In my kitchen preparing a cup of tea, I heard a voice calling out to me

I left what I was doing and walked my way to the sitting room

My eyes fell on Ava, she ran into my arms in tears and I patted her back

"Hey why you crying?"I asked staring into her eyes

She tried to speak but tears wouldn't let her, she kept sobbing hard with mouth opened

"It's okay, calm down princess" I drew her closer for another hug

She sat on the sofa, while I stood. I gave her time to be calmed so she could tell me what the problem is

"Ava,what's wrong?" I asked with the little patience in me

"It's Dad"She paused and sighed deeply

"He's planning out my wedding with a total stranger, the wedding is in six days" She replied tearing up

"What the fk?!!!" I yelled

"He's the son of Mr Marcos who owns Keyswealth Bank"She sniffed back tears

"Fk!!!!, that son of a bch"I raged in anger

I was burning in anger, and I'm confused. I don't know what to do. I ran my hand consistently through my hair, this can't be happening, watching my lady weds someone else,fk you Mr Daniels!!!!,I smashed my phone against the flat screen TV and I turned to Ava

"You not getting married to Adrian"I said sternly

"I don't have a choice honey,not a single one"She sobbed

"Why would your Dad wants to do that?"I asked feeling like I would cry

"That's the puzzle I can't unrevealed"She replied

"What would happen to me afterwards? How can I rule a kingdom without a Queen, my Queen?"Tears came rolling down my eyes

"Am I not rich enough? I may not be wealthy but I can take care of you and my kids. I work in a bank, I own a house and car, what more does your Dad want?"I sniffed back tears in anger

Ava was in tears,she looks so pale,her eyes swollen from crying,I sighed deeply and sat beside her,placed her head on my chest,I patted her hair.....


I walked down the stairs with make overs on and party wears

"Avi"Mum called as I got to the sitting room

My heart skipped at the sight of Adrian, it's annoying how that I can't explain why my heart keeps skipping at the sight of him,and a feeling I can't really tell occupies my heart,he's good looking though,i mean all girls fall head over hills for him,I can't decipher why my sister is exceptional.....

I ignored mum and sat opposite him,I kept staring at his lips as he speaks with Dad

"Avi!!!!!!!!!!!"Mum yelled jolting me out of my reverie

"Have been calling out to you for ages"She added with a sigh

I darted my eyes back to Adrian and damn him,he didn't notice me.....
I grabbed my bag and stood up

"Where to?"mum asked

"Really?"I scoffed

"Do I look nineteen to you?,or even twenty three that you now question me?"I spat

"You don't talk to your mum in such manner!!!!!"Dad yelled and I smiled

"I love you mum"I blew her a kss and cat walked my way out........


"Not again"I mouthed at the sight of Adrian with Dad.....

I paused as Dad's voice came up half way the stairs

"Ava,at least show some curtsey to your husband"His voice came up and I paused

I walked up to them,and locked eyes with Adrian who has been smiling and I scoffed

"Hello pretty wife"He smiled and I reciprocated

"Have you ever been to hell?"I asked and he frowned

Getting married to me is like ticket to h'll"I smiled and laughed my way to the stairs.......

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