",

She walked towards the thrones and surprising sat on the throne meant for the King.

Everybody gaspeds as flashlights from the paparazzi increased.

"You saw that, right? You all sees it.

This girl has no respect for our culture or for anybody here. This little wench that po!soned Romeo... ",

"Wow, Aunt ", Leona clapped cutting Queen Florence off.

"You mean my husband was po!soned? Oh, my. My poor husband ",

Leona feigned to be shocked as she walked to Queen Florence and held her wrist.

"Aunt, my husband was po!soned and I wasn't informed? Oh, aunt ", she pretended further.

Then suddenly she gave way to an audible laughter that rang through the hall like a subdued music.

"Why do you look so pale, mother? I'm just feigning and I know the very persons behind the King and my husbands death... ",

"Arrest her! She has gone crazy! ", Rowland yelled.

Just almost immediately the people got notifications in their phones.

They gasped as the saw the contents of the notifications. They were shocked as the watched the Queen arguing with the King and everything she said.

"Are you all deaf! Arrest her already! ",

It was Queen Florence who was not aware of the vedio trending online, in every site and media.

At the moment, the big screen which was recording and showing the events in the hall, changed as Rowlands voice was heard saying he did like to po!son Romeo again.

"No! That's bullsht. This isn't me! ", Yelled with tears steaming down his eyes as he watched the incidents of the other in Leonas quarters replay right before him.

"Not to fast murderer ", Leonas guard stopped Queen Florence and her maidens from escaping.

Everything froze as Rowland and Leona exchanged fire balls through their eyes.

Guards surrounded Rowland and camera flashes increased.

"What would you do now, Queen? ", Rowland mocked staring at Leona. "Kll me? That's the only punishment fragile and dumb beings like you can offer", he spat as a tears trailed down his face.

Leona scoffed and walked to where he was held down by the guards, and hit him really hard on the face.

Shock was written all over person present at the Queens reaction.

"You think I'm weak, right? Too dumb to offer you de.ath? Do you wanna see how strong I am? What puni$hment I could offer? Then watch ", Leona spat rising up from the floor.

"My puni$hment!... ", she stopped.

Everywhere became still as every person remained calm to hear what her judgment would.

"I want every person involved in the king's and the crown prince's de.ath, decap!tated. That's the very grace I would have for there's no better liberation than de.ath.

And for my precious aunt, I want her ey es plu¢ked never to ever see. Her puni$hment would be completed by my baby when he's of age.

Only him can render a preferable punishment to the very mother who klled his father! ",

"And for my ever royal cousin and brother in law who has questioned his own Queen, I want his t©ngue plu¢ked out and his arms ¢h©pped off.

I want him to ever be covered in his own bIood until my son gets to know his ever good uncle. This is my word and my word is law! "


Authored by Randy


Tears trailed down my face as I watched Leona leash out the punishment meant for the two d'vils.

She looks every inch the prefect Queen. Gosh, I must have been dumb to have made such a peerless creature my enemy at first.

"You will regret this Leona. Trust me! ", Queen Florence screamed with tears steaming down her eyes.

That d'vil.

"You would rather be the one regretting, old wtch! ", I fired, removing my hat.

The paparazzi faced me at once as I walked to where they two mon$ters were held down by the guards.

"Vera? ", she called.

I walked to her and did what I have longed to do. I sIapped her.

"Vera! ", Rowland yelled trying to get loose from the guards.


"That's for Romeo ", I smirked "I have waited so long to do this, d'vil ", I spat and turned backwards.

I made to go back when her words got my legs rooted to the floor.

"You're no saint yourself. If not for the jealousy you had for Leona, but for my bIood which runs in your bIood.

Why do you think I wanted Romeo to marry you? Because I'm your mother, Vera and you can't change that. You think I'm going down alone.

Foolish girl. Your dad was the one who brought the po!son. Now let's see how you keep up your face in the public! ",



My heart was beating hard as I listened to that old hag vomiting her sins shamelessly.

Such a mon$ter!

What mother would ever make her daughters life miserable.

I watched tears stream down VERA'S face as the flash lights from the paparazzis increased.

I walked and hugged her, while her hot tears fell on my shoulders.

"It's OK. Come let's go to my quarters ", I whispered.

"No. It's OK. I have to show you something ", She breathed wiping off her tears. "Come",


"Vera where are we heading to? It's been 30 minutes already you have been driving ", I said watching her closely.

There was no reply as she only smiled.

Christ. The whole country would be restless right now, that the new crown Queen disappeared right after her coronation.

Where the h'll is she taking me to, huh?

"Here we are ", she breathed stopping in front of a white mansion.

I saw the gates open before she drove in, as my eyes surveyed the big house.

"Why are we here? ", I asked getting down from the car right as she did.

"A surprise gift, My Queen ", she smiled walking inside the house.

I trailed behind her curious. A surprise gift? What could it be.

She stopped in front of a room and turned to me.

"After you, My lady ", she bowed sweetly.

This girl is crazy.

I pushed the door open and walked in. My breathe hitched as that familiar cologne hit my nose.

Goosebumps enclosed my being as my eyes rested on the figure laying on the bed.

Hot sweat trailed down my body as I became hot.

No, Leona. This is an imagination.

"He hasn't regained consciousness since the poison was completely washed out of his system, yesterday but the doctor said he would soon. He's a fighter and he survived for you ",

Vera said as tears steamed down my eyes.

"And don't worry, I wasn't the one bathing him",

"This is the prefect gift, Vera",


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