It's my bridal shower today, decorators are busy with decors for tomorrow,I haven't set my eyes on Avi since last night,and Nelson wouldn't stop ringing my phone,gosh what's all these.....

I paced to and fro the hallway,where the hell is Avi?!!!!!!......
I caught sight of Adrian downstairs and rushed to him with a hug

"You don't look bright my lady"He said disengaging from the hug

"I'm fine silly"I faked a smile

"Some decors are on going in the hotel room for your bridal shower"He smiled

"Oh that's nice"I smiled

"Mr Adrian..!!, please excuse me"One of the decorators stole him away and I hieved a sigh of relief

"Ava...!!"mum called coming out from the kitchen with a tray

"Come have a taste of bacons and eggs"She added with a smile

"I will later"I replied and hurried to the exit,I need to go visit Nelson,I hope he's fine...

I hopped in Mum's car and zoomed off hastily

I sat on his sofa waiting patiently for him to come out from his bedroom,I kept my gaze at the entrance of his bedroom,I darted my eyes to the floor as the door clicked opened

"How you doing?"He asked taking his seat

"I'm good,you kept calling my phone,what's wrong?"I asked not meeting his gaze

"Your wedding is tomorrow"He replied

"You don't have to remind me"I gazed at him

"We can settle this ourselves,we could run away to another country Ava"He stood up

"I won't do that"I retorted

"Ava"He sat beside me and I felt uncomfortable

"I really love you,I still love you mum,why tryna break what we had for years now,4 years Ava"He sounded teary

"I don't love you Nelson"I replied

"And you can't meet my gaze"He scoffed

"Why forcing yourself do what you don't wanna do?"He asked again but I remained mute

"Ava,I love you"He held my hand,and I felt my heart pounding

"I'm sorry if I offended you in anyway"He added and I slipped my hand out of his grip

"I thought you kinda sick or you in a mess,with your constant calls"I stood up and turned to him

"But I see you're fine,wanna take my leave now"I added and he stood up

"Please don't go"He stood just few inch away from me and my heart wanna fail me

"I love you Ava,I swear I fking do"He added

His eyes....those eyes...they always communicate to my heart,gosh my heart beat is becoming abnormal

"Your love for me won't stop my wedding,and just so you know,my bridal shower is today"I replied sounding stern

"Hearty Gold hotel"He replied and I was dumbfounded

"Where's your love Ava?,where's the forever you wanna be by my side? where's my happy Ava?, is this how you wanna repay me for loving you?!!!!!!"He yelled the last sentence

"I loved you for 4years Ava,are you this ungrateful!!!!!!"He yelled tearing down

"Ava,I love you!!!"He sank to the floor holding the hem of my t.shirt

"I'm sorry Nelson,it either Adrian or no one else"I slipped my t.shirt out of his grip and ran out of his house as my tears were about failing me..


I hopped in Mum's car and cried my eyes out, his words kept $tabbing my heart...
Would I ever find love like his??!!!!!, I cried...

I started the car and drove out of his parking lot,and hit the street

"Is this how you wanna repay me for loving you?!!!"He yelled

"I loved you for 4years,are you this ungrateful?!!!"He yelled

His words wouldn't stop playing on my head and my eyes wouldn't stop tearing.....

I'm ungrateful, an ungrateful bch!!,the more I wanna embrace him and plea for my mistake,the more I can't risk what mum told me.

I'm in a state of confusion, trying to protect something valuable the more I hurt Nelson,why can't I do this without hurting anyone?!!!

My eyes became blurry,tears blinded my vision,I batted my eyes as I wasn't seeing through the tears,my hands was shaky,I tried to be calmed,I tried to be strong but my strength failed me,and his words kept piercing my heart

What the fk is wrong me with me?!!!! I yelled in tears

"Omg........!!!!!!"I screamed and everything went blank...


Sat on the couch in one of the guest room,I wouldn't stop thinking of Adrian's wedding with my twin,fk you Adrian.....!!!!,I threw the glass of wine and it went smashing on the floor with the content splashing hard

I patted my head backwards and cried like a child...
My ringing phone came sounding loud,I darted my eyes to it

"Hello"I said adamant on the phone

"Avi..?"A female voice came up

"Yeah"I replied

"Your sister got involved in a car accident"She replied and my eyes widen

"What the fk!!!!"I sprang up the bed

"Which hospital?"I asked turning round in search of my car keys

"Mercylin Hospital and maternity"She replied and I hung up

With no glimpse of my car keys I rushed out like someone being chased by a ghost.....

I came in my room and rushed to my dressing mirror,I grabbed my keys and dashed out..

I came to the sitting room and bumped into my parents,rushing to the exit.....
Oh great!!,they got the news


I arrived the hospital and hurried to the doctor's office

"Good day ma'am"I sat down in front of her desk

"How may I help you?"She asked smiling

"I'm the sister to the accident victim"I rushed my words

"Oh okay"She replied

"Your sister was rushed in here by some people,we got her examine,we managed to revive her,cause she was at the point of death"She replied and I hieved a sigh of relief

The door burst opened revealing mum and Dad

"Where's my child"mum cried.

I stood up and crashed my body on her while Dad sat on the chair

"As I was saying"She spoke up and we turned to her

"Her chance of survival is limited,so we placed her on Coma"She added and mum burst into tears

"Doctor you mean,my sister's in Coma?"I asked tearing down

"Yeah she is"She replied

"Can we see her now?"Dad asked

"Sure"She replied leading the way....


I drove crazily to the hospital,I rushed to the ward and my eyes fell on Avi and her parents staring through a window

"Avi....!"I called behind them

"Nelson"She crashed her body on mine,tearing hard and I patted her back

"Adrian....!"She called letting go of me and I looked behind

I took a step forward,Ava came in view,she laid helplessly in coma.....

Tears rolled down my eyes, despite I never wanted her to get married to Adrian,it shouldn't be this way

"Will she wake up?"I turned to the Doctor

"At this point we don't know,but we hope she wakes up"She replied

"How long does it take for one to be in Coma?"I asked

"It takes as long as six months,a year or more"She replied

"Shit!!!"I cussed

"I will be in my office"She walked away

I placed my hands on Mrs Daniels from behind,she turned to me and I gave her a comforting hug....

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