The rejected girl Episode 11





Mrs. Mars was doing the dishes when someone rang the doorbell, she went over to check only to see Anna standing there without Veronica

“Anna,” she called and looked around for Veronica but she didn’t see any signs of her

“Mrs. Mars, is Veronica in?” She asked

“No, you two went out together and I haven’t seen her since then, is she missing?” Mrs. Mars asked

“Oh, no, I thought she is back already cos after checking the costume I received a call from my parents and have to run back home, so I thought maybe she was back cos I spent a lot of time at home that’s why I decided to come here direct, ” she explained calmly with a smile

“My dear, she’s not back,” Mrs. Mars replied

“Oh, I will go back now, maybe she’s still waiting for me, what a good friend,” Anna said

“Ok, please tell her to come and eat am sure she hasn’t eaten anything since morning, and greet your parents for me,” Mrs. Mars said

“Alright ma’am, bye,” Anna said and turn to live

She smiled knowing full well that by now she won’t be able to walk, she brings out her phone and called Franklin and he picked up immediately

“Hey, how did it go?” She asked

“Just the way I want it, you are sure a God sent,” he replied

“I know right? Is she awake?” Anna asked

“Not at all,” he replied

“What are you doing? What’s that sound am hearing?” She asked

“Su¢king her juicy bbs, I can’t get enough of it, both her v-spot is wonderful that at a point I started wondering if she is a human or a mermaid or even an angel, she’s dnm hot sweet……..”

“I think I have to go now,” Anna cut in jealousy

“She didn’t even know why everyone thinks highly of Veronica, what about her? Is she not also beautiful?” She thought angrily


Lupita and Jericho were seating in a bar waiting for when Franklin will call, Jericho wanted to go home but Lupita suggested that they wait for a little longer

“So who is this your sister?” Jericho asked

“The girl you were fighting for the other day?” She replied

He thought for a while

“Wait, the church girl?” He asked, remembering her

“Yes,” Lupita replied

“This is bad, she’s calm and gentle but you seem to be a…..” He kept quiet when she flashed him a glare

“No, I mean…..”

“Forget it,” she interrupted

“Franklin is a mon$ter, if God was a human I will ask him why he created Franklin as a human instead of an animal,” Jericho said trying to start up a conversation

Her phone beeped and a notification came in, she checked it and her expression changed immediately, she fold her fist angrily and gritted her teeth

Jericho saw the look on her face and slowly peeped to see what she was watching but the sound of his phone made him stop, he looked at his phone screen to see a notification, and when he checked

It was a sx tape of Franklin havinging Veronica, she looks drunk but she was responding to his every touch, she even gave him a bj, and they did many things there.

But something was off, the face behind the person was cut off, he cut off his face which only means one thing, he wants to destroy her life with it

Lupita was still watching the video when his phone rang and Franklin was the one calling, she wanted to ignore it but Jericho told her to pick cos he have a feeling that it might be useful but she ignored it

She rushed outside and Jericho followed Wondering where she was going


Veronica woke up to see herself in an unfamiliar room, she looked around Wondering where she was when she heard someone’s voice

“You’re awake,” Franklin said smirking

“Where are you?” She asked and tried standing up but her legs hurt like h’ll

She looked down only to see that she was nked, and to say that there was a bIood stain on the be d

“No, no… Franklin, why?” She said holding her head

“Wow, you are the first girl I will give credit to, you were incredible and I love it,” he replied smiling

“Why did you do this? Made a vow never to do this till the day I get married, oh, Veronica you are finished,” she said with tears running freely from her eyes

“You don’t have to cry baby girl, we can do this all day cos you are so sweet down there and I couldn’t get enough of you,” he said licking his lips

“Where is Anna? We were supposed to be picking out a costume, wait, don’t tell me she’s……” She stopped as her eyes widen

Franklin saw the look on her face and laughed, he laughed so hard that he nearly fall from the chair he was sitting on

“I will sue you, I will make sure I….” She stopped when he showed her something on his phone

It was actually her sxtape, her eyes widen as more tears falls freely down her cheeks, and she covered her mouth with her palm as she watch her sx tape

“Tell anyone and I will release the video to the world, and from now henceforth you will answer to me whenever I call, else I will release this video to the world and you know what that means,” he said smirking

“Why are you doing this? What did I do to deserve this?” She asked in-between tears

Meanwhile, Lupita parked outside his house and wait for Anna as she approach the building, she waited till Anna entered the house and she followed her with a gvn in her hand


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The rejected girl Episode 12




Everyone was present at the dining table, since it was Sunday they didn’t have much to do, Mr. Armstrong looked at Franklin and asked

“Son, you haven’t been attending the bussing classes,” he asked

“Something came up Dad, but I will start tomorrow,” Franklin replied

“Good, did you need anything else?” He asked

“Yeah, I was thinking if you could get me another car and I want securities in my house too,” he replied

“Consider it done,” Mr. Armstrong said

Franklin smiles and took a glass of wine from the table

“For my new car, I love you Dad, you are the best,” he said and drank from his wine

“What about Jericho? He has been using the same bike for many years now,” His wife asked staring at her husband

“At least he has a bike,” Mr. Armstrong replied

“You bought a house for Franklin, a car for him last two months and now he wants another car and more securities in his house when Jericho doesn’t have any of that,” his wife said

She doesn’t know why her husband dislike Jericho so much, ever since the day Franklin was born, everything about Jericho took a turn, her husband took all the love, care, and attention from him and gave it all to Franklin

“He should work hard and get himself whatever he likes,” Mr. Armstrong replied slowly eating from his food

“Why can you just treat him like your son for once, how did you aspect him to buy a house when he only works as a delivery boy in his father’s company? Armstrong, why are you like this?” She yelled with teary eyes

“It’s ok mum, I can still manage the bike besides I love the bike,” Jericho said trying to calm his mother down

“No it’s not ok, I can’t keep up with this, you are also his son and he needs to treat you like one,” she sneered

Mr. Armstrong ignored them and continue eating his food without saying a word, he finished his food and wipe his mouth then get ready to leave when his wife block his way

“You have to tell me why you keep treating Jericho like this, what is it that you are not telling me?” She asked already crying

“Crying is not good for you, fine… Fine… I will get him another bike happy now?” He said

“Did you just say another bike? what about his monthly allowance? You stopped giving him that a long time ago too,” she added

“You know I don’t like it when you cry, fine I will give him two thousand,” he replied and pet her gentle

“Two thousand? while you give Franklin one million every month, this is unacceptable, if you continue treating him this way then I will live you,” she said and moved away from him

“You will leave me because of this boy? I did everything for you, am the best husband one could ever ask for and now you want to leave me?” Mr. Armstrong said angrily

“You better Change,” she replied and turn to leave

“You can’t leave, I love you so much,” he said but she ignored him and left

He angrily went to Jericho and pvnched his jaw

“Are you happy now?” He yelled and sIapped him twice

“I didn’t do anything,” Jericho tried to defend himself but his father dragged him up

“If I lose my wife because of you, I will kll you, if you know what’s best for you tell her not to leave if not….. I won’t tell you what I will do but you are going to see that for yourself,” he threatened and made to live when Lupita came into the house with a maid

“Sir she…….” The Maid was interrupted by Lupita

“We need to talk,” Lupita said looking at Mr. Armstrong with a straight face

“I will see you in my office,” he replied

“Now,” she said and walk out

Mr. Armstrong looked at Jericho for the last time and followed Lupita


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The rejected girl Episode 13




Mr. and Mrs. Mars have returned home with Veronica, the doctor said Mr. Mars needs to calm his mind and they shouldn’t remind him of anything that will make him sad or angry

But how is that possible when their daughter is pregnant and their teaching is against fornication or other things, what will the public say when they hear about this?

They were seated in the sitting room looking at Veronica like a stranger

“Veronica, when did this happen?” Her mother was the first to ask

She looked at them without knowing what to say, she absolutely have no idea of what they are talking about

“Did you suddenly lose your tongue?” Her father asked

“I don’t understand. What’s going on?” She asked

“Who is responsible for your pregnancy?” Her mother finally broke the news to her

It was as if her whole life has come to an end as she started sweating and shaking

“Pregnant?” She said with tears

“Yes, pregnant! you are a week pregnant now would you mind telling us who the father of that baby is?” Her mother asked

She was silent

“Was he the reason why you refuse to get married?” Her father Mr. Mars asked


“You rejected twelve men so that you could disgrace us, what will people say about you now when they find out you are pregnant?” Mrs. Mars said

“Am sorry mum, dad please am sorry,” she said still sobbing

“Who is responsible for this?” Her mother asked

She quickly remember what Franklin said he will do if she tell anybody about him

“It’s…’s…” She stammered

“How many were they?” Her father asked

“No it’s only one person,” she quickly replied

“Then who is he?” Her father asked

“You need to talk, that’s the only way to save you from this,” her mother said

“It’s Franklin, Franklin Armstrong,” she finally gathered enough courage and said

Her mother grabbed her hand and immediately went out

“Where are you going?” Mr. Mars asked

“Am going to see the person that put her in a family way, he must marry her before the public hears about this, I can’t let them disgrace my daughter like this,” she said and dragged her out


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The rejected girl Episode 14



“You said we have to talk?” Mr. Armstrong asked Lupita

“The goods have been delivered,” she replied

“Ok, I will see you and your boys tomorrow,” Mr. Armstrong said

“Did I look stupid to you?” She asked

“No, why?” He asked

“I need my money before 6:00 pm today,” she said and started leaving

She stopped and went back to him

“Keep your son away from my property, if not you know what that means,” she said and turned

“You need to apply respect when talking to me,” Mr. Armstrong said but two guys speak up

“Or what?” They asked

They were actually around the corner waiting for her

“Let’s go boys,” Lupita said

“Be careful, messing with her means messing with us,” another guy said and they followed her out

Mr. Armstrong watched till they were out of sight and he walked back inside



Veronica and her mother were welcomed into the Armstrong mansion by the maid cos Mrs. Armstrong ordered the maid to open the door for them

They were offered drinks but Mrs. Armstrong declined to say that she is a Christian

“Sorry for keeping you waiting,” Mr. Armstrong said and seats down

“What brought you to our house?” He added

“We are here cos your son put my daughter in a family way,” Mrs. Mars said

She doesn’t want to beat around the bush, she just wants to get it done with so that people will not find out

Mr. and Mrs. Armstrong exchange glances and turn to her

“My son?” Mrs. Armstrong asked

“You heard me,” she replied

“I Know it, that boy wants to disgrace me, nothing good can ever come out from that stupid boy called Jericho, and where is he? Jericho!!” He yelled now standing

Veronica heard that and was thinking how if it was the Jericho she knew or another one, but she didn’t think much about it cos she was in a bad position

“Dad, you called me,” Jericho said

He rushed downstairs to avoid being beaten again

“Is he the one?” Mrs. Mars asked

“No mum,” she replied

“If it’s not him then which of my son?” Mr. Armstrong asked

She hesitates a little

“Franklin,” she replied, and almost immediately Franklin calmed into the house

“I heard my name, hey Dad it seems like we have…….” The rest was stuck in his mouth when he saw Veronica and her mother’s angry face

“Did you know this girl?” Was the first question his father asked

“No, why?” He replied immediately without thinking

“Are you sure cos she claimed to be pregnant and said that you are responsible,” Mr. Armstrong said

Jericho and Veronica wasn’t able to close their mouth as they stare at Franklin in disbelief

“Pregnant? Are you kidding me? I have never seen this girl all my life,” he said showing a disgusting face


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Pregnant? Are you kidding me? I have never seen this girl all my life,” he said showing a disgusting face

“All your life?” Jericho asked still shocked

“Are you sure he’s the one?” Mrs. Armstrong asked

“Did you think we came from our house down here just to talk nonsense, my daughter here said that your son put her in a family way and you are asking here if she’s sure?

Did you have a daughter? Did you know what it feels like to be pregnant at her age?” Mrs. Mars said with anger

She doesn’t understand what they are trying to do with her

“Franklin, I will ask you for the last time, did you know this girl?” His father asked

“Dad, how can I possibly know her, ok wait… Who is she? Excuse me miss who are you?” Franklin asked to the surprise of everyone

Veronica was too dumbfounded that no word came out of her mouth, all she was thinking was how her life turns out this way

When she didn’t say everything and everyone was about to believe that she didn’t know who got her pregnant Jericho spoke up

“Franklin, how can you be so cruel? You mean you don’t know who she is?” Jericho asked

Everyone turned to Franklin expecting him to say something reasonable

“Wait….. Wait a minute, you plan this?” He said looking at Jericho

“What do you mean?” Jericho asked

“No wonder dad never liked you, so this is the life you choose for yourself?

You plan to ruin my life by pinning a pregnancy that I no nothing about on me? Of all the things you could have done why do this to your baby brother? Jericho why?” Franklin said faking tears

Jericho was more than surprised, have never seen anything like this before

“What are you doing?” He managed to asked

“How much? How much did you pay her,” Franklin asked and went over to Jericho

He grabbed Jericho’s clothes holding them tightly, Jericho wants to beat the crap out of him but he was scared of his father’s reaction

“Now am begging to understand, Jericho did you know anything about this?” Mr. Armstrong asked

Jericho could see the anger in his eyes

“No, no way, she’s my friend but I…….” He reached a hot sIap immediately

“You want to bring shame to my family, how could you get a girl pregnant and try to accuse your Younger brother?

Can’t you be man enough to take care of your responsibility?” His father Yelled and slapped him again

“Dad I swear I didn’t do it,” Jericho said

“Shout up, you are a disgrace to this family,” his father scolded him and he kept quiet

“Then who did?” His mother asked


“Shout up!!” His father yelled

Mrs. Mars didn’t know what to say, she was angry yes but with the look of things she don’t know what to believe again cos none of this is making sense to her

“Wait a minute, is this not you,” Franklin asked watching a video on his phone

He secretly massage Anna and she released the video, they hired a good photographer who edited the picture in three places, he changed the background and the clothes they were wearing to make it look like a different videos

“Lemme see,” his father said and Franklin pass the phone over to him

“You brought a whore to my house? How dare you?” He roared seeing the video’s

“Don’t you dare call my daughter names,” Veronica’s said

“I think you need to see all this,” Mrs. Armstrong said and showered her the videos

She didn’t believe what she was seeing, her phone buzzed and a massage from their church group came in, she reach for her phone and check what it was only to see another tape as if that one if not enough three different sx tapes came into her phone

She couldn’t withstand the shame that she dragged her daughter out, the message was from anonymous and Veronica was tagged church slvt


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Back into the house, Jericho looked at his parents and went to his room without saying a word while Franklin smiles

Meanwhile, Lupita was with her gang when she received a message from their church group, she was once a member, She checked only to see Veronica’s tape everywhere

“No… No… No….” She muttered and rushed out



Many members from their church were at the Mars house, they wanted to know why Veronica pretended to be who she was not

Even those who Adore her now call her names, it’s it was as if she did the most h©rrible thing on earth

Her mother succeed in getting her into the house and they were welcomed by her father’s angry face

“How did it go?” He asked

“She lied about that guy, turns out he doesn’t know her from anywhere and she has been deceiving us,” Mrs. Mars replied

“You don’t know who gets you pregnant? You sIept with more than four men, Veronica how can you bring this upon us,” Mr. Mars asked

She only cried and didn’t know what to do, the video is out and nobody will believe her if she say anything, the fact that it was four different videos made it look real

“Did you see the news? It’s everywhere,” Mrs. Mars added tapping her feet on the ground

“I can’t keep this shame in my house, you have to find whoever is the father of that child you’re carrying,” her father said

He went over and pushed her outside, everyone moved away from her as if she has a virus

👥 I can’t believe I was once wishing to be like her, I hate her now

👥 Me too, she’s a shame to womanhood

👥 How does it feel to be a slvt?

👥 No wonder she refused to get married

👥 Lupita is better

👥 I no right, at list everyone knows who she is, then this disgrace here

She could hear many comments as she went back to their door knocking for her parents to open it for her but they didn’t

“Mum, Dad, please am sorry,” she cried out

“I don’t want to see you near our house, you are a disgrace,” Mrs. Mars said

“Mum, am sorry please don’t kick me out,” she continues begging

She begged and begged but all to no avail, people around started throwing spoiled goods at her and telling her to go away

“Lupita, where are you?” She mumbled

Her voice was weak and tears refuse to come out of her eyes again, she still refused to go, suddenly someone among the crowd step out and ordered others to join her

They carried her out of her parent’s house as she continues begging them to give her another chance but they didn’t listen to her, the person happened to be Anna

They carried her away and started be..ating her, they ki¢ked, sIapped, and pun¢hed her to their satisfaction and left her there


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Lupita rushed home to see how their house was, many people were still outside waiting for her parents to come out so that they will throw a bunch of questions at her

“Lupita is back,” someone shouted

“How does it feel to know that your sister is a slut just like you?” Another person asked

Lupita Punched her immediately and she went flying away, everyone shifted back

“That’s how it feels,” she replied and went in but she stopped at the door

“If I see anyone here when I come out consider yourself gone,” she threatened meaning everything she said

Knowing that Lupita never jokes, everyone start departing, she went in to see her parents crying

“Where is Veronica?” She asked staring at them

“She’s a disgrace, she has been a wh’re and she hid it under her sleeves,” Mr. Mars replied

“That wasn’t the answer to my question,” she said

“She’s gone for good,” Mrs. Mars replied

“Gone where?” She asked

“They ki¢ked her out,” another voice said, It happens to be a little girl

She put on her clothes and grab her car keys

“Where are you going? It’s dangerous out there,” her father said

“Am going to find my sister and I will bring her back here, to this house and no one will do anything about it, not even you Mr. Mars,” she replied boldly and left

Getting outside she saw Jericho who was outside

“Where is Veronica?” He asked

“She’s missing and I have to find her at all cost, will you help?” She asked

“Sure, she’s my friend,” he replied



Jericho was speeding down the road when he saw Veronica standing close to the road and a car was speeding from the other side

“Oh there she is, thank God,” he said and send the signal to Lupita

Veronica stands by the road, looking at every car that passes, she has lost hope of leaving, nobody wants to see her again, she doesn’t even know what she’s doing with her life anymore and decides to end it.

The black car was almost close when she runs into the road and the car h!ts her which send her flying up

“No o!!!!” Jericho shouted.

Lupita on the other side who saw the same thing stopped then rushed to her, bIood covered everywhere and the car already stopped

“No oo, Veronica please don’t leave me,” she cried out loud as she holds the lifeless Veronica in her arms.


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Veronica was rushed to the hospital by an ambulance, Lupita was by her side while Jericho made use of his bike

The person that h !ts her happens to be a woman and she was the one who called an ambulance

They rushed her into the emergency room, Lupita made to follow them but was stopped at the door so she can only watch from outside

“How is she?” Jericho asked, he’s only coming now

“Am scared, I don’t wanna lose her,” Lupita replied

“You have to be strong, she’s not gonna d ie, ok! ” Jericho assured her

“It’s my fault, I should have saved her, I should have done something,” she added taking all the blame

“Hey, hey listen, it’s nobody’s fault, we got this, she’s gonna be fine and we will take her home,” Jericho said calmly

“You don’t understand, I have done many bad things maybe that’s why God decided to punish me, she told me about this but I was just stupid that I didn’t listen,” she said with tears

“What do you mean?” Jericho asked confused

“Earlier this morning she told me that she was sick, I told her we will go to the hospital for a check-up when she comes back from church, my mind was telling me that this was gonna happen cos she didn’t drink the medicine i bought for her… That medicine would have helped to prevent pregnancy but she misplaced it, I was angry at her for always being naive and letting our parents treat her the way they want, I should have stayed behind… I….. I should have stood by her side….. I…” She started stammering

Jericho on the other hand couldn’t hold back tears in his eyes as they both started crying

“Everything is gonna be ok, she will be fine and you will make it right,” he managed to say and hugs her

“It’s my fault, am so stupid to hate her… I was stupid to be jealous… I was…”

“Shhhh, everything is gonna be alright” Jericho cut in

“Hello, which of you is related to her?” A doctor asked

Turns out she’s the one that hit her

“We are her family,” Jericho said

“Ok, unfortunately, she lose so much blood but we were able to bring her back to life,” she said

Jericho and Lupita smile and hug each other again

“But there is a problem,” the doctor added

“What?” Jericho asked

“What problem,” Lupita asked

“She needs a bIood transfusion, we don’t have a match for her, .and if she didn’t get it she will……”

“Take mine,” Lupita said

“Take mine,” Jericho said

They both said at the same time

The doctor looked at them with pity and asked them to follow her, after some examination Lupita’s blood happened to be the perfect match

Jericho decided to go home and get food, it was already late but he said he will be fine




Jericho walked into the house and was welcomed by his father’s angry face

“Where the hell are you coming from?” His father asked

“I was with a Friend,” he replied

“Since when did this house become your own that you will go out and come back the way you want?” His father asked

“Maybe since he can’t take care of his responsibility,” Franklin said by the stairs

He comes down and seats on the couch, Jericho stares at him with so much anger That he forgets the question his father asked him

“Am i not talking to somebod?,” Mr. Armstrong asked

He kept quiet and didn’t say a word, which angers his father that he went forward to sIap him but Jericho blocked his hand in midair

“Enough,” he suddenly yelled shocking them

For the first time in a very long time

“Did you just yell at Dad?” Franklin asked now standing

Jericho went over to him and pvnched him hard in his face bursting his Iips, Mr. Armstrong was so dumbfounded that he didn’t do a thing

“Are you happy now? That girl is at the hospital fighting for her life just because of you, you ruined her life when she did nothing to you… She has been rejected by friends, family, and everyone,” Jericho yelled, seeing Veronica’s face in his head

“Karma is real and it will catch up with you when you don’t expect it, you got an innocent girl pregnant and deny knowing her, you rapped her and recorded the video….. Just pray that she doesn’t die cos if she dies” he stopped and looked around

“I will make you pay ten times,” he said and walked to his room

“Was that Jericho?” Mr. Armstrong asked still surprised

“I don’t think so, he must be an imposter, Jericho can’t be this strong,” Franklin replied


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Lupita was still sleeping and the doctor went to check on Veronica to see her already awake

“You are awake,” the doctor said

“Where are my, am I dead?” Veronica asked instead

“Easy sweetie,” the doctor said

“Am I dead?” Veronica asked

“Am doctor Fiona Adams, and you are not dead, you are very much alive,” the doctor replied

“Why didn’t you allow me to die? Am alone… Nobody wants to see am, why did you want me to keep suffering like this, just kll me I want to d!e,” she started crying again

“Easy sweetie, crying is not good for you now, and you are not alone… Nobody rejects you, your family is here,” Fiona said

“I don’t have a family, they said that am a disgrace,” she replied

It took Fiona a lot of effort to calm her down then she went and call Lupita and Jericho

He actually went back to the hospital last night night

“Veronica!!!” Lupita called and hugs her immediately

“Lupita, am sorry, am sorry for bringing disgrace to our family,” she said gently

“No you did nothing, I should be the one to say sorry for leaving you all alone, I was busy with work without knowing that you need me,” she replied now holding her hands

“Am I still pregnant? Or Is the baby gone?” She asked

Lupita and Jericho look at the doctor

“You are still pregnant and your baby is healthy,” doc Fiona replied

“Thank God, Veronica I will marry you and we will raise the kids ok!” Jericho said to the surprise of everyone

She was forced to smile with the way he said it

“Don’t be s!lly,” she said

“He will marry you, I have already signed it, now Jericho step forward lemme bless the two of you,” Lupita said and Veronica laughed softly

The doctor couldn’t stop admiring them

“What about mum and Dad? ” Veronica suddenly asked

“Don’t worry about them, you just have to be strong for me,” Lupita said

“No, us… Am still her husband remember,” Jericho correct

“You haven’t even married her and you are claiming to be her husband already, I might change my mind and this marriage will not be held again,” Lupita joked

“Sorry sister-in-law,” Jericho said

They were trying to make her forget all her problems, and it seem to be working

“Remember when we were kids, we use to be best of friends, you will always say that am the princess and you will be my guard,” Lupita suddenly said

“Yeah, that when we acted the princess and the guard,” Veronica said

“That’s right, we use to be one body’s until mum and dad started their church nonsense, they started calling me the prodigal daughter cos I never do anything they like, you will always steal food for me,” Lupita said

“It’s not stealing silly, I took it,” Veronica correct

“But they don’t use to know about the food so it’s still stealing,” Lupita replied

“Yeah whatever,” she said

“It’s not stealing, it’s called taking… She took the food but she didn’t steal it, right wife?” Jericho asked with a smile

“Correct,” Veronica replied and Lupita showed sad a face

“Fine, you both win, what I was trying to say is that we can go back to the good old day, we will go to a place far away and start a new life, just the two of us… I mean the three of us,” Lupita said

“I will be your guard this time and you will be the princess and Jericho will be your prince, we will go there and forgot none of this ever happen” Lupita added

“Thank you for not rejecting me like others, I love you Lupita,” Veronica said with tears

“What about me? Am your husband you should love me not her,” Jericho said and pouted like a baby

“Are you jealous?” Lupita asked in a mockery tune

“It’s not fair,” he said sadly

The life-supporting machine suddenly started beeping as Veronica struggled to breathe, the doctor has already left to attend to another person

“Doctor!!!” Lupita shouted

Jericho runs out and came back with a doctor not long after, the machine has already stopped beeping and Veronica’s eyes were closed

“What’s happening? Do something,” Lupita said with fear

A doctor made to walk her out but she refused so they have no choice but to allow her

“Why is she not waking up,” Jericho asked since they were both insides, his voice was already shaking as fear was written on his face

After some minutes the doctor shakes her head negatively

“Am sorry,” doc Fiona said

“No, don’t tell me that, you have to do something… She promised to go away with me, we will start a new beginning there,” Lupita said with tears trying to get over to Veronica but Jericho hold her back

“Time of de.ath is 1: 45 pm, ” another doctor said as they covered her

“She can’t leave me, bring her back, I want my sister back,” Lupita cried loudly rolling herself on the ground

“It’s over Lupita, it’s over… I was going to marry her” Jericho said, though he was trying not to cry but tears were still falling down

“No it’s not over, she did nothing to deserve this, I want her back, she’s my only family doctor please do something, she can’t die now,” Lupita cried holding the doctor’s leg and refusing to let go

“We did all we could, am sorry,” Doc Fiona said sadly


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“We did all we could, am sorry,” Doc Fiona said sadly

“No please, I want my sister back,” Lupita cried still holding her leg

“It’s over Lupita,” Jericho said and pulled her away

“We were gonna go away, we were gonna go to a place far away from here, she would have been happy again,” she sobbed

“I know but there is nothing we can do,” Jericho replied

They hug each other as Lupita won’t stop crying

“It’s time to call your parents, did you have their number?” Doc Fiona asked

“No forget about them, they put her through this, she’s my property and I will take care of her,” Lupita said

“Am sorry but with the report, we have here, you are her younger sister and your parents are still alive which means that she’s not your property, and your parents need to know about her,” Doc Fiona said

“Call them,” Jericho said and write down their number

He gets it from Lupita’s phone

They followed the doctor out cos they have to take care of her paperwork not knowing that someone has been watching

The person slowly comes out from his hiding place when he was sure that no one was around, he walked over to Veronica and unveil her face

“Are you dead?” He said and touch her face

“Poor thing, well good for you,” the person said and made to remove her clothes when a nurse walked in

“Who are you?” She asked Staring at him strangely

“I was about to go out,” he replied and head to the door

The nurse pressed a button and the door locked

“If you don’t tell me who you are am calling security,” she said boldly

He looked at her and licked his lips with a smirk

“Easy baby, am Franklin and am her boyfriend,” he replied

They heard footsteps approaching and he quickly jump from the window, the nurse was dumfounded

She went over and check but he was already gone




A man could be seen sitting on a chair and his men were around him

“Did you find the girl?” He asked

“No boss,” a guy replied

“What did you mean by no? The news is everywhere and this should be the best opportunity to get her,” he said his voice was cold

“We are still trying to locate her,” another person replied

“You have 48 hours, I want her here… I need that child she’s carrying, did you know how much I could make out of it,” he roared

Seems like he was talking about Veronica

“We will never disappoint you this time boss,” the first guy said

“It better be that way, hard some of the girls are pregnant?” He asked

“Yes, the boys are trying, three girls are pregnant and four gave birth,” the second guy said

“And the buyers?” He asked

“We were waiting for your command,” they replied

“That’s good, Diego, contact our buyers and make sure you feed all the kids while, I don’t want them to be sick cos I hate sick babies, nobody wants a sick child, and make sure none of the boys try anything funny,” he ordered

“Yes boss,” he replied

He seem to be a leader of a ¢riminal organization or should I say hvman¢king, they k!dnapped kids from a local community and force them to produce children so that they will sell and make money

Sometimes they will send someone to go around and look for the poor community where they can offer parents a huge amount of money and tell them that they want to employ their kids

They will take the kids home, if you are a boy they will make you have sx with a girl as far as you are fourteen and above, then if you are a girl they will ask you to have sx with a boy, and when you refuse you will face the consequences

They will force you to write a good letter to your parents and tell them that you are good and you miss them so much but you have to work and make more money, then they will put the money in an envelope and deliver it to your parents so that it won’t be suspicious and your parents will think you are working hard

That’s how it works with all the kids and they are all turned into sx machines and baby producers

No one has seen the boss, but he is there and none of the workers or security has seen his face except for one person


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Veronica’s body was in the coffin, and every member of the church was present

Her parents couldn’t stop crying, it was like a dream to them, everyone in the church today was crying cos they lost a good soul

Her mother was called to give a speech about her and she went

“My baby,” she said with tears

“She was the perfect daughter anyone could ever wish for…….” That was interrupted by Lupita

“Are you happy now?” Lupita asked coming into the church with Jericho behind her

“Lupita,” her father called

Every one started murmuring but it didn’t matter to her

“I asked a question, are you happy now?” She asked again

“How can I be happy when my daughter is laying down there,” she replied with tears

“You should be cos that’s what you wanted,” she replied to the surprise of everyone

“Lupita this is the house of the Lord, show some respect,” the priest said

“Oh really, well it’s Indeed the house of the lord but the people on it are filled with hatred,” she replied

“Lupita you have to stop this, you are ruining your sisters……”

“My sister’s what? The one that you all klled,” she cut in then face her Dad

“It was you who pushed her out, it was you who always want her to be the best, it was you who locked her outside when she needed you all the most,” she said and turn to her mother

“What about you? We use to be best of friends… She thought me how to do many things but you took her away from me so you could kll her,” she shouted

“Lupita, if you don’t stop this am calling the cops,” a voice said from the audience

She recognized it immediately to be Anna’s own, she pulled out a gvn and face her

“Oh? You are gonna call the cops then go ahead,” she said pointing the gvn at her head

“Pick up the phone and dialed the number,” she said

Everywhere was silent like a graveyard, no one said a single word

“She was only pregnant nothing more, when did it become a sin for someone to be pregnant? When God said go to the world and multiple,” She asked looking around

“All of you are sitting here looking at her coffin and shading fake tears, what did you do when she was alive? you forsaken her, you all turned your backs on her, and no one stood up for her….. She was the same person you all claimed to be miss perfect in your eyes,”

“Even the slvt in the bible was not klled, is there anyone here without a sin stand up lemme see you,” she said but nobody tried to make a move

Then she went to her mother

“It was you mum, who separate us and said light and darkness have nothing in common, I was darkness in your eyes and she was light, you made her befriend this snake who took her to the place she was raped, it was this same snake that stood and watch her being raped so that she can record it, it was this same snake that hired a photographer to edit the pictures and change many things in it so that it will look real, it was this same snake that posts the videos in the church group for you all to see it,” she said now holding Anna’s hand

Everyone was shocked

“But there is one thing Mr. and Mrs. Mars Glassman forget about, they didn’t lose one child they lost two so better asked God for a child cos Sarah gave birth at old age you could still do the same,” She added and point the gvn at Anna’s head

“Tell them what you did,” she ordered

“I… Emm…… I… It was the devil that made me do it,” she said and everyone gasped

Meanwhile, someone was watching from the back

“Are you sure you still want to do this?” A woman asked

“I dunno, I love my sister,” the person replied

“We can still stop if you want, though it will affect my hospital,” the woman said

“Don’t worry doctor Fiona, I still want to do it, I want to visit their generation with iniquity,” the lady replied

“Are you sure Veronica?” Doctor Fiona asked

“Yes,” she replied and looked forward and their eyes meet

Lupita on the other side didn’t know what made her look forward but she did and saw someone

“Veronica,” she mumbled and close her eyes then open them again to be sure but the person was gone

“Veronica, I saw……


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“Veronica, I saw her, I saw Veronica,” Lupita said pointing at the back

Everyone looks at her like she’s going ¢razy

“She was standing there,” she said

Two guys came over and knocked the gvn out from her hand so she have become distracted, they pin her down well

“Live her alone,” Jericho said but no one listens to him

“I saw her, she was standing over there,” Lupita continue saying

“She’s going ¢razy I will have to contact the psychiatric,” her father added

Everyone has forgotten about Anna and she used that opportunity to escape for her life, they were still trying to ti e her with a rope when some gang came into the church

“Live her alone,” someone said among the crowd

A guy walked into the church with some other boys around him, they were all wearing black, and with the look on their faces I could tell that they are of no good

The people holding Lupita let go of her and the guy step forward

“Diego, what are you doing here,” Lupita asked

“The boss wants to see you,” he replied

“Lupita, are you alright? Did you really see Veronica?” Jericho asked

“I saw her, she was standing over there,” she said pointing at the place

Everyone looked back but didn’t anyone there, they thought maybe she was truly going crazy, the boys walked her out Jericho made to follow but a glare from Diego made him stay back

Meanwhile, Veronica has already left with doctor Fiona




Flashback to when she was still trying to kll herself at the hospital

“I want to d ie, I just wanna di e to give me any medicine that will kll me please I want to di e,” Veronica said you the doctor who felt pity for her

“I once had a daughter just like you,” Fiona suddenly said

Veronica kept quiet

“I know what you are thinking, you might be thinking your situation is worst but it’s not, she was studying abroad cos my husband don’t want her to stay here, he has many enemies that wanted him dead so he sent her away for her protection, she stay away for years without seeing us and it was klling me”

“I decided to bring her home so that we could spend one week with her but little did I know that I will be sending her to her de..ath, her Father’s enemies were watching our everything move, being the second richest after the president bring many enemies” she stopped and clean her eyes

“I finally succeeded in making her come back but that same day she was abducted at the airport and rapped to de..ath, then they dropped her in front of this hospital, at midnight I reached an unknown call that a package was waiting for me at the hospital and I thought it was an emergency surgery “

“I never imagined I going to see my little girl when she said she was coming and later send a message that she might come late at night I thought maybe she has a change of plan I never imagined anything of such will happen, so when I get there I saw her body”

“It broke my heart to piece after so many years of not seeing her, she left when she was five and came back dead, I refuse to burial her and didn’t tell anyone about it, my husband d!ed same day, same night”

“So you see, I lost everything but I chose to live, I would have d!ed but I choose to save lives since I wasn’t able to save her,” she said and cleaned her eyes

“If you still want to die I will help you with it,” she added but Veronica didn’t say a word

“I saw the letter you wrote before you got h it by my car, we have a similar situation, someone did this to you and the person that rapped and klled my daughter is still out there, I will help you get vengeance,” she continues

“But it’s your choice to make,” she said

“You will be my mum?” Veronica asked

“Yes since the public doesn’t know that my daughter is dead, you will take her place and fake your death then come back for those that hurt us,” she replied

Veronica kept quiet and didn’t say a word

“It’s fine if you don’t want to do it, I understand and I can’t make you do what you don’t want to do but I think it’s better than klling yourself,” doctor Fiona said

“I will do it, but how will I pretend to be” She asked

“Live it to me,” Fiona replied

She touches her back gently before injecting her with her medicine that will make her heart stop beating, the Same medical they use during a critical surgery

She went out to call Lupita while the medicine slowly work on her

After that, she made a plastic face just like Veronica’s face and went to her daughter that she kept in a fridge and wear it on her, after the medicine affected Veronica and everyone thought she was dead she quickly switch the body and took the real Veronica away then replace it with her dead daughter

With the help of the plastic, and with the way, Lupita was going crazy nobody has time to check the body cos the face was Veronica’s own

So easy peasy



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Different cars were seen at the airport awaiting the youngest female trillionaires in Paris and her lovely kids

Their plane landed safely and she stepped down magnetically followed by two lovely children a boy and a girl

Paparazzi were everywhere as they flashers Camara on her face taking as many pictures as they can

👥Miss Vera heard you have been away since you were a little kid?”

👥How does it feel to be home?”

👥Who are these kids? “

👥”Why are you hiding your face?”

👥When will you show your face to the word?

👥Did you get married over there?

They throws a bunch of questions at her, she stopped and smiled lightly

Even her smile alone can make a king change his mind, it was so charming and cute

“Tell the world that am back home and it’s good to be home,” she replied and then ignore the rest question



Franklin on the other side was in his office when his manager walks in

“Boss you need to see this,” his manager said

His father gave him the company as he said and Jericho was sent out of the house for challenging his father

No one has heard of Lupita all this while and Anna has a son for Franklin

“What’s that,” Franklin asked

His manager showed him the video of miss Vera at the airport

“Oh, my God, she’s danm hot, who is she?” He asked not able to close his mouth

“You mean you don’t know her?” He asked

“No I don’t,” Franklin replied

“Everyone in Paris knows Vera and you are telling me that you don’t know who she is,” he said

“You mean the Vera Adams, the youngest female trillionaire?” Franklin asked, now looking closely at the video

“Yes, Miss Vera Adams, the CEO of Louis group of companies, the CEO of young dreams, the CEO of highlights, the CEO of fairy dream, the CEO of dream mall, the CEO of……,”

“Enough, how many companies did she have,” Franklin cut in

“She has about ten biggest companies in Paris and she’s also a lawyer,” he added

“Prepare a meeting with her, I need to get a contract now that she is back, she could help grow my company,” Franklin said

“That’s what I was trying to tell you, once we get a contract with her everyone will want to buy our goods, she’s like a queen and everyone in Paris is on her side,” he replied

“Why is that?” Franklin asked

“Haven’t you heard of the things she did for women and children? Gosh boss you are so clueless, she gave out scholarships to 1000 homeless children and sponsored 1000 people in homeless shelters” he replied showing the proves

“I need a meeting this evening, some people don’t know how to put their money to good use,” Franklin said still looking and the video

“She’s really hot,” he said and smiled

“Can’t wait to meet you, Vera,” he added.


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A guy walked into a room that seem not to be open for the whole day to meet someone in front of a computer

“Are you gonna do this for the rest of your life?” He asked staring at her and her computer

“I will soon find her I just need some time,” she replied

“C’mon Lupita, it’s been 7 years, 7 good years and all you do all day is to seat in front of that computer hoping to find someone you will never see, someone you know that is dead,” he suddenly shouted

“I saw her,” Lupita whispered gently

“You also saw her d!e, you were there when she d!ed why can’t you accept it and move on, your sister is and she’s never coming back to you, she has been buried, and by now it’s only her bone that is left,” he said trying to talk some sense into her

“Jericho, you know I saw her,” she asked staring at him

“I don’t know anything, it might be your illusion, I have tried to keep up with this but is not working, why can’t you just let yourself free and go out into the real world?” He replied

He seems not to understand why Lupita continue saying that she saw Veronica when she was there when Veronica d!ed, it’s been 7 years already and she’s supposed to forget about her and move on but she locks herself in this room all day hoping to find her sister

“You think am ¢razy?” She asked ready to start crying again

“I never said that, what am trying to say is that you have to accept reality, accept the fact that your sister is dead, and move on with your life,” he replied

“I know she’s out there somewhere I can feel it,” she shouted now standing on her feet, fighting back the tears

Jericho didn’t know what to do again, for the past years she kept blaming herself for her sister’s de..ath and he have tried his best to make her come into the real world again but she refused

“Is this what she wants? Is this what Veronica wants for you? What if you die in here? Did you think she will be happy? Why can’t you look into the world and see that you are hurting her soul? Did you think she will rest in peace while seeing you like this? Did you think am also happy?” He said with teary eyes

“Am not ok, I was going to marry her but look at me, at 32 and am still single when my junior brother is married, if we keep staying like this that means they win against us but we need to go out into the world and show them that we can do better than them, we only have each other now and I don’t want to lose another important person in my life, so am begging you please stop this and accept that Veronica is dead, let’s go out into the world and become the best that we can be”he said

By the time he was done she was already crying, he went over and hugs her gentle

“I also miss her even though we weren’t that close, I know what you feel but we have to move on cos the deed is gone and is never coming back,” Jericho said and tap her back gently

They disengage from the hug and she faces him with a little smile while cleaning her tears

“It’s just us so where do we start from?” She asked

“I heard that the owner of Louis company is back, you go apply for a job there since you insist on not working in my company, and I try and see if she will invest in my company too or Maybe we can be business partners,” Jericho replied

“Heard she has other companies like 6 or so,” she asked

“It’s 10 companies dummy,” he corrected

“How did she become that rich?” Lupita asked

“Her family is rich, heard her father was once richer than the president himself so what are you thinking, she’s the only child and that’s probably why she acquired such wealth,” he replied

They are out of the room and he made sure to switch off everything before going out

“How do you feel now?” He asked

“Never been better,” she replied


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“Grandma” the kids called and runs to the middle-aged woman who was waiting for them outside

“My babies, you both have grown big,” she said and opens her hands wide and they run into her arm with a wide smiles on their faces

“Hi mum,” Vera said and hugs her

“You have become more beautiful than I anticipated, I might start crushing on you one of these days,” the woman who happen to be doctor Fiona joked

They laughed

“You can as well start now cos you look different in my eyes too, don’t tell me you have started seeing someone and you didn’t tell me about it,” she replied with a smile

“You have become so naughty, “doctor Fiona said and they laughed

“Grandma I missed you so much,” Derek said, one of the Vera kids

They are now inside the big mansion, with maids and guards everywhere

“I was about to say that,” Mona said and h it him

They are at the big dining table with numerous maids and guards around them

“But I said it first,” Derek said

“It’s because you know that I was going to say that,” Mona replied still h!tting

“Oh please not again, can you both stop,” Vera said

“Mona you can still tell me that am listening,” doctor Fiona said

“No he shouldn’t have said it first, I was going to say that and he knows,” she replied and start crying

“Mona, stop this nonsense,” Vera said but refused and continue crying

“I miss you so much Mona, happy now,” doctor Fiona their grandmother said

She looked at Derek’s face to see that he is frowning and smiled

“Yes grandma, am very happy,” she replied and looked at Derek who was still frowning

“But grandma……”

“That’s enough Derek, you both should stop this,” Vera said referring to the two of them

They are always arguing, seeing her children act that way reminds her of her sister Lupita, that’s the same way they used to act when they were still little

“Don’t tell me you want to start crying again?” Doctor Fiona said seeing the look on her face

“No mum, am fine,” she replied and left the table





“Don’t tell me you haven’t gotten a contract with that lady?” Mr. Armstrong asked

“I tried Dad but she didn’t want to see me,” Franklin said

“why won’t she see you? Did you both already know each other? Mr. Armstrong asked staring angrily at him

“No Dad,” he replied

Have you both met before?” He asked

“Not at all, she’s always guarded with heavy guards,” he replied

“Then what’s with this nonsense you are saying, why is it so hard for you to get a contract with her?” He suddenly lost it and yelled

Knowing that vera is loved by all cos of her kindness and good behavior and Also her charity towards people, he knows that once their companies sign a contract with her they will grow three times before

“Don’t tell me you are playing with my company,” Mr. Armstrong said

“No Dad, my manager said …..” That was interrupted by his father

“I don’t care what your manager says, all I want is for you to get a contract with that lady, or else will regret it cos what I will do to you will be worst than you will ever imagine,” Mr. Armstrong threatened and left angrily

“Danm it, no woman has ever said no to me,” Franklin said and hit his hand on the table angrily




“Wish me luck,” Lupita said now standing in front of him

“We are both going for the same thing, so let’s wish ourselves luck,” Jericho replied

“Don’t be a joy kller I said it first, just wish me luck already,” she said like a kid

“Fine, good luck,” he said and she smiled and ruffles his head

“Good boy, Thank you,” she said going outside

“Hey, did you want me to luck bad?” he said and arrange his head back

He went outside and join her in the car, he’s also a CEO but with the fame, Vera has he also wants to sign a contract with her, he has been trying for so long and her manager kept denying it but now that she’s in town he wants to try again


They were still on the high way playing music and singing alone that they didn’t notice the car in front of them

“Jericho watch out!!!” Lupita suddenly shouted but it was already too late cos he h its the car and………..


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“Jericho watch out!!!” Lupita suddenly shouted but it was already too late cos he h its the car and it stopped

They were lucky that it was just a scratch but then when they saw who owns the car their heart shattered

“Vera Adams, we are finished,” Lupita said holding her chest

“I know right, no Job for you again,” Jericho replied and they slowly step out of their car

Vera on the other side was feeding her kids inside the car since they refused to eat at home, she didn’t want them to fight again and they have to start school today so she just took the food with her and decide to feed them in the car

Though she’s rich, she didn’t want to live her kids in the hands of a guards nanny or anything, she took it as her responsibility to take them to school and bring them home no matter how busy she might be she always made out time for them

She was still feeding them when she looked out through the side mirror to see Jericho and Lupita with the bouncers, the bouncers looked three times their size

She picked up one of her phones and called one of the bouncers and he picked up immediately

“Bring them to me,” she said in her usual calm voice and end the call

Meanwhile, Jericho and Lupita were still looking at the bouncers with pity when one of them speak up

“The boss wants to see you,” he said

They stares at each other and gently made their way toward her, a guard open the door

Since it was a Limo she asked them to come in taking them by surprise, though Jericho was also rich he was no match for Vera Adams

“Are you both gonna stand there all day,” she asked when they hesitate a little

“What made you h it my car?” She asked

They are now inside the Limo driving down the highway and another person was driving Jericho’s car

Vera Knew that if she kept quiet she will start crying so she just decided to talk, seeing her sister again for a very long time is like a dream come through for her, and seeing her with Jericho made her wonder if they were now married or not

But she was happy to see the two people that cared for her today

Jericho on the other side couldn’t help but pray silently, it’s like a wish come through, He’s in the same car with the almighty Vera Adams, the voice of the people

“Did you both go around h itting people’s cars?” She asked when they didn’t answer her first question

“No, not at all,” they both said at once

“Then what made you h it my car? Were you sleeping and driving?” She asked Not looking at them

She has her mask on

“No, I was going to take her for a job interview then head back to my company and after a few minutes I will come back to yours cos I was thinking if we would be business partners,” Jericho replied gently

“Still the same,” she thought silently

“I see,” she said and made to cover the food but one of her kids mistakenly h it it and all the contents poured on her

“Derek you two will not kll me before my time,” she said and slowly remove the jacket she was wearing since it was stained with food and she was left with only a singlet

Jericho swallowed nothing as he stared at her endlessly, the car suddenly stopped

“We are here ma’am,” one of the guards said

Meanwhile, Lupita and the kids were playing that’s why she didn’t pay attention to Vera so it was just Jericho that was doing the talking


“Be good two of you, don’t disappoint me, remember no friends, and You Derek, you are Mona superman,” Vera said

She bent in front of them

“And you mona, always listen and don’t fi ght with your brother ok, you both should always get each other’s back,” she added

“Got it, mum,” Mona said

“Sure mum,” Derek said and they wave at her before their teachers lead the way in



“Have you found her?” A man asked

“No boss, we searched everywhere but there is no sign of her,” a guy replied

“I heard that she was once your girlfriend, don’t tell me that you let her escape,” the man asked

“No boss,” the guy replied with his head bent

“Diego did you think am joking when I said I need her back, she’s the best to be compared with you all, if she was still here I bet we could have gotten more children, you need to find her,” he shouted angrily

“On it boss, we will try more this time,” he replied

“And the girls?” He asked

“Three are pregnant and four gave birth already but one of them is asking to see the child,” Diego replied

“Are you high, when did they start making decisions?” He yelled and grabbed Diego by his collar

“Am sorry boss,” he said and a sIap landed on his cheeks

“They have no right to see the babies, their work is to get pregnant and give birth, if any of them see their child that means am klling whoever allowed that to happen,” he yelled and throws him down

“Am sorry boss,” Diego said

“Find Lupita and bring her back, I don’t care what it will take but I need her back here,” he ordered and left

“Dead or alive?” Another person asked but received a buIIet on his leg instantly from Diego

“Shut up,” he shouted


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Vera walked into the company and head towards the elevator with Jericho and Lupita behind her

She didn’t bother to see the receptionist as she made her way in

“Excuse me, where did you all think you are going,” the receptionist asked

They turned back to see Anna at the desk, seems like she don’t know who owns the company she work for

Vera stared at her with anger, she wanted to design her face with a sIap but that will ruin her plan, she has a bigger plan for her sIapping her will ruin everything

“Are you all deaf or something?” Anna asked, Staring at Jericho and Lupita since Vera was wearing a mask, Lupita fold her fist tightly but Jericho noticed and hold her hands down

“That door is only for miss Adams and the staff so I will advise you all to get out or am calling security,” she said looking at them

Jericho and Lupita waited for Vera to say something but she didn’t, she just stood and watch her

“Security! Security!!!” Anna yelled as two security men came running their way

“Please escort these three outside this place does not look like a homeless shelter,” she said and the security was shocked by her words

“What are you still standing there doing, do your job and throw them out,” she shouted making people gather and start taking pictures

“Look up, something is above your head,” Vera final said

Anna looked up to see that the person she just insulted is the same face hanging above her head as miss Adams

“You are Miss Adams? Ma’am pleased am really……”

“You are fired, and you will hear from my lawyer soon,” Vera said and started working away while Lupita and Jericho followed

Her manager came running to her immediately

“Ma’am am very sorry, I saw the news,” he said gently

“Who is she?” She asked pretending not to know her

“Anna Armstrong, her husband is the CEO of Armstrong’s group of companies,” he replied

“Good, sue them, they will pay ten million dollars within 1 hour for harassment,” she replied and went into her office

“But ma’am 10 million is too much,” he said

“You are fired since you can’t do your job well,” she replied

“No ma’am please, I will sue them,” he quickly said and rushed out

All this while the only thing Jericho was looking at was the beautiful woman in front of him, he wondered what her face will look like without that mask, for the first time in a very long time a woman captured his heart without his knowledge




“What do you mean you were fired? Are you saying that you are that stupid not to recognize your boss? How stupid are you?” Franklin yelled pacing as around

She just finish narrating the whole story

“It’s not my fault, so don’t shout at me,” she shouted back

“Then who’s fault is it?” He asked

“Boss, you need to see this?” His manager came in with a laptop

“The Louis company is suing us, you are supposed to pay 10 million within 1 hour for your wife’s damage,” the manager said and showered it to him

“What damage?” He asked confused

“I did nothing,” Anna said

“This is what you want right, did you know what my father will do when he sees this? How can I pay such money for just one day?” He said and Mr. Armstrong walked in

“What’s this news am hearing?” He asked staring at them

“Dad I……”

A hot sIap landed on his cheeks immediately and everything was blurry in his eyes for a while, Anna shifted backward in fear

” Boss our stock is reducing, shareholders are dropping too,” his manager suddenly said seeing their sale records on the big screen in the Franklins office

Mr. Armstrong saw that and holds his chest as pain gripped him there

“Dad, no… No… Dad,” Franklin called going after his father who was already down

“Dad!!!!” Franklin called

His manager runs out and called security as they help Mr. Armstrong out while Franklin grabs his car keys

“I will see you when am back, “he said to Anna and left going to Vera’s company


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Franklin parked outside and went into the company the security made to stop him but he told them that vera asked him to come and that she was expecting him

He made his way into the elevator and comes out at the last floor, the decorations were beautiful he must admit, he made his way in but was stopped by miss Adams’s secretary

“Excuse me, sir, you can’t go in there,” she said

“Miss Adams asked me to come here today and she’s expecting me,” he lied

“Alright but I still can’t allow you in there until I confirm, so give me seconds lemme call her,” the secretary said

Franklin didn’t care to listen and tried to enter but she quickly rushed and block his way

“Sir, you can’t get in there without an invitation, but since you said she asked you to come I would like to confirm it first before allowing you to …….”

He pu$hed her out of the way and went to her office, vera on the other side saw the whole thing in the footage in her office so she was ready for him

“Ma’am I tried to stop him but he…..”

“It’s alright, I will take it from here,” she said with a smile and face Franklin

“How can I help you?” She asked

“Why are you attacking my company? You fired my wife for her stupidity and yet you asked her to pay 10 million who does that?” He asked

“Me, ” she replied boldly

“Why are you doing this? We haven’t even met before yet you are attacking my company, Vera…..” He was Interrupted

“It’s miss Adams,” she corrected rudely

“Ok, miss Adams, please leave my company out of your way, you have a very big company why then are you still attacking a little company like mine?” He said but in a loud voice

“I was going to come to you for a business offer,” he added

“First I would like to say thank you for making me earn more money, cos you are not just going to pay only 10 million,” she said with a smirk

“What?” Franklin asked

He seem not to understand what she was talking about

“Shhhh, am not done…… First coming to my company and lying that I asked you to come when I didn’t say such a thing is a crime, pushing my secretary when she’s doing her duty is a crime, they call it violence, and you will be charged with another 10 million, coming into my office and shouting at me is another crime which involves 10 million, and I still didn’t forget that you lied about me which is also 10 million, and you have to pay that in the less 1 hour, so after paying them you can then come let’s talk about business,” she said now standing up

“What, you can’t do that,” he replied fuming with rage

“Of course I can, I have people to feed,” she replied instantly

“You are a CEO just like me and you can’t make me pay sure amount of money for nothing, you know what the battle line has been drawn,” he said and turn to leave

“Threatening me is also an offense, which means another 10 million, and you have 1 hour to provide it, we are done here,” she replied and went back to her desk

“I can’t and will never pay that,” he yelled

“Then get your lawyer ready,” she replied and pressed the security alarm

He made to go after her but two bouncers came him and hold him by his ne¢k pinning him in the air

“Throw him outside,” she said and face down

Getting outside they threw him away and he went crashing into someone’s car, with the anger and everything he looked around for his car but didn’t see it

“If you are looking for the car that was parked here earlier then no that it has been taken away,” someone said

“What? Why will they do that?” He asked

“You parked in the wrong place,” the person replied and walked away

“Dmnit, dmn you Vera Adams, sht,” Franklin yelled


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“So how did it go?” Jericho asked Lupita who was in the kitchen making dinner

“I can’t believe your wish worked, I was accepted, and guess the position?” She said

“Secretary?” He replied

“Nope, try again,” she said

“Office Clark,” he replied

“Nope, try again,” she said

“Oh c’mon, tell me already,” he said

“PA,” she shouted with Joy

“Personal assistant, WOW… That’s incredible,” he replied and ruffles her head this time

“Hey stop that, am not a kid,” she said and frown

“But you use to ruffle mine,” he complained

“Cus you are like a kid,” she said laughing

“Joy kller,” he said and she grinned

“So tell me how did yours go?” She asked

They have forgotten that they were cooking

“Well she’s just like people said, kind and all that and we became partners but not officially cos she said she will look into my offer and get back to me tomorrow,” he replied

“I pray you will get the job and we will be the Adams advocate,” Lupita said

“Me too,” he replied

“And I saw the way you were staring back then, I can smell love in the air,” she added

“I wasn’t staring,” he lied

“Yeah, you were looking to the extend that you almost made her feel uncomfortable, meh that was too much,” she joked

“I was just… I was only… I mean…” He runs out of words and Lupita burst into laughter

“So are you going to tell her,” she asked and giggled

“Hell no, I will just crush in peace and allow the lady to be,” he replied

“What if she felt the same way,” she added

“Vera Adams, hell no, I don’t think so,” he replied

“I know that she’s Vera Adams, but you don’t know the heart of a lady cos it use to be tricky sometimes,” she replied

“I just can’t help it, she’s so beautiful, and when she removed her jacket back then in the car I nearly stopped breathing,” Jericho confesses and regretted it instantly cos she will laugh at him

“Oh my poor boy, come here… You have become Mr crusher, I mean office crusher,” Lupita said trying not to laugh but she couldn’t hold it and burst out laughing

“The food is burning,” Jericho suddenly said

“Ahhhhhhh!!!” The both shouted




Anna was in the bathroom when she heard the doorbell, she thought maybe it was Franklin she quickly finished bathing and went downstairs where the person was still waiting outside

She was only in her to..wels, thinking that it was her husband she just went to the door but she saw another figure

“Excuse me who are you?” She asked

The person was wearing a hoodie so she couldn’t see the person’s face

The person gently dropped the package she was holding, Anna knows that she didn’t order anything but she thought maybe Franklin did so she just decided to pay for it

She went in to get money and close the door behind her but immediately she get to the sitting room she saw Vero sitting comfortably on their sofa

“Anna, help,” Veronica said covered with bIood and bruise

“Argh ghost….ghost,” she screamed terrified and runs into her room

“Mum are you already?” Her son asked

He actually heard her voice and came running into her room, she holds her chest and breathe heavily

“Yeah, am fine,” she replied and hand the money over to the boy

“What’s this money for?” He asked

“I think your Dad ordered something, there is a delivery man outside go give it to him,” she said and he left

She went to the closet to get some clothes but someone called her name from behind

“Anna, please help me,” Veronica said again

She jumped up and screamed and Rushed out of her room going downstairs

Her son went outside but didn’t see anyone, He wondered why his mother was acting weird and decided to call his Dad and he picked up Instantly

“Hey buddy,” Franklin said

“Daddy, mummy is acting weird, you need to come home now,” he said

“Ryan, what happened?” Franklin asked

“I dunno, she has been shouting none stop as if talking to a ghost,” Ryan replied

“I will be there soon,” Franklin said and ended the call

Ryan went back upstairs

“Mum there is no one at the door,” he said and went to her room but she was not there

“Mum!!” He shouted and Anna comes out from where she was hiding sweating

“What’s happening? What’s wrong with you?” He asked seeing her like that

“Nothing honey, am fine, did you pay the delivery man already?” She asked

“There is no one there,” he replied

“Stay here and don’t move, give me the money,” she said and went out

She opened the door only to see Veronica again, standing there with bIood all over her body

“Arggghhh, get away from me, leave me alone… You are go away,” she shouted and runs out in just her to..wels


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Jericho drops Lupita at the company and zooms off, Lupita took a few steps forward when someone blocked her way, she looked up and it was the last person she wanted to see

“What do you want Diego?” She asked with a straight face

“You can only run but you can’t hide,” he replied

“That wasn’t the answer to my question,” she said still maintaining her straight face

“Boss wants you back,” he replied

They are standing close to each other

“And what if I say no?” She asked

“Lupita, you don’t wanna do this the hard way,” Diego replied

“Tell him that I said am not coming back there again, not now….not ever,” she replied and made to pass but the person with Diego pulled her back

She looked at her hand and then at the person holding her, then she turn to Diego

“Who is he?” She asked

“Get your hands off her,” Diego ordered and the guy smirked before doing as he was told

“Diego, who is this,” she asked again

“He’s a new member, but you don’t have to worry about him,” he replied

She scoffed

“Worry about him?” She asked and went closer to the guy

“If you ever touch me again….. “

“What will happen?” The guy cut in and she smirked

“Shout up,” Diego yelled at the guy

“Why should I, she’s the girl that’s making boss best you and orders us around like some sIaves, she needs to come back with us now,” the guy said

Diego sIapped him immediately and pulled him aside

“That girl is like a queen to our boss, if you talk to her anyhow and the boss finds out you are dead or did you want to die? She’s like his most treasured position, and to say that you are no match for her in times of combat or karat, she will beat you to death if you anger her and your boss will not do anything about it did you get it now,” Diego yelled

“Yes,” the guy replied and he let go of him

“Mind the way you talk to people cos you don’t know who is who,” he said and went over to Lupita who was still waiting

The guy stayed back

“Lupita, am sorry for his behaviors,” Diego said

“That’s not my problem, just tell him to be careful or I might kll him one of these days,” she replied and made to walk away but Diego stopped her

“Lupita, listen I missed you a lot, why can’t you come back to us, we can start over again,” Diego said

“There is no us,” she replied

“But we used to be happy, we have sx countless times and we…..”

“We have fun that’s all, so don’t ever think there will be us because that will never happen,” she replied

“But I love you and you know that, I have been protecting you all this while, can’t you just open up your heart for me,” Diego said

She moved closer to him

“We are done here and am late for work, tell your boss that am never coming back,” she said and start working away

“You want me to do it the hard way right? Don’t forget that I know what will change your mind,” he said

Just like flash she rushed back to him and grab his clothes

“Don’t you dare touch those kids,” she said meaning everything

“We will see, you have two days to decide… You or them,” Diego and left

She stood there staring into space not able to move, just when she thought her worries are over, a greater one came and hi t her




She’s currently on a call with her mother doctor Fiona

“You should have seen what you looked like in that outfit,” Vera said laughing

“I already knew that I looked funny, I nearly laughed with the way she was shouting,” doc Fiona replied

“It’s not over cos a greater one is coming their way,” Vera said

“Did they pay the money?” Doctor Fiona asked

“Nope but don’t worry about it cos I will take care of it,” Vera replied

“Don’t you think you should tell those two about all this?” Doc Fiona suddenly said and her face changed

“I don’t know how to start,” she replied

“At least try, it’s better than not doing anything,” doc Fiona added

“I know mum but I don’t know how they will react,” she replied

“It’s better to tell them and wait for their replied, have you ever wondered what will happen if they find out?” Doc Fiona asked

“I don’t want to think about that and am sure they will never find out, I will tell her but am waiting for the right time,” she replied and just then Lupita walks in


“Talk later mum, bye,” she cut in and ended the call

Lupita was still standing and Vera who was facing the winder turned immediately Lupita walked in

“You are late,” she said going close to her

“Sorry I was hucked up with something,” she replied

“Something more important than work?” She asked

“It won’t happen again miss Adams” she apologizes calmly

Vera looks at her for a while as different thought runs into her mind Lupita on the other side was thinking of different things too.


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