Kira's hand and feet started to feel cold. She rubbed her hands before she knocks on the door, but no one answered. She decided to turn the doorknob and slowly pushed the door open. She slowly entered the room but no one is inside the room. She knitted her brows as she looks around.

The light is a little dim, there is a wooden table in the corner with a stack of files on top of it. There is a couch, a bookshelves all-around, which made the room looked like a library.

"Hello?" She called but no one answered.

"I thought he's here already?" She mumbled to herself.
She stepped forward but then...

"Hello, my future wife"

"Ah" Kira screamed when someone suddenly whispered from behind her.
She was so startled. Her heart beats faster due to fright!

"Do I sound so scary?" Tim asked as he revealed a sarcastic smile on his face.

Kira turned to face Tim and she glared at him!

"Ya" she yelled.
"You're going to kll me due to a heart attack" she complained while frowning.

But Tim seems unaffected by Kira's stern look. He caresses with his finger the strands of hair that fell to Kira's face.

"You looked so pretty in that dress!" Tim said with a smile on his lips.

Kira rolled her eyes on Tim, "You're just trying to flatter me, don't you?" She asked sternly and then she turned away from Tim and look around the study room.


Tim was speechless as he looked at his hand mid-air.

'This woman is too dumb!'
'Isn't it obvious?'
' I was trying to be romantic here!'
Tim secretly said inside.

Tim puts down his hand and stared at the woman who's looking around the study room.

Kira stopped pacing around the study room, she turns back to Tim but she froze when she saw Tim staring at her.

She automatically frowned, " Hey! What's with that look?!" she asked sternly.
" Do you know that you're making me uncomfortable, huh?!" She complained.

Tim smiled, " Do you know that I never lay my eyes to any woman except you?"

"Tsss..." Kira twitched her mouth, "Who are you trying to fool? Huh?!" She asked back!

'Never lay his eyes to any woman?!'
'Such a lier!'
'A successful man like him would surely bring any woman they like in bed!' She thought.

"Why did you bring me here, anyway?" She changed the topic.

Tim walks towards his table and picks up a piece of paper.

"Come over here," He called Kira.

Kira did not hurry to come close to Tim. She throws a meaningful look at Tim as if she is sizing him up.

"I won't do anything to you," Tim said when he notices Kira's suspicious look, but shr did not move from where she's standing.

"What?" Tim asked when she did not move.

"Don't you trust me?"

Kira sigh!
"How could I trust a stranger like you?" She asked back.

Tim sits down to his swivel chair and crossed his legs.
" I won't force you to trust me, but one thing I can ȧssure you, I will not cause any harm to you," Tim said sincerely.

Kira can see the sincerity of Tim's eyes, just then, she decided to slowly walk towards Tim's table.

"Take a seat," Tim said when she reached his table.

Kira looks at Tim before she takes a seat on the chair in front of Tim's table.

Tim pushed the piece of paper in front of Kira.

She knitted her brows, "What is that?" Kira asked as she looks at the piece of paper on top of the table.

"The policies and agreement during our married life," Tim replied.

Kira picks up the paper and started to read it.

"Why?" Tim asked when he noticed Kira's expression.

"We will sleep in the same room?!"

"And I have to give you a child?!" Kira asked in an unbelievable expression!

"Yes!" Tim replied without holding back!
"That is what a married couple supposed to do!" He added.

"Ha!" She sighs violently.

"Mr. Tan, why didn't you tell me ahead?" she asked.

"Ms. Li, if you don't want this agreement, you still have a chance to retreat," Tim said.
"But, if you retreat, how about your auntie's medical needs?" Tim added.

'This man knows my weakness!'

"So, are you going to retreat?" Tim asked again.

Kira took a deep breath before she spoke.

"What if I am not able to bear a child?"

"It is written there," Tim replied.

"We can have a divorce if you can't give birth to a child."

Kira's eyes lightened up!

"Divorce?!" She blurted out!

"Yes!" Tim replied.

"After two years." He added.

"T-Two years?!" Kira repeated.


"Can't we make it shorter than two years?" Kira asked.

" Three years," Tim said.

Kira's eyes went wide opened!

"I said shorter, why you make it three years?!" She asked in an unbelievable expression!

"Four years?" Tim added one year.

"Hey!" Kira felt frustrated!


"Alright, alright! Two years!" Kira agreed.

Tim grinned, which made Kira felt annoyed!

"Good!" He said.

She just rolled her eyes due to annoyance.

"Is there anything you want to add?" Tim asked with a smile on his face.

"You should include my rights to refuse!" Kira replied.

"What do you mean?"

" You can't force me to..." Kira paused when she realized it was a sėnsɨtɨvė topic.

"To?" Tim waited for Kira to finish her word, though he already had an idea in his mind of what she wanted to say!

"To..." Kira doesn't know how to say it!

"To what?!" Tim revealed a naughty smile.

"Why don't you say it?"

"You should not force me to have an intimate encounter with you!" Kira finally say it!

Tim's naughty smile went wide!


"If that is what you want!" Tim added.

"Anything else?"

"I will not quit my job."

" You should not control me, like, stop me from doing anything that I want."

"Sure!" Tim agreed.

"Nothing else?"

"Two more things,"

"Go on and say it."

"I can't leave my auntie, I want to bring her with me if I have to move to your place, and..." Kira paused for a moment.

"I don't want to live here."

Tim knitted his brows when he heard Kira's last condition.

"Why?" He asked.

"I prefer to live in a smaller house," Kira replied.

"Alright!" Tim did not object to every Kira's condition.

"That's all!" Kira said.

"It is settled then, I will let my ȧssistant send the new policies and agreement to your address, I will call you for our marriage's registration."

"Ennn..."Kira nodded her head and then she gets up from her seat.

"We are done here, I shall take my leave now," Kira said before she turns to leave.

" Let's eat first before you leave."

"No need, I'm still full." Kira refused.

"Then let me send you home." Tim offered.

"I can manage to go home."

"I insist!" Tim insisted, he did not give Kira a chance to refused to him again!

He held Kira's hand and grab her to his car.



*40 minutes later*

Tim pulled over the car.

He unbuckled his seatbelt and was about to get down from the car but Kira stopped her!


Tim stopped from opening the car's door and he turns his head to Kira.


" Don't get out of your car," Kira said.

Tim leaned back to his seat.

"Why not?"

" My aunt thought that I was with someone whom she knew," Kira explained.

"She doesn't know about you, I don't want to startle her."

Tim seems to understand Kira.

"Alright, I'll stay here." He agreed.

Kira gets down of the car and gets inside the house. Tim did not hurry to leave, he watched as she gets inside the house.

Meanwhile, inside the house,

Helena peeks out of the window, she watched as Kira gets down of the car and gets inside the house and then a tinge of guilt flash into her eyes!

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