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"Ahh!!!! ", I yelled out pa!nfully as the pa!n became unbearable.

Here, inside this room, with heavy smell of disinfectant fluid, was I, laying on the bed, drenched in my own sweat, and hands tied to the bed.

"You can do it. I see the baby's head ", The loyal gynoc©logi¢al and ob$tetric doctor encouraged loudly. "Take a feel breathe and push! ".

Only if she knew I wish to die with this baby in my stomach.

I have lived in fear trying all my possible best to miscarry this child, this last eight months.

I have cried, stumbled and fell, but the baby has only been stubborn and refused to die. After the very day Romoe told me he was Kim, I knew he was bent on seeing me in agony.

Crying and pleading became my hubby this past months but Romeo was still unmoved, and Vivian keeps telling me to be strong.

Strong? Strong and see my child sold into pro$titution? Strong and be despised by my own child?

No, that's not an act of being strong but weak!.

I would never forgive myself for being useless if Romoe ever takes this child away from me.

'Alas, only if you agreed to die', I said inwardly in pain as the pain came again.

This time it was worst. It felt like my energy was being sucked by the child who was working against me, like he or she knew what awaited it.

"Yes. Yes, you can do it. Keep on pushing! ", The female doctor encouraged the more.

Tears trailed down my eyes as I pushed harder, with my eyes closed.

At last I felt it coming out of my body as I felt weak. Its cry filled the room as the nurses took him away.

"Its a boy. A beaitiful boy, your highness ", The doctor announced.

My heart leapt in joy and my tears trailed down the more as he was laid on my hands.

I took strength from him as my weakness disappeared. I felt a kind of new power and energy in my vein as I watched he's handsome face.

He felt warm as I kssed his white soft cheeks. His lips was as red as bIood and his skin as white as snow.

His lashes curled and pressed together with his eyes closed.

This was him at last. My own flesh and my own bIood.

"I won't be alone anymore ", I whispered into his ears before my eyes started becoming blurry.

My head swayed. I felt the doctor take him away from me before I fainted.


"Are you sure? ", I asked my spy from Romeo's quarters.

"Very sure, your highness. It is a boy, and rumors have it that his royal highness would send him to pr©stitution organization since he wasn't the father ", He announced.

My lips stretched into a smile at his words.

Romeo is unknownly pushing Leona to me. He should continue hurting her, while I continue helping her.

I told you, Leona, you will be mine soon. Very very soon.

That id!ot doesn't deserve you. Only I does.

"But there's a problem, sir", the servant interrupted my thoughts.

"What? ", I asked sipping from my wine glass.

He hesitated for a while before speaking

"I'm sorry, sir. but it was also rumored that His royal highness would divorce her immediately she delivers ",

"You're serious? ", I asked frozen.

"Yes, Your highness... ",

I didn't let him continue as I sprang up and hugged him tight.

"Sir? ", He called out, surprise written all over his face.

"This is good news!!!! ", I yelled running to my room in happiness.

At last, Leona would be mine. Mine at last. I have always wanted her back in Seventh grade but Romeo backstabbed me by making father take me to Dubai, when he knew I loved the woman he loved.

Was this not fate trying to compensate me?

I picked up my phone at the instant and dialed th digits of my PA.

📱"Make ready, we going home. My sister-in-law has delivered!!.


I woke up feeling weak at the moment. Vivian was attending to me when I woke up.

"Congratulations, My lady", She smiled faintly.

Something isn't right. Yes. Something is wrong. I have a strong feeling that something bad is about to happen but what?

At that moment, a maid walked in and curtsied. I watched Vivian walk over to her and they kept whispering.

I saw Vivian throwing up her hands in the air in a sorrowful manner, that caught me uncomfortable.

"Where's my son, Vivian? ", I asked in alarm as a bulb was lighted in my brain.

"I asked a question, Vivian", I breathed looking at the frozen Vivian who's cheeks were now stained with tears.

"My lady!!!! ", she cried falling on her knees.

I knew what has happened as my own tears trailed down. How could I ever be so foolish to faint knowing my child would be taken away this very day.

I have waited this months, praying that this day would never come, but it came in a flash.

"My lady, you're weak!!!! ", Vivian exclaimed as I struggled to come down from the bed.

The maid came crying to holding my legs.

"My lady please ", they two women cried.

My tears streamed down the more. No, I have to stop and if Romeo insists then I have to see my child for the last time.

"Let go off me!!! ", I yelled in tears before walking out of the room weakly.

My legs felt like spaghetti, as it felt weak . Each step I made was painful than the other. My feet felt sore.

I lacked strength as my head swayed. I held the wall as my tears trailed down.

'You have to be strong at this moment, for your son Leona ', I breathed internally gathering enough strength before continuing on my track.

Just a few blocks away, I saw him coming with his guards.

My shame left me as I staggered and fell before him.

"Please, Romoe!! He's just a child ", I cried holding unto his legs.

No word came from his mouth as he stared down at me with hatred.

"I told you, Leona. This is my revenge. Now sign this divorce papers ", He voiced in anger throwing a pile of papers at me.

It fell harshly on me as I cried the more.

"Please let me go with my child. Let me go!!! ", I cried ¢hocking.

A servant ran to us breathing hard with tears on her eyes.

"Your highness. The. The the baby is. Issss. is",

"What?! ", Romeo fired staring at the servant.

My breath hitched at the mention of the 'Baby '. Has he been sold already?

"Has been po!soned ".

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