Genre:Love and hatred

Settings: California USA



Adrian is a wealthy son of Mr Marcos who owns Keyswealth Bank; the most popular and best Bank in California,USA.

He fell in love with a beautiful girl he met in a party organized by his Dad.

He confided in his father about his love for her, his Dad was glad that his son fell in love with his daughter's best friend Mr Daniels.

Both families began the preparations of their children's wedding.

Ava Daniels who happens to be an identical twin to Avi, and in her early twenties, got dumbfounded at the news of her, getting married to whom she never had feelings for.

Just few days to her wedding, something happened......

Find out as the story unfolds.




I bagged in my room in anger...and turned behind to see Avi trailing behind me

"Why you this stubborn Ava?!!!"She yelled

"You don't have the right to talk to me in that manner,I'm two hours older than you"I retorted

"Whatever Ava, you should know Dad wants the best for you" She moved closer to me

I was breathing hard, I couldn't think straight, why the h'll do they want me to marry that id!ot of a son,I don't love him, gosh....I feel like screaming right now,I paced to and fro my room, hitting my head to think of a way out

"You need to calm down Ava"I heard my twin's voice

"I'm about to get married to a d'vil and you expect me to calm down!!!!!!!"I barked

"You don't have a choice"She shrugged

I glared at her and walked away, everybody, everything is so annoying

I walked down the stairs and bumped into Dad in the sitting room...

"Avi"He called

"It's Ava"I scoffed

He can't tell our difference,Avi and I are so identical,you can only tell when Avi wears make over,cause even at night she sleeps with make overs on her face,you bet not to tell our difference when she had no makeover on.....

"Have you met Adrian?"He asked and I rolled my eyes

"Why Dad?"I asked

"How do you mean why?,he's your fiancee"He frowned

"But there's no ring on my finger"I waved my right hand in the air

"Yeah because you disappeared on the day of your engagement"He replied

"Why Dad?"I walked up to him on the sofa

"Why tryna force a man into my life?"I sat beside him

"You won't understand Ava"He replied

"Then make me understand!!"I almost yelled and I sighed

"And besides Mr Marcos is my childhood friend, and I want us to be more bonded with you as his daughter in-law"He replied starring at me

"Without me,it doesn't stop your friendship Daddy"I replied

"I don't love him,I don't feel a single thing for him,how can I live with him?"I said tearing up

"You will get to love him darling"He held my hand

"No dad,I'm in love with someone else"I replied

"Nobody's stopping you from loving someone else,but Adrian is your husband"He replied and I slipped my hand off his

"I can't marry Adrian Dad"I stood up

"Don't try my patience Ava"He replied sternly

"Ava listen to your Dad"Mum came out from the kitchen and I turn to her with a disappointing look

"You both wants to ruin my life"I tear down

"No sweetie,we just doing the best for......

"One of the most dumbest thing ever you call best,who does that?,was it how you got married to Dad?"I asked in tears

"No but you have to ......

"Then why tryna ruin my life?,why me?!!!!!!!"I yelled in tears and ran out of the house...

In a bar with my friends,I bragged about my fiance Ava,and officially announcing our wedding

"She's really really pretty"Richie wowed at her photo on my phone

"You so lucky Adrian,I mean a beast like you,having an angel as a wife"Billy spoke up trigging laughter

"That's what makes a perfect match"I grinned

"When is the wedding coming up?"Richie asked handing back my phone

"This weekend"I smiled

"It's just six days away?!"Richie eyes widen

"Yeah"I smiled sipping my wine

"Isn't that too early?,why the rush?"Billy asked

"I don't have any more time to waste,I wanna have a taste of her"I laughed

"Then why marrying her,I mean you can do that your own way"He added

"She played hard to get,so I have to utilize the opportunity to get her"I chuckled

"Thinking you a beast,but I got to know you the d'vil himself"Richie laughed

"You can say that again"I laughed

"She accepted to marry you?"Billy asked

"She's acting stubborn, but she definitely don't have a choice here"I poof out smoke grinning like a s¢rewed cat...

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