The nurse continued to walk towards Helena's hospital room while Kira was left behind and has fallen into deep thought.

"Didn't I tell you that I can provide everything she needs?"

Kira almost jump out of fright when someone talked behind her.
She instantly turns and looks behind her!

She automatically frowned when she saw a familiar man with his back leaning on the wall, his one leg stands on the floor while the other leg is bent to the wall.
His hands are shoved into his pocket.

"Y-You?" Kira blurted out!

The man straightened his body and took a step towards her.

"You..." Kira's suspicion arise!

"Were you the one who paid for this?" She asked as she raised the admitting form and show it to Tim.

Tim raised the corners of his lips.
"Bingo!" He said as he winked to Kira.

Kira rolled her eyes, "I didn't ask you to do this"

"But I want to do it!" Tim replied and his smile did not fade.

"What are your motives? Why would you want to marry me?" Kira asked one after the other.

"I have my reasons which I can't tell you," Tim replied.

"Ha!" Kira let out a sarcastic laugh.

"Well," Tim lowered his head to level his face to Kira's face.

"If you still refuse to accept my help, you could pay me back the money that I paid for your auntie's chemotherapy session," Tim said.

Kira glared at the man in front of her..

"Fine!" She said.
" I will pay you the exact amount that you spent on my auntie's admission!" Kira held her head high!

"Really?" Tim asked and revealed a sarcastic smile.
"How will you pay for me?"
Tim straightened his body, "I heard that your bank loan was denied!" He added.

Kira froze...

"What?" She blurted out.

Just then, Kira's phone ring indicating that there is a notification. Kira took her phone from her bag and checked it.

It was a message from the bank and it says, her loan application was denied!
Kira's shoulders instantly dropped!

Tim seems like he is enjoying Kira's expression!

"I will give you a chance!" Tim spoke again.

"I won't make you pay me back the money that I spent on your auntie."

"I can even transfer your auntie to the best hospital if you want me to, but on one condition"
Tim paused and observe Kira.

"You have to marry me." He continued.


"Will you agree to marry me?" Tim asked.

Kira looked up at Tim and glared.

"No!" Kira replied in a raised voice and then she walks away and followed her auntie!

Tim's gaze followed Kira and then he sighs, "She's so hard to get!' He mumbled.

"You just wait for it sweetheart, sooner or later, you will become my wife even if you refuse a hundred times!" He said with a smile on his lips.

Tim turns to leave.
He gets out of the hospital and headed to his car. He gets inside, turned on the engine and drives away from the hospital.

He is still trying to find a way of how to convince Kira to marry him.

He didn't expect that it would hard to convince that woman, but the more she refused him, the more he is eager to get her and make her his wife!



At night...

Helena has just done with her first session and currently sleeping.


Kira heard a knock on the door.

After a while, the door opened and came in the man who is wearing a teacher's uniform from an International school.

"Alex!" Kira blurted out!

Alex is her co-teacher in the J international school.
He is five years older than her, and he's single but he has a girlfriend!

The two of them are quite close to each other, Alex is also a good looking and gentleman, actually, she has hidden feelings for him but she didn't show it to him because she knows that Alex loves her girlfriend soo much. She is now satisfied with being his friend!

"Hey!" Alex greeted her as soon as he gets inside the room.

"Why are you here?" Kira asked.

"Oh! I came to see how auntie's doing." Alex replied.

"And I also bring food for you to eat. You might not have eaten anything since this morning."

Alex put down a food container in the table.

"Oh, Thank you so much" Kira said sincerely.

Kira gets up from her seat and walks to the table.

Alex opened the food container one by one.

"Did you cook all these?" Kira asked.

"Ennn..." Alex nodded.

"Wow! It looks delicious" She said excitedly.

Kira sat down on the couch and sniffs the foods on the small table.

"Go on and eat before it turned cold," Alex said as he sits down beside Kira.

"Alright!" Kira picks up the chopstick and started to eat the foods, "Hhhmmm, Alex, It tastes so good!" Kira exclaimed!

"Really?!" Alex smiled as he watched Kira enjoying the foods!

"Yes" Kira made a thumbs up to Alex.

Alex just smiled and then he seems to think of something, "Kira..." He called Kira after a while.


" How is auntie doing?" Alex asked.

"Oh!" Kira stopped chewing her food.

"I have not talked to the doctor yet, but I am hoping the positive result," Kira said in a lonely voice.

Alex lifted his hand and put it around Kira's shoulder.

He pulled her closer to him as if he is trying to comfort her.
Alex did not say a word but his embrace made Kira feel better.

"Alex, are you not going home?" Kira asked.

It's been a few hours since he arrives, but he did not leave yet!

"I am just going to change my clothes, but I'll be back and stay here to accompany you," Alex said.

"Oh! It's alright, don't bother yourself!"
Kira refused.

Alex flicked Kira's ear, "Hey!"

"Ah!" Kira cried as she touched her ear!

" You looked so tired and stressed, it would be better if I'll stay here with you tonight. I will help you take good care of Auntie."


"No, buts! It is decided!" Alex insisted!



The next morning, Kira has to go to the nurse's station to ask something, but she did not expect to see someone familiar, outside Helena's room.

"Ohmo!" She blurted out when she saw a man standing outside the door!

"Who was that man?" The man asked in a calm voice.

Kira looked at the man in front of her, "What?" She asked with knitted brows.

"That man who brought you food and accompany until this morning, who is he?" This time, the man's voice sounds like he is interrogating a criminal!

Kira raised her brows, " Why would I tell you?" she asked back.

"Because I want you to tell me." The man replied.

"Ha! Mr. Tan, I don't owe you an explanation." Kira said sternly.

Tim sigh!

" I don't want any other men around you." He said.

"Tsss..." Kira twitched her mouth.

"We have nothing to do with each other, so, don't interfere with my personal life!"

" I am your future husband and I don't like seeing you being intimate with another man." Tim's voice is calm again.

"Mr. Tan, have you forgot?. I did not accept your proposal, remember?!" She said with her raised brows.

Tim raised the corners of his lips, " Honey, sooner or later, you will accept my proposal." He said as if he is so sure about it.

Kira just rolled her eyes on Tim and walks away from him.

She doesn't want to argue with this crazy man!


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