*Master's bedroom...*

Tim let Kira sit on the bed. He took his first aid kit in a medicine cabinet and started to apply medicine to Kira's wound.

"Why did you do that?" Kira asked Tim who is putting a plaster on her finger.

"Did, what?" Tim asked back.

"Why did you treat your auntie rudely?"

Tim looked at Kira, "And why you keep on following her orders?" Tim asked back again.
His expression is as cold as ice.

"I am just being polite to her," Kira replied.

"Being polite? Kira, can't you see it? She's trying to intimidate you, she's bullying you. There should be a limitations to everything, Kira. It's alright to be polite, but to let her bully you, is another story"

Kira lowered her head, Tim might be mad, he even called her by her first name.

" Tim, she is your auntie---"

"So what?" Tim interrupted Kira.

"Don't lower yourself just to please her. The more you lowered your self to her, the more she treats you rudely. She's the kind of person who likes to manipulate someone's life. You should know how to fight back especially when they are taking advantage of you." Tim is enraged.

Her Auntie was one of the reasons why his Mom left him and his dad.

"Kira, that woman isn't here for nothing," Tim warned Kira.
"She has been eyeing for the family's business since my dad passed away."

Kira did not answer. She doesn't know Madame Gezel's attitude, so, she should listen to Tim who knows more about his auntie. She kept her head lowered, she did not dare to look at Tim, she's afraid to see his anger.

"Oh!"Tim looked up, trying to calm himself.

He took a deep breath before he looks down at her again,

" Now, I'm having second thoughts on whether to leave out of town or not. " Tim mumbled after a while.

Kira looks up to Tim, "Out of town?" she asked.

"Ennn..." Tim nodded.

" I have important things to do in C Province." He explained.

This time, his voice is calm.

"Oh! Is it that important?" Kira asked again.

"I have to talk to a family friend, he was the one who helped my father when he needs financial help," Tim explained.

"Then why are you having second thoughts?"

"I'm worried about you, especially now that auntie is here," Tim said in a worried voice.

"You're worried that your auntie might bully me?" Kira asked again.

"Ennn..." Tim replied.

Kira was touched by Tim's concern. She felt like someone tickled her heart and she can't help but smile. She held Tim's face.

"Don't worry about me. I won't let her bully me again." Kira assured.

Tim closes his eyes as he feels the warmth of Kira's palm on his face. He lifted his hand and held hers.

"Why won't you come with me?" He suggested.

Kira shook her head, "You know I can't." She refused.

"I have to work the next day, I can't leave my students," Kira explained.

"Oh!" Tim blurted out.

"I'm going to miss you." He said.

"Hey, are you not tired of seeing this face every day?" Kira joked.

"Nope!" Tim quickly replied.
"Never!" He added.

He looked at Kira in a serious expression.
"I'll be back in a few days, alright?"

She knew she's going to miss him too, even if it's just a few days. She is used to his presence and this is the first time that he will be away from home.

The next day in the afternoon, Coby carried Tim from the Villa to the airport.

After Tim left, Gaile arrived to see Madame Gezel.

"Hello dear, Gaile. I've missed you" Madame Gezel said to Gaile.

"Hello, Auntie!" Gaile approached Gezel and embraced her.

"How are you dear? It's been a long time since we've seen each other"

"Oh, I'm pretty good, auntie" Gaile replied with a sweet smile on her face.

"You know what, it's better if we talk at the garden." Madame Gezel suggested.

"Oh, sure, auntie. I also have something to give you and I hope you'll like it" Gaile said.

The two of them headed to the garden.



Kira got bored inside the master's bedroom and decided to go out of the room. She wants to take some fresh air, so she decided to go to the garden.

But unfortunately, Madame Gezel and Gaile are there on the garden's table set, talking while seeing their pieces of jewelry to each other.

"Oh! I like this design"
The woman lifted the ruby diamond necklace with her sparkling eyes.

"Really auntie?" Gaile got excited.

"I was about to give that necklace to you" Gaile added.

Gaile secretly smirked inside.
'I know how to get you, auntie'

"Really?" Gezel asked in an unbelievable expression.

"Of course auntie" Gaile said without having a second thought.

Kira changed her mind. She doesn't want to stay in the garden anymore.

"Hey, Kira!" Gaile called Kira.

Kira stopped on track.

"Why won't you join us here?" Gaile asked.

Kira turned back to them, she revealed a smile and say, "No, thanks! I have some important things to do." She said politely.

"Oh!" Gaile blurted out.

"We have a guest here, shouldn't you be serving tea for our guest?" Madame Gezel suddenly spoke.

Kira averted her gaze to Madame Gezel.

"Why are you just standing there?" Madame Gezel asked sternly.

"Go and make tea for us"

'Relax Kira, this is not yet bullying, right?'
'Stay calm and be polite as long as she doesn't hurt you.' Kira secretly said to her self.

" Sure, Auntie" Kira said in a calm voice.
She turned and headed inside the house.

Gaile's gaze followed Kira, and a smirk slowly formed on her lips.

In the kitchen...

Helena went to the kitchen to drink water, but she saw Kira near the stove.

Helena is now wearing a kerchief to cover her bald head.

"What are you doing, dear?" Helena asked.

Kira turned her head to her auntie's direction.

"I'm boiling water for the tea, auntie. " Kira said.

"Tea? You should have told the servants if you want to drink tea and let them do that," Helena said.

"It's..." Kira seems like she's having a second thought.

"It's not for me, auntie."

"Who would drink that, then?" Helena asked.

"It's Madame Gezel's order, auntie," Kira replied.

Helena sighs!
"That woman is treating you so rudely." She said.

Kira smiled, "I can still handle it, auntie."

Their conversation was interrupted by the kettle's whistle, indicating that the water is already boiling. Kira turned off the gas range, took the kettle and transfer the hot water into the teapot. She put the teapot in the food tray and she added two teacups before she lifted the food tray.

"I will bring this to them, auntie," Kira said and then she walks out of the kitchen with the food tray in her hand.

Kira went back to the garden, she stopped on the door, she took a deep breath before she approached the table where Gaile and Madame Gezel are sitting. The two of them are laughing when Kira arrived on their table.

"Here is the tea that you requested for, Auntie," Kira said as she put down the food tray on the table. Madame Gezel looked at the teapot on the table.

Kira was about to leave but Madame Gezel suddenly spoke.

"Are you not going to serve us this tea that you've brought to us?" Madame Gezel asked sarcastically.

Kira stopped and pressed her lips, 'You're just going to serve them the tea, Kira. She's not hurting you.' She reminded her self again.

With that thought, Kira turned back to them, "Sure, I will!" she said with a smile on her face.

"Auntie, I think we should ask the servants to do this." Gaile pretended to be on Kira's side.

"Oh, let her do that I am sure she won't mind serving her guests. That's what the wives supposed to do, right Kira?" Madam Gezel throws Kira a meaningful look.

Kira still tried to be polite, she revealed a sweet smile as a response.

When she finished filling the teacups, Kira put down the teapot on the food tray and then she turned to leave.

Madame Gezel took a sip of the tea, but then she spits it out again as her mouth feels the hot tea.

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