MENDING HIS BROKEN HEART CHAPTER 51 to 70 (51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70)

MENDING HIS BROKEN HEART CHAPTER 51 to 70 (51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70)


Written By Rejoice U Jason

Chapter 51

Noel walked into her and Scarlet’s apartment, thank God Scarlet was at the office so, she could fall on the floor and shed her tears without any interruption.

She cried her hearts out and clutched her chest hard.

Why would Camille want her to break Gray’s heart? She knows why but isn’t that too extreme? She knew Gray loved her more than he had loved Camille when they were still together.

He might if she decides to break his heart but there was nothing she could do.


She took a paper and pen then wrote down her resignation letter.

She sighed and took it.

“I’m sorry Gray.” She said, shedding more tears.




Gray entered his office but he wasn’t himself at all. What could have been wrong with her? The Noel he knew doesn’t act that way. Something might be wrong somewhere but what is it?

Austin entered the office and saw Gray lost in thought.

“What’s up?” He tapped Gray who jerked up.

“Hey!” Gray said.

“What’s wrong?” Austin asked.

“It’s Noel.” Gray answered.

“Noel? What about her?” Austin asked.

“She has been acting strange since Quinn got admitted to the hospital. She rarely talks to me or come close to me. I feel like she’s avoiding me.” Gray said.

“You don’t have to worry about that Gray, I think she’s behaving like that because she can’t stand Quinn’s condition. You know how much Noel loves Quinn.”

“Yes I do but she looked scared and anxious.” Gray said.

“It’s normal considering Quinn’s state now, so you can’t blame her. Just give her a bit of space, she will be fine.” Austin assured him.

“I hope so.” Gray sighed.

“Here are the documents you asked for.” Austin said.

“Okay, just keep them, I’ll attend to them later.” Gray said.

“Okay, no problem, I’ll be in my office.” Austin stood up and left for the door.

He opened it and came face to face with Camille, he glared at her and she rolled her eyes before he left.

She scoffed and put on a smile before approaching Gray’s desk.

“Hey bestie, how are you doing today?” She pulled out a chair and sat down.

“Been good.” He sighed.

“You don’t look good, is anything the matter?” She asked.

“I’m fine, just going through some emotional challenges but I will be fine.” He assured her.

“Gray, I’m your friend right?” She asked.


“And friends trust each other right?”

“Yeah, I guess.” He replied.

“Then tell me what’s wrong so we can solve it together.” She held his hand that was on the desk.

“I’m just worried about Noel, she has been avoiding me lately and I’m worried. Austin said it’s because Quinn got involved in an accident.”

“Accident?” She gasped.


“Oh No! Where is Noel now? I’m sure she’s going through a lot right now. Oh my baby girl!” Camille pretended to cry.

“Stop crying, you know I can’t stand that.” Gray said.

“But I’m worried about Noel, I just can’t help it.” She cried again.

Gray sighed and stood up.

“Where are you going?” She sniffed.

“I need to go somewhere and clear my head.” He tucked his hands in his pockets.

“Come on, I know a perfect place for that.” Camille held him and led him out.




“Thanks for bringing me here, it’s quite relaxing.” He managed to smile.

“Yeah, I figured a nice place with refreshing water and spectacular view will be good for your state of mind.” She chuckled.

“Yeah, I guess, I would really love to bring Noel here one day.” He smiled.

Camille clenched her fists, why can’t he stop talking about her for one?

“Yeah, I’m sure she would adore it.” She said between gritted teeth.

“Yes she will, she is easily pleased. Really, I can’t wait.” Gray smiled again.

“I get that.” She said, getting annoyed but tried to control it.

“Let’s leave here now, I really need to see her.” Gray stood up.

“Come on, sit down and relax. She’s going through alot now and needs some space.” Camille said, almost yelling.

“I guess you’re right.” Gray said and sat down.

Camille smiled satisfyingly, she praised herself for her achievements so far and couldn’t wait for when she will make Noel a past tense in Gray’s heart.



Noel walked through the streets, trying to clear her head when a car stopped beside her. Jeremy came out, looking so dashing and handsome, Noel ignored him and continued moving but he stopped her.

“Please, let’s talk, I’m begging you.” He said.

“Leave me alone.” She snapped at him which didn’t shock him because her voice was cracking like someone who had finished crying.

“I know you’re not in a good mood but walking around the streets like this will endanger you. Please come in and I’ll give you a ride to wherever you’re going.” He said.

Noel sighed, he was right. She needed to clear her head.

“Okay.” She nodded then he opened the car door for her and she entered.

He entered as well and started the engine.

“Where were you heading to by the way?” He asked.

“I was heading nowhere.” She replied sincerely.

“It’s fine, let me take you to a place where you can relax and clear your head.” He smiled.

She nodded and he zoomed off.




“I couldn’t connect to Gray so we have to inform the police to get him arrested before he thinks of escaping.” Harry said.

“I guess you’re right, we have to be fast about it. He is very cunning.” Krysten chimed in.

“Sure!” Ryan said.

Harry took his phone and informed the police immediately. He didn’t hang up till they assured him they were on their way to his residence.

He dropped the phone and faced Ryan and Krysten.

“The police are on their way to his house.” He smiled.

“I hope they get him before he escapes.” Ryan said.

“Me too.”

“They will, you guys may go now.” Harry smiled and they stood up.

“Come on Krysten, I’ll drop you off.” Ryan said.

“Okay.” She nodded and stepped out.

Harry winked at Ryan before he stepped out with her. When they got to where his car was, he opened the door for her and she entered. He closed it then sat at the back and ordered the chauffeur to drive.

“Thanks for all your help.” He smiled, facing her.

Looking at his face alone made her heart flutter, she had tested her feelings over and over again and now she knows how much she had fallen for the guy beside her.

“I should be thanking you for opening my eyes to the truth.” She smiled.

“That’s cool, I love the new you.” He smiled back.

His words sent butterflies down her stomach.

“Really?” She rubbed her hands on themselves nervously.


They arrived at her destination but she didn’t feel like leaving him. She was going to miss him badly so she decided to make use of the opportunity.

“We’re here.” He smiled at her.

“Oh… Yeah… Thanks.” She said.

“You’re the most welcome dear.” He replied.

She turned to face him.

“I’m sorry.” She muttered but he heard her.

“For what?” He asked confused.

“For this.” She kssed him.

Ryan’s eyes widened, almost popping out of the sockets. Like… What the fk!

She pulled out after ten seconds and ran out of the car.

Ryan touched his lips.

That lady just stole a kss from him and ran away.

He licked his lips and smirked.

“Drive.” He ordered the chauffeur and they drove off.

Krysten entered her house and giggled like a little girl.

“I kssed him! I really kssed him!” She squealed happily.

She touched her lips and smiled but the smile disappeared when she got the reality of what she did.

“Oh No! I kssed him… Without his permission. Gosh! What if he hates me now? What if he refuses to ever talk to me again? Oh my! I’ve made a big mistake.” She sighed and put her hand on her forehead.



Jeremy drove Noel into Zack’s Garden.

They got down and he led her in, showing her different things so as to lighten her mood but none was working.

“Let’s get a table.” Jeremy held her hand and took her to a table.

She sat down and sighed sadly, Jeremy was hurt seeing her like this. He wished there was a way he could help lighten up her mood.

“What would you like to eat?” He asked.

“Nothing.” She answered carelessly.

“Okay,” There was silence for a while, he didn’t even know how to begin asking her. “Um, Noella, what is wrong?” He asked.

“Nothing is wrong, I’m fine.” She answered rudely but he didn’t mind.

“Whatever it is, share and we’ll find a way out together.” He said.

“I don’t wanna talk about it.” She said.

“But we can_”

“I said I don’t wanna talk about it so leave me alone!” She yelled at him.

“Oh, I’m sorry for asking.” He bent his head.

“I.. I.. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to yell at you, I’m just frustrated, everything seems to be going down hill, I’m confused that I don’t know what to do.” She burst into tears.

“Sorry about that, please don’t cry.” He pleaded.

“I just can’t help it.” She cried more.

“It’s okay, everything is gonna be fine. Whatever you’re facing is just a phase, it’s your choice to either let it rule you or you rule it. When we’re faced with troubles, we need to face it squarely. Noella, you need to be strong and brave, face your problem boldly, if it’s human, show them that you aren’t afraid of them.” He said.

“Really? You think that would work?” She asked.

“You never know until you try.” He smiled.

Those words calmed her down a bit and she smiled at him.

“Thanks a lot.”

“My pleasure, wanna go see the lake here? It’s an amazing view.” He said.

“Yes please, I love water.” She said.

He led her to the lake shore and they sat down, looking at the water and the way it moved in rhythm with the wind. Noel wished she was peaceful like that.

“This looks amazing.” Noel said.

“I’m glad you like it.” He said.

“Can you take me home now? I need to check wmy sister in the hospital.” She said.


They stood up.

Gray and Camille were behind, Gray’s eyes caught Noel.

“Is that not Noel? What is she doing here?” His eyes darkened. “Who is that guy?” Gray stood up immediately.

“It might be a friend Gray.” Camille said, meanwhile she was jubilating within her.

“She talks to her friend but refused to talk to me? Is it fair?” Gray sounded hurt.

“I’m not sure about that.” Camille smiled.

Gray stormed to where they were while Camille tagged along.

“So when next can we meet again?” Jeremy asked, moving close to her.

“I don’t know, just take me home.” She said.


She was about to leave but he drew her closer and hugged her.

“Jeremy, what are you doing?” She asked in a shocked tone.

“Just giving you a hug of comfort.” He replied.

Suddenly, she felt Jeremy being pushed backwards, making him fall on the floor.

She gasped in shock when she saw who was standing before her.

“G… Gray.” She whispered. She could see the hurt in his eyes, she turned to face Camille who was giving her a deadly look.

“Noel, so you’re here on a date with another man when your fiance is waiting for you? What a shame!” Camille said, adding fuel in the fire.

“No… I.. did nothing like that.” Noel said.

“Then who’s that guy?” Gray asked, pointing at Jeremy who was already standing.

“A friend.” She answered.

“A friend? And he hugged you like that?” Gray was hurt. “Thanks.” He said and walked away angrily.

Camille glared at Noel before following him.

Noel ran after Gray and held him.

“Please, it’s not what you’re thinking.” Noel said.

“Just keep quiet! Shameless bi*ch. How could you cheat on your fiance?” Camille asked.

“No, Gray I didn’t.”

Gray withdrew his hand from her and entered his car, Camille rushed in and he drove off immediately.

Noel fell and sat on the floor in tears.


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MENDING HIS BROKEN HEART CHAPTER 51 to 70 (51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70)MENDING HIS BROKEN HEART : CHAPTER 51 – 70

Solely Written by Rejoice U Jason

Çhapter 52

Jeremy approached her and held her up.

“Let go of me!” She yelled at him. “It’s all your fault!”

“I’m sorry, I had no idea.” Jeremy said.

“I told you I had a fiance, didn’t I?” She cried.

“I’m sorry.”

“Just go away!” She snapped.


“Just leave!” She yelled.

He sighed and left.

She sat back down crying, what was she going to do now? She didn’t know if Gray would ever trust her again.



Gray was driving slowly trying to get what he had done, he saw her tears and they looked sincere but his anger blinded his judgment. He couldn’t believe he made her cry, he hated himself and felt like crying as well.

Camille kept adding coal to the fire but he didn’t pay attention, his mind was on Noel.

He halted immediately and Camille gasped.

“What’s wrong?” She asked.

He reversed and started heading back to Zack’s garden, ignoring Camille’s questions.

Immediately he arrived, he rushed down immediately and saw her on the floor crying, he felt hurt and took slow steps towards her. Camille followed him.

Noel wiped her face when she saw him then stood up, she was scared at first, wondering what he has come back to do to her.

He got closer, she took a step back but he pulled her in for a hug, he hugged her tightly not wanting to let go. Noel couldn’t comprehend what was happening, she just stayed in his arms for a while before hugging him back.

Camille felt like dying.

“What nonsense!” She stomped her feet.

How can he Just forgive her like that? Her plan failed again! She would have to come in deadly now.

“I’m sorry for not believing you.” He said sadly.

“It’s not your fault, I would have done same thing if I were in your shoes.” She said, trying to calm him down.

“No, it was childish of me to do that, I should have trusted you, I’m sorry.” He said.

“If you put it that way.” She hugged him more, she had really missed the comfort of bis arms.

“Let’s trust each other deeply from now on okay?” Gray smiled.

“Okay.” She nodded and he kssed her.

Camille took a fan from her pocket and fanned herself, she simply can’t stand this! She stormed out of there immediately.

Gray pulled out of the kss and stared at her eyes.

“I love you.” He said.

“I love you more.” She replied and he led her to the car before driving her out of the premises.

“I would love to go home.” She said.

“Sure! Anything for you.” He smiled and took her home.

He made sure she entered the house before going back to the office.

Noel entered the house, Scarlet was not back yet. She dropped her bag and entered the bathroom. Looking in the mirror, she couldn’t help but hate herself for her character so far. Has she suddenly become soft? Where was the Noel that would never agree to get intimidated by anybody? Where was the cràzy Noel that gave it to people hot? Where was the Noel that won’t give up on anything? Where was her strong will and courage?

She kept asking herself these questions.

She wasn’t going to stay weak any longer, she was going to be at Camille at her own game.

“Camille, you wanna play a game right?” She chuckled. “Let’s play.”



Liam rushed out of his apartment with his luggages while making a phone call.

“No, it’s an emergency! I need to board that plane tonight… Please, you can’t tell me it isn’t possible… Please try and make it possible, I’ll double the pay please.”

The phone was snatched away from him and he gasped.

“Are you Mr Liam Roland?” They asked.

“No officer, I don’t even know him.” Liam laughed nervously.

“But, this was the address given to us.”

“Maybe it’s wrong, try and check somewhere else officer. There is no one like Liam here.” Liam said.

“Check the picture Mr Cooper gave us.” One of the officer suggested.

“Okay!” They checked the picture then looked at him, he gulped down nothing and tried to escape but he was caught and cuffed.

“You’re trying to play smart right?” Detective Bob asked.

“I swear, I am not Liam Donald, my name is Henry James.” Liam lied.

“Take him away boys!” Detective Bob ordered and he was taken away.

Detective Bob called Harry on phone.

“Yes sir, we got him! See you at the station.” He hung up and slid the phone into his shirt pocket before leaving with the rest.




Gray, Harry, Ryan and Krysten entered the station and was welcomed by the detective. Krysten avoided Ryan all through the drive and refused to get close to him when they entered the station.

“What’s up with you two?” Harry asked.

“She’s a really funny lady.” Ryan smiled.

“Welcome!” Detective Bob came to them.

“Thanks for the job well done detective.” Gray and the detective exchanged handshakes and so did the rest.

“Where is he?” Harry asked.

“In the cell? We’ll bring him out now, he really put up a fight by impersonating someone else. He told us he wasn’t Liam Roland but Henry James.” Detective Bob said and they laughed.

“Such a fool!” Ryan laughed.

Detective ordered for him to be brought to a room he led Gray and the rest to. Immediately Gray entered with the rest, Liam lowered his head shamefully.

They sat down, facing him.

“I can’t believe this Liam, after everything I’ve done for you, you decided to betray me like this.” Gray said.

“Greediness of course, what’s hurting me is that he tried to frame us up and make us fi ght each other.” Harry added.

“Then he set me up.” Ryan added his.

“And he used me!” Krysten sIapped him hard.

“You shameless wh’re, you think it’s over?” He glared at her,

Ryan sIapped him.

“Last warning, don’t you ever call her a wh’re.”

Krysten smiled but looked away, she was still embarrassed to look at him.

“Y’all think this is over right?” Liam asked.

“Yeah.” They chorused confidently.

“Well, you’re wrong because it isn’t, I hate you Harry but I hate Gray the more, why must he get all the good stuff? He is stinky rich, has lovable parents, a very hot girlfriend and the best company in California. And you Harry, trying to be third in line after Austin, I hate you all.” Liam blurted out.

“Ahhh, so you’re jealous.” Ryan teased him.

“Shut up!” He yelled at Ryan who laughed at him.

“Officers, take him away and call his lawyer.” Gray ordered.

They dragged him away while he kept raining cvrses on them.

“Thanks Harry for always being there.” Gray smiled.

“It’s my greatest pleasure, it was a good idea sueing him to court anyway.” Harry smiled back.

“Yeah.” He and Gray walked out and Krysten ran after them.

Gray and Harry boarded a car, Krysten was about entering with them but they told her to go with Ryan. She gasped but obeyed, avoiding his gaze again.

Gray and Harry laughed then zoomed off.

She got into the car and ran to the front seat, Ryan sighed and went to the back. They got to her house and she ran down, Ryan ordered the chauffeur to go while he got down and ran after her.

She quickly opened the door and was about locking it but he held it. She tried again but he was stronger than her, he entered and closed it gently, locked it before turning to face her again.

“Got anything to say?” He asked.

“No.” She turned her face the other way.

“I see, you’re really funny. First, you stole a kss from me, now you’re avoiding me?” He said with arms crossed.

“I… I…” She stuttered then bent her head. “I’m sorry, I just couldn’t restrain myself from doing that.” She confessed.

“Well, I’m not sure I can restrain myself now because I want to taste them again.” He pulled her to himself.

They stared at each other intently.

“Ryan I_”

“Shhhhh,” He placed his index finger on her lips. “Let me do my thing.”

With that said, he bent his head and captured her lips in a strong yet sensational kss.





Noel entered the office and sighed, within her, she didn’t really know how Gray was going to take this but she has to do it for her plans to fall into place.

Taking another deep breath, she entered the company building, she entered the elevator and took it to Gray’s office.

She greeted Raymond and everyone before opening his office door, as usual, he was seated looking dreamily cute and handsome, working on his laptop.

“Good morning Sweetheart.” She tried to sound as sweet as she can.

Gray looked up from what he was doing and smiled on seeing her.

“Good morning Angel, hope you slept well?” He pecked her forehead.

“Yes I did, how about you?” She asked.

“It was great.”

“Well, I actually came to ask you for a favor.” She bit her lips.

“What’s that?” He smiled at her.

“I want to resign.” She said.

“Resign? Why?” He asked.

“I need to take care of a lot of things,” She played with his hair. “Quinn, my sick mother and the restaurant.”

“I can hire people to do that for you, you don’t need to stress yourself. Don’t leave me please.” He begged.

“Stop being a baby, I’m not leaving you. Consider it a break from work.”

“Then you should have asked for a leave instead of resigning.” He pouted.

“Okay, your highness, can I get an indefinite leave?” She asked.

“Indefinite?” He frowned.

“Yeah, then I can come visit you at your house whenever I’m free. How does that sound?” She rubbed his cheek.

“Cool! Will you come?” He asked cutely.

“Of course, we’ll spend a lot of time together there.” She said.

“Okay but I’ll still miss you.” He pouted.

“I’ll miss you sweetheart.” She kssed him and Camille entered immediately.

She glared at Noel and gave her a signal to follow her outside. Noel rolled her eyes and took the envelope containing her resignation letter.

“I’ll be right back.” She kssed him and left.



Noel stepped out and saw Camille already waiting for her. She sighed and went to meet her.

“What was the meaning of what you did back there?” Camille asked.

“What do you mean? I don’t understand.” Noel frowned.

“Stop the pretence, why did you kss him?” Camille asked angrily.

“Hello, is it bad for a girl to kss her fiance?” Noel asked.

“I told you to stay away from him.”

“And that’s what I was about doing before you interrupted us.” Noel clicked her tongue.

“Kssing him?”

“Is that bad? I’m resigning from my fiance’s company and I shouldn’t kss him goodbye? Are you plain stupid or you’re just jealous?” Noel snapped at her.

“What did you just say?” Camille yelled.

“You heard me Camille, stop frustrating me! I’m already doing what you asked me to do so stop ordering me around, you’re not my boss.” Noel snapped.

Camille was shocked by her bravery.

“You’re playing with fire Noel, don’t make me ruin your life.”

“You only know how to threaten people, why not use your own strength to do something for once?”

“Are you referring to me?” Camille was thrown aback.

“No, I’m talking to your shadow,” Noel answered and threw the envelope containing her letter at Camille. “That’s the stúpid resignation letter you asked me to write so go through it and maybe you’ll get a bit of sense from it.” Noel said and walked away.

Camille was perplexed.

She fanned herself and still can’t believe it.


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MENDING HIS BROKEN HEART CHAPTER 51 to 70 (51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70)MENDING HIS BROKEN HEART : CHAPTER 51 – 70

Solely Written by Rejoice U Jason

Chapter 53

Who on earth gave Noel the guts to challenge her? She would make sure Noel paid.

She opened the resignation letter and read through it, she couldn’t help but marvelled at Noel’s writing, it was neat and concise, plus, her handwriting was WOW.

She tore the letter to pieces and frowned.

“I’m not giving up that easily Noella.” Camille said amd rushed into the office.



Noel entered the office.

“I thought you would stay outside forever.” Gray said.

Noel laughed.

“I was discussing with Camille, that lady is quite troûblesome.” She sighed.

“Tell me about it, she also talks too much.” Gray whispered and they laughed.

“I guess I’ll be on my way now, I need to see Quinn.” Noel said.

“No problem, we’ll come visit her after work.” Gray said.


“Also, I would love to take you out for dinner few days from now.” Gray said.

“When is that gonna be?” Noel asked.

“I’ll tell you soon.” He winked and she blushed.

“Okay, I’ll see you later, love you.” She pecked his cheek and stepped out.

Camille entered immediately she left.

“Your girlfriend is a pain in the neck!” She pouted.

“Oh she is?” Gray asked.

“Yeah, she won’t stop looking for my troûble.”

“That’s cool!” Gray said.

“Is that all you have to say?” Camille asked.

“Yeah, what else do you want me say?” Gray glared at her and she kept quiet.

He stood up and left the office.

“Urghhh!” She screamed and slammed her palms on the table.




“You haven’t told your parents about our discussion.” Austin played with her hair.

“Yeah, You’re right. I’ll go there with Noel today, I can’t wait for them to meet your parents.” Scarlet smiled.

“Me too, I’ve seen your father on television but haven’t seen your mum.” Austin laughed.

“Really?” She faced him.

“Yeah and I’m sure she will he very beautiful for giving birth to an angel like you.”

“Stop! You’re flattering me.” She giggled.

“Don’t you want me to flatter you?” He arched his brows.

“Well… I want you to, it makes me feel special and secure.”

“Special? Yes! Secure? How?” He asked.

“It means that, I’m happy you love me and no one else.”

“Oh! Now I get it.”

“Seriously, I’m having the feeling you knew what I meant,” She said and he laughed. “I knew it! You wanted me to say it by myself.”

“Something like that.” He winked and leaned closer.

“What are you doing?” She asked.

“What I love.” He answered and was about kssing her but the door opened immediately revealing Gray.

Gray cleared his throat, looking at them suspiciously. Scarlet blushed.

“Must you always be a show kller?” Austin asked.

“You’re kssing in my company and you think I shouldn’t interfere?” Gray rolled his eyes.

“Jeez! You should have waited till we’re done.” Austin pouted.

Gray laughed.

“My apologies Miss Scarlet, don’t worry, I won’t walk in on you guys next time.” Gray said.

Scarlet just nodded and smiled.

“Apology, not accepted!” Austin protested.

“I wasn’t apologizing to you dummy! I was apologizing to Scarlet, now quit pouting like a baby and follow me.” Gray said.

“Why?” Austin asked.

“Because, there’s something I need your help with.” Gray answered.

“First you called me a dummy, now you need my help? Dummies don’t help people.” Austin folded his arms stubbornly.

Scarlet laughed.

“Okay, I’m sorry for calling you a dummy, can we go now?” Gray pleaded.

“Say please.” Austin frowned.

“Please.” Gray said between gritted teeth.

“I didn’t hear that, say it loudly so I can hear you.”

“Wait till I lay my hands on you.” Gray rushed to him, he stood up and ran out laughing.

“Is this what you put up with everyday?” Gray asked Scarlet.

“What else can I do?” She laughed.

“Gosh!” Gray facepalmed and left the office.



Gray took Austin to the company’s game room where they sat down.

“Is this what you interrupted my kss for?” Austin frowned.

“No, it’s something more important than that.” Gray replied.

“Okay then, I’m all ears.”

“Austin, I want to propose to Noel.” Gray confessed.

“Wow! Congratulations bro!”


“So when are you gonna do it?” Austin asked.

“I haven’t picked a day yet, I’m nervous.” Gray rubbed his palms together.

“You’re nervous?”

“Yeah, I’m also scared.” Gray said.

“I understand your plight bro but you need to put the past behind you. If there’s one thing I know is that Noel loves you and will never break your heart.” Austin assured him.

“I know but the fear is still there, it won’t go away no matter how hard I try.” Gray said.

“You have to let go, Noel is completely different from Camille. I’m sure she will yell yes immediately you ask her,” Austin smiled.

“You’re sure about this?” Gray asked.

“Absolutely, positively sure my dear.”

“Okay, thanks. I feel much better than I was before.” Gray smiled.

“That’s the spirit, fix a day quickly because I obviously can’t wait.” Austin squealed happily.

“I will, how about you and Scarlet?” Gray asked.

“You don’t need to worry about that, I have plans.” Austin smirked.

“Really?” Gray furrowed his eyebrows questionably.


“I hope it’s a good one.” Gray said.

“Is that an insult?” Austin frowned.

“Leave me alone Austin, you’ve started again.” Gray laughed.

“I did nothing, anyways I wanna play online football and you’re gonna be my opponent.” Austin said.

“No! I suck at online football and you know that.” Gray whined.

“Like it or love it, you’re playing..”

“I don’t like it talk more of loving it.” Gray stood up but Austin held him down and gave him a game capsule.

“Play, else I’ll tell Noel you don’t play sports.” Austin threatened.

“Fine,” Gray roled his eyes. “I’ll play.”

He collected it and they started playing.




Noel entered Quinn’s ward, Damien was still with her, Snow, Miguel and Sapphire escorted her classmates that came to see her out.

“Damien,” Noel called softly and he turned to face her. “I know you don’t want to leave her side but please you need to rest, you’re loosing a lot of weight and your skin is becoming pale. Please, you need to go and take care of yourself, I’ll help you watch her till you’re back.” Noel said.

“But, I don’t wanna leave her side, I want to be the first to see when she awakes.” Damien protested.

“I know dear and you will, just go freshen up, eat and come back or do you want her to wake up and see you like this?” Noel asked.

“No.” He bent his head.

“So, hurry up, get dressed, eat something and she’ll wake up for you okay?”

“Okay.” He nodded and stood up. Miguel entered with Snow and Sapphire.

“Miguel, please take Damien home, make sure he freshens up and eat before coming back.” Noel ordered.

“Okay.” Miguel said.

Damien sighed reluctantly, he really didn’t want to go. He pecked her forehead before leaving with Miguel.

Noel faced Quinn and held her hands.

“Come on baby, you’ve been unconscious for few days now, I miss you so much, please wake up soon for sister, your friends and especially Damien. He loves you so much and is willing to do anything for you, don’t hurt him any longer Quinn, he needs you, we all do.” Noel said.

“Don’t worry Miss Noel, I have a strong feeling that she’ll awake soon.” Sapphire said.

“I obviously can’t wait for that day to come.” Snow said.

“Me too, hope you girls have eaten something?” Noel asked.

They shook their heads.

“Hurry up and get something to eat please, don’t starve yourselves. I’m happy Quinn has lovable friends like you all. Thank you.”

“It’s our pleasure.” Sapphire smiled.

“Now run along, you need to eat.” Noel said and they left.

She held Quinn’s hand and put her head on the hospital bed.




Scarlet knocked on the door softly and her mum opened the door.

“Darling!” Her mother smiled.

“Mum!” Scarlet hugged her. “Good evening mum.”

“How was work today?”

“It was amazing.” Scarlet entered.

“Where is Ella?” Her mother asked.

“Oh! She couldn’t make it, she is with Quinn at the hospital.” Scarlet explained.

“Okay no problem, I hope Quinn gets well soon.”

“Me too mum,” She smiled at her father. “Good evening dad.”

“Hope you’re doing good?” He asked.

“Yeah, I actually came to give you some good news.”

“Okay, I’m listening dear.” He smiled.

“Well, my boyfriend introduced me to his parents and they demanded for your presence.” She siad.

“Are you for real?” His face beamed with smiles.


“That’s awesome!” Her mother exclaimed.

“When are we meeting them?” Her father asked.

“I think next week will be fine. It’s going to be dinner at their house.” Scarlet said.

“”Wow! I can’t wait.” Her mother shrieked happily.

“What’s the name of this lucky guy?” Hee father asked.

“His name is Austin Smith.” Scarlet answered.

“Sounds familiar though. Let’s wait till then, I’m so proud of you Scarlet.” He smiled.

“Thanks Dad.” She smiled.

“We’ll go shopping for outfits tomorrow.”

“Mum!” Scarlet laughed.

“What? Is it bad to shop for dinner outfits?” Her mother asked.

“No.” Scarlet replied.

“Then, allow me to enjoy myself.” She said and they laughed.





Damien was alone with Quinn in her ward, Noel had gone home to check on her mother before heading to the restaurant while the rest were in school.

He held her hand up and wiped a loosed tear from his eyes.

“I miss you so much Quinn, I miss you damn much,” He sniffed. “It’s been a week and few days, stll you haven’t shown any sign of waking up. Please, wake up, I miss you alot, don’t keep me waiting any longer. I love you so much Quinn, I love you and can’t loose you. I’ll die if you leave me please wake up, I have your teddy bear with me here,” He dropped it beside her.

“Remember the night I gave you this? That was the most special night of our lives, we still have alot to do together. We still have a bright future ahead of us. Please wake up soon! I love you so much.” With that said, he smiled and kssed the back of her hand.

She moved.

Damien blinked to be sure he saw well.

“Quinn?” He called.

She moved again and her eyes snapped open, she closed it back trying to adjust to the light before opening it again. She turned and looked at him.

“Quinn?” Damien called again, holding her hand.

“Damien.” She smiled at him.


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MENDING HIS BROKEN HEART CHAPTER 51 to 70 (51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70)MENDING HIS BROKEN HEART : CHAPTER 51 – 70

Solely Written by Rejoice U Jason

Chapter 54

“Damien.” She smiled at him.

“Oh my gosh, you’re finally awake!” Damien screamed.

“What am I doing here?” She asked.

“I’ll answer that question later darling,” He ran out. “Doctor! Nurses! Doctor! She’s awake!” He yelled.

They followed him inside immediately.

“Please excuse us.” The doctor said and he went outside, living them to attend to her. Then, he called Noel and told her, her scream on the phone almost made him deaf, he chuckled and hung up.

Few minutes later, the doctor came out, Damien rushed to him.

“How is she doing?” He asked.

“She is doing perfectly fine, but we’ll have her here for three days before discharging her.”

“Why doctor?”

“She seems fine but we need to watch her for three days.”

“Okay, no problem. Can I go see her now?”

“Sure!” The doctor smiled and left

Damien ran into the ward, she was already sitting down.

“How do you feel now?” He asked, hugging her.

“I’m feeling much better, thanks.” She smiled.

“I missed your smile badly.” He played with her hair.



“How long was I in coma?” She asked.

“A week and few days.” He answered.

“Whoa!” She gasped.

“What of Noel?” She asked, looking around.

“I called her few minutes ago, she is on her way.” Damien smiled.

Quinn held her head, remembering how the accident happened, she made sure she looked both side of the road before crossing but she was shocked when a car dashed out of no where and knocked her down. She had the feeling that the person who hit her did it on purpose.

“What’s wrong?” Damien asked, seeing her expression.

“It’s nothing, I’m just wondering how I got knocked over by a car.” She answered.

“Let’s forget about that one for now. The most important thing is that you’re alive for me.” He smiled.

She smiled too.

“So when am I going home?” Quinn asked.

“The doctor said, in three days time.” He replied.

“But, that’s too far, I wanna see my mother. I miss her so much.” Quinn pouted.

Damien smiled, his joy knew no bounds right now, he was happy his baby is finally alive and still remembers him. God knows how hard he’s restricting himself from kssing her right now.

“Don’t worry, they’ll come see you later okay?”

“Okay,” She nodded. “Thanks for being by my side, I love you.” She said.

“I love you more cupcake.” He said and she smiled.

Her stomach rumbled.

“It seems you’re hungry?” He said, more like a question.

“Yes, I’m really hungry.” She rubbed her tummy.

“I’ll be right back, let me get you something to eat.” He wanted to stand up but she held his wrist.

“Please don’t go, stay with me.” She said.

“Come on, I’m not going far okay? It’s just next door. I’ll be back before you can say boo!” He rubbed her cheek and she laughed.

“Okay.” She smiled.

He pecked her forehead before stepping out of the ward, he went to the nearby restaurant and got her jollof rice with apple juice.

He returned to the ward, she was there playing with the elm of the bed cover. He watched how cute she was doing that, he couldn’t comprehend whether she got cuter after the accident. He really missed her.

“Food is here!” He dropped it on the bed and sat down, facing her.

“Looks delicious! Oh boy!” She shrieked.

He laughed.

“I’m going to feed you okay?” He said.

“I have no problem with that, as long as I get to eat.” She smiled,

“Okay, now open wide.”

She obeyed and he started feeding her.

“Mmmm.” She mumbled.

“You like it?” He asked.

“Yeah, it’s delicious.” She smiled, taking another spoon from you.

“I’m glad.” He smiled.

“What about you? Aren’t you going to eat?” She asked.

“I’ll eat when you’re full. I like watching you eat.” He said.

“But, you look a bit skinny, you weren’t like this before. Did you stop eating?” She asked giving him a “Don’t you dare lie to me” look.

“Hehehe.” He rubbed the back of his head nervously.

“Wait till I lay my hands on you, get a spoon and start eating.” She ordered.

“I’ll eat don’t worry, it’s no big deal.” He smiled.

She was about talking but Noel ran in and hugged her tightly.

“Oh! Thank God you’re awake sweetie, I missed you so much.” Noel said, cleaning a tear from her eyes.

“I miss you too big sis.” Quinn smiled, hugging her back.

Noel pulled out of the hug and cupped her face.

“Hope you feel better now right?” She asked.

“Yes, I’m having a slight headache but I’m gonna be fine because I have loving people around me.” She smiled.

“You do not know the half of it, you should have seen Damien’s expression.” Noel teased.

“Miss Noel!” He called so she could stop but Noel pretended not to hear him.

“Tell me more.” Quinn laughed.

“He almost ran mad.” Noel said and Quinn laughed.

Snow, Miguel and Sapphire rushed in.

“I can’t believe this!” Snow shrieked and hugged her.

“Aren’t you guys supposed to be in school?” Damien asked.

“After you texted me about her waking up, I told Sapphire and Snow about it and they forced me to bring them here.” Miguel answered with a palm on his forehead.

“We couldn’t possibly wait to see her.” Sapphire said, hugging her next.

“We really missed you Quinn.” Miguel hugged her too.

“You guys are simply the best.” Quinn blew them ksses.

“Awwwn! We aren’t compared to Damien, Quinn.” Miguel said.

“Yeah! You should have seen him!” Snow said.

“Come on! Why is everyone saying that?” Damien pouted.

“Because it’s true lover boy.” Sapphire snapped her fingers dramatically.

“He went ¢ràzy when the doctor said you were dead.” Snow laughed.

“What! I died?” Quinn was shocked.

“Yeah, then he took a gun and threatened to kll the doctor, then burn the hospital down if he didn’t revive you.” Miguel said.

“Whoa!” Quinn exclaimed.

“The doctor got scared and had to shock you back to life.” Snow added.

“Wait… I didn’t know all these. When did it happen?” Noel asked.

“Well, after the doctor informed everyone that Quinn died, you fainted remember?” Miguel faced her.

“Yeah.” Noel answered.

“You were taken to another ward where the doctor attended to you, that was when Damien turned the hospital upside down.” Miguel laughed.

“You really did all that for my sister?” Noel sniffed.

“I did what I thought was right, I wasn’t even in my senses.” Damien confessed.

“Thank you so much.” Noel hugged him.

“You’re welcome.” He smiled.

“I love you,” Quinn blew him a kiss.

“It’s obvious he loves you more.” Sapphire said.

“Let him say it himself you party pooper!” Snow poked Sapphire’s forehead playfully and they laughed.

“Ouch!” Sapphire pouted.

“I missed you all alot.” Quinn smiled.

“We missed you too.” They chorused.

“Group hug?” She spread her arms.

“Group hug!” They exclaimed and hugged each other.

Noel smiled, wiping tears from her eyes. She was glad to see that Quinn is surrounded by loving and caring friends. She had nothing to worry about any longer.





Gray just finished discussing with Mr Harry, they were planning on merging their businesses and were doing the paperwork.

“So, how are you planning on proposing to our future bride?”Harry winked.

Gray laughed.

“I am planning on taking her out this week, I think Saturday night will be cool.” Gray said.

“That’s four days from now, isn’t it too far?” Harry pouted.

“Well, I want her to be prepared.” Gray smirked.

“I get you champion.” Harry laughed.

Just then, Noel entered.

“Speak of the d’vil!” Harry chuckled.

“Good afternoon Mr Harry.” She smiled.

“Afternoon, I was just asking about you.” He returned the smile.

“Oh, that’s nice.” She went to sit down beside Gray.

“I guess I’ll be on my way now.” Harry said and stood up.

“Oh my, did I send you away?” She asked.

“No dear, I was about leaving anyways.” He said.

“Okay, thanks for coming.” She smiled.

“You’re welcome, see you around.”

“See you too.” Gray said and they shook hands before he left.

Noel turned to face him.

“I see you two are getting along?” She smiled.

“Yeah, he has really helped me alot.” Gray said.

“That’s cool then, Quinn has woken up.”

“Wow! That’s tremendous news! I’ll definitely go and see her after work today. I’m sure Damien is over the moon right now.” Gray smiled.

“Yes, he is really happy.”

“That’s what we call true love, thesame love I have for you.” He said.

“I have that same love for you too.” She smiled.

“So, dinner, Saturday night?”

“Wouldn’t miss it for the world.” She smiled.

“Thanks, I love you.”

“I love you more.” She pecked his cheek and stood up.

“Where are you going to?” He pouted.

“The grocery store, I’ll be right back.” She ran out.

Gray sighed and continued what he was doing.



Noel walked along the road looking for a cab but wasn’t lucky to get one so she decided to trek. She had purposely ran out of the company so Gray won’t order a chauffeur for her.

A car stopped beside her and she recognized it right away.

“Camille!” She clenched her fists.

“Why are you frowning? Aren’t you happy to see me?” Camille smirked.

“Stop asking me stúpid and obvious questions.” Noel said.

“That was rude but I’ll wave it off. Get in!” She ordered.

Noel sighed and entered the car.

“What do you want?” Noel asked immediately she entered the car.

“What I want? Didn’t I make it clear to you earlier?” Camille asked.

“Did you? I would like you to refresh my memory.” Noel said.

“Okay then, does stop seeing Gray ring a bell?” Camille asked.

“No it doesn’t, it isn’t a human being to ring a bell.” Noel answered.

“That was an idiomatic expression dúmmy!” Camille snapped.

“Here we go again, the kettle calling pot black.” Noel said.

“You’re so ànnoying Noella.” Camille put her palm on her forehead.

“I’m glad you noticed.” Noel eyed her.

“Let’s get to business then, you know Quinn is dead and your mother might be next if you flaunt my orders this time around.” Camille said shamelessly.

“I wonder how you sleep at night Camille, you’re a she d’vil, you deserve to die!” Noel snapped.

“Thanks for the compliments but I am not in the mood to batter words with you now, are you ready to do what I want or you want your precious momma dead?” Camille mocked her.

Noel sighed, she would make sure she deals mercilessly with Camille.

“What do you want?” Noel asked.

“Good question, Gray is soon going to propose to you.” Camille said.

“So?” Noel rolled her eyes.

“Reject his proposal!”

“What!” Noel faced her abruptly.


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MENDING HIS BROKEN HEART CHAPTER 51 to 70 (51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70)MENDING HIS BROKEN HEART : CHAPTER 51 – 70

Solely Written by Rejoice U Jason

Chapter 55

“Reject his proposal!”

“What!” Noel faced her abruptly.

“Exactly what you heard.” Camille snickered.

“But you know that I cannot do this.” Noel said

“You have no choice.”

“I have a choice Camille, I can choose to do it or not.” Noel countered.

“Oh really?” Camille smirked evilly.

“Yes, how can you expect me to turn down Gray’s proposal, he will be heartbroken again.” Noel said.

“That’s none of my business, do what I asked you to do.”

“You can’t make me a runaway bride like yourself.” Noel snapped and Camille gasped.

“How dare you?”

“What? Did that sound familiar? Keep coming between me and Gray and I will make sure I expose you. How would you feel if I tell Gray that you absconded to Korea and ditched your wedding ceremony just to sign a contract.” Noel smirked.

Camille was taken aback once again. How on Earth did Noel get to know her deepest secret, she wouldn’t let that happen and spoil her plan.

“You wouldn’t dare do that.” Camille said.

“Try me and see Camille, I am smarter than you think.” Noel said.

“Haha! And you think Gray will believe you? Yes! I absconded to Korea to sign a modelling contract and earned a lot of money from there too but that is even too low for Gray to believe.” Camille laughed.

“He will when I show him this recording, thank God you admitted it yourself, I’m sure it’s gonna be juicy news for the media.” Noel laughed.

“Wh… Wh.. wh..” Camille was short of words.

She brought out a gun and pointed it at Noel.

“It would interest you to know that someone is filming us now so you’re implicating yourself the more by trying to kll me. Drop the gun!” Noel ordered, trying to make her voice sound as firm and intimidating as possible.

Camille dropped the gun immediately.

“Noel, you can’t do this. This isn’t our agreement.” Camille started to panic.

She doesn’t want all her hardwork to be wasted.

“I won’t make this viral if you stay out of I and Gray’s love life. I don’t give a damn about him taking you as a friend, just don’t come between us any longer and if by any chance, you try anything funny with my family, I will make sure I release the videos of you threatening me, you confessing for the death of Quinn and many more of your secrets. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.” Noel said then stepped out of the car.

Camille h it the wheel in anger.

“No! No! My hardwork! I can’t give up like this! No!” She said, breaking down in tears.

Noel stepped out of the car and sighed in relief, she sure got the recording but the rest she said were not true, she only said that to scare Camille and make her lower her guard and the ugly f00l bought it.

She smiled and headed to the grocery store, today is a happy day for her.




Scarlet had called Austin and told him about her parents approval so he decided to visit his parents and inform them as well.

They didn’t go to work so he was sure they were home.

He parked the car and stepped down, receiving greetings from the gatekeeper and drivers there. He nodded and smiled at them before entering the house. His mum was in the living room with his father and they were watching telenovelas.

“Good evening wonderful parents.” He said and bowed.

“Austin my boy, how are you today?” Mrs Rosella stood up and pecked his cheeks.

“I’m splendid mum.”

She made him sit down.

“How are you doing son?” His father asked.

“I’m doing great dad, I can see mum is really taking care of you.” Austin winked.

“She sure is.” Mr Smith laughed.

“I’m so happy to see you, love has turned my sons into something else, they no longer come visit me. Imagine Damien staying in a hospital for 2 weeks because of love.” Mrs Rosella complained.

“You can’t blame him mum, I know exactly how he feels.” Austin said.

“Me too honey, have you forgotten what I did to get you? Damien’s is even better.” Mr Smith said.

“Yes I remember and that’s why I love you more each passing day.” She smiled and he pecked her.

“Ah! My eyes!” Austin screamed dramatically and they laughed.

“If you’re hurt, go find your own wife.” Mr Smith said.

“That’s actually why I’m here.” Austin said, they turned to face him immediately.

“Tell us, we’re waiting.” His mum said.

“Scarlet talked to her parents and they’ve approved the dinner.” Austin said.

“That’s good news.” Mr Smith smiled.

“More than awesome news, I can’t wait to see my beautiful daughter in law.” Rosella said

“I’ve seen her before, she is very beautiful.” Mr Smith said.

“Yay! I can’t wait. When are they coming?” His mum asked.

“Next week.” Austin answered.

“No it’s too far, how about the day after tomorrow.” Mr Smith said.

Just then a call came in, it was from Scarlet.

“I’m sorry, I have to take this.” He picked the call.

“Ooh! Sweet love.” Rosella winked and Austin laughed.

“Hello babe… Okay… Really?… That’s interesting… No problem… You don’t need to worry about that, they are saying same thing… Okay then… Love you too babe.” He hung up the call and smiled.

“So? What did she say?” Rosella asked.

“She said that her parents couldn’t wait for next week so they pleaded if it could take place the day after tomorrow.” Austin said.

“Of course!” Mr Smith said.

“Oh my! I can’t wait. Please hurry up and propose to her immediately, I don’t like wastage of time.” Rosella squealed.

“Okay mum.” Austin laughed, his parents could be childish some times.




Noel returned from the grocery store and met the door open, she got in and Scarlet pulled her inside before shutting the door, she dropped the groceries she bought.

“You look really happy, what’s up?” Noel asked.

“Well, I’m going to meet Austin’s parents the day after tomorrow.” She squealed happily.

“Really? Wow! Congratulations babe. Have you picked an outfit?” Noel asked, rushing to her wardrobe.

“Not yet, I was thinking we should drink and get drunk tonight.” Scarlet said, locking the door.

“Scarlet, you know I and alcohol don’t mix right? Two cups and I’m a tipsy mess.” Noel said.

“That’s what I want baby.” Scarlet held her.

“Let’s pick an outfit first then we drink and dance, how about that?” Noel asked.

“Sure!” Scarlet smiled.

They tried on so many outfits till they settled on a long red gown with a side cut, Austin had bought that dress for her when they started dating for the first time and she hasn’t worn it since then.

“It looks beautiful on you, you look hot!” Noel praised her.

“Thanks,” Scarlet smiled. “Now, let’s drink!” She yelled.

“Yay!” Noel took a bottle and started drinking.

“Are you gonna finish that?” Scarlet asked worriedly.

“Yeah, I’m strong like you.” Noel said confidently.

It wasn’t up to 10 gulps before she got drunk and started blabbering rubbish.

Scarlet shook her head.

“You’re strong right? Look at what you’ve done to yourself.” Scarlet said.

Noel giggled and ran around the room like a little girl.

“Yay! I’m an Angel.” She laughed.

“Noel, please lie down, I’m sorry for giving you this idea okay?”

“What idea?” Noel asked, pouting like a little girl.

“Of getting drunk.”

Noel laughed and ran around while Scarlet tried to catch her.

“Catch me… You’re too slow.” Noel giggled and ran around the room.

“Noel, you know I hate running please stop.”

“No! Momma said I’m a good girl! She is going to buy me candy! I want candy!” She started crying.

Scarlet face palmed.

“What have I done?” She mumbled and went to meet Noel. “Don’t cry okay? Mummy will buy you candy.”

“Yay! Candy!!!” She giggled.

“Okay, now it’s time to sleep.”

“I don’t wanna sleep, I want to dance and play then kll Camille, do you know who Camille is? She is a d’vil, she tried to threaten me but I outsmarted her because I’m a big girl.” Noel screamed drunkenly.

“Camille did what?” Scarlet asked.

“She tried to kll Quinn in a car accident, she also threatened me that I should not tell anyone if not she will kll my mother, she said I should reject Gray’s proposal and that I should leave Gray but I told her No because I am not scared of her. I’m a big girl!!!” Noel screamed happily.

“All these happened to you and you didn’t tell me? I know you were threatened but you should have told me.” Scarlet patted her head.

“I was scared.” Noel giggled.

Scarlet sighed, she knew that Noel always spill out the truth whenever she was drunk, she was regretting why she made Noel drink the first time but hearing this made her regret turn to gratitude, now she was gonna help Noel deal with Camille.

“Wait here, let me get you water.” Scarlet said and entered the kitchen to get Noel water but when she came back, Noel was gone.

“Oh No! She opened the door! What do I do? Gray is gonna skin me alive!” She put her hands on her head.

Noel ran around the road in her drunken state.

“I’m a big girl! I’m a big girl! I’m a big girl!” She kept singing and running.

She stopped a cab and mumbled an address to him, he drove there immediately while she kept disturbing in the car.

The cab driver dropped her off at the gate and drove without asking for money because he knew her condition. Noel knocked on the gate.

“I want to see the love of my life.” Noel screamed.

They opened the gate for her because they knew her as Gray’s girlfriend and fiancee.

She ran to the door and knocked.

Lia opened the door and was surprised to see her.


“I want to see the love of my life!” She ran inside the house.

“Wow! This is new.” Miguel laughed at her drunken state.

“Where and how did she get drunk?” Lia asked.

“I don’t know but she looks cute.” Miguel laughed again.

“I want to see Gray!” She pouted.

“Gray is in his room, you can go see him there, make sure to lock the door.” Miguel said and Lia poked his forehead.

Noel giggled and ran upstairs to Gray’s room, she pushed the door open. Gray just finished putting on his pyjamas when she barged in, he was really surprised to see her.

“Noel,” He couldn’t complete his statement when she ran and hugged him tight.

“I want candy!” She screamed.

Gray was confused.

“Who got you drunk?” He asked.

“Scarlet! We were celebrating.” Noel mumbled.

“Seriously? Don’t try that again.” He scolded her.

“You’re yelling at me.” She started crying.

“No, No I would never yell at my angel.” He patted her head and she smiled cutely.

“How can you be so adorable when drunk?” He asked

“Because I want chocolate.” She kssed his neck.

“Noel, please can you stop?” He said trying to push her back but she held him tighter.

“Kss me!” She said.

“Huh?” Gray blinked.

“I want you to kss me.” She said.

“I can’t.”

“Don’t you love me anymore?” She asked sadly.

“I love you but you’re drunk now, kssing you will be like taking advantage of you.” He said.

“I don’t care, just kss me Gray.” She played with his chest.

“What kind of temptation is this?” Gray asked and ruffled his hair.

“Stop acting like a tilapia fish and kss me already.” She yelled at him before falling asleep in his arms.


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MENDING HIS BROKEN HEART CHAPTER 51 to 70 (51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70)MENDING HIS BROKEN HEART : CHAPTER 51 – 70

Solely Written by Rejoice U Jason

Chapter 56

“What kind of temptation is this?” Gray asked and ruffled his hair.

“Stop acting like a tilapia fish and kss me already.” She yelled at him before falling asleep in his arms.

Gray sighed and ruffled his hair before placing her gently on the bed, he made sure she was relaxed before picking up his phone. He was sure going to deal with Scarlet later, what if she had gotten hurt or worse, what if she was rapped? He shook the thought away. How did she know his home address in that state?

He glanced at the home screen of his phone and saw more than 10 missed calls from Scarlet, he was about calling her back when he got an idea. He smirked and dropped the phone. He ordered the guards to lock his gate and let no one in no matter the plea.

He stared at her sleeping figure again before heading downstairs.

Meanwhile, Scarlet was busy running helter skelter looking for Noel, she would glance here and there then call Gray’s number but it wasn’t going through.

“What have I done?” She put her hands on her head. “Where am I going to find her now? And Gray is not picking his calls. Gosh! I shouldn’t have left her alone. Noel, please be safe wherever you are, I’ll find you.” She tried Gray’s line again but it went directly to voicemail.

Arghhh! What is she going to do now?

She decided to go to his house knowing fully well that he would yell at her for being irresponsible but she had no choice, it’s better she get yelled at and they found Noel than losing her.

She boarded a cab to Gray’s house but was denied entrance.

“What do you mean I can’t go in? I’m here to see my boss.” Scarlet yelled frustratedly at them.

“This is half past 10 lady, you need to head home, the area isn’t safe for you.” One of the men said.

“Then let me in please, it’s really urgent.” Scarlet was almost at the point of tears.

“We’re sorry Miss, we can’t let you in.” Another one said

Scarlet groaned in frustration and disbelief, of all the days in the world, must it be today that Gray wouldn’t pick her calls? Unless…

“Sorry sirs, please, did any drunken lady come here? She’s about this tall and very beautiful.” Scarlet said, using her hands to describe Noel.

The guards exchanged confused looks.

“No Miss, there was no drunken lady here. Besides,what would a drunken lady be doing in our boss’s house?” He asked rhetorically and they laughed.

“You all are useless.” She hissed and left.

After she was gone, they continued laughing. They thought she was insane, they only came to the gate after Gray’s call to take over from where the rest stopped, they weren’t aware of Noel’s presence either.

Scarlet kept wandering about then called Austin, he picked up immediately.

“Hey babe, what’s up?” He smiled from the other end.

“Austin, I need your help please, Noel is missing.” She said tearfully.

“Noel? Missing? How?” He jumped down from the bed he was on and took his car keys.

“Well, I got her drunk and she ran out of the house.” Scarlet explained.

Austin burst into laughter at the other end of the phone.

“You did what? Wait till Gray hears this.” Austin laughed again.

“It’s not funny, come to grocery store close to Gray’s house, I’m there please.” She said.

“Sure!” He laughed again before rushing out of the house. He got into the car and arrived where she was in no time.

He saw the helpless look she was carrying and couldn’t help but laugh again. Scarlet poked his forehead aggressively.

“Ow!” He whined and pouted.

“Must you take everything as a joke? Noel is missing and here you are laughing at me.” She frowned with both hands on her waist.

“I’m sorry, it’s just too funny. I can’t wait to see Gray’s face when he hears this news hehehe.” Austin laughed.

“Austin!” Scarlet snapped exasperatedly.

“Boo boo.” He winked at her and she face palmed.

“Quick, let’s get in the car, that way, it would be faster to find her.” Scarlet said.

“Let me call Gray first.” He dialed Gray’s number but no answer.

“He didn’t answer my call as well.” Scarlet said.

“Where could he have dropped his phone? This is unlike him.” Austin furrowed his eyebrows.

“Yeah, let’s go before Gray klls us.” Scarlet said.

“Kll us? Please, it’s only you that got her drunk so don’t involve me in this.” Austin said.

Scarlet sighed, where in the world did she get such boyfriend from?

She dragged him into the car and drove it herself.

“Slow down please! I’m too handsome to d!e!” Austin panicked but Scarlet ignored him. “Scarlet, slow down please! I want my mummy!” He whined.

“Will you shut up before I throw you out of this car?” She snapped at him and he held his lips in a terrified manner.



Gray finished what he was doing and returned upstairs to his room. She was still sleeping, he strode over to where she laid and admired her beauty, he is just realizing that she became more beautiful than before. He chuckled and stroked her hair gently.

“Why must you drink when you know that you can’t handle it? Let me wait till you wake up, I’ll make sure I sp..ank you very well.” He said then lay beside her.

He made sure to stay some inches away from her after remembering what happened the last time they slept on same bed, he didn’t want to turn to her pvnching bag today.

He stared at her face for a while before drifting off to sleep, his eyes were barely closed when he felt a kick on his lap, he stood up swiftly and saw her sprawled on the bed like an antelope. He sighed, even in her drunken state, she still sleeps like a mad woman.

Before he could lie down again, she had already snuggled close to him, burying her head in his chest. He decided to go with that and laid down but felt her hand wrapped around his back. Must he go through torture like this? This lady doesn’t even know what she’s doing to him.

He shook off the naughty thoughts that kept coming to his head then pushed her to the other side gently, he then used pillows to separate himself from her before sleeping off.




Noel woke up and yawned stretching her hands in all directions then a familiar yet strange scent waft past her nostrils. Her eyes darted round the room and she gasped. She remembered being drunk last night but this wasn’t her room, this looks like a man’s room, Oh No! Was she… She opened the blanket and glanced at her clothes then sighed in relief that her clothes were still intact and she wasn’t feeling funny.

She didn’t even notice the sleeping figure beside her until she stepped down and was about arranging the crumbled bedsheets.

Her eyes opened wide and she was about to scream but covered her mouth. How did she end up here? She tried to remember everything that happened but got an headache instead. She blinked twice, she was done for! Gray wouldn’t be happy with her so she needs to escape before he wakes up.

She waved her hand on his face but he didn’t move meaning he was still sleeping soundly so she decided to use that opportunity and sneak out of the house.

She started tiptoeing till she almost got to the door, smiling brightly that she would finally leave.

“Stop right there Missy!” Gray said.

She froze and shut her eyes tight!

“What should I do? Want should I do?” She kept repeating.

“Noel.” Gray called.

“Mm?” She answered without turning to look at him.

“Turn around.” He ordered.

She gasped and ran to open the door and run away then think of how to appease him later but luck wasn’t on her side today because the door was locked.

She was so bursted right now.

“Oh No!” She muttered when she heard his footsteps approaching her.

“You really think you’re smart right?” He asked, standing at her back.

She finally turned to look at him then smiled sheepishly.

“Hey Gray, I didn’t see you there.” She lied.

“Really?” He rolled his eyes. “You clearly tried running away from me just now.” He said.

“No, why would I run away from the love of my life? I was only trying to go prepare something for myself because I’m really hungry.” She lied again.

“Stop lying Noella, you don’t know how to.” He said.

“Okay, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to get drunk, I was only trying to celebrate with Scarlet.” She said with her head lowered while fidgeting with her fingers.

Gray smiled, he couldn’t stay mad at her, she was very cute.

“I’ve heard you so don’t try that next time. By the way, I’ll pûnish you after I’m done pvnishing Scarlet alongside her boyfriend.” He said.

“But Gray!” She whined.

“If I don’t pvnish you, you’re gonna do it again.”

“No my love, sweetheart, honey, darling, I won’t repeat it ever again.” She said with her hands on her chest.

“Yeah but you’ll still get pvnished and your pvnishment will be that, you won’t leave this house today, don’t even dare come to the office, understood?” He said.

She nodded slowly.

“But, if I’m not allowed to leave the house, then what clothes am I gonna wear?” She asked.

“Lia will get you some.” He said simply before entering the bathroom.

He came out of the bathroom with a towel around his waist while using the other to dry his hair.

Noel turned to his direction and screamed before covering her face immediately but she peeked a little bit, drooling at his abs and perfectly sculpted body.

“Am I really that handsome?” He asked her.

“Huh?” She brought her hands down and gasped, he was so close to her.

He lifted her face to look her in the eyes then leaned closer.

“G… G… Gray, what are you trying to do?” She asked, trying to stop her racing heart.

“Well, since you’re drooling too much, I wanted us to do something naughty or what do you think?” He winked.

“Pervert!” She screamed and ran inside the bathroom with a red face.

Gray chuckled and continued drying his hair.





Scarlet and Austin stood before him while he watched them with a calm expression, digesting all they were explaining to him.

They had actually searched for her yesterday till they got tired and slept in the car before waking up this morning and rushing to the office to inform Gray.

“So, you’re trying to say that my Noel is missing?” He thundered and Scarlet flinched.

“Yes, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have gotten her drunk.” Scarlet couldn’t look him in the face.

“We even thought she was with you.” Austin said.

“How do you expect her to be with me? How can a drunk lady know Someone’s house?” Gray yelled at them feigning anger.

“I’m so sorry Gray.” Scarlet said.

“I don’t want your sorry till I see Noel. This doesn’t make sense, how can she go missing like that?” Gray asked.

“I really don’t know.” Austin held Scarlet.

Gray ran his hands through his hair.

“You guys must find Noel else_”

He couldn’t finish his statement as the door flung open and Noel entered.

“Hey Gray, I know you warned me not to leave the house but I just couldn’t decide which gown to wear between these two. They’re both your favourite colours and…” She paused when she saw Austin and Scarlet. “Oooops!” She smiled nervously.

Austin and Scarlet’s jaw dropped as they looked at Noel before looking back at Gray.

“Noel! Why must you come now?” Gray was frustrated.

This lady had spoiled his plans.


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MENDING HIS BROKEN HEART CHAPTER 51 to 70 (51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70)MENDING HIS BROKEN HEART : CHAPTER 51 – 70

Solely Written by Rejoice U Jason

Chapter 57

“Noel! Why must you come now?” Gray was frustrated.

This lady had spoiled his plans.

“Gray! She was with you all along?” Austin asked glaring at Gray and remembering how they suffered to look for her. He almost got klled by SCARLET’S reckless driving.

Scarlet was shocked and at same time relieved that Noel was okay.

“Gray.” Noel called and he glared at her.

“Stop glaring at her and explain why you had to torture us like this?” Austin asked.

“I just wanted to teach you two a lesson, why would you get her drunk? What if she had gotten into troûble?” Gray asked with folded hands.

“But she didn’t and you should be grateful.” Austin said.

Scarlet ran and hugged Noel.

“I’m just glad you’re alright.”

“Awwwn.” Noel hugged her back.

“And Gray!” Scarlet yelled and Gray flinched.

She was going to nag him now.

“You’re so in trouble.” Austin laughed at Gray and sat down to watch the show.

“It’s boss Missy,” He glared at her, trying not to waver.

“You’re not my boss today because I am not on office wear.” She smirked.

“That doesn’t matter, hmph.” Gray folded his hands.

Scarlet walked to him and he moved back.

“Don’t come closer, Austin stop your wife, she’s a wtch.” Gray went to hide behind Noel.

He knew Scarlet’s hand was very painful because Austin had told him she dragged his ears one day.

“Noel, release your husband to me now.” Scarlet said.

“Please forgive him, he did it for love.” Noel defended Gray.

“What fking love? I almost died, do you know how I suffered to look for you? Do you have an idea what I and Austin went through? We slept in the car for crying out loud! I haven’t even taken my bath! I was calling this wicked husband of yours and he refused to pick my calls.” Scarlet complained.

“Please, I’m sorry on his behalf. I would have done same thing if I were in his shoes.” Noel begged.

“Then I will do same thing I’m about to do to him to you, bring your ears Gray.” Scarlet said.

“Never! I don’t want your dirty hands to touch my hair.” Gray said, still hiding at the back of Noel,

“Noel, release him! Stop spoiling the show.” Austin laughed.

“Austin, help me beg her please.” Noel said.

“No, if I beg and she forgives him, I won’t get to watch him being punished. So, bring him so we can pvnish him then I will beg her to forgive him.” Austin winked.

“Gray, apologize to her and end all these.” Noel said.

“Okay, I’m sorry for making you suffer bit you deserved it for getting Noel drunk.”

“Gray!” Noel yelled in a scolding manner.

“Okay, I’m sorry Scarlet,also sorry Austin.” Gray apologized.

They exchanged looks.

“I won’t accept that apology till you promise to pay me twice this month.” Scarlet said.

“Okay, no problem.” Grau said and went back to his seat.

“Yay!!! Let’s go Austin!” Scarlet shrieked happily and dragged Austin up.

“Hey! What about me?” Austin yelled as he was being dragged away.

After they left, Gray darted a look at Noel and she gulped down nervously. She knew she was still in trouble.

“Gray, I’m sorry for ruining your plan, I just couldn’t decide on a colour to choose between red and blue.” She explained.

“What about Lia?” Gray asked.

“She went to the market and Miguel went to school.” She said.

“Go and wait for me at home, I will decide your punishment when I’m back.” He ordered.

“Okay but can I go see Quinn before that? She’ll get discharged today.”


“So, what colour?” She tried her luck, maybe he will answer her.

“Red.” He replied.

“Okay.” She walked to his table and he looked up.

“What are you_” He couldn’t finish his statement as she kssed him for ten seconds before pulling out and running away.

Gray chuckled.

“That kss thief!” He licked his lips and continued working.




The doctors had asked Damien to go out but he refused so they allowed him stay while they check her up. Noel came in few minutes later and the doctor removed the bandage around her head and hands.

“How is she?” Noel asked.

“She is fine and can be discharged now. You can follow me to my office for the papers.” The doctor said.

“Okay, thanks doc.” Noel smiled and hugged Quinn.

“That’s a relief! Thanks doctor.” Damien smiled.

“You’re welcome and don’t bother about the bills, Mr Gerald already paid for it.” Doctor Blaine smiled.

“You mean, Gray paid 500 thousand dollars?” Noel asked, she had been looking for ways to gather the money because she was too shy to ask Gray for it.

“Yes ma’am, follow me to my office please.” He said and left with her behind.

“So, are you ready to go home?” Damien smiled, stroking her hair.

“You bet I am, I don’t like it here at all, the disinfectant and medicine odour is bizarre.” Quinn said.

Damien chuckled, he was glad that she is back to her bubbly self.

“I’m glad you’re okay.” He said.

“Me too, I can’t wait to resume school. Thanks for not giving up on me.” She said.

“It’s my greatest pleasure.” He was about pecking her then Noel entered.

“Oh! Sorry, I didn’t know you guys were you know?” She said and they laughed while Quinn hid her blushing face.

“Let’s go home!” Damien said. God knows how happy he was to finally spend time with Quinn.

“Yay!” Quinn squealed and hurried down from the bed.

Damien helped her down and Noel led them out. Gray already sent a car to take them home, they entered the car and the chauffeur drove them home.




The car stopped infront of the door and Quinn jumped out and ran in.

“Mum! Dad!” She shouted happily and ran into her father’s arms then he lifted her up.

“Thank God you’re alright Quinn.” Mr Pat pecked her cheeks.

“Quinn, you’ve been discharged.” Evie said, feeling strong again.

“Yes mum.” She got down from her father’s arms.

“I am no longer sick just knowing that you’re alive.” Evie got down and hugged Quinn.

“I missed you mum.”

“I missed you too sweetie.”

Her father joined in the hug as well.

After they were done hugging, Evie hugged Damien.

“Thanks so much for staying beside our daughter and watching over her.” She said.

“You’re welcome Mrs Pat.” Damien smiled.

“Quinn is really lucky to have you.” Her father hugged him as well.

“Not fair! Nobody is hugging me.” Noel patted.

“Come here.” They all hugged her.

They spent some time together then it was time for Damien to go. Quinn escorted Damien outside alongside Noel.

“See you in school tomorrow right?” Damien asked.

“Wouldn’t miss it for the world.” She pecked his cheek and ran inside.

Noel chuckled because she had also done same thing to Gray that morning.

“Miss Noel, will it be okay if I come pick Quinn to school and drop her as well?” Damien asked.

“Sure dear! I want her to be safe too.” Noel answered and his face lit up with joy.

“Thank you.” He smiled.

“I should be the one thanking you dear,” She hugged him. “Goodbye.” She waved and he entered the car.

Noel turned to leave but the driver stopped her.

“Sorry ma’am but Mr Gray said you must return to the house with him.” The chauffeur said and that was when she remembered her punishment.

“Okay.” She smiled nervously and bid her parents goodbye before entering the car.

God knows what punishment he is preparing for her this time around.

They drove to Damien’s parents house and dropped him before heading to Gray’s house.




The car drove into the compound after gaining access through the gate and Noel got out. She looked around but didn’t see Gray’s car meaning that he isn’t home yet. She sighed in relief and entered the house.

“Noel, where have you been?” Lia asked.

“I went to visit Quinn, she was discharged from the hospital today.” Noel said.

“I was so worried because you left your phone at home. Anyways, I’m glad you’re safe.” Lia smiled.

“Thanks. Please can I ask you a question?”

“Sure! Go ahead.” Lia said.

“How long does it take for Gray’s anger to cool down?” Noel asked.

“Just few minutes if you’re someone he cares for. Is he angry with you?” Lia asked.

“I think so, he didn’t like me getting drunk.” Noel said.

Lia laughed.

“Don’t worry dear, he will come through.” Lia patted her shoulder.

“I hope so.” Noel sighed.

“I prepared Noodles, want some?” She asked.

“Yes please.” She ran to the kitchen and Lia followed her, laughing.



Gray returned from the office and went straight to his room. After taking his bath, he wore his pajamas and sat on the bed then told Lia to make Noel bring his food because she was avoiding him.

Noel took the food and opened the door slowly.

She entered inside and dropped it on the bedside table.

“Here’s your food. Enjoy!” She said and wanted to run out.

“Stop!” He ordered and she obeyed. “Sit down.” He patted the side of the bed close to him.

Noel sat faraway and he drew her closer.

“Okay Gray, I’m sorry, I will never get drunk in my life ever again! I won’t disobey you ever again, please don’t pvnish me.” She begged.

“Feed me.” He said, acting like he didn’t hear what she said.


“Feed me.” He repeated calmly which made her more nervous but she knew better than to disobey him.

She took the food and fed him slowly while eating some as well, Gray just chuckled and left her. He didn’t want to spoil the moment. After he was done eating, she fed him water.

“Please talk to me, I can’t stand you being mad at me.” She said.

“You stole a kss from me, remember?” He smirked.

“Yeah.” She blushed.

“I want it back.” He said.

“But, I can’t return a kss.” Noel said.

“You can, so give me back my kss Noel.” He eyed her.

“Fine.” She moved closer and kssed him.

They broke the kss at same time and Noel h it him with a pillow.

“You p.ervert!” She h it him again and he laughed.

“You kssed me too, why are you h!tting me now?” He asked blocking the h its then pulled her closer and hugged her. “I love you.”

She hugged him back.

“I love you too.”

“I have a gift for you.” He said.

“Where?” She asked.

“In the car.” He replied.

“Wow!” She took the car keys and ran out while Gray chuckled and laid down.

Noel got to veranda and made to open the door when the doorbell rang.

She opened the door and came face to face with Camille.


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MENDING HIS BROKEN HEART CHAPTER 51 to 70 (51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70)MENDING HIS BROKEN HEART : CHAPTER 51 – 70

Solely Written by Rejoice U Jason

Chapter 58

“Wow!” She took the car keys and ran out while Gray chuckled and laid down.

Noel got to veranda and made to open the door when the doorbell rang.

She opened the door and came face to face with Camille.

Noel wasn’t surprised, after all, what else will a shameless bch be doing in someone else’s boyfriend’s house.

“What are you doing here?” Camille asked.

“I should be the one asking you that question because last time I checked, this isn’t your boyfriend’s house.” Noel said calmly.

“I thought I told you to stay away from him?” Camille asked.

“And I’m sure I made it clear to you to stay away from our love life.” Noel said.

“I want to see Gray, where is he?” Camille asked nonchalantly.

“He is inside and is sleeping because he is tired.” Noel replied in same tone.

“You’re lying.”

“Were you with him in his room for you to know?” Noel asked and Camille gasped.

“You were with him in the room?” She asked.

“Yeah and we had fun.” Noel smirked

Camille could feel her insides burning and churning in anger. Like seriously, who does she think she is to lay with her ‘man’.

“How could you?” Camille asked gritting her teeth in anger.

“How could I? I don’t understand.” Noel smiled, she was loving the look on Camille’s face right now.

“You’re a shameless bch.” Camille snapped.

“Says the a$s_hole that wouldn’t mind her business.” Noel snapped back.

“If you_”

“Hey!” Noel waved her off. “Be quiet! Now let me warn you, stay away from I and Gray, I won’t repeat myself Camille. You are his past so remain there, you can’t harvest what you haven’t sown, same way you can’t eat your cake and have it. You had your chance but you blew it now get out!” Noel pointed her index finger at the gate.

“You’re sending me out of a place I have every access to?” Camille asked.

“You don’t have no access any more so beat it.” Noel said.

“I’ll get you for this Noel, I will make sure you die a miserable death.” Camille said.

“Get out! Your stinky bum isn’t needed here.” Noel said, she closed the door and went to Gray’s car.

Camille started walking out of the house slowly, curious to know what Noel was looking for.

Noel unlocked the car door and opened it, she saw a note on the seat and took it. She smiled at Gray’s wonderful handwriting.

The note read… “Look behind you, you’ll see a red Mercedes Benz, the latest brand at the middle of two black cars, it’s new and it’s yours. I love you!”

The note fell from Noel’s hands and she picked it up to read through it again, so she wasn’t dreaming. She turned, saw the car and screamed.

“OMG!!! He bought me a car!!!!” Noel ran to the car and hugged it, the key was already on the bonnet so she took it and opened the car door. “Wow!!!” She screamed.

Camille clenched her fists and walked out angrily.

Noel ran round the compound before running to Gray’s room, he was already sleeping so she slept beside him and kssed his lips then pecked his cheek and forehead before whispering into his ear.

“Thanks for the gift, I love you too.” She curled herself close to him and buried her face in his chest inhaling his magnificent scent.



Gray woke up the next morning and wanted to stand up but noticed someone resting on him, he looked down and saw her sleeping cutely with the car keys in her hands. He knew she loved red since it was his favorite color so he bought a red car for her and he was glad she loved it.

He wondered why she didn’t turn him to a punching bag this time around, she slept peacefully instead. He kssed her forehead and made for the bathroom, today was the day he would propose to her. Boy was he nervous!

He took his bath and came out later, after he was fully dressed, Noel woke up.

“Good morning sweetie.” He greeted, taking his suitcase.

“Where do you think you’re going Mister?” She asked.

“Work?” He answered, not show of what she was driving at.

“No work for you today, you promised to spend time with me today then take me out for dinner tonight.” Noel pouted.

“Oh, that’s true but I have an important business meeting by 8am.” He said.

“When will the meeting be over?” She asked standing up to straighten his suit.

“10am so I’ll come spend time with you after that okay?”

“Okay.” She nodded obediently and he pecked her cheeks before going out. She collected his suitcase and went after him.

“Thanks for the gift yesterday, I’m really excited.” She smiled.

“It’s nothing compared to what I’ll do in the future for you my love.” He said and she blushed.

Lia greeted them before they went out and Miguel followed so Gray would drop him off at school. He couldn’t wait to see Quinn.

Noel bade them farewell and watched till the car was out of sight. Taking one last look at her new car, she smiled in satisfaction happy that she learnt how to drive while in the university. She and Scarlet attended the driving class together and scaled through successfully. She smiled again and went in, ready to gist Lia about her gift.




Quinn and Damien got down from the car at the same time and she smiled, breathing in the morning breeze.

“Feels good to be back in school, I missed this place.” She smiled.

“I’m glad to be back too.” Damien said and she smiled.

He held her hand and took her inside. When they arrived at the hall way, all eyes were on then immediately.


“Wow, they look so perfect together.”

“She even looks more beautiful and radiant than I remember.”

“Quinn is so lucky to have Damien *sigh* I wish we could switch bodies right now.”

“I know right!”

Before Quinn knew it, they had gathered round her and Damien.

“How do you feel now Quinn?”

“I’m glad you’re back, please be careful next time.”

“We’ve really missed you.”

“Our group lost the debate competition because you were not around. Thank God you’re back to take back our trophy.”

“We love you.”

Quinn was joyous that she had schoolmates who cared for her, she smiled and thanked them before entering the class.

“Quinn!” Snow squealed and hugged her.

“Hey Snow, how’re you doing?” Quinn asked.

“Happier than I would ever be,” They hugged again. “What’s up lover boy?” Snow winked at Damien.

“Don’t call me that.” Damien glared at her and they laughed.

Quinn felt someone hug her from behind and turned to see Miguel, she finally hugged him.

“I really missed you Quinn.” He said.

“I missed you too.” Quinn said.

Damien was trying hard to contain his jealousy but he couldn’t take it anymore.

“Okay, enough of the hugging.” He dragged Quinn away from Miguel. Quinn laughed at his childish behavior.

“Seriously?” Miguel rolled his eyes.

“Yeah, stop hugging her like she’s your girlfriend. Look at yours over there.” He pointed at Snow who was busy laughing and took Quinn away.

“Guys and jealousy.” Miguel shook his head and chuckled before hugging Snow.





Noel and Gray were seated on a table reserved for them alone, chatting and discussing happily.

“I really enjoyed my day today, you’re the best and I can’t ask for more.” Noel smiled.

“That’s so sweet. Now, tell me your favorite part of today’s fun.” Gray asked, adjusting his blue suit.

“Well… I love the skate park and the fact that I had to ride a skateboard and fall on my bvtt,” She said Gray laughed.

“That was really funny.” He laughed again.

“Yeah, it was. But I loved the pizza Palace more.” She winked.

“I knew you were gonna say that Miss foodie.” He teased her.

“I agree I’m a foodie, it’s a miracle that I’m not chübby.” She said and they laughed.

“I love you either way.” He said, adjusting the hand of her white chivon gown with a shade of blue.

“Wow, that’s cool. By now, Scarlet’s parents should be in the Smith’s house.” Noel smiled.

“Yeah, I love how you dressed her up, you’re really good at that.” He smiled.

“We actually did it for each other, I dressed and made her up then she in turn did same for me.”

“I really commend you girls.”


After a while, a slow classic music started playing in the background, giving a r©mantic feel to the atmosphere then suddenly everywhere became dark.

“Gray? I think there’s a power outage here,” She said but no reply. “Gray?”

The lights came back on and Noel blinked only to see Gray on one knee in front of her.

She gasped.

Is what she’s thinking really happening?

“Noel, will you make me the happiest man on earth by accepting my proposal and be my bride?” He asked, smiling with a beautiful diamond crystal ring in a case, flashing and begging her to accept already.

She couldn’t help the tears flowing down her cheeks right now. She remembered Camille’s words.

Reject his proposal.

She waved it off and gave him her hand.

“Yes! Yes, I’ll marry you.” She said and everyone started clapping, he put the ring on her finger and hugged her then kssed her passionately.

“Awwwwwn!” All the crowds cheered and poured them glitters.

Gray was overjoyed, finally, he had done it.

Camille who had disguised herself and watched everything in a corner clenched her fists tightly.

“There’s gonna be bIoodshed! No mercy!” She said and stormed out.




Austin and his parents together with Damien were already in front of the door waiting to receive Scarlet and her parents. Everything was all set and they couldn’t wait to see their future in laws.

Two cars drove into the compound and Scarlet came out of one looking so beautiful and gorgeous. Austin couldn’t stop staring.

“Hey dude! Quit gawking at her, she’ll be yours soon.” Damien hit Austin who was lost drooling at her.

“Hey!” Austin glared at him.

Scarlet approached them first and greeted politely.

“Gosh honey, look how beautiful and slender she is!” Rosella squealed happily.

Scarlet blushed.

“Thank you.” She smiled.

“Our son sure have good taste.” Mr Smith added.

“Where are your parents?” Rosella asked.

“Over there, they’re coming.” Scarlet pointed at her parents who were coming towards them.

When they came close enough, the two families gasped.

“Smith!” Scarlet’s father snapped.

“Evan.” Austin’s father called and tension built up.

“Is this the family you want to get married into?” Her father yelled at her.

“Dad, what’s going on?” Scarlet asked.

“I should’ve known when my daughter mentioned Austin Smith.” Scarlet’s mother glared at them.

“What’s going on here?” Austin and Scarlet asked at same time.

“Scarlet, you are not going to get married to the son of traitors, this marriage proposal is cancelled.” Her father yelled and dragged her to the car.

“Dad! No! Please!” Scarlet pleaded.

Austin turned to his parents who had been quiet all along.

“Can someone tell me what’s going on here?”


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MENDING HIS BROKEN HEART CHAPTER 51 to 70 (51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70)MENDING HIS BROKEN HEART : CHAPTER 51 – 70

Chapter 59

“Dad! No! Please!” Scarlet pleaded.

Austin turned to his parents who had been quiet all along.

“Can someone tell me what’s going on here?”

“Come inside son, we’ll explain.” Mr Smith said.

Austin looked at his mum, she nodded and he followed them inside. Damien took his phone and went in too.

When they were all sitted, Mr Smith began.

“12 years ago, our family partnered with the Evans to build a construction company. Our aim for doing that was to strengthen our family bond and the friendship. We even bethroted you and Scarlet.”

“Really?” Austin asked.

“Yeah. Scarlet’s father put me in charge of that building and the work was going well until Mr Roger, our neighbour came into the picture.”

“Who is Mr Roger?” Austin asked.

“He was a man who we all thought was struggling to build up a family. He was so wretched at that time so he came and met me to give him a job at the building site. After much persuasion, I agreed and gave him the job. He was to move blocks from one place to another. He was so hardworking that I trusted him with the work. After a month, I paid him and he continued working. A day came that your mother got involved in an accident and since I trusted him, I gave him the paperwork and asked him to supervise the work while I go visit your mum at the hospital. To my surprise, when I returned, I was told Roger turned everything we had worked for upside down. We lost a lot of money and Mr Evans blamed me for everything that I broke his trust. I tried my best to explain but he didn’t listen.”

“Wow, so that’s what has caused this rift?” Austin asked.

“Yes, I didn’t know Roger lied to Mr Evans that I made them build it the way I want and not how we planned it. He also accused me of keeping the money for the building and using it to sort out my family issues.”

“This is sad!” Damien said, holding his phone.

“Yeah, it is. I tried my best to prove to him but he cut off my line and blocked my number. We haven’t seen each other since then till today. I was surprised to see him and at the same time relieved that I would have the chance to explain things to him but_”

“It’s okay honey. I’m sure the truth will be revealed soon.” Rosella said.

Damien dropped his phone in his pockets and stood up.

“Austin, please come with me.” Damien said.

“We’ll be right back dad.” Austin said and they left.

“Stop bothering yourself. It wasn’t your fault, I’m sure our sons will do something about it. I think they have a plan.” Rosella said.

“Whatever plans they have, I pray it works.” He said.

Damien brought Austin outside.

“What is it?” Austin asked.

“I recorded everything dad said. Let’s go to Scarlet’s parents house, they need to know the truth.” Damien said.

“Damien! That’s brilliant. Let’s go.” Austin collected the car keys from one of the securities and they entered. The gate opened automatically and they drove out.



Scarlet’s parents also told her their own side of the story but they didn’t mention the part about Roger because they didn’t know he was lying.

“But dad, that was twelve years ago. You can’t separate us because of a feud you both had.” Scarlet said in tears.

“I don’t want my daughter marrying into the family of traitors. We are leaving this country tomorrow.” He said

“What?” Scarlet gasped.

“Yes dear, we need to announce you as our heiress so the world can know. That was even the main reason for our coming to Chicago in the first place.” Her mum said.

“No, what of Austin?”

“He doesn’t deserve you. We’ll find a better man once we arrive.” Her dad said

“I don’t want another man. I want Austin!” Scarlet snapped.

“You’re not marrying that guy and that’s final.” Her father stopped the car in front of her door.

“Pack your bags, meet us at the airport by 11am, we already prepared your tickets beforehand.” He said.

Scarlet got down from the car and her parents car took off.

Scarlet opened the door, Noel was already home.

She fell on the bed and started crying profusely.

Noel closed the door and rushed to her.

“Babe, what’s up? Why are you crying?” Noel asked.

Scarlet opened her mouth to talk but words failed her.

“It’s okay, just let it all out.” She hugged and patted her back.

After Scarlet cried to her satisfaction, she told Noel all that happened.

“That’s obnoxious! It’s 12 years ago for Christ sake! Why are they making a big fuss about it?.” Noel said.

“I don’t know, I want only Austin, no one else. I don’t even know how he’s feeling right now.” Scarlet wailed.

“Don’t worry, I know Austin too well, he is doing something about it.” Noel comforted her.

Scarlet looked at Noel’s fingers.

“Gray proposed to you?” She asked.

“Yeah.” Noel answered and her wailing became louder that Noel had to cover her ears.




Mr Evans entered the house and sat down with his wife.

“Why must he show his face after 12 fking years?” He asked.

“I don’t really know. Let’s just try and forget this ever happened.” His wife said.

“And of all the men in the world, Scarlet had to choose him?” He snapped. “I trusted Smith but he failed me.”

They heard knock on the door.

“Who could that be?” She stood up and opened the door. Her countenance changed immediately. “What do you want?”

“We’re here to see your husband.” Austin said.

She sighed and let them in.

“What are you two doing here? Get out!” Mr Evans pointed at the door.

“Calm down Mr Evans.” Damien said and sat down.

“So disrespectful, who asked you to sit? You little tyrant!” He yelled.

“I’ll advise you keep your voice down for the sake of your health. We aren’t gonna waste much of your time.” Austin sat down too.

“If you’re here to beg then forget it because I will never forgive your father!”

“We aren’t here to beg because our father is the victim here.” Austin said.

“Yes, he was deceived and set up by Mr Roger.” Damien said.

“How did you two know Mr Roger? You weren’t even born!” He pointed at Damien.

“After you left, I asked my dad to tell me what happened and he told me everything. I didn’t know Damien recorded the conversation.” Austin explained.

“So, play it let me hear everything.” He said.

His wife sat beside him, ready to listen too.

Damien brought out his phone and played the recording for them. They listened and their eyes widened, after it ended, they realized that they were the ones who should apologize.

“Why didn’t he tell me?” Mr Evans asked. He was feeling so guilty and full of regrets now.

“He tried to but you were too angry to give him a listening ear.” Austin said.

“I’m sorry, I thought everything was true so I was too hurt to listen.”

“We understand sir. We’re sorry for everything too.” Damien said.

“I hope your father can forgive me.” Mr Evans bent his head.

“He will be very happy to.” Austin smiled.

“I’m sorry for depriving you of loving my daughter. You’re free to marry her.” Mr Evans said.

“Really?” Austin smiled.

“Yes dear, we owe you one.” His wife smiled.

Austin was overjoyed.

“Thank you.”

“But before that, we need to take her to Chicago so as to announce her as our heir.”

“No problem sir. But, can I propose to her before she goes? I want to be on the safe side.” He said.

“No problem.” Mr. Evans smiled.

“Thank you so much!” Austin hugged them.

“You’re welcome. I’ll come and see your parents tomorrow.”

“Okay, we’ll be on our way now.” Austin couldn’t wait to see Scarlet.

“Okay, goodbye.”



Scarlet was still wailing when her phone rang. She saw that it was her parents, she dropped it and refused to pick.

“Pick up the call.” Noel said.

“I don’t want to.” She sniffed

“Just pick it and hear what they have to say.” Noel said.

She took the phone and answered the call.

“Hello… Huh?… For real… Okay… Thank you!… I love you!” She dropped the phone and wiped her tears.

“What did they say?” Noel asked.

“They approved the marriage!” She hugged Noel.

“Congratulations dear.” Noel hugged her back.

“But, I’ll be leaving for Chicago tomorrow. After they announce me as the heiress then I’ll return and get married to Austin.” Scarlet said.

“No problem. At least you’re happy, I’m gonna miss you.” Noel started crying too.

“I’ll miss you more. Congratulations Noel!” Scarlet wiped Noel’s tears.

“Thank you.” Noel said and they hugged.

Scarlet went to open the door and saw Austin. She hugged him tightly, not wanting to let go.

Austin carried her in his arms and brought her in while Damien followed.

“Welcome guys.” Noel smiled.

“Thanks Miss Noel.” Damien smiled at her.

Scarlet released Austin and he knelt on one knee.

“I planned on doing this tonight babe. Will you marry me?” Austin asked.

“Yes!” He put the ring on her finger and hugged him.

“I love moments like this.” Noel smiled.

“Me too.” Damien smiled and took their pictures.




Camille entered her house and threw everything off the shelf. The guards shook their heads. It wasn’t up to two weeks that they renovated the place she destroyed now she’s at it again.

“How dare him! How dare her! How dare them all!” She brought the wine shelf down.

“He kssed her right before my very eyes, that wasn’t enough! He bought her a car, that still wasn’t enough! He just had to propose to her! And she agreed after I warned her!” She ki¢ked the television screen.

“Levi!” She called one of her bodyguards.

“Yes ma!” He ran in and bowed.

“Study her movements, kidnap her when you have the chance, it’s either I kll her or no one gets Gray.”


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MENDING HIS BROKEN HEART CHAPTER 51 to 70 (51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70)MENDING HIS BROKEN HEART : CHAPTER 51 – 70

Rejoice U Jason

Chapter 60

“Study her movements, kidnap her when you have the chance, it’s either I kll her or no one gets Gray.” Camille yelled.

“Yes ma.” Levi bowed and left with two other guys.

“Noella, you’ve crossed the boundary this time. I won’t show mercy, it’s either kll or get klled.” She smirked.




Krysten and Ryan were sitted on a table enjoying their dinner. They were already dating and so far, it has been smooth sailing.

“Are you enjoying your meal?” Ryan asked.

“Yes I am,” She smiled. “How about you?”

“I’m enjoying it because it’s together with you.” He said and she smiled.

“Thanks for coming into my life Ryan.” Krysten smiled.

“Thanks for coming into my life too.” Ryan said.

“Baby!” A lady screamed, running towards Ryan.

“Huh?” Ryan was shocked.

She sat on his laps and Krysten’s eyes widened. Ryan tried to push her off but she remained there.

“Get off! I won’t repeat myself.” Ryan said.

“Drop the act baby, don’t tell me it’s because of this bch you’re eating dinner with.” The girl said.

“That’s my fiancee you godforsaken sIvt.” Ryan pushed her off.

“Come on, you can’t be serious.” She glared at Krysten before turning to Ryan again.

Krysten stood up and walked up to her.

“Hey!” She tapped the girl.

Immediately the girl turned, she gave her two resounding slaps on both cheeks. The girl grabbed her cheeks in shock.

“The next time I see you an inch close to my man, I’ll make sure you won’t be able to use your legs again.” Krysten threatened and went to meet Ryan.

The girl turned to see Ryan’s reaction and fumed.

“She sIapped me and you’re smiling at her?”

“What should I do then? Should I beàt her?” Ryan asked.

He stood up and Krysten dusted his body.

“Let’s go home darling, you need a bath. I need to wash her filthy hands off you.” Krysten said, glared at the girl before dragging Ryan out.

The girl stood there, still in shock.

“What just happened?” She muttered when she finally found her voice. “Bella, you’re finished and I was about using Pregnancy on him.” She sighed and put her hands on her head.

Krysten dragged Ryan outside the car.

“Please don’t be mad at me.” He pleaded.

“Why would you allow her to sit on her lap?” Krysten asked.

“I tried pvshing her off but she pinned herself down on me.” Ryan explained.

“Aren’t you a man? Can’t you use manpower?” Krysten poked his forehead.

“Ouch! I’m sorry.” He pleaded.

“I won’t forgive you till you go home, remove those clothes and trash them, then take your bath.” She snapped and entered the car.

Ryan chuckled and entered too.




The whole family gathered together in the Smith’s house to have a lovely dinner while planning their children’s wedding. Noel’s parents and Quinn were around, Scarlet’s parents were around as well, Gray, Miguel and his parents were around then there’s Austin, Damien and their parents. Scarlet’s parents finally apologized to Austin’s parents and they reconciled.

“So, when are you all gonna be back from Chicago?” Mr Smith asked.

“We will spend 2 and a half weeks there. So we’ll be back, early next month.” Mr Evans said.

“That’s not too far. When you return then our children wedding preparations will kick off immediately.” Mr Gerald said.

“I can’t believe we are gonna be having a double wedding!” Jasmine squealed happily.

“Imagine the outfit I’m gonna put on that day.” Rosella said.

“Oh and the shoes!” Brianna smiled as well.

“Oh the food!” Evie exclaimed and they all laughed.

“Wait! Ladies, what if we all wear matching outfits with Noel and Scarlet.” Jasmine suggested.

“Huh!” Noel and Scarlet looked up.

“What? Is it bad?” Rosella asked.

“It isn’t but we aren’t gonna know who is doing the wedding that day.” Noel said and they laughed.

“These women are something else.” Mr Patterson said.

“Tell me about it.” Mr Gerald rolled his eyes.

“Behaving like little teenage girls.” Mr Smith said.

“Very stubborn set of people.” Mr Evans said.

“Hey!!!” All the ladies glared at him.

They burst into laughter again.

After the dinner, they hugged each other.

“I’ll come pick you up to the airport tomorrow.” Austin held her waist.

“Can’t wait.” Scarlet smiled.

“Hey, I’m dropping her off with my new car.” Noel said proudly.

“Please Noel, No. I don’t want to die yet.” Scarlet said.

“What do you mean?” Noel frowned.

“Remember what happened the last time you drove a car?” Scarlet asked.

“Come on Scarlet, the shop destruction wasn’t that bad.” Noel said.

“Wasn’t? It literally shattered to pieces while my head got stuck under the seat.” Scarlet said and they laughed again.

“Fine, I’ll drive myself.” Noel said and went to stand with Gray.

Later, the chauffeurs drove each parents and children back to their respective houses. Noel pecked Gray’s cheeks before entering the car with Scarlet.





Scarlet was already dressed up while Noel was helping her to pack her bags.

“Two and a half weeks is just like 2 years to me. I’ll really miss you Scarlet.” Noel wiped her tears away.

“I’ll miss you too. Chicago will be so boring without you.” Scarlet sniffed.

“Here is gonna be worst. Now I’m gonna be sleeping alone. Who will wake me up early now huh? Who will cook delicious pastas for me?” Noel cried.

“Maureen is available, you can always meet her.” Scarlet said.

“Maureen isn’t you Scarlet.” Noel hugged her.

“Are we ready?” Austin entered inside.

“Yes.” Scarlet said solemnly.

“Promise me you’ll be back soon.” Austin said, hugging her.

“I promise.” She smiled sadly before kssing him.

“Ahh! My eyes!” Noel shouted dramatically and laughed.



Scarlet stepped out of the car and looked forward. Her parents were already there waiting for her. Austin got down with Noel and they strode there.

When they got there, Austin’s parents hugged her before Gray’s parents did same. Gray hugged her as well before Noel hugged and pecked her cheeks.

“I’ll miss you girlfriend.” Noel said.

“I’ll miss you more.” Scarlet replied.

“I’ll miss you most.” Austin kssed her briefly before walking her to the plane.

They kept watching her till she entered and the plane doors were closed. They watched the plane take off and kept watching till they were out of sight.

They all retired to their workplaces while Noel left for the company with Gray and Austin.





Noel entered with Gray. She went straight to her desk and sat down.

“Gosh! I can’t imagine two weeks and a half without Scarlet.” Noel groaned.

“You have me, why bother about Scarlet.” Gray winked.

“Don’t get any ideas mister.” Noel glared at him.

“Naughty girl! I didn’t even think that far.” Gray said.

She laughed.

The door opened and Camille came in. From her looks, one could tell she wasn’t feeling too well. What’s wrong with her? Noel wondered.

“Good morning Mr Gray, Good morning Noel.” She forced a smile and sat down.

“Camille, you look pale, are you okay? ” He asked.

Camille smiled, at least he still cared about her.

“I’m fine, I’ve not been feeling too well for a few days now.” She said.

Noel could sense that she was lying but her condition and the way she was talking proved otherwise.

“Have you gone to the hospital?” Gray asked.

“No please, hospitals freak me out.” She said.

“So you haven’t gotten over your fear of hospitals?” He shook his head.

“No thanks.” She replied, stealing glances at Noel who was observing her.

“I’ll take you to that medicine shop we normally go to later. The guy is the one who knows how to treat you.” Gray said and her heart jumped for joy.

“Thank you so much Gray,” She looked at Noel’s hand and saw the ring. “Wow, an engagement ring. Gray, did you propose to her?” Camille asked.

“Yes.” Gray answered.

Noel could feel the hairs on her hand stand with the deadly look Camille gave her.

“OMG! Congratulations. I’m so happy for you! I wanna be the best lady please Noel, make me the best lady.” She pleaded.

Noel looked at Gray.

“It’s your choice Noel. Since Scarlet is going to be a bride that day as well, you’ll need some one else. I’m happy with whoever you choose as far you are happy too.” Gray smiled and patted her head.

“Umm…” She cleared her throat. “Maureen asked me first so I think I’ll go with Maureen. Camille can be among the dancers or flower girls. Whichever she prefers.” Noel said and smiled at Camille.

Camille frowned for a second before smiling.

“I think flower girls will be lovely.” She said.

“Noel, please help me staple these.” Gray gave her some files.

“Alright.” She collected it and walked over to the shelf to look for the stapler.

Camille saw the stapler above Noel’s head and it might fall anytime so she stood up with the aim of creating a good impression.

“Noel, watch out! The stapler is gonna fall on you.” She said.

Noel looked up and it almost fell on her but Camille pushed her from there making it wound her forehead instead.

Gray rushed to Noel who was shocked that Camille actually saved her and got hurt.

“Are you okay?” He asked.


He went over to Camille and touched her forehead.

“You’re hurt.” He said.

“It’s nothing.” She smiled.

“Thanks for saving me.” Noel said, even though she was confused.

“I don’t want our bride to get wounded before her wedding so it’s nothing.” Camille smiled.

“Come sit down, let me clean it up.” Gray said and made her sit down.

He took the first aid kit and started treating her wound while she kept smiling without stopping.




Noel just finished purchasing some groceries from the supermarket. She put them in the car booth and entered the car. She turned on the engine and started driving home.

Since Scarlet left, she had been bored except for Maureen and Raymond who were always keeping her busy.

She got to a place and saw that the road was empty.

“I thought I saw cars when I drove past here few minutes ago. Where did they all disappear to?” Noel wondered but kept driving.

She saw a car packed at the front and knew it wasn’t gonna be a good idea to drive past them. She reversed and started driving back but was surrounded.

Three men rushed out and dragged her out of the car.

“Please, let me go!” She pleaded.

She tried to scream but they covered her mouth with a handkerchief and she passed out.

They broke her phone to pieces and put her in their car before driving away.

Few minutes later,

She opened her eyes slowly, her head was aching seriously. She tried to touch it but realized that she was tied to a chair.

“Hey, let me out of here!” She yelled.

The door flung open and a figure walked in. She couldn’t see the person clearly at first but when her vision became clear, she gasped.

“Hi bestie!”

“Camille!” That was all she could say before she passed out again.


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MENDING HIS BROKEN HEART CHAPTER 51 to 70 (51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70)MENDING HIS BROKEN HEART : CHAPTER 51 – 70

Solely Written by Rejoice U Jason

Chapter 61

The door flung open and a figure walked in. She couldn’t see the person clearly at first but when her vision became clear, she gasped.

“Hi bestie!”

“Camille!” That was all she could say before she passed out again.

She woke up later, finding herself in another environment. From the chirping of birds and sounds of other animals, she knew that she was in a bush, if not forest. Her hands and legs were still tied to the chair. She looked around, it was an uncompleted building, it looked like it has been abandoned for a very long time and would fall apart any moment.

Her tears threatened to fall but she sniffed them back, this wasn’t the time to cry. She can’t look weak now.

“Help! Help! Is anybody there?” She screamed.

“Keep quiet lady!” One of her guards shouted from outside.

“Please, let me go!” She pleaded.

Levi entered, she recognized him immediately. He and two other guys were the ones that kidnapped her.

“Why are you making a h’ll of noise here?” He asked calmly.

“Why did you kidnap me for her? Did I wrong you in any way?” She asked, her tears finally falling.

“I’m sorry,” Levi sighed. “I was only following her orders.”

“Why would you work for her in the first place?” Noel asked.

“It’s a long story which has made me indebted to her. If I should disobey her, she would get me klled and I don’t want to die yet. I have a family to look after.” He said then walked out.

“How can a human being be so heartless? She isn’t different from the d’vil himself.” Noel muttered.

How is she gonna contact Gray now? She regretted her mistake right away. She would have told Gray about Camille’s plots all this while then maybe, just maybe, this wouldn’t have happened.

“I’m sorry Gray, I thought I could handle it alone.” She muttered to herself.

The door burst open few minutes later and Camille entered with a man.

“Hello sweetheart, I can see you’re having loads of fun.” She mocked.

Noel hissed and looked away.

“What? Are you suddenly shy?” Camille laughed.

“I have nothing to say to you.” Noel ignored her.

“Okay, have it your way then,” She turned to the man beside her. “Inject her.” She ordered.

“Wait… What?” Noel turned.

The man walked to her and held her arm.

“Let go of me! What are you doing?” Noel tried to struggle but she couldn’t because her hands were tied.

“Stay calm baby, it won’t hurt a bit.” Camille smiled.

The man held Noel’s arm down and inserted the syringe before injecting a liquid into her system. She winced in pain and felt like kicking the man’s ugly face.

“How many hours before it starts taking effect?” She asked the man.

“2 hours ma’am but if she has a strong immune system, it would take 3 hours then she would die after severe pains.” The man answered.

“What!” Noel exclaimed.

“Good job.” She smirked then gave the man some cash.

He collected it and left happily.

“How do you feel Noella?” Camille laughed.

Noel looked at Camille’s forehead which Gray bandaged and shook her head. Humans can be really deceitful.

“So all you did was an act to get on Gray’s good side right?” Noel asked.

“That’s why I love you. You’re so smart.” Camille clapped her hands.

“You’re a d’mon.”

“That name suits my kind of person, I love it and you know, I’m gonna leave this bandage on my forehead to remind Gray that I saved his pretty girlfriend.” Camille mocked her.

“Must you poison me?” Noel asked, ignoring her statement.

“Yeah, I poisoned you and I will also shoot you. And it’s all gonna happen tomorrow. Before your gullible husband finds you, you’re already dead. So, if you would excuse me, I have a bullet to purchase.” Camille smiled and hurried out.

Noel’s head started spinning, she tried as much as possible to keep her eyes open but she couldn’t.




Gray arrived from the company early so as to prepare food and maybe take it to Noel. He wanted her to taste his food today so, he’s not going to call her, he will only surprise her by bringing it. He took his phone to call her so that he will know if she’s with Maureen or at home.

He tried her line severally but it wasn’t reachable. He called Maureen but Maureen said Noel hasn’t visited her today which is unlike her, he called Raymond and Raymond said same thing. He called Austin immediately and explained to him. Austin tried Noel’s line but it wasn’t reachable either.

He took his car and drove to Gray’s house immediately. Gray was pacing forth and back. He was very worried.

“Have you called the police?” Austin asked.

“Yes, they’ve gone out to investigate.” Gray said.

“Calm down, she’ll be fine.”

“Let’s go to her house.” Gray took his car keys while Austin followed.

“Noel, please be safe.” Lia prayed.



They got to her house but the door was locked which means that she didn’t return home.

Gray drove to different supermarkets, asking about her but none of them agreed to have seen her.

He couldn’t sleep that night. Immediately it was dawn, he was about rushing out of the house but Lia compelled him to take his bath and eat first. He took his bath but refused to eat before running out. He sped to the police station with Austin behind him.

“What do you mean by you couldn’t find her? What are you paid for?” He yelled at them.

“We are sorry Mr Gerald, we will try our best.” Inspector Ben said.

“Send out as many search parties as you can, we have to find her now!” He said. “Come with me.” He pointed at five policemen and they followed him. There was a particular supermarket he hasn’t checked yet so he took his car while the policemen followed him in theirs.

They got to the supermarket and Gray went directly to the manager.

“Good morning Mr Gerald, how may we be of help to you sir?” The manager smiled.

“I’m looking for this lady, she came to purchase groceries here yesterday.” Gray said, showing him Noel’s picture.

“Yes, she came here yesterday. We even talked and laughed yesterday before she drove off in her car.”

“Which route did she take?” Gray asked.

“That way sir.” He pointed to his right hand side.

“Thanks.” Gray rushed out and took that same route. Cars don’t normally pass that way, that road was mainly for motorcyclists. Why would Noel pass there? He concluded that she didn’t know.

They continued moving when Gray’s eyes caught her car. It was packed roughly and the doors were left open. He stopped his car and went to hers. He could tell there was practically a struggle here. He looked down and saw her phone, shattered to pieces on the floor.

“Don’t tell me it’s what I’m thinking.” Gray said and went on his knees.

“Calm down, let’s look for how to rescue her.” Austin comforted him.

“Why would someone kidnap Noel?” Gray asked, tears threatening to fall.

“Let’s search through the forest, there is an abandoned building there close to a cliff, we’ve rescued so many kidnapped victims there.” The smartest among the policemen he took suggested.

“Then what are you waiting for? Call for backup and let’s go immediately.” Gray wiped his tears and stood up.

Immediately he entered the car, a call came in, it was his mum.

“Hello mum.” He sniffed.

“Gray, tell me what I’m hearing isn’t true.” Jasmine said.

“How did you know?” He asked.

“It’s on the news, please find my Noel for me please.” Jasmine burst into tears.

“I will mum, please stop crying.” Gray said.

She hung up. He knew she was crying already. He ruffled his hair.

“How did the news reporters get this?” He asked.

“When you were busy turning the whole city upside down, don’t you know walls have ears?” Austin sighed.

Gray shook his head and followed the police car.

Others joined them later and they stopped at a tiny footpath.

“We’ll have to use our legs sir, our cars can’t pass here.” One of the police men said.

“Okay.” Gray said.

They got down from the car and trekked along the road. They got to a place and the police men entered the bush.

“Are you sure we’re going the right way?” Austin asked because it was thick.

“Yes sir.” The policeman who suggested the idea said.

They kept entering and going deeper.

“Whoever brought Noel to this kind of thick forest must be a villain Mastermind.” Austin said.

“I don’t care who the person is, all I want is Noel’s safety. I don’t mind emptying my bank account for her to be safe.” Gray said.

Different calls kept coming into his phone, his father had sent bodyguards into the bush with them. He turned his phone off because right now, he doesn’t know what to tell any of them especially her parents. They figured Scarlet was busy which is why she hasn’t seen the news else she would have called them.



Evie laid on the floor crying her hearts out while her husband was trying to console her.

“Stop Evie! Gray will find her okay?” Mr Pat said, holding her up.

“I can’t stop, I want my daughter. She is a nice girl, why would someone kidnap her?” Evie cried.

The door opened and Mr Gerald entered with Jasmine.

Jasmine ran to Evie and hugged her. She had cried alot too.

“Please calm down, they’ve found a lead to where she is.” Mr Gerald said.

“She’ll be found, my daughter is a strong girl.” Mr Pat said.

“I hope so.” Jasmine sniffed, still hugging Evie.




“Madam, you need to eat please.” Levi pleaded with Noel.

“I don’t want to eat.” Noel said.

Levi was shocked that she was still alive after the injection of the po!son. He wished there was a way to help her but he couldn’t do anything.

“Please, you don’t look too good.” He begged.

“Please, don’t make me hate you. I appreciate the fact that you’re being nice to me but respect my decision please.” She said weakly.

Camille entered with the same man who injected her the first time.

“Make sure it’s effective this time.” She said.

The man injected Noel again then Camille sent him out.

“Untie her.” She ordered, playing with the gvn in her hand.

Levi untied Noel before leaving the room. Noel managed to stand straight.

“You look really beautiful today Noel.” Camille teased.

Noel scoffed and sat down.

“Let me out of here now!” Noel said.

“I will after 3 hours.” Camille replied calmly.


Camille watched Noel, won’t the poison take effect? Why is nothing happening to her yet?

“It’s 3 hours.” Noel said.

“Do you think I’m gonna release you, princess, I’m gonna kll you. I’m sure your parents would love to loose both children in one month. First, it was Quinn, now you.” Camille laughed.

“You’re a disgrace to human hood. I pity your parents.” Noel said.

Camille dragged her up and sIapped her.


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MENDING HIS BROKEN HEART CHAPTER 51 to 70 (51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70)MENDING HIS BROKEN HEART : CHAPTER 51 – 70

Solely Written by Rejoice U Jason

Chapter 62

Noel gasped and held her cheek. How dare Camille? She started feeling wobbly but stood her ground. She wasn’t gonna show Camille her weak side. Not now, not ever. Gray is hers alone and no one else’s. She struggled to look Camille in the eyes as her face turned pale.

“Just look at how pathetic you look, I have warned you but you wouldn’t listen. Stay away from my man!” Camille spat out in anger.

Noel chuckled.

“Your man? It seems you’re too blind and dumb to know that you lost your man two years ago. The man you’re seeing now is mine so fk off!” Noel said.

“Listen and listen good Noella, I am not someone who play around with words. I detest repeating myself.” Camille said.

“You should be ashamed of yourself Camille. I am surprised that a she d’vil like you still exists. I hate you to the core and I will get you for doing this to me.” Noel said.

“You know for someone who is defenseless, you’re brave and I hate that. Gray has always loved me and I’m sure he still does.”

“You’re day dreaming so snap out of it!” Noel said.

“Shut up and let me finish, I believe you’re smart enough to know that it is hard for first love to fade. Even though Gray is behaving like he doesn’t love me anymore, I know that he does. He is just trying to make you proud and that’s f©olishness.”

“You’re lying Camille.”

“Why would I lie? Either way, you are still an obstacle blocking my way, I don’t take shit from anybody when I’m angry. I’m giving you the last and final warning, leave Gray alone.” Camille said.

“Never! That is impossible. I have come too far with him to quit. You can’t just burst out of nowhere and ruin my hard work.” Noel said.

“What are you blabbing about?” Camille rolled her eyes.

“You’re selfish and wicked, you know nothing about love. All you care about is money and yourself, you’re so shameless to still show your ugly face after ditching the man you claim to love.”

“Shut up!”

“I won’t shut up Camille, I have been quiet for too long and it has affected me deeply. I won’t shut up this time, you’ve gone too far. You’re a bçh!” Noel yelled.

Camille tried to slap her but Noel held her hand.

“Don’t you dare! You have no right to lay a finger on me. Who do you think you are coming to harvest what you haven’t planted? Where were you when I worked my bvtt off trying to make him smile? Where were you when I suffered under the rain with him? Where were you when I stood by him when he was hurt? Tell me where you were when I finally mended his broken heart. Tell me where you were when he fell in love and had hope again.” Noel said.

Camille became quiet.

“You were not here when all these were happening to us and when everything was about to come back to normal, you came out of nowhere claiming you were k!dnapped and taken to another country. Who do you think you’re deceiving?”

“Noel, just shut up!”

“Answer me Camille, who do you think you’re deceiving? You don’t look like someone who was kidnapped at all. You look like someone who has enjoyed a luxurious lifestyle and when there was no more money, you came back to take my Gray but here is a Newsflash for you, you are too late!” Noel said.

“No I’m not Noel, you’ve been here talking and talking but where were you when we shared the strongest love on Earth?”

“Oh shut up! That love you claim to be strong was because of his money. You never loved him. If you did, you wouldn’t have d!tched him on your wedding day. You wouldn’t have absconded to Korea to sign a modeling contract.”

“Who told you that?” Camille asked.

“Doesn’t matter, let me out of here now. If Gray finds out you’ve abducted me, he won’t like it. He won’t take it likely with you.”

“Of course he will when he hears the heartbreaking story behind your de..ath. When you’re out of the picture, Gray will finally be mine.” Camille said.

“I pity your stupidity.” Noel scoffed.

“What did you just say?”

“You heard me well Camille. I am not scared of you and I will never be. You’ve taken everything but you can never take the people I love. You can go about bluffing but that won’t shake me. I am Noella Patterson and I never give up on what I want.”

“Neither will I.” Camille said.

Noel chuckled.

“I have dealt with so many people that have come after Gray and you won’t be an exception.”

“That’s if you leave here alive, I will make sure I kill you and leave no trace or evidence. It seems the poison is already working.” Camille said as Noel held her tummy in pain.

Noel was still adamant, she won’t let this happen. She won’t let this bçh have Gray. She wasn’t gonna let all her hardwork be in vain. Tears dropped from her eyes as bIood came down her mouth.

“Where is the strength you possess Noel? Where is that iron lady in you?” Camille asked bending to her level.

Noel s.pat on her face covering her with the bIood from her mouth.

“Sht!” Camille yelled.

“Poison can’t kll me. Forget I’m spitting bIood but I’m immune to po!son. I was supposed to have died 3 hours ago but look at me, I am alive.” Noel smirked.

“Then I’ll have to kll you with my own hands.” Camille said, wiping her face with a handkerchief.

“I am not scared of de..ath. Even if you kill me, Gray will never be yours. Even if I die today, I will come back and kll you with my own hands.” Noel said as she regained her strength and stood up facing Camille.

Camille was stunned.


“It’s today I realize you’re a big f©ol Camille. You want to kll me right? Go ahead. I am really thirsty for revenge.” Noel said, cleaning the bIood from her mouth with the back of her hands.

“I hate you Noel. You’re the hardest obstacle I’ve encountered in my life,” Camille chuckled and pulled out her gvn “So… klling you will be my greatest achievement.”

Camille pointed the gvn at Noel’s forehead ready to pull the tr!gger. She shot Noel’s arm and it started bIeeding.

“Ahh!” Noel winced in pain.

“I’m gonna shoot you, any last words?” Camille smirked, looking intently at Noel’s bIeeding arm.

“I’m giving you the permission to shoot! Like I said earlier, I’m thirsty for revenge.” Noel said, looking her straight in the eyes.

“Imagine if Gray hears that you’re dead, he will be so heartbroken then it would be an opportunity for me to finally have him all to myself!” Camille laughed hyterically.

Noel chuckled sadly.

“Karma is a bch, Camille.” She said simply.

“We’ll see about that.” Camille smirked, took another step back, clutching tightly to the gvn, she was ready to pull the tr!gger when one of her guards rushed in.

“Camille, Gray and the police are almost here.” He said.

“What! How did they find this place out?” Camille asked.

“I don’t know.”

“Someone told me that here would be the perfect place to keep her with non-interference.” Camille groaned angrily.

“What? Are you surprised?” Noel asked her.

“Shut up and let me think.” Camille snapped.

“What do we do ma, they are closing in on us.” The guard said. He was already panicking.

“Tie her back and take her close to the cliff, I’ll go hide and shoot.” Camille whispered to the man’s hearing.


“After dropping her close to the cliff, look for a place and hide or better still, take another route and get out of here. I’ll join you guys when I get the job done.” Camille said.

“Okay ma.” The guard bowed and started tying Noel up. She was too weak to protest, she couldn’t even shout very loud as a result of the po!son and her bIeeding arm.

“Levi!” Camille called and he entered.

“Yes ma’am.” He bowed.

“Follow me.” She said, adjusted her Jean trousers and top with boots before hurrying out.

The guard tied Noel to the chair but didn’t make it tight because of the wound on her arm. He took her and ran to the cliff where he dropped her.

Noel gasped, one move and she would fall. She closed her eyes and her heart beat increased. Camille climbed a nearby tree and directed the gvn towards Noel’s direction.

“Help! Somebody please help me!” She managed to yell.



“We’ve been walking for almost an hour, are you sure you’re not taking us to a dead end?” Gray asked.

“Calm down Mr Gerald, we know what we are doing.” Kelvin, who suggested the idea spoke up.

Gray sighed and nodded before proceeding with the rest. They got through another bush before seeing the house.

“This is it.” Kelvin pointed to the house.

Gray ran into the house immediately but saw no one except bIood stains on the floor, it looked fresh.

“My Noel, please be fine. I’ll come save you.” He said and got out.

“Where do we search now?” Austin asked.

“Help please, somebody help me!”

Gray halted, he wanted to hear it clearly.

“Somebody help!” She said.

“Where is the sound coming from? It sounds like Noel.” Gray said.

“I think it’s the cliff.” Kelvin said.

“That’s not good.” Austin frowned.

“I don’t even wanna think about it, take us to the cliff immediately please.” Gray begged.

“Okay sir.” They chorused and Kelvin led the way.

Noel didn’t want to move an inch so it won’t stumble and fall. No one ever survived falling in there, it was quite a long height.

“Help! Help!” She coughed bIood but continued s¢reaming.


She heard Gray’s voice.

“Gray! I’m here!” She sighed in relief.

Gray came out and saw her at the tip of the cliff. He was about rushing towards her but they stopped him.

“Becareful Mr Gerald.” One of the policemen said.

“That’s my fiancee over there.” Gray released himself and ran to her but before he could get there, two bvllets were fired at Noel from an unknown direction. One h!t her chest while the other h!t her other arm, making contact with the chair.

For a moment, the world seemed to stop.

“Noel!” Gray ran to her but it was too late.

Tears rolled down her cheeks and her chair fell off the cliff.

“Noel!!!!” Gray was about jumping off the cliff but the policemen dragged him back.

He could hear the sound of the chair shattering to pieces and a big splash in the water.

“No!!!” He clutched his chest hard in tears and fell on his knees. “Noel!!!!”

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MENDING HIS BROKEN HEART CHAPTER 51 to 70 (51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70)MENDING HIS BROKEN HEART : CHAPTER 51 – 70


“Noel!!!!” Gray was about jumping off the cliff but the policemen dragged him back.

He could hear the sound of the chair shattering to pieces and a big splash in the water.

“No!!!” He clutched his chest hard in tears and fell on his knees. “Noel!!!!”

“Send some men to where the gvnshot came from.” Inspector Ben said and some men rushed to the the place.

Gray stared at the edge of the cliff as tears slid down his cheeks. He had lost the most precious thing in the world to him, what was there to live for?

What was he going to tell her parents? What would his parents think? What would Scarlet say? Should he just die and pretend like nothing happened? He stood up and took slow steps to the edge of the cliff and was about to jump off again but Austin held him.

“I know how you feel dude, just calm down. Noel isn’t, I’m sure of it.” Austin cooed.

“I should calm down? My fiancee just got shot and thrown down a cliff right before my eyes and you expect me to calm down?” Gray yelled.

He stood up and picked up a gvn.

“What are you doing?” Austin asked.

“Send some police officers to where the end of the cliff, make sure her body is brought out of the water.” He ordered.

“Okay, but where are you going with a gun?” Austin was worried he would do something stupid.

“I’m going to avenge her death. Whoever shot her must not be faraway from here.” Gray rushed and left the place.

“Should we follow him?” Inspector Ben asked Austin.

“Yes, please follow him but don’t go too close.” Austin ordered.

“Okay.” Inspector Ben said and they followed Gray slowly.

Austin sent the remaining policemen to where the river was. Immediately they left, he went on his knees and tears rolled down his cheeks. Why must all these happen to Gray? Now that he had finally found happiness, who would be so wicked to take this away from him?



Camille rushed out of the forest and smiled satisfyingly. It was finally done, Noel was gone which means she could have Gray now.

“Ma, don’t you think that was too extreme?” Levi asked.

Camille entered the car and patted the seat for him to sit down. She could see that he grew fond of Noel and isn’t happy with what she did but what else could she have done? Levi sighed and entered the car, she took another route and drove out of there.

“I know how you feel Levi,” She looked at him to see his expression then continued. “But people need to die for love to rule. When a person poses a threat to love, that person is supposed to be taken care of.”

“That reason isn’t satisfactory ma. She didn’t deserve what she got, there were other ways you could have taken care of her. De..ath? Sheesh!” He sighed.

“You can’t blame me though.” She said.

“Who should I blame then, her?”

“Why are you like this? You never complained when I klled Teresa and Julie, why are you suddenly complaining about Noel?” She half yelled.

“Teresa and Julie deserved whatever they got because they tried taking your life but tell me what Noel did? That lady was very nice and jovial, she had no ev’l intentions towards you, she_”

“Shut up!” She yelled. “Just shut up! I don’t wanna hear anything from you again. I klled her but it was all her fault. She should have obeyed and stayed away from Gray when I asked her to. Let this be between us, one leak and you’re gone. Remember, you owe me.” She said.

Levi sighed.

“As you wish.”



Gray searched through the whole forest but saw no one. The police officers continued following him so as to make sure he doesn’t attempt sui¢ide. After he had searched to his hearts content, he took a route to the river.

“Did you find her body!” He asked immediately he got there.

“No sir, we were not able to find her body.” One of the officers answered.

Gray grabbed him by the collar immediately.

“What do you mean by you couldn’t find her body? Isn’t this the river she fell in?” Gray yelled.

“Gray, please.” Austin begged, he knew what Gray was passing through right now.

“How can you tell me that the men in that river can’t find my fiancee’s body huh? What could have happened to it?” Gray started crying.

“We’re sorry sir.”

He released the man slowly and fell on the floor while Austin held him.

“Why did she leave me when I needed her the most? Why am I so unlucky in love? She never offended any body, why would they take her away from me?” He wept.

“Please be strong, all will be well.” Austin cajoled him, trying hard to hide his own tears.

“Why? Why?” He cried more.

The police officers just stared pitifully. They had searched the whole river but couldn’t find her body. Their plan was to rush her to the hospital and see if something could still be done but how can they do that when her body is nowhere to be found?




Austin drove into the compound and parked the car. He opened the door and brought Gray out, it was hard before they were able to take him away from the river. He looked dejected and was unable to speak, instead he acted like someone who had mental disorder.

Austin led him to the living room and met Noel’s parents there with Gray’s parents. They had brought Noel’s parents to the house so as to calm them down.

Immediately Evie saw Gray entering, she rushed to him.

“Where is Noel? Were you able to find and save her?” She asked but Gray was mute.

“What’s wrong? Where is my daughter?” Mr Pat asked

“Is everything alright? Why aren’t you two talking?” Mr Gerald asked while Jasmine watched in tears.

“Austin! Speak right now!” Jasmine ordered.

“Umm… Mrs Jasmine… uh…” He cleared his throat and sniffed.

“What happened?” Evie yelled.

“Noel is dead.” Austin said.

Everywhere was quiet for a while before Evie burst into laughter.

“You’re joking right? You’re just trying to pull my legs, I know that. Now, let’s stop the joke okay?” She laughed.

“It’s true.” Austin said.

“Austin, I know you’re a joker, your tricks won’t work on me this time. I’ll ask Gray, he is more serious than you are,” She went to meet Gray. “Gray, I want you to tell Austin to stop messing with me. Now, where is Noel? I’m dying to see her.”

“I’m sorry.” Gray muttered and tears rolled down his cheeks.

Evie stepped back.

Jasmine burst into tears and fell on the floor while her husband tried to console her. Mr Pat wanted to touch Evie.

“No body should come near me, jokes apart, where is Noel?” She yelled.

“I’m sorry Mrs Pat.” Gray apologized.

“My daughter, my precious daughter.” She held her head and fainted.

Austin gasped and carried her, he rushed her to the car while Mr Pat followed. Gray couldn’t move, it was like his legs were glued to the floor.

“Tell me it’s not true please!” Jasmine wailed loudly.

“Hold yourself honey, please be strong.” Mr Gerald consoled her, tears were threatening to fall from his eyes but he held it in and petted her instead.

Gray walked out of the house.

“Gray please stop! You have to stay here.” His father said, he knew his son too well.

Gray didn’t even hear what his dad was saying, all he kept hearing and seeing was her voice and her death. The more it replayed itself in his ears, the more he dimmed it too horrible to be true.

He got into his car and drove out to God knows where.

He drove round the city and stopped at his house. He got out of the car and entered.

“Welcome sir.” Lia greeted but he didn’t answer.

He went up the stairs to his room and started smashing stuffs. He made sure to bring everything down, shattering them to pieces while crying his eyes out.

Miguel returned from school and Lia ran to him.

“What’s all that ruckus about?” He asked.

“It’s Gray, he is smashing things and crying. I don’t know what’s wrong.” She answered.

“Crying? Come on, if you want to trick me please use something else. How can Gray cry when Noel is in his life? Last time he cried was when that bch broke his heart.” Miguel said.

“I’m serious, we have to stop him.” Lia said.

“Lia, I’m not in the mood for you and my brother’s trick this afternoon. As you can see, I’m tired.” He said and was about to leave when the news came on.

He and Lia fixed their eyes on the television and what they saw on the headlines made their heads spin.

“It has been reported that the fiancee of our popular CEO, Gray Gerald who was reported to have been missing since yesterday was shot to death this afternoon. The river where she fell in has been surrounded by policemen and people have been restricted from going in. The policemen have sent some sea divers into the river to search for her body but so far, we haven’t gotten any report that her body has been found yet. We the media use this medium to pay our condolences to the families of the deceased…”

“What’s the meaning of this? Is this authentic?” Miguel asked.

“No! No!” Lia fell on the floor and burst into tears.

Miguel ran upstairs to Gray’s room but it was locked.

“Hurry Lia, we have to open this door, he might hurt himself.” Miguel said.

Lia was too devastated to hear, she rolled on the floor wailing.

Miguel banged on the door severally but it wouldn’t open as many things kept shattering to pieces on the floor.

He fell on his knees and burst into tears.

“How is Quinn going to take this?” He lamented.




Quinn entered the house but no one was around.

“This is strange, they aren’t at the restaurant either. Where could they have gone?” She asked.

She was about going to her room to drop her bag when she saw the news.

“Huh?” She asked, shocked.

She quickly switched off the television and screamed.

“It’s not true, I’m dreaming, yeah I’m dreaming.” She started crying.

The door opened and Damien entered, he had seen the news as well and came to meet her.

“Quinn?” He called

“Tell me they are lying. Noel isn’t dead right?” She shook him vehemently.

He simply hugged her and she wailed on his shoulders.




“Ma, are you sure about this?” Levi asked.

“Yeah, the police will surely come over to interrogate me as a suspect so we need to fool them. Do it now!” She ordered.

“But you know this would weaken you for some hours, if care isn’t taken, it might kill you.” Levi said.

“I know but if the police should know that I am hospitalized, they won’t put their eyes on me.”

“But it’s risky.”

“Life is all about risk Levi. Stop complaining and do as you’re told.” She half yelled.

Levi sighed and held her arm.

“This might hurt a little.” He said.

“I know.” She nodded and he injected her.

“Do you feel anything?” He asked.

Before she could answer, she got dizzy and went unconscious.


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MENDING HIS BROKEN HEART CHAPTER 51 to 70 (51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70)MENDING HIS BROKEN HEART : CHAPTER 51 – 70

Chapter 64

“This might hurt a little.” He said.

“I know.” She nodded and he injected her.

“Do you feel anything?” He asked.

Before she could answer, she got dizzy and went unconscious.

Levi looked at her and sighed.

“Is this what desperation and obsession turn humans to?” He asked no one in particular before carrying her in a bridal style to the car.

He dropped her in it then entered the driver’s seat and drove off to the hospital.




When he got there, she was taken to the emergency unit immediately.

Levi paced forth and back with a worried look on his face. What if she didn’t make it out alive? Then all these would be for nothing? Was she even in her right mind to think of such? She didn’t even think twice before making such decision.

“Gosh!” He sighed and sat down.

The doctor came out few minutes later.

“Doctor, how is she?” He asked.

Doctor Blaine sighed.

“We’ve managed to remove the poison from her body. It’s a good thing that she was brought early else she wouldn’t have been alive.”

“So, she’s alive?” Levi asked.

“Yes but she is unconscious and isn’t under any threat for now. We still have to watch her closely.” Doctor Blaine said.

“Okay doc.”

“If I may ask, how did she get injected because it isn’t food poisoning?”

“To be honest doctor, I don’t really know. I am only her servant, she returned home yesterday with a fever and it got worse today.” Levi explained.

Doctor Blaine sighed.




Mr Pat sat down beside Evie on the bed trying to console her but she wouldn’t have any of it. Austin couldn’t say anything but stood there watching them.

“My baby can’t be dead, I refuse to believe it. They’re just playing pranks on us right?” She held her husband and cried.

“Calm down sweetie, she’s in a better place.” He said.

“Don’t tell me that!” She snapped “She isn’t dead, my daughter is alive.”

Mr Pat sighed.

Austin walked out of the ward and was about going outside when he saw Levi sitting on the chair. He arched his brows and went there.

“Good evening Mr Austin.” Levi stood up and bowed slightly.

Austin nodded.

“Why are you here?” Austin asked.

“Camille is seriously ill and has been admitted.” Levi answered.

“When did that happen?” Austin asked suspiciously.

“Yesterday sir.” Levi replied.

Austin entered the ward and saw her. Her condition was quite critical, she didn’t look like the Camille he knew, her skin was pale and she looked like she was dying.

“How did this happen?” Austin asked.

“She came back yesterday with fever and it got worse this morning. The doctor examined her and said it was poison.” Levi said.

“Poison?” Austin gasped.

“Yes sir.” Levi bowed.

Austin shook his head and was about leaving when his phone rang. He looked at the caller ID and knew it was Miguel.

“Hello?” He said, trying to sound calm.

“You need to be here now please, Gray will hurt himself.” Miguel pleaded.

“Hurt himself? What is happening?” Austin asked worriedly.

“He locked the door and is smashing everything. I’m scared that he might hurt himself please, come over.” Miguel said.

“Okay, I’m on my way.” He hung up and rushed out of the ward.

Levi heard everything and sighed heavily. He could imagine what Gray is passing through now.




Austin rushed in and even forgot to turn the car off before rushing into the house.

“Where is he?” He asked immediately he entered.

“He is in his room.” Miguel answered.

Austin rushed to the door and banged on it.

“Gray, please open the door.” Austin pleaded but Gray didn’t answer instead more things kept shattering to pieces.

Gray took a frame of her picture from the shelf and looked at it. He rubbed his hands on it fondly before bursting into another round of tears.

“You promised to be with me, you promised to marry me. Why did you allow death take you away from me huh?” He asked, his tears rolling down.

He sat down and leaned his back on the bed. He closed his eyes while remembering the good times they spent together.





“Okay, let’s go one more time, winner take all.” Noel said.

“Okay, prepare to lose.” Gray said.

“In your dreams, 1, 2, go! Rock, paper, scissors!”

They paused and Noel screamed.

“I won!”

“You cheated.” Gray frowned and folded his hands.

“No, I didn’t.” Noel countered.

“Then prove it.”

“How?” She asked. She had the feeling that he was up to something.

“Kss me.” He smirked.

“What? What did you say?” She asked.

“Kss me.” He repeated

“You pe.rvert!” She poked his forehead.

“Ouch! Is it wrong to ask a kss from my wife?” He pouted.

Noel sighed.

“What am I gonna do with you?”

“You could just kss me or admit you cheated.” Gray said, coming close to her.

“I didn’t cheat.” She stepped back.

“Then do it.”

“Stay back! Don’t make me bite you.” She threatened but continued moving back.

“Why don’t you stay and bite me? Why are you running away?” He teased.

Before she could talk again, SPLASH! She fell into the swimming pool there. Gray burst into laughter and held his tummy. That was when she knew he had tricked her and made her fall into the swimming pool.

“Look how you made a big wave.” He teased and laughed while she glared at him.

“Fine! You win! Come and have your kss.” She smiled.

“Are you serious?” He asked.

“Come quickly, I can’t wait anymore.” She smirked.

“Sure!” He rushed to her and bent to kss her but she pulled him into the pool as well.

Immediately he fell into the pool, she started laughing. She stuck her tongue out at him before swimming away.

“Wait till I lay my hands on you.” He swam after her.

“Catch me if you can.” She laughed and continued swimming while he chased her.

After a while, he caught her and hugged her tight.

“You’re a pretty good swimmer.” He smiled.

“I know, I’m awesome!” She bragged and he chuckled.

“Yeah you are. Can I get my kss now?” He asked.

She wanted to swim away again but he wrapped his hands around her waist.

“Don’t, don’t, don’t.” She warned.

“Too late sweetheart.” He smiled and kssed her.

She didn’t protest but kssed him back as well.

Later, they laid on the grass, looking at the skies.

“You’re more beautiful than the skies Noel, promise you’ll always be with me no matter what.” He faced her.

She faced him as well.

“I’ll be with you Gray, marry you, have children with you and grow old with you. Nothing will take me away from you.” She smiled.

Gray smiled.

“I love you.”

“I love you more.” She said and kssed his forehead.





Gray felt like his heart was on fire. The more he remembered the good times they had, the more his heart ached.

He heard another banging on the door and bent his head.

Austin sighed and they exchanged looks when everywhere became quiet. All they could hear were mumbled cries.

“Gray, Please open the door. We know you’re hurt, we all are okay? Open the door and let’s see how we can handle the situation. How do you think Noel would feel if she sees you like this?” Austin asked.

There was silence for a while before the door opened slowly. They gasped when they saw him, he looked like someone who had gone ¢razy. His hair was messed up and there was blood on his hands. He sniffed and went to sit on the bed.

Austin entered the room with the rest, there was nothing he didn’t break except for Noel’s pictures that were on his walls and small frames on the shelf.

“It looks like an earthquake happened here.” Miguel said.

They went to sit on the bed.

“Gray, please wipe your tears.” Austin said.

“She left me Austin, she’s gone. What else am I living for?”

“Calm down.”

“There is nothing to calm down about Austin. She promised that she’d stay with me, she said she would marry me and have children with me. Why did she leave me?” He cried.

Miguel bent his head. This was even worse than when Camille left him.

Lia didn’t know what to say, she pulled him in for a hug and patted his back while he cried in her arms.

“We need to get this room cleaned up, I’ll call the agent.” Austin said, he stood up and left the room.

He glanced at his phone and Scarlet’s call came in immediately. He stared at it and tears rolled down his cheeks. What is he gonna tell her now? He decided to tell her the truth because if he should hide it, she might find out later anyway.





Scarlet stood up from the bed and stretched her body. She had been working on her laptop for some hours now without rest.

She glanced at her phone and took it to dual Noel’s number. It hasn’t been reachable for a while now.

She tried the line again but it was same story.

She decided to call Austin instead.

She called once but he didn’t pick up, she tried again and he picked the call.

“Hey babe.” He said, trying to sound cool.

Scarlet furrowed her eyebrows.

“Did you cry?” She asked.

“No, it’s nothing.” He said.

“Come on, you know you can’t lie to me.” She said.

“I’ll be fine, I just miss you so much.”

“I missed you too darling. Can you help me tell Noel that I’ve been trying her number and it isn’t going through? I have two gowns here for both of us and I want her to choose the colours we would wear when I get back.” Scarlet said.

“Um… About that…”

“What’s wrong?” She was starting to have a bad feeling about this.

“Scarlet, please be cool when I tell you this.”

“Tell me what?” She asked.

“Noel is dead.” He said in between sobs.

“If this is a joke then stop it.” She frowned.

“I’m serious.”

Judging from his tone, she could tell he wasn’t lying. She didn’t know when her phone fell from her hands.

“Hello? Scarlet, are you there? Hello.” She could hear Austin’s voice but her voice was too hoarse to answer.

“Noel? Dead? How?” She burst into tears.



She sat down on the king sized sofa in her bedroom watching the news. She smirked and swayed from left to right.

“I should have known that bçh can never change. So, she has finally succeeded in klling Noel, watch out for me Camille, I’m coming for you.”


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MENDING HIS BROKEN HEART CHAPTER 51 to 70 (51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70)MENDING HIS BROKEN HEART : CHAPTER 51 – 70

Chapter 65


She sat down on the king sized sofa in her bedroom watching the news. She smirked and swayed from left to right.

“I should have known that bçh can never change. So, she has finally succeeded in klling Noel, watch out for me Camille, I’m coming for you.” She said.

“But ma’am, how are you gonna do that?” Her maid asked.

“Going to America of course.” She answered.

“Sorry to remind you but you’re aware you can’t leave Korea till next year.”

She sighed.

“Damn! Marie, call my manager for me. Let me see if I can speak with him, Camille can’t enjoy while leaving others in pain.” She said.

“Okay ma.” Her maid bowed before leaving.



Austin could only hear her weeping from the other end of the phone. He knew that he couldn’t comfort her for now so he hung up and left the hospital.



Levi sat beside her on the bed watching Camille and wondering when she was going to wake up. She looked peaceful and calm in her unconscious state that anyone who doesn’t know her would think that she is some sort of angel but who knew she was a d’vil in disguise.

She moved and Levi held her.

“Ma, are you okay?” He asked.

She opened her eyes slowly and looked at him.

“Did it work?” She asked.

“Yes it did, thank God you’re okay.” He smiled.

“Why shouldn’t I be okay? I’m not a weakling like you. Wait, were you expecting me to die?” She asked weakly.

Levi sighed, she was back.

“Not at all, I was only worried.” He answered.

“How is Gray and everyone feeling right now?” She asked as he helped her sit up.

“H©rrible.” Levi replied.

“Good.” She smiled.




“Mum, dad, please, we need to return to California. I want to know if what I’m hearing is true or not.” Scarlet cried.

“We will go to California immediately we’re done with what we came for. It’s remaining only a few days and the announcement is tomorrow.” Her father said.

“What? I should wait for a few days? It’s Noel we’re talking about here. Thesame lady you took as your own child, is that announcement more important than her life?” Scarlet half yelled.

“Scarlet! Don’t raise your voice at you father.”

“No mum! This has to stop. You two were here when I and Noel became best friends. We’re more like sisters and now I’m hearing news that she’s dead. Even if you can’t be considerate over anything, will you abandon this as well?” Scarlet said. She was hurt at the news but what hurt her most was that her own parents didn’t show any remorse at all.

“We love Noel too but we won’t let rumors ruin our reason for being here.” Mr Evan said.

“Dad, when a person d!es, can they be revived again? The person would be gone forever right?”

“Scarlet I_”

“But when a position of an heiress is lost, it can still be retained right? No one would take it away because it’s hereditary right?”

“Wait a minute_”

“But de..ath is something that is inevitable and when a person d!es, he or she is gone forever.”

“Listen Scarlet_”

“No! You listen dad, Noel is my sister and I am well aware that if what I’m hearing about her is true, then she didn’t die a natural de..ath. Getting to the root of what happened to her and getting revenge is all I care about now not some stupid and dvmba$s heiress announcement.” With that said, she wiped her face and stormed off to her room.

“What do we do?” Her mother asked.

“Let’s make sure she doesn’t leave this house. I must make that announcement tomorrow.” Mr Evan said.

Scarlet ran to her room and cried her eyes out while remembering the fun moments they had together.





“Are you sure playing a prank on Senior Ruth would make you feel better?” Scarlet asked.

“Yes, I’m sure it’s gonna. She thinks she’s the only beautiful girl in this high school, hmph! I’ll show her.” Noel frowned.

“Come on Ella, just because she said you’re chúbby doesn’t make her a bad person. Besides, I don’t think she’s wrong.” Scarlet laughed.

“So, you’re saying I’m chúbby? Really? You two need glasses.” Noel sighed, watching to see if her prank would work.

“I hope this prank is going to be funny. It’s no fun when it’s not.” Scarlet whined.

“Watch and see.” She bit her lip and watched intently.

Senior Ruth just finished snatching one of the Junior’s snack and was about sitting on her chair but the leg broke and she fell down, h!tting her bvtt hard on the floor. The students burst into laughter but she shot them a glare and everywhere quieted down.

She acted like nothing happened and sat down on the next chair, unknown to her, there was a whoopy cushion on it making it seem like she farted. As if that was not enough, the chair broke again and her food poured on her body then a little pepper entered her eyes and she started screaming and acting like a baby while the cafeteria roared with laughter.

Scarlet and Noel started laughing.

“Oh gosh I’m going ¢razy.” Scarlet held her tummy.

“Serves her right. I’m sure all those cute guys won’t think highly of her right now.” Noel said.

“Noel!!!” Senior Ruth screamed and stood up to pursue her.

“Uh-oh she caught me. Run!” Noel said and they started running while she pursued them with her watery eyes.





Scarlet fell on the floor and cried.

“The more I think about it, the more it’s harder to believe. I only left and it hasn’t even been up to two weeks. Why?” She wept.

A knock sounded on the door.

“Please, go away. I want to be alone.” She sniffed.

“Scarlet, it’s your mother.” Mrs Evan said.

“I know which is the more reason why you should not come in.” Scarlet replied from inside the room.

“Please, open the door and let’s talk.” Her mother said.

She sighed and opened the door before returning to sit on the bed.

Mrs Evan entered inside and went to sit beside her.


“Mum, if you’re here to persuade me then just know that it’s not gonna work this time around. I’m going to California whether you two like or not. My papers are getting prepared.” Scarlet said.

“I understand dear. I’m not here to persuade you rather I’m here to help you.” Her mother said.

“Help me how?” Scarlet furrowed her eyebrows.

“Well, you’re going to attend the announcement tomorrow.”

“No, I already said_”

“Listen to me,” Mrs Evan cuts in. “You’ll attend the announcement tomorrow and I’ll help you return to California after that.”

“Really?” Scarlet sniffed.

“Yes. I know how it feels to lose someone dear to you so please calm down and don’t do anything rash.”

Scarlet nodded.




Gray rolled on the bed, not being able to sleep. Whenever he closed his eyes, he would always see her falling down from the cliff. Sometimes, she would get shot over and over again and he would always jerk up with fear.

He got down from bed and headed for the living room where he met Austin by the wine stand.

“You couldn’t sleep too huh?” Austin asked immediately he got there.

Gray nodded and took a wine cup, he gulped one down immediately.

“How are the investigations going?” Gray asked.

“As usual, the policemen haven’t found any lead to the kller yet. They couldn’t find handprints in the door knob either. The kller is quite smart.” Austin said.

“I don’t give a dmn about how smart the kller is. All I want is justice for Noel, I want to make the person who caused me this great pain to pass through worse.” Gray half yelled.

“I understand, I believe they are working on it.” Austin said.

“Have they found her body yet?”


Gray sighed.

He didn’t have the strength to cry anymore. Even if he cried, tears wouldn’t fall. He was devastated and tired of life.

“Do you know that Camille is hospitalized?” Austin asked.

“No, what happened?” He asked uninterestedly.

“She was injected with poison.” Austin answered.

“Oh.” Was his reply.

He sat for a while and remembered how Camille risked her life to save Noel the other time.

“Take me there.” He said.

He stood up and went outside while Austin followed immediately.




Gray entered the hospital and asked of Camille’s ward.

Levi who was outside and saw Gray asking a nurse rushed in immediately.

“Gray is here.” He announced.

“Are your serious?” Camille asked.

“Yes, he’s here with Austin.” Levi said.

Camille smiled and put on a more pathetic expression.

Gray entered her ward and saw her lying there looking pale and weak. She looked skinny as well. He sighed and sat on the bed.

Camille opened her eyes slowly and saw him. She almost didn’t recognize him. He didn’t look good at all, he looked different from the Gray she knew. This death has really affected him.

“Gray.” She called.

“How are you feeling now?” He asked.

“I’m not feeling good at all. I was recovering this morning when I heard about Noel’s death, it weakened me to the bones and I almost died. She was like a sister to me, always showering me with love and care. Why would she leave me this way?” Camille wailed.

“Stop sobbing, it’s not good for your present condition.” Gray said.

“Allow me to cry, shout and tell so I can feel better. This is too painful, why should this happen to you?” Camille cried more.

Gray stood up, he didn’t have the strength to console anyone now. Besides, he is even trying hard to control himself.

“Let’s go Austin.” Gray said.

“Okay.” Austin looked at Camille one more time before leaving with Gray.

After they had gone, Camille smiled.

“Gray, you’re going to be mine soon. Wait till I get out of here, no one will stand between us now.”


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MENDING HIS BROKEN HEART CHAPTER 51 to 70 (51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70)MENDING HIS BROKEN HEART : CHAPTER 51 – 70

Chapter 66

“Gray, you’re going to be mine soon. Wait till I get out of here, no one will stand between us now.” Camille smiled.

Gray walked outside the hospital and ruffled his hair. Why must all these happen?

“Gray.” Austin called.

“Yes?” Gray answered.

“Do you trust Camille?” Austin asked.

“Where did that sudden question come from?” Gray asked.

“Seeing that you came all the way here just because you heard she was sick is giving me different kind of thoughts. I am aware that she saved Noel once but do you trust her because of that?”

“I owe her one Austin.” Gray said.

“You have to forget about that and focus on Noel’s case for now. I am placing Camille as my first suspect.” Austin said.

Gray turned to look at him.

“Suspect? Didn’t you say she was po!soned? How can someone who is poisoned kll another?” Gray asked.

“I knew Camille before you Gray. She is a fox and whenever I think about it, I believe she did all these to conceal her deeds.”

“I don’t think Camille can do a thing like that. Are you sure about this?” Gray asked.

“Have I ever looked this serious?” Austin frowned.

Gray sighed.

“This is so frustrating.” He said and walked away. Austin followed him as well.

Levi, who stood at a corner and heard everything went to meet Camille.

“Austin is suspecting you, I heard him telling Gray that you staged the po!soning so as to conceal your ev’l deeds.”

Camille sat up in the bed.

“What? Argh! That punk!” She exclaimed.

“What do we do?” Levi asked.

“Render all his investigations useless, we can’t kll him now so as to avoid suspicion.” She said.

“Okay.” He bowed.

“I need to get discharged from here immediately. I must start my plans with Gray now that he is heartbroken.” She said.

“You’ll be discharged the day after tomorrow.” Levi said.

“That’s too far, I need to speak to the doctor right away.”

“But ma, it was the doctor who said you would get discharged then.”

Camille sighed heavily.





Evie sat on the couch holding Noel’s picture in her hand and crying. Her husband came and sat beside her.

“Honey, please you need to eat something.” He said.

“Bring Noel to me then I can eat.” Evie replied stubbornly.

“I know the pains you’re going through right now. I am going through same trauma as well, I’m only being strong for you and Quinn. Do you know how hard I’ve controlled myself from yelling and smashing stuffs?” He said as tears dropped from his eyes.

“I understand. I still can’t come to accept the fact that my precious daughter is She can’t d!e like this honey, she fought so much to get Gray’s love. She can’t die till she enjoys that love,” Evie wiped her tears. “Why am I even crying? Noel isn’t dead, I know my daughter. She is a fighter and won’t give up easily, even death can’t defeat her. Noel will return and I’m going to wait for her.”

“Are you sure?” He asked.

“Yes. Why didn’t I realize this before huh? So, I’ve been wasting my tears all these while. Honey, give me food to eat, I need to stay healthy so as to see my Noel in the future.” Evie smiled.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” Mr Pat touched her forehead.

“I’m completely fine. Don’t worry about me, bring food and let’s eat.” Evie said.




Damien held Quinn and was taking her round the garden. Ever since Noel’s de..ath, Quinn has not been herself. Even Snow got shocked and passed out, Miguel is currently with her.

They stopped by a pool and he made her sit down. Her face was expressionless, she had cried too much that she felt she didn’t have any tears to shed any longer. She even stopped going to school and exams are around the corner.

“Quinn,” Damien called but she couldn’t answer. “Please, I want you to be strong. You’re a fighter, don’t let this shake you. Please, return to your cheerful self.”

“How can I be cheerful when the main source of my happiness is gone?” She asked.

“You still have your parents.” Damien said.

“Yeah but Noel is everything to me, I love her so much and I miss her.” Quinn was about to start crying but he cupped her cheeks.

“Look at me,” He said and she obeyed. “Do you believe in miracles?” He asked.

“Sort of.” She answered.

“Do you believe that Noel is still alive?” Damien asked.

“How is that possible? She was shot in the heart.” Quinn said.

“But her body wasn’t found, remember?”

Quinn thought for a while.

“What if it was eaten by a sea creature?” She asked.

“If that had happened, the sea divers would have found blood clots in the river and pieces of her clothing as well. What if someone saved her?” Damien asked.

“Oh my gosh!” Quinn gasped. “You might be right.”

“I have this feeling that Noel will come back but she won’t come as herself, she would come as revenge so stop crying and stay strong so that when she comes, you will have the strength to help her exert her revenge on the person that caused all these emotional traumas.” Damien said.

“You don’t know how much I want that revenge. I want to watch that person d!e in his or her own pool of bIood.” Quinn said confidently.

“I will be by your side on this, Miguel, Snow and Sapphire will too.” He hugged her.

“Thanks for making me feel better.” She hugged him back.

“I love you.” He pecked her forehead.

“I love you more.” She managed to smile.

“Let’s go get you something to eat.” He raised her up and led her into the house.

“Our son is an angel.” Mrs Rosella who had been spying on them wiped her tears.

“Why can’t you let this kids have a time alone with out spying?” Mr Smith asked.

“I just couldn’t help it.” She answered.




The halls shook with applause as the heiress alighted the stairs. Mr Evan had officially announced her as his heiress and had also transferred everything to her name.

“If she doesn’t have a boyfriend then she’s mine.”

“She looks so beautiful.”

“Who knew Mr Evan would have such a gorgeous daughter.”

Scarlet ignored what the guests were saying and walked down the stairs gracefully. She should be happy but her heart was boiling, she wanted to get all these over with and take a flight to California as soon as possible.

Her father introduced her to the guests and she cooperated.

After everything was over, she rushed to her room immediately and took her already packed luggages.

“Are you sure that you’re going to be fine?” Her mother asked worriedly.

“Yes mum, I’ll be fine.”

“You need to hurry. I’ll see how I can handle your father.”

“Thanks mum.” Scarlet smiled and hugged her.

“I’ll miss you daughter.” She pecked Scarlet’s forehead.

“I’ll miss you too. Bye.” Scarlet hurried out.

“Please be safe.” Mrs Evan muttered.

Scarlet entered her car and drove out immediately. She headed to the airport while many thoughts ran through her head. She remembered Noel’s words when she was drunk.

“I don’t wanna sleep, I want to dance and play then kll Camille, do you know who Camille is? She is a d’vil, she tried to threaten me but I outsmarted her because I’m a big girl.”

“Could it be?” Scarlet thought for a while then remembered another one again.

“She tried to kll Quinn in a car accident, she also threatened me that I should not tell anyone if not she will kll my mother, she said I should reject Gray’s proposal and that I should leave Gray but I told her No because I am not scared of her. I’m a big girl!!!”

Scarlet h it the brakes immediately.

“Camille! You did this! It’s no one else but you! I’ll make you pay for this!” Camille yelled and h it the engine, speeding to the airport.





Mr and Mrs Gerald were in the sitting room. Mrs Jasmine was resting her head on her husband’s lap while he patted her back gently, trying to calm her down.

Gray was all dressed for work and was about stepping out when they stopped him.

“Gray, you can’t go to work in this state.” His mother said.

“I’m fine mum.” Gray replied.

“Listen to your mother Gray. I think you should close the company for the mean time. You need time.”

“No dad, I can’t close my company. Most of the times I spent with Noel were in that company. We did everything together there. Closing it would be like forgetting about her and I don’t want to do that.” Gray said and walked away.

“Let’s give him some time.” Mrs Jasmine said.




Gray entered the company and the employees stood up to welcome him but he ignored them and went straight to the elevator.

They all shook their heads sympathetically. He was back to how he was 2 years ago. Rude, cold, unapproachable and merciless.



Gray entered his office and shut the door. He turned to Noel’s seat and sighed. He walked over to it and stared at it. It was neatly arranged and her comic books were in piles on it. He took one and read the title ‘Mending his broken heart’

“You mended my heart Noel but it’s broken again. When are you going to fix it?” He mumbled.



Gray sat on his chair looking at Noel’s picture when the door opened. Camille entered and walked towards him.

“What are you doing here? You should be in the hospital.” Gray said.

“I just couldn’t bear seeing you in pains that’s why I’ve come to comfort you.” She said.

“I don’t need anyone to comfort me so go away. I have enough problems in my hands already.” Gray said.

“Stop acting difficult Gray,” She sat down and faced him. “Remember, I loved Noel like my sister, I even saved her life once so I should be more hurt than you are.” She wanted to touch him but he yanked her hands off.

“Don’t touch me, that’s a warning.” He glared at her.

She sighed, this wasn’t going to be easy.

“Oh, I’m sorry. So has her body be found yet?” Camille asked.

“I don’t like discussing matters like this so leave!” He ordered.

She opened her mouth to talk but the door flung open and Scarlet entered angrily.

“Scarlet!” Camille gasped and stood up.

“Scarlet, you didn’t tell me that you were coming.” Gray stood up too.

Scarlet didn’t answer instead, she took slow and angry steps towards Camille. When she got close enough, she gave Camille two deafening sIaps. Camille staggered backwards and fell on the floor, Gray gasped. What was going on?

Scarlet dragged Camille from the floor and landed two sIaps on her cheeks again.

“You murderer! You klled Noel!”


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MENDING HIS BROKEN HEART CHAPTER 51 to 70 (51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70)MENDING HIS BROKEN HEART : CHAPTER 51 – 70

Chapter 67

Gray’s eyes widened.

Camille stood up from the floor.

“Camille, what’s going on?” Gray asked.

“I don’t know,” Camille faced Scarlet. “I’m your cousin, why would you accuse me of such a thing?”

“Quit the pretence you d’vil! Noel has told me how you threatened her to leave Gray alone else you would kll her. You were also responsible for Quinn’s accident.” Scarlet said.

“Threatened? De. ath?” Gray was confused.

“I did nothing like that. What in the world? SIapping me isn’t enough, you had to accuse me too? I saved Noel once, why would I kll her? I don’t even have the guts.” Camille started crying.

“You’re still pretending right?”

“Can someone explain what’s going on to me?” Gray asked.

“Gray, don’t listen to her! I didn’t do anything. Besides, I was unconscious in the hospital when that happened. If you think I’m lying, go and check the hospital record. I haven’t even recovered fully and you beat me up.” Camille wept more.

Gray looked at Scarlet and then back at Camille.

“I’m sure that you’re the one Camille. Noel has complained alot about you, stop acting all goody goody.” Scarlet said.

“I_” Camille couldn’t finish her words and fainted.

Scarlet gasped.

Gray rushed to her and touched her forehead.

“Geez, her body is heating up. She hasn’t recovered from the poison yet.” Gray carried her in her bridal style.

“Where are you taking her?” Scarlet asked.

“To the hospital of course. Do you want her to die in my office?” Gray asked and left.

“Po!son? How did she get poisoned? And if she didn’t kll Noel then who did? Could it be Teresa? But, I haven’t seen Teresa for a very long time now.” Scarlet sighed and sat down.

She looked at her hand, in as much as she hated Camille, she didn’t want Camille to die by her hands. She wanted Camille to be alive so that whenever she gets the facts of all that happened, she would be able to make her suffer.




Camille was rushed to the emergency unit while Gray waited outside with Levi.

Doctor Blaine came out few minutes later.

“How is she?” Gray asked.

“She is stable for now but she passed through shock and her body hasn’t healed completely. Who hit her like that? Her face is swollen.” Doctor Blaine was not pleased.

“She got into a fight with someone.” Gray answered.

“Make sure it doesn’t happen again so it won’t take her life. Her immune system is already weak as a result of the poison, we don’t want things getting complicated further please.” Doctor Blaine pleaded.

“Okay doc.” Gray bowed.

“You can’t see her for now, she needs space.” Doctor Blaine said before leaving for his office.

Gray ruffled his hair and left the hospital while Levi sat down.



Gray entered his office and Scarlet stood up to meet him.

“How is she?” She asked.

“Why not go and find out yourself.” Gray answered curtly.

“Why are you like this? I only did what I thought was right. She is Noel’s rival and should be tagged as a suspect.” Scarlet said.

“Yeah, she should. But, your manner of approach was wrong. You shouldn’t have sIapped her.” Gray said.

“I was angry_”

“Then learn how to control that anger.”

“Gray, I_”

“Do you think that I’m not angry about Noel’s de..ath as well? Do you know what my heart is passing through right now? I want so much to rip whoever did it apart. If it’s Camille, then we need proof before going into conclusions.” He half yelled.

“I’m sorry, I never thought of that. I was blinded by rage.” Scarlet sniffed.

“Please, don’t cry,” Gray begged and she nodded before sitting in front of him. “Please tell me, is it really true that Noel said Camille threatened her?” He asked.

“Yes. The night she got drunk, she told me everything. How Camille threatened her to leave you and also how she caused Quinn’s accident.” Scarlet said.

“But Camille was on the hospital that day, we need to look into this.” Gray said.

“Yeah, because Noel can’t die unjustly. We must find justice for her.” Scarlet said.





Camille had woken up and Levi was with her.

“You mean, Scarlet did this to you?” Levi asked.

“Yeah, I think Noel told her everything before she left for Chicago.” Camille answered.

“Then, it isn’t good news at all. What are we going to do?” Levi asked.

“You don’t need to worry about Scarlet, I know how to shut her up. It seems that she has forgotten that one of her darkest secrets is my grasp.” Camille gasped.

“Secrets?” Levi asked.

“Yeah. She doesn’t know that I’m aware of it so it’s going to be a huge shock when I reveal it to her, I can barely wait for day.”

“What secret is that?” Levi asked, he was already curious.

“It’s none of your business. Now, go get me something to eat then you buy the drug I told you about.” She said.

“Okay.” Levi collected her card and left.

Camille touched her swollen cheeks.

“Scarlet, you dare to sIap me. I don’t need to kll you, I will only put you in isolation and emotional trauma.” She smirked.




“But Mr Lee, it’s urgent that I go to America now.”

“Ms Eun Soo, you can’t go to America until a year has passed. That’s part of the contract you signed to work here. Did I do anything wrong by saving your life?” Mr Lee snapped.

“Not at all. I’ll wait.” She sighed.

She would always lose to him whenever he talked about saving her life. She couldn’t wait to teach Camille a lesson.

“Good! Now, go home and rest.” He said and walked away.

Eun Soo sighed.

“Ma, can we go now?” The maid asked.

“Yes, let’s go.”





Quinn got out of Damien’s car and held hands with him as they entered the school halls together.

“I’m so glad that you’re okay.” Quinn hugged Snow immediately she saw her.

“I should be the one saying that to you.” Snow said, hugging her back.

“I’m fine, Damien has been the best.” Quinn said and pulled away from the hug.

“Same thing goes for Miguel, he didn’t leave my side for once.” Snow smiled.

“Cool.” Damien winked at Snow and she blushed.

“What happened?” Quinn asked.

“Why do you want to know?” Damien asked.

“Because she is my friend and I just saw her blush.” Quinn said.

“Well, she is my friend’s girlfriend so she won’t talk till I ask her to.” He folded his arms.

“Snow, start talking.” Quinn ordered but Snow ran away.

“Hey!” Quinn exclaimed and ran after her while Damien followed.




“Scarlet, please try and eat. I know you’re hurt but you can’t starve yourself. You have to live for me please.” Austin pleaded.

“I don’t have an appetite for food Austin. Not until I unravel the mystery behind Noel’s de..ath.” Scarlet said.

“I know but it’s when you’re alive and healthy before you can have the strength to unravel such mystery Scarlet.” Austin said.

“I will make sure Camille suffer miserably if I should find out that she is behind all these. Just look at what Gray has turned into, he doesn’t eat or sleep. Do you know the reason why he comes to work everyday? It’s just to recall all the memories he had with her there. Are you happy that he’s like that?” Scarlet cried.

“No, don’t cry please. We can still find a way to unravel it.” Austin assured.

“When is that going to happen?” She asked.


“I can’t wait for that time, I want the answers now. How did she fall off the cliff and her body isn’t found? Who took her body huh?” She asked.

“I don’t know but we will find out.” He said.

She sighed.

“Camille is a suspect, please ask the policemen to interrogate her. That woman is a green snake in a green grass.” Scarlet said.

“I thought of that as well, I will tell the police to do that immediately. Please eat.” He said and took a spoonful of rice to feed her.

She hesitated for a while before opening her mouth and allowing him to feed her.




Gray just collected a bottle of alcohol from the barista. He went to a seat and gulped down three cups. Camille came and sat before him.

“What are you doing here?” He asked.

“I’m here to see you. Is anything wrong with that?” She asked.

“Yes, everything is wrong. You are one of the suspects for Noel’s death so stay away from me else I’ll get you arrested.” He said in a serious tone and she knew he wasn’t joking.

“But, I didn’t do it. Now, that she isn’t alive, why don’t I become like Noel to you?” She tried to touch him but he pushed her hand away.

“Don’t touch me.” He said, he started feeling sleepy and Camille smirked.

“You look tired, why don’t I take you home?” She smiled.

“I can go home by myself.” He yawned.

She carried him up and started leading him out of the bar. He tried pushing her off but he was too weak. She dropped him in the car and went to a hotel.

She brought him out, paid the receptionist after giving her a few words to tell Gray if he comes asking then took him to a room.



Gray woke up from bed and rubbed his head. He tried to remember last night but he couldn’t. He looked at himself and saw that he wasn’t on clothes.

He heard someone crying and turned to see Camille beside him.

“Wh… What…” He couldn’t talk as he stared at her.

“You’re a very wicked person Gray” she yelled.

“What happened?” He asked.

“You rapped me, you f©ol!”


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MENDING HIS BROKEN HEART CHAPTER 51 to 70 (51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70)MENDING HIS BROKEN HEART : CHAPTER 51 – 70

Chapter 68

Camille yelled and burst into tears.

“I did what?” Gray was shocked.

Last thing he remembered was drinking and getting dizzy. Did he get drunk?

“Stop pretending like you don’t know what I’m talking about. How could you do this to me? I trusted you, Gray.” Camille said.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know how it happened.” Gray was ashamed. What had he done? What would people think? That it hasn’t gotten to a month of his fiancee’s death and he raped someone and not any other person but his Ex-fiancee. He was embarrassed to the core.

“Don’t apologise to me, will it bring back the vrgnty you took? How can you be so cruel? I only followed you here because I trusted you. Is it wrong to grant your wish of sleeping in a hotel? I should have known that you only wanted to trick me.” Camille wept more.

“Camille, I’m sorry please. I can’t even remember anything that happened. I’m sincerely sorry.” He pleaded.

“I’m not accepting that. I’m going to post on the social media and tell the whole world what you’ve done to me. You’re so cruel Gray, I never knew you would be like this. It hasn’t been long Noel died and you rapped me.” Camille yelled.

“I wasn’t in my senses okay? I’m sorry. Please, let this be between us. If this gets out, my life is ruined please. It wasn’t intentional.” Gray pleaded.

“What about my life huh? What if I get pre.gnant? I was men$truating when you forced yourself on me. Look at the bIoodstain on the sheets, that’s the vrgnty you took from me.” She started crying again.

Gray looked at it and tears dropped from his eyes. So, it was true. How did it happen? Why did he do such a thing? He couldn’t even remember how he got drunk.

“I’m sorry.” He tried to touch her but she sIapped him.

“Don’t touch me! You’re a mon$ter.” She snapped.

“I’m sorry.” He apologized again.

“I will forget about this but that would be on one condition.” She said.

“What condition?” Gray asked.

“On the condition that if I get pregnant, you’ll take responsibility and cater for the child whenever he or she is born. You will do whatever I tell you as well.” She ordered.


“Else, I will tell your mom, dad, Austin and Noel’s parents that you raped me. I have our conversations recorded on this phone,” She showed him the phone and the recording. “So that I can have an evidence against you if you try to deny. I’m sure Noel is happy with what you’ve done.” She said sarcastically, wore her torn clothes and left.

Gray sat down as his tears rolled down. What is he going to do now? He was confused and at same time scared. Take responsibility for the pregnancy? Cater for the child? He prayed that she doesn’t get pregnant.

He looked at the bIood again and cvrsed under his breath. He knew that he was in a big mess this time around.

Camille came out of the hotel room and winked at the receptionist who nodded in affirmation. She entered her car and left.

Gray came out few minutes later, he was already dressed up and ready to leave. The receptionist saw and called him.

“Sir, please give me the key to the room.” She said.

Gray reached for his pocket and brought out the keys then gave it to her.

“please send the laundry man to the room, there is something he needs to clean up there.” He said and was about leaving when she stopped him.

“Sir, what happened to the lady that brought you in yesterday?” The receptionist asked.

“What lady?” Gray asked.

“The lady that helped you in when you were drunk. She asked me to watch over you that you’re drunk and she wouldn’t want anything to happen to you. She told she would come out immediately she drops you in the hotel room prior to your request but I didn’t see her. I just saw her running out this morning with torn clothes and she was crying seriously.” The receptionist said, adding more salt to Gray’s wound.

“Learn how to mind your business, that’s what you’re paid for.” Gray said and left.

The receptionist smirked and continued with her work.




Camille entered the house and met Levi.

“How did it go?” Levi asked.

“It went great. Blackmail, successful.” She laughed.

“You’re really a good actress, hope he didn’t suspect a thing?” Levi asked.

“No, he was pleading and pleading for me to keep quiet about the issue. Also, the fake blood you gave me did the trick. He looked at it and started crying.” Camille laughed.

“That’s cool but did you really sleep with him?” Levi asked.

“Levi, why would I try such dangerous thing? Do you want him to hurt my baby in that state?” She asked, rubbing her stomach. “Besides, the drug I gave the bartender to put in his drink was to make him pass out and not remember anything. I wouldn’t dare sleep with him now that I’m pregnant.” She said.

“So, how are we going to pull this off?” He asked.

“I will have to bribe a doctor. This pregnancy I’m carrying has only been a month, so two months to come, I will fake a pregnancy test result showing him that I’m two months pregnant with his child.” She laughed.

“Don’t you think this is going a little overboard? We might get into trouble later.” Levi said.

“This baby I’m carrying is my ticket to putting Gray in my palms. He wanna act tough with me right, I’ll show him. I will make sure he does whatever I want.” She said.

“We both know this child isn’t Gray’s and nothing happened between you two last night. What if he demands for a DNA test?” Levi asked.

“I’ll take care of that, you don’t need to worry. Let me go take my bath, there is someone I need to meet.” Camille laughed and ran upstairs.

Levi sighed and sat down.

How he got himself involved in this still baffled him? Camille has gone way too far. If not that she saved his life once, he wouldn’t be here doing her bidding.




4 years ago

Camille just came out of her car to call her gate keeper to open the gate. She had been horning for hours and the f00l has refused to open the gate. She would make sure he gets sacked today.

She was still standing when a guy ran and knelt before her.

“What’s the meaning of this?” She asked in irritation.

“Ma, please save me. I’m begging you, they want to kll me please.” He pleaded.

“Who wants to kll you?” Camille asked.

“I’ll explain ma, please save me first and I’ll forever be indebted to you.” He begged.

Camille looked ahead and saw some men running to their direction.

“Get into the car quickly and hide.” She said.

He stood up and opened the door then entered and went down. The men came and Camille pointed to another direction for them.

“He went that way!” She yelled and they ran to where she pointed.

Her gate keeper finally came out and opened the gate. She entered the car and drove in. When she got out, she walked to the gate man and sIapped him hard.

“You’re sleeping when you should be on guard right? I’ll show you what I’m made of. You’re fired!” She ordered and turned, not bothering to listen to whatever he had to say.

She entered the living room with the guy and made him sit down.

“What is your name and why were they chasing you?” She asked.

“My name is Levi Santos ma. I was being chased because my uncle wanted to kll me. After my father’s death, he took over all my father’s companies leaving I, my mother and two sisters with nothing. When I went to confront him, he sent his men after me. He is determined to kll me, thanks for saving me. I owe you alot.” Levi said.

“That uncle of yours is a wicked soul. Why would he do such a thing?”

“Because, I’m the one that is supposed to inherit all he took. Please, I don’t want to go back else he would kll me this time. Let me work for you please, I can use the money to take care of my family by sending it to them secretly please, I don’t want to die.” He went on his knees.

“It’s okay, stand up,” She said and he stood up. “You can stay here as one of my guards okay? I have my rules so don’t flaunt any of them to avoid us becoming enemies. Do whatever I tell you without complaints okay?” She ordered.

“Okay ma, thank you ma.” He smiled.

“My name is Camille, feel free with me. I’m not that bad.”





“Levi, you’re the only one I’m about to tell this. I’m traveling to Korea.” Camille said.

“Korea? But your wedding is in few days.” Levi said

“I know. The wedding can wait, there’s a contract I need to sign.” She said.

“What about Gray?” He asked.

“Forget about him, he isn’t going to find out. We’re leaving on the night before the day of the wedding with Julie so get ready. I’m only telling you because you’re the most hardworking amongst my guards and my favorite, also because I trust you.” Camille said.

Levi sighed.

“As you wish ma.” He bowed.





Levi sighed and rubbed his palm on his forehead. She was never like this. How did she become a d’vil so quickly? He knew he wouldn’t be able to back out else she would kll him, he had witnessed her doing so many ev’l things so his life is also at risk as well. So, he needs to do what it takes and gather some evidence before she betrays him. He would back$tab her before she back$tabs him.




A guy with brown silky hair and cute features sat down on a chair, taking a glass of beer when Camille entered. She walked straight to where he sat. When he saw her, he smiled. He kssed her immediately she came to him and rubbed her tummy.

“How’s our baby doing?” He asked with a huge smile.

“Fine.” Camille smiled and sat down.

He sat down as well.

“You sounded urgent on the phone, what’s wrong?” He asked.

“Chris, I need your help with something.” She said.

“What’s that? Is it our baby?”

“The baby is fine. I have a request.” She said.

“Okay, I’m listening.” Chris said.

Camille explained everything to him and his eyes widened in shock.

“So, let’s just end our relationship here and act like this never happened between us.”

“What! That’s absurd. You want to use my baby to blackmail another man? Why?” He sounded hurt.

“You can take your baby back after I’ve achieved what I want with him or her. It’s my baby too and I have a right over it as well.” She said.

“I’m not letting that happen. You can’t force another man to take responsibility for my own child. Camille, I love you. Just forget about Gray and we can go start our life somewhere else.” He pleaded.

“No!” She stood up and dropped a huge bundle of cash on the table. “I’m paying you to leave this country and act like I never existed. Just go and don’t come into my life again.”


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MENDING HIS BROKEN HEART CHAPTER 51 to 70 (51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70)MENDING HIS BROKEN HEART : CHAPTER 51 – 70

Chapter 69

“I’m not letting that happen. You can’t force another man to take responsibility for my own child. Camille, I love you. Just forget about Gray and we can go start our life somewhere else.” He pleaded.

“No!” She stood up and dropped a huge bundle of cash on the table. “I’m paying you to leave this country and act like I never existed. Just go and don’t come into my life again.” She turned to leave but he held and dragged her back.

“We aren’t done talking and you’re leaving.” Chris said.

“Chris, let go of me else, I will shout.” She warned.

“I want you to shout. Shout at the top of your voice then I can tell the whole world how much I love you. Forget about Gray, Camille.” He said.

“I can’t okay? Let me be so that I can live my life.”

“Do you think paying me off to leave and forget about my child is living your life? That’s shameless Camille. You weren’t this obsessed when we first met.” He said.

“Are you saying that I’m obsessed?” She got angry.

“Yes. You’re already pregnant with our child. I am not denying the pregnancy, I’m taking full responsibility because I love you.”

“S¢rew that love!” She snapped. “It’s Gray I want Chris. I didn’t love you and I never will. I only used you to satisfy my sxual urge so, stop coming into my life.” She removed her hands from his and left.

Chris gasped.

“She used me? She doesn’t love me? But she’s carrying my child. That’s not going to happen, I can’t sell my child off, No!” He stood up and caught up with her outside.

“Can’t you obey a simple instruction? Leave me alone!” She yelled at him.

“I haven’t come to beg you, Camille. I came to return your money and leave you with these words. That child is my blood and I won’t allow him or her bear another man’s name. I’ll go but I’ll be back to claim what’s mine.” He said and left.

Camille didn’t take what he said seriously, she just entered the car and drove off.



Gray drove into the compound of his house and got out of the car looking like a shadow of his own self. He didn’t even turn off the car, he came out, lost in his own thoughts.

He walked into the house. Austin and Lia rushed to him immediately they laid their eyes on him.

“Gray, where have you been since yesterday? We got worried.” Austin said.

Gray didn’t answer.

“Sir, are you okay? You don’t look good. What happened?” Lia asked.

Gray still didn’t answer, he went up the stairs and entered his room.

“Stay here, I’ll go meet him.” Austin said.

Lia nodded and went to prepare something for him to eat.

Austin entered Gray’s room, Gray was seated on the bed with his head bent. He looked up and saw Austin then burst into tears. Austin thought it was because of Noel’s de..ath and hugged him, patting his back.

“Don’t worry Gray, everything is going to be fine. Please, stop crying like a baby, this is unlike you.” Austin said.

Gray sniffed while hugging Austin tight. He wished to be in Noel’s arms now.





Quinn had gone to school and Mr Pat went to the grocery store so Scarlet stayed with Noel’s mother.

“She was such a sweet girl. Always bubbling with energy and liveliness.” Evie said, rubbing her hands on Noel’s photo.

“Yes, she was.” Scarlet agreed.

“Scarlet, do you really think that Noel is dead?” She asked, tears welling up in her eyes.

Scarlet didn’t want to give her an answer she doesn’t want so as to avoid her crying.

“I believe that she is still alive Mrs Pat. She will soon return.” Scarlet said as tears rolled down her cheeks.

“If you believe then why are you crying huh?” Evie asked.

“No, I’m not crying, something got into my eyes so it’s making my eyes water.” Scarlet said, trying to make her voice sound as collected as possible.

Evie looked away and sniffed before placing the picture on her chest.

“It won’t be well with whoever caused all these.” Evie said and closed her eyes, drifting off to sleep.

Scarlet sighed and looked at the pretty woman sleeping peacefully now. She had seen how Evie would behave like someone who had lost it most times because of what is happening. She cleaned the tears that fell from her eyes and sniffed some in.




After Scarlet left the Pat’s house, she headed straight to the police station.

“Detective Ben, are you trying to say that you couldn’t find any fingerprints?” Scarlet asked.

“Yes ma’am.” He answered.

“Not even on the door knob?” She asked again.

“We couldn’t trace any. The only thing we saw was Noel’s blood that was on the floor. It looked like she spat it out before she was taken away. The culprit is really smart, he or she might have worn hand gloves to stop us from tracking the fingerprints.” Ben said.

“So, it’s over? Just like that?” She asked.

“No ma’am. We will still try our best to investigate.”

“It’s getting to a month now and we aren’t hearing any pleasant news. What happened to her body? We don’t know. Her body isn’t floating for us to know if she drowned or not. Why is all these happening?” She yelled.

“Please, calm down. We will make sure to get justice for Noel. Don’t you worry, we will find something.” Ben said.

Scarlet didn’t answer, she stormed out of the police station instead.



Gray couldn’t sleep the previous night. He stayed awake all night thinking about the ongoing events in his life.

He decided not to go to work today because he knew Camille will definitely come and he was too ashamed to look at her.

He got down from the bed and went into the bathroom. After bathing for some minutes, he came out with a towel wrapped around his waist. He didn’t care for a body lotion, he slid into his home clothes and sat down on the bed.

Austin came in with a tray of food.

“Come on, eat some. I prepared it myself.” Austin said.

“I’m not hungry.” He replied casually.

“You haven’t eaten anything good since all these started happening and you’re losing a lot of weight. Please, eat, even if it’s a little bit.” Austin pleaded.

“I said that I am not angry. Can’t you understand?” Gray snapped.

Austin stood there, unmoved.

“I understand your pain but do you think Noel would be happy seeing you starving yourself like this?” Austin asked, hoping that would change his mind.

Gray was quiet for a while.

“I really don’t have the appetite, keep the food, I’ll eat later.” Gray said.

“Okay. Please, do try and eat. When are you coming to the company?” Austin asked.

“I don’t know yet, I need to rest for today.” He said.

“Okay, I’ll be in the living room incase you need anything else.” Austin said before leaving for the living room.

Gray took Noel’s picture and rubbed it. She wore one of his long sleeves when he made her take that photo. She looked beautiful and hot in it, the way she smiled in the picture made him want to smile as well.

“I’m sorry Noel, I betrayed you.” He said.

His phone rang. He checked the caller ID and saw that it was Camille. He ignored the call and dropped it, it kept ringing on and on while he kept ignoring it. After it finished at the third ring, he turned the phone off.






Gray decided to come to work that day. Staying at home with nothing to do makes him hurt more than normal. Getting busy makes him forget half of his sorrows sometimes.

The door to the office opened minutes later and Mr Harry entered.

“Good morning Mr Harry.” Gray greeted solemnly.

“Oh my! Gray! You don’t look good at all. Please, go home and take some rest. I’m sorry about all that happened.” Harry said.

“I can’t go home now, it would get worse there.” Gray said.

“Sorry about that, this isn’t good news at all. Please, be calm, all will be well.” Harry cooed gently.

Gray sighed.

The door opened and Camille entered, she saw Harry and glared at him.

“What is he doing here?” She asked.

“He came to see me.” Gray answered.

“Ask him to leave now!” She ordered.

“What!” Harry and Gray exclaimed at the same time.

“You heard me well.” She said.

“Who gave you the guts to make orders here?” Harry asked.

“I don’t have the time to batter words with you. Gray, I don’t wanna repeat my self.” She said and helped her self with a seat then crossed her legs.

“Mr Harry, please, let’s just avoid trouble. We’ll talk on phone okay?” Gray said.

“No problem.” Harry stood up, glared at Camille before leaving.

“That wasn’t cool, Camille.” He said.

“Who’s that talking? You’re a wicked person so, you don’t have the right to tell me what to do and what not to do.” She snapped at him.

“What are you doing in my office?” Gray asked, ignoring what she said.

“I called you throughout yesterday but you snubbed my calls, why?” She asked, ignoring his question.

“I thought you said that you hated me so, I don’t see any reason why you should call me.” He said.

“Is it me you’re talking to like that? Are you this shameless?” She asked.

“Shame has nothing to do with you barging into my office to make orders and me stopping you. Yes, I’m sorry for what I did and I’m ashamed of that as well but that doesn’t give you the effrontery to make orders in my company.” Gray said.

“What nerves! After taking my vrgnty, is this what you have to say to me?”

“It wasn’t on purpose Camille. Do you think I would dream of making out with you if I’m in my right senses?” Gray asked with an eye roll.

Camille stood up angrily. She was lost for words and didn’t know what to say, she knew he was right.

“I’ll be back for you, don’t you dare make me expose you.” With that said, she stormed out of the office.

Gray sighed and sat down, he knew his life wouldn’t go easily this time. How he wish Noel was here?



Camille stepped out of the company and came face to face with Scarlet.

“Here comes the mvrderer, I’m sure you’re living your life happily now after destroying other people’s happiness.” Scarlet said.

“Is that how they greet people where you come from?” Camille asked.

“Greet? People like you should be detained. I don’t know how you still managed to show the world your face after what you did. You’re so shameless.” Scarlet said.

“Wow cousin! You really have a sharp tongue,” She dragged Scarlet to a corner and whispered. “But, tell me who the shameless one is here, I’m sure your parents would love to hear what you did some time ago.”

“What are you blabbing about?” Scarlet asked.

“Remember that ab©rtion incident?” Camille asked and Scarlet gasped.


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MENDING HIS BROKEN HEART CHAPTER 51 to 70 (51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70)MENDING HIS BROKEN HEART : CHAPTER 51 – 70

Chapter 70

“How did you_”

“How did I find out? Have you forgotten that you confided in me?” Camille asked.


“Have you forgotten so soon? Do you think you’re free from the wrath of what you did?” Camille laughed at her.

“I didn’t do it on purpose and you know that.” Scarlet said.

“Will your father hear that and believe?” Camille teased.

“For real, you were there, it wasn’t on purpose. Why are you trying to blackmail me with what wasn’t my fault?” Scarlet snapped.

“It wasn’t your fault but how did you get pregnant in the first place?” Camille asked.

“I’ve told you everything before. Why are you acting ignorant now?”

“I just want to know so I can know how to deliver the news to your parents. You know your dad’s bIood pressure always rise to shocking news like this. If he hears that his so called heiress has done an ab©rtion once, I don’t think he’s going to survive this one.” Camille said

“No, you can’t do that.” Scarlet pleaded.

“Then stay off my lane.” Camille snapped at her.

“This has already shown that you’re responsible for Noel’s de..ath, Camille. Shutting me up won’t solve anything, someone else is out there that’ll teach you a lesson as well.” Scarlet said.

“I didn’t kll Noel, why would you even think that I would do a thing like that? I’m your cousin for goodness sake.”

“Yes and I know the kind of person you hear. Wait till I get my evidence, I will expose you. I don’t care if you tell them.”

“What about your dad’s health? Do you want him to die just like that?” Camille asked and Scarlet’s phone rang. Scarlet looked at the caller ID and it was her dad. “You might wanna answer that.” Camille smirked.

Scarlet moved to a corner and answered the call.

“Hello, good morning mum.” Scarlet greeted.

“Scarlet, you need to come back to Chicago now.” Her mum said.

“What happened?” Scarlet’s facial expression changed immediately.

“Your dad’s health issue acted up when he discovered that you left for California. He was about showing you to some of his foreign friends but you were no where to be found. It got worse today, please you have to come back.” Her mother said.

“Okay, mum. I’ll leave tonight, please take him to the hospital.” She pleaded.

“He has already been admitted. Hurry up!” Her mother said and hung up.

Scarlet sighed and ruffled her hair.

“So, what’s your decision?” Camille asked.

“About what?” Scarlet glared at her.

“About what we’ve discussed. Are you going to go about spoiling my name that I klled Noel or risk your father’s life?” Camille asked.

Scarlet thought for a while. She isn’t going to allow Camille blackmail her like this, she knew what happened wasn’t her fault at all. She would save her father first and still carry out some investigations. Her father’s life is more important now, and if he loses his life, she wouldn’t be able to get over the guilt. Same thing goes for if she doesn’t get justice for Noel. She knew it was Camille but she doesn’t have any evidence yet. So, she needs a plan and her 1st plan is to agree to what Camille is saying and leave California for a while.

“I’ll stop please, I can’t risk my father’s life.” She said.

“That’s a very wise decision.” Camille smiled victoriously and left. One person down, remaining Austin, the problem is that she has nothing to blackmail Austin with so the best thing to do is to avoid him for now. And if she should meet him by accident, she was going to act weak in front of him because Austin and Gray both hate when women cry in front of them.

Scarlet wiped the tears that fell from her eyes and sat down on one of the seats of the company. Employees come there to have departmental meetings sometimes. The air around there was nice as well.

She sat down and closed her eyes.

“I’m sorry, Noel. Let me save my father first, I’ll make sure I expose Camille and get justice for you.” She said.

The thought of what happened in the past flashed into her memory again. She really didn’t mean to get horny that night, she only drank what Yvonne and her friends gave her. Had Noel been there, she knew that Noel would have stopped her from drinking. It was after everything that she realized that she was drugged.





5 years ago


Scarlet danced and swayed from left to right, enjoying the flow of the music. She refused to allow any guy dance with her so she danced alone. Yvonne, one of the most popular girls in school called her from the dance floor and offered her a drink.

“No, I don’t take alcoholic drinks.” Scarlet turned it down nicely.

“If you aren’t going to drink then what’s the essence of coming to a club?” Sephora, one of Yvonne’s friends asked.

“I only came because students from different schools are here to celebrate our schools success in the debate competition. Also, I was invited.” Scarlet said.

“Then drink and blend in, Scarlet. Don’t allow them make fun of you.” Yvonne said.

“You should be happy that the three mist popular girls in school offered you a drink for the first time. It would be impolite to turn it down.” Emily, Yvonne’s second friend said.

Scarlet sighed

“Just one glass.” She said.

“Sure!” Yvonne smiled and headed her a glass. She gulped it down at one and was about leaving but they stopped her.

“Why are you in such a rush to go? Stay here a bit and let’s gist.” Sephora said.

Scarlet nodded innocently and remained there. Later, she started feeling hot.

“What’s happening to me?” She muttered to herself.

She suddenly had this uncontrollable urge for sx. She became wet instantly and tried her best but she couldn’t control it.

“What’s wrong with me?” She asked, tears threatening to fall from her eyes.

“Come, let me take you to where you’ll rest.” Yvonne winked at Sephora and Emily who nodded and stood up.

Yvonne took Scarlet to a room in the clubhouse.

“Stay here, I’ll be right back.” Yvonne said and left.

Scarlet fanned herself with her hand, she couldn’t control it anymore. She was about fingerfking herself when the door opened and a drink guy came in. She couldn’t see his face clearly but that’s not what she cares about right now.

She lunged at him.

“Please, take me here and now, I can’t take it anymore.” She pleaded.

“Sure!” The guy answered and led her to the bed.

She lost her vrgnty that day and lived with the guilt for some months. She told Noel about it but Noel was able to calm her down that it wasn’t her fault. If she had known Yvonne would trick her into sleeping with a stranger, she wouldn’t have accepted that drink. The truth is, Yvonne had been jealous of her because of the attention she and Noel got from the guys. Had Noel been around, they would have drugged her as well.

Later, Scarlet discovered that she was pregnant and cried her eyes out on Noel’s shoulders. Noel had advised her to tell he parents but she couldn’t because they would be disappointed. Few months later, Scarlet told Camille what happened. She and Camille were very close at that time.

“You’re pregnant?” Camille gasped.

“I don’t know, I made a mistake.” She said.

“Have you told uncle and Aunt?” Camille asked.

“My parents? No! I can’t tell them. I will be dead if they found out. How about I run away then give birth and drop the baby at the orphanage? When I’m older and able to take care of it, I’ll take my baby back.”

“What!” Camille exclaimed. “That’s insane! Don’t you dare try that. Don’t worry, I’ll get you a drug that will conceal the Pregnancy. Come to our doll house and I’ll give it to you.” Camille said.

“Are you sure it’s safe? Hope it isn’t ab©rtion?” Scarlet asked.

“No, it isn’t.”

“How did you get it?” Scarlet asked.

“That’s not the matter now. Come on.”

They went into the doll house and Scarlet collected the drug from Camille. She took it and Camille told her to lie down and sleep before leaving. Camille stepped out of the house and sighed.

“I’m sorry, Scarlet.” She muttered.

Scarlet was still laying down and a sharp pain h it her. She couldn’t stand up and started screaming. Camille ran to where she was.

“What happened?” She asked.

“I don’t know, I don’t want to die.” Scarlet started crying.

Camille rushed her to a hospital secretly and bIood started flowing from her private part. The doctor confirmed that she lost the baby afterwards. Scarlet burst into tears.

“Why are you crying? Weren’t you the one who wanted an ab©rtion before?”

“I never said I wanted an ab©rtion.” Scarlet yelled.

“I didn’t know the drug will take your baby.” Camille said.

“What have I done?” Scarlet wept.





Scarlet sighed, it was also Camille’s fault that she lost her baby as well. She knew she was only 17 years old but she was ready to keep the pregnancy.

Now, Camille is putting all the blame on her alone. She sighed, she would tell Austin after her father’s health has been restored. If he loves her, he would forgive her right? She called and told him she would be going to Chicago for a while. He demanded to see her but she refused, she can’t face him now.





Lucas stared at the unconscious lady on the bed. His mum, Mrs Monica came to meet him.

“She hasn’t woken up yet?” Monica asked.

“No, mum. When is she going to wake up? It’s been three months now.” Lucas complained.

“Calm down dear, I’m sure she will.”

“I don’t even know her name yet. She’s too pretty to just d!e like that mum.” He said.

“That’s why you saved her right?” Monica asked.

“Not only that mum. Because, it isn’t time for her to die yet.” Lucas said and Monica patted his hair.

“She’ll wake up soon.” She smiled and left.

Lucas stared at her.

“I don’t know who you are mystery lady. So, please wake up and introduce yourself to me.” He smiled and held her hand.




Gray just returned from a meeting and met Camille in his office.

“What are you doing here?” He asked.

“That’s not how to greet you know.” She eyed him.

“That’s not the answer to my question.” He said and sat down.

“Fine, I came to break a very important news to you.” She said.

“I’m listening.” He said.

“I’m pregnant.” She said without blinking twice.

Gray felt like a b..omb just expIoded in his head.

“What did you just say?”

“I’m pregnant and you’re responsible.”




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