Tan Corporation...

"Did you hear anything from Manager Richard Fuente?" Tim asked Coby.

"I heard that he went to L Country to visit his daughter," Coby replied.

"Oh" Tim blurted out. " Tell him to come back as soon as possible. He can't just leave from work without any notice." Tim said.

"Yes, Sir!" Coby replied.



*L Country.*

"What?" A woman in her mid-twenties blurted out!

The woman is wearing a sophisticated red dress. She's pretty and tall she is almost perfect. She is a well-known model in L Country.
She is Gaile Fuente. The daughter of Manager Richard Fuente.

"Tim is searching for a bride?" Gaile asked as if making sure what her father said to her.

"Yes" Richard who is sitting on the couch replied.

"You should go back to Country S before everything is too late. You should do everything to make Tim notice you" Richard added.

Yes. He came here to convince her daughter to come home. He wants his daughter to marry Tim. He is confident that Tim would choose Gaile, his daughter is competent, she is well-mannered and had a good background. What else could he look for?
If his daughter will marry Tim, he would not have to worry about her future at all.

Gaile has fallen into deep thought. "Just wait for me, Tim, Just wait for me" He mumbled.



That afternoon, Kira waits for Tim in the second gate when her phone rings. Kira took her phone from her bag and answers it..

"Lea?" She answered,

"It's good that you can still recognize your friend" Lea replied in a sulky voice.
Kira automatically frowned.


"How could you not called me after your wedding, huh?"

Kira rolled her eyes. " I'm sorry, I got busy after the wedding," she said.

"Busy?" Lea repeated meaningfully. " Busy on, what?" She asked in a teasing tone.

"Hey, Lea. I am not in a good mood right now, alright?"

"Why? Are you still tired from your three days honeymoon?" Lea continued to tease her.

"Aish! Hey"

"So, tell me what happened," Lea demanded.

" What would I tell you then?" Kira asked.

"Hey, do I have to spell it out?" Lea asked back.

"If you're thinking about the..." Kira couldn't say it out loud.

"So, is it big or long?" Lea started to become naughty!

"Hey! " Kira rebuked Lea's naughtiness!


Kira heard Lea's laughter from the other line.

"Just call me if you feel better" Kira said and then she ends up the call, she knows, Lea just called her to tease her.

Kira shoved her phone back to her bag, just then, Alex suddenly popped out of nowhere.

"Kira, can we talk?" Alex asked.

"Alex" Kira blurted out.

"Kira, what happened?" Alex asked in confusion.

She knitted her brows, "What do you mean?"

"Did I offended you? Why did you suddenly changed? We were just fine a few days ago but now, why?" Alex asked one after the other.

"Alex, there is no problem. It's just that..."

"Is that because of that?" Alex held Kira's hand and pointed to her the ring on her hand.

Alex is full of bitterness!


"Who? Who is he?" Alex asked her.


Alex turned behind him without releasing Kira's hand. His brows knitted when he saw a man wearing a racer's outfit.

"Tim" Kira pulls her hand from Alex's grip but it only made Alex hold her tighter.

Tim notice how Alex held Kira. He walks closer to her and grabbed her hand from Alex.

"Who are you?" Alex asked in a stern tone.

"I am her husband," Tim replied without holding back.

Kira automatically looked up to Tim with her stunned expression.

"What?" Alex blurted out in a faint voice.

Tim pulled Kira away from Alex but Alex held her hand again.

"Kira wait"

Kira stopped in her track as well as Tim.

Tim is holding Kira's right hand while Alex holds her left hand.
She pulled her hand from Tim's grip.
Tim felt like someone clutched his heart. But it was just for a moment.

Because Kira took off Alex's hand from hers, and say, " Alex, he is my husband." She said.
"This is the reason why I said those words to you this morning. I don't want him to misunderstand us," Kira said in a faint voice.

After saying her words, Kira turns and walks away and Tim followed her. Alex just stands in his spot. He likes Kira, he doesn't know why it took him too long before he realized it. He already lost his chance.
She's gone.

Kira and Tim stayed silent while heading home.
She went straight upstairs when they arrived home. She did not notice that Tim followed her.

Kira was startled when Tim suddenly embraced her from behind.

"Thank you" Tim whispered.

Kira frowned, she was about to ask "What for?" but before she could ask, Tim spoke again.

"For not denying me in front of him." Tim continued.

Tim let go of Kira, and then he held her shoulders and turns her around to face him.


"It's making me feel upset every time I see the two of you together" Tim said in a sulky voice.

"I'm sorry..." Kira said sincerely.

She felt guilty.

"Don't ask for an apology, I knew that you were just forced to marry me," Tim said.

Kira just lowered her head.

" You might think I'm selfish, but I have my reasons why I choose to marry you. Just remember this, I am not a bad person, Kira."

There is silence inside the room. Tim took a step towards the door, but before he could open it, Kira spoke.


Tim stopped as he heard Kira called his name. Kira turns to Tim's direction.

"I'm sorry if I can't give to you my whole self right now," Kira said.
"But I will do everything to be a good wife to you." She added.

Tim revealed a faint smile. Those words are enough for him to trust her.


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