Authored by Randy

"Enough! ", Romeo banged his fist on the chair and I jumped away from Rowland's body. "You whore and traitor! ", he snarled.

He stood there anger raging from every part of his body while his dangerous brown eyes starred back into mine.

The universe collectively held it's breath as it became motioned-still. My breathe hitched as hot droplets of sweat streamed down my armpits.

That fear was coming back. My fear for his dangerous and heartless personality.

"Now I see the father of the ba$tard, Wife", Romeo said ominously, his voice tight.

His words were like a slap on the face but triggered something in me which I so wanted at the moment. ANGER!.

I made to speak but Rowland beat it to me.

"You sure figured out, brother ", Answered Rowland smoothly. "And yes, don't refer to him as a ba$tard. You surely don't know what it takes to bring forth a child ".

Rowland was now by my side with his large palm holding my wrist captive.

Romeo's eyes trailed down my wrist in Rowland's hands. I saw his fist tightened as he stepped forward.

My heart stopped as I imagined a bIoody fi ght taking place right in front of me by two royal brothers.

Looking at Rowland's smiling face at such a perilous hour, I felt like pun¢hing the h'll out his pretty face.

"Come on, let's leave ", Romeo's voice was icy as he stretched out his hand.

"Why should she go with you heartless bea$t? ", Rowland asked, anger clear in his voice.

"She's my wife and when rumor goes out about all this she would surely be sorry at her damaged reputation ",

Our eyes locked together as his lips stretched into that evil smirk of his. My hand was now sweaty as his words digested slowly inside me. How fast I agreed with Rowland on this without giving a thought at the very visible consequences!

His words was driving me crazy as I starred at his out stretched hand.

"And I heard your beloved mother was adminstered to the hospital yesterday. Poor woman. She will surely die when the news of your infedility gets to her. Oh, how she boasted of your... ",

"Enough! ", I yelled angrily . The thought of my mother sick without I by her side disorganizes my cells.

'But she disowned you already ', my subconsciousness reminded that I was already disowned by my own very mother all because of God knows who.

What if that very person was this beast that always want me in tears and agony? Was he trying to break me once again by reminding me of me ba$tard status?

If that's what he wants then he should be ready to be disappointed because his very own weak Surrogate wife was farway dead!

At that moment my kindred spirit was back as I starred straight into his eyes with my head and shoulders held high, while the very words thus : Rowland is your only ticket, played in my head, my tongue was unloosed as my mouth became unlocked.

"I care not about her for I'm alone. You should also do well Surrogate husband to have a rethought about the outcome if this goes out to the media. Remember I'm still your lady wife. Our names are tied together so as our downfall, I care not about my reputation but you should ", I breathed walking out of Rowland's grip to him "So treat me nice, darling ". I smiled pecking him before walking out of room.



I watched her walk pass with her haughty head held high and her face arrogant.

How dare her threaten me? Has she forgotten so soon who I was? Where even comes boldness and arrogance?

Rowland. Yes he's the one no doubt.

"You will regret this. I will make sure of that ", My voice came out cold and calm.

"I have no doubt about that, brother, but she's already mine",

"You! ", I spat hold him by the collar as he smiled the more. "I let you free today doesn't mean I have changed, Rowland. There mightn't be next grace", I pushed him off and made for the door.

"Why are you so angry? Was it because you saw the two of us together ... ", He stretched the 'together' as my fists tightened. "Don't tell me you're jealous. Impotent men doesn't behave this way ".

I know his game. His trying to get me upset but not today, Rowland.

My lips stretched into a smile as I turned and rested my gaze on him.

"In truth I'm. I just can't understand how my father and my brother seems to be interested in my own very wife. Isn't that absurd? ", I asked smiling as his frowned. " I wonder where dad you banish you to when he finds out you're in love with her ",

His face was now white and pale like a ghost before I walked out.

Now I have two powerful rivals over my wife. My spy in the king privy told me that he hardly goes an hour without her name. I fear not about him but Rowland. Only him has the power to take her away from cage.

I will have to tame him before any other thing.

I made for Leona's quarters and there she was on the cushion with her eyes on the television.

With a nod the servants left. I went over and switched off the television.

"Why did you call the press? ", My voice came out calm.

"Because I wanted to", she fired back staring me into the eyes.

Such arrogance and stubborn only raise my taste of submission.

"Aren't you afraid of de.ath? Speak to me with respect! "

"I would rather walk to the mall naked rather than respect you, Romeo. Who the fk do you think you're? Some god of de.ath or what?

I unbuckled my belt and moved to her.

"I will remind you who I am then", I breathed and made to flog her when she drew out a dozen set of pen knlves fom her gown.

I watched her drop them horizontal on the cushion before she smiled and looked up to me.

"I learned impalement art some years ago. I doubt I can now get my targets but I'm sure I'm not gonna miss any on you", she smiled her eyes faring like she was possessed.

How much this woman changed!

"Seems you aren't the only one introducing yourself so let me reintroduce myself, Romeo Sionis" she said standing with a knlfe. "I am Leona Rowland. The more likely d'moness you can ever be".


No it mustn't be true. This surely can't be true.

Father? No. No. No. No. No way. Rowland is just trying to pull my legs right?

No other person must come between I and Leona. Not even my father the king . I have to come up with a plan. Yes, a plan.

I can't live and see Leona like anyone aside from me. I have waited all this years and now I can't let her go.

I love her and want her. When I knew she was the one Romeo married that day instead I had to raps her that night to mark and keep her as my own, and nothing gonna change it.

Though my son is de.ad not knowing who his father is, I hope Leona understands why I rapped her.


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