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My feet got rooted on the floor as I stared at her.

Staring into her eyes, there was no fear which had always occupied her soul. It was replaced with resistance, Aversion, and revenge.

How much she changed!!!!

She, who had not even the courage to look me in the eyes, these past months. Where comes this sudden courage.

I retrieved my hand and tucked in my hands in my comments.

Is she now trying to play bada$$? Then I'm ready.

"Well, well, well. Seems the de.ath of your ba$tard has affected your brain, Miss. Aren't you afraid of de.ath? ", I asked angrily at her proud and arrogant face.

Her lips stretched into a smile revealing her white dentition. She stepped forward without breaking the eye contact.

She leaned forward to my ears as her hot breath h it my ears sending a spark to my body.

"I fear not even de.ath now, Romeo Sionis. The two people who should have kept the fear are no longer ", She whispered.

She stepped away from me, eyeshot as a larva.

A guard walked in at the moment.

"The king sends for, Your royal highness ", he announced and left.

Gazing at her, she seems strange as she stared back.

"Don't ever regret this decision, Leona", I breathed before making for the door as so many thoughts ran through my head.

Why does she behave so strangely? Was it because of the de.ath of the ba$tard?

Yes, it must be. Women are closely attached to their children, but that doesn't give her the audacity to talk to me in such a manner.

"My only regret was letting you enslave me", her words made me stop on my track.

I faced her as she smiled at me, strangely before walking to the bed, with the de.ad child in her arms.

The puppet has changed!!!!!.



I walked in, the moment the prince left with his guards.

I was alarmed to see her highness staring at the child with an unmistaken fire of revenge. Her lips quivered as her fingers trailed the baby's face.

"My lady! ", I exclaimed in alarm at her sudden unusual behavior.

I expected to see a woman in anguish at the death of her child. A woman who's grieving would have been second to none. But here was my mistress, with a relaxed look with fire in her eyes.

She looked up, with a faint smile and a peaceful face.

"Send in servants to come attend to him", she spoke, her tone relaxed.

My mouth dropped in astonishment. Looking at her, she seems different and strange, but I just can't point out the change.

Has she been affected by her son's death? Many women usually become unstable at their children's de.ath. Was she experiencing the same fate?

"Are you ok, my lady? ", I asked walking over to her.

"I am", her voice came out in a whisper without looking up.

I saw a teardrop from her face. She wiped it off immediately before standing up.

"I want him dressed in velvet and fur. Let him be dressed well before he's funeral", she breathed before handing the baby to me.

"The king is in a meeting with the Courtiers, for his highness funeral, I think, my lady", I breathed.

She stopped on her track. I saw a cloud cross her face but disappeared almost immediately as it had never been there.

"Fu.neral without my concept? Prepare, I am paying them a visit ", she stated, her voice determined.

My cells stopped on her words.

"My lady!!!. You can't go", I breathed nervously.

She turned sharply as her eyes narrowed. Her stare made me uncomfortable as I looked down.

"This is not a request, Vivian. It is an order ",

Her voice came out calmly but d.eadly. How much she has changed!

I called in maids to attend to her, as I attended to the beautiful d.ead prince.

How on earth would someone ever be heartless to kll this beautiful baby? He was the exact replica of the mother.

How sad.

He was washed clean before he was clothed in velvet and fur as commanded by her highness, who was still in the bathtub.

Staring at his lifeless body, he seemed to only be in sleep. I went over and kssed his head after the other maids have done so. He felt so cold.

Barely I moved away, Her highness swept in with maids who had worried looks on their faces.

One straight look on my mistress, I pinpointed out what was amiss.

She was in a fire red lace see-through fishtail gown, V neck design in the front which revealed almost half of her blossom. On her feet was a red heel.

Her hair was let down with gems inserted on various parts. She had a little makeup, which aided her blue eyes to shone perfectly.

She looked fire and beautiful, but this wasn't how a princess should dress!

"My... "

I stopped on my words as she was walking away already after kssing her son.

'You're so de.ad today, Vivian ', my subconsciousness echoed as I trailed behind her.

The Queen and prince would surely kill me to have allowed her dress this way.

I wanted to stop her, but one look at her determined face made me swallow back my words.

In no time, we arrived in the king's privy chambers, where guards stood to attention along the four walls, watching all those who entered and departed.

There was a great throng of people, mostly courtiers.

"Make way for My lady Highness! ", cried the king's Chamberlain, and the ranks of avid people obediently parted to let is through.

My heart was now be.ating vi©lently as we neared the big door which swung open and the chamberlain called, in an important voice,

"The lady Highness approaches! ",.

At his words, the luxuriously gowned ladies and gentleman stood bowing as we entered.

"Curtsey, My lady ", I whispered but she played deaf ears as she continued walking courageously toward the king.

Everyone breathed the cold air stiffly with their mouths hanging open at such disrespect from the Royal highness.

I watched her walk to the canopy occupying the two princes, the Queen and King.

I saw Queen glaring daggers as my heart froze. Why has this woman chosen to end my life internationally?

She walked up right in front of the king and faced the people arrogantly, with proud eyes.

"I heard you were all summoned for the de.ath and funeral of my child!!! ", she stopped as everywhere became noisy.

This was the first of its kind, and I'm truly amazed and shocked at her sudden behavior.

She used to be shy when she ever appeared here and barely looks up, but now... She's changed.

"How can the country aristocrats be summoned at the death of a ba$tard, who was po!soned? ",

Everybody gasped at her words. Why would she say such right before these people?

"Leona!!!! ", Prince Romeo fired in anger.

He was trembling in anger as he went over and stood before my lady.

I couldn't see any atom of fear in her face as my mouth dropped.

What's she doing? Has the de.ath of the prince really affected her thinking?

"Why are you so angry, dear? Didn't you tell them that you are really imp©tent and could not father a child? ".

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