ANIKE Episide 21 to 30

ANIKE Episide 21 to 30 (21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30)

ANIKE Episide 21 to 30 (21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30)

By: Toyin Taiwo

Episode 21

Months later, 500l second semester to be precised, I discovered I was feeling itchy in between my thigh, I also felt pain, before I knew it the itching became more severe, that I had to see a doctor. I would have used Prince’s hospital in Abuja, but I didn’t plan to travel that week.

I went to a private hospital, a doctor attended to me. I was diagnosed and he said I have v@ginal infection. He handed me the test result. I checked the results. I could easily interpret the results been a microbiology student.
“I know this bacteria, but doctor what I don’t get is how I got this…this vaginal infection. My guess before I came here was that it could be toilet infection”
“In layman’s term, it’s called Toilet Infection but toilet infection does not exist in the medical field. If someone says “I have toilet infection” they could be referring to infection affecting the V@gina, or S*xually Transmitted Infections” The doctor explained.
“ But doctor I can’t have s*xually transmitted infections, I have just one partner and he doesn’t sleep around” I stated.
The doctor took his time to educate me on what vagina infection is.
“V@ginal infections can also be transmitted mostly by carelessness, or poor personal hygiene rather than s*x”
“Doctor I used a public toilet last month. Could it be the cause?” I asked.
“Yes, it could be, some habits that make women have toilet Infection include use of dirty toilet, v@ginal douching, squatting to urinate, use of wet underwear, use of birth control pills to mention but a few.
The general signs and symptoms of toilet infections are: itching, pain on urination, abnormal discharge, abdominal pain and abnormal menstrual flow.

As for the treatment, Less severe infections, are treated with drugs such as
Vaginal tablet in which the tablet is inserted into the Vagina and has been found to be effective or cream application using an applicator stick: in which a cream is used for 7 to 14 days.
Clotrimazole (Mycelex, Gyne-Lotrimin) can be tablet or cream. This is more effective. That’s the one I’m administering. I’ll give you the tablet which you’ll insert in your private area”
“Thanks doc for the enlightment”
“One more thing, your partner must also be treated, there is all possibility that he’s also infected, especially in cases where you have unprotected s*x”
“Really, I would have given him infection too?”
“Yes, except you are having a protected s*x”
That means he had the infection too, since we have unprotected s*x.

I was more worried now, how will I tell Prince, he doesn’t joke with his health. I don’t know how to face him to tell him, this is embarrassing. My carelessness cost me all this. The day I used that toilet I was so pressed that I couldn’t hold it till I get home. I don’t use public toilet, but that day, I had no choice.

I got to my apartment and met Happy and I explained my situation to her. She said she had it few times before, she said I will be fine, I should just make sure I complete the doses.
I went to the kitchen and microwave the rice I left in the pot. I used the drugs, then I went to my bedroom to use the bathroom to insert the tablet.

I was still in the bathroom when I heard my phone singing ‘Mama Oyoyo a mama eh’…. I knew it was my mum calling. I left the bathroom to pick the call.
“Hello mummy”
“Anike, your brother was rushed to the hospital from school. I just got here, they called me from school. The doctors said he needs to be operated on immediately”
“Jesus! I’m coming over ma, he’ll be fine by God’s grace” I tried to calm her down.
I just picked my bag and left the room. I told Happy about my brother that I need to be in Lagos now, my Mummy needs me.
“Take it easy, he’ll be fine, have a safe trip”
“Have you called Prince Alawode?”
“No, I’ll do that later” I said and left for the airport”.


I got to the hospital, I was directed to the theater, I sighted my mummy sitting at the waiting room close to the OR.
“Anike, welcome, thank you for coming down here my child” she hugged me.
My sister too was sitted in her school uniform, eyes all swollen. So she likes his brother like this because they fight a lot.
“How is he?” I asked
“He’s still in the theater”
“What did the doctor say?”
“He had appendicitis, the appendicitis is ripe, that’s why they rushed him into the theater before it burst” she explained.
“Was he feeling sick before? Or did you notice any symptoms?”
“Not at all, he was fine”.

An hour after I got there, they wheeled him out of the OR and he was taken to a private ward, I already spoke to one of the doctors that I wanted a private ward.
I asked for the bill, I went to the cashier and paid #300k. We all sat quietly beside him, waiting for him to wake up, he’s still unconscious due to the anesthesia effect.

I gave Adekemi #10k to get food for us in a nearby eatery. She brought the food. I encouraged my mum to try and put something in her tommy. She hasn’t taken anything since morning.
I assured her that Okiki is fine, it’s just for him to wake up. I opened the foil ready to eat my fried rice and chicken then my phone rang, the ring tone was ‘ you are my strength when I was weak, you are my voice when I couldn’t speak’ I knew it was Prince. I picked it. All I heard was…
“Anike! take the next available flight to Abuja and meet me in Abuja now!” he said with a harsh tone and hung up.

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ANIKE Episide 21 to 30 (21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30)ANIKE

Episode 22

I checked my screen again to be sure, If he was actually the one who called. Why was he shouting?” I asked myself.
“Who was that?” My mum asked
“Don’t worry Ma” I handed my food to Adekemi. I moved closer to my brother and touched his forehead, I squeezed this hand gently and kissed it.
“Mummy I need to be somewhere and it is urgent. Please call me and let me know if there’s anything”
“Are you sure all is well?”
“All is well ma”.

I left the hospital for the airport, I bought a ticket and waited for the next flight since he didn’t book the flight for me this time. One thing is sure he had found out he had infection. Come to think of it, even if he find out, why giving such attitude on phone, he almost bursted my ear drums. He had never raised his voice at me before. Sitting at the departure a lot of things ran through my mind. I got to Abuja Airport and to my surprise none of the drivers was there to pick me. Then I know there’s fire on the mountain.

I took a cab down to the entrance of the estate, commercial vehicles are not allowed to go in. I had to trek down to the house.
I met his PA in the living room. I was really sweating when I got in.
“Anike, Sorry for the inconveniency, Admiral didn’t instruct us to pick you up” he said.
“It’s OK, thanks. Where is he?”
“In his bedroom” he replied
“Anike, please take things easy with him, in fact if it’s possible don’t speak till he is calmed down”.

I opened the door, he was standing in front of the window backing the door.
“Prince, what’s the meaning of this distress call? I asked calmly.
“Call it anything you want” he was holding a paper and he threw it at me. The paper landed on the floor. I looked at him again before I picked up the paper.
“Can you explain that?”
“Explain what? I hurriedly looked through the content of the paper, it was a lab test result. I actually gave him infection.
“How dare you, Anike you gave me infection!”
“Let me explain…
“Explain what? That you now sleep around with men not even one?”
“ Excuse me!”
“I wouldn’t have believe all this but that test result proves everything. Anike I trusted you with my life but you chose to betray me”.

“Prince what’s going on here. You are going overboard. Fine, I have infection. Did I give you infection?…. Yes. I just found out this morning. What I don’t get is why you are accusing me of sleeping around. I’m not seeing anyone, I don’t even have a boyfriend.
“Anike cut the crap, you think I wouldn’t find out, I ought to have you been monitored 24-7 but I chose not to do that because I trusted you. You even dated my friends, for what exactly”
“Dated your friends?”
“What do you want?” He said raising his voice at me.
“S*x… I would have thought maybe I wasn’t satisfying you, but we both know that you are not s*x freaked.
Money….no, do you know my Net worth? There’s nothing under this sun that money can buy that I can’t get you, if you ask me.
So what made you to start sleeping around is what I don’t get” he said shouting on top of his voice.
“I won’t stand here and have you insult me” I said and turned to leave the room.
“Come back here this minute. You dare not walk out on me while I’m still talking”
“You can talk to yourself”
I said and left the room.

He picked the paper and followed me. He caught up with me in the sitting room and held my hand and threw the test result on the center table.
“I called you to come here and you won’t leave until I ask you to do so”
“Really? Watch me”
“Where do you think you are going Anike?” he refused to release me from his grip.
“Let go of me Prince”
“You won’t step a foot out of this house”
“Am I under arrest or you’re keeping me hostage or you want to lock me up in one of the rooms. Alawode let go of me… now!”
“Admiral please take things easy, I already told you this allegations are not true, I once had her followed even without your permission, Anike is clean” PA interfered.
“Oh, you now call her Anike, right. Leave my house this minute, you are fired” he left immediately, you know they obey before complain.
“That’s because I told him not to be formal with me” I stated.
“Are you sleeping with him too?”
“Did you just accuse me of sleeping with your PA? I said and dished him a hot slap.
“Anike you slapped me?”
“And I will do it again”
He was now calm. I’m very sure it was that slap that calmed him down.
“Really! Anike you are not even remorseful” he said calmly.
“Remorseful for what?” I said crying,I couldn’t hold back the tears again. “That I made a mistake of using a public toilet that gave me toilet infection”
“Toilet what?”
I remembered the test results are in my bag. I brought it out and showed him.
“I was feeling itchy, so I went to the hospital to complain this morning. I just found out today” I showed him the drugs I was given too, everything was still in my bag.
I wanted to call you but something came up…
“Yes, you had to go to Lagos”
“Wow, your informant really fed you well, I applaud that person” I fired at him.
“What are you doing in Lagos”
“Your informant didn’t tell you?”
“Yes, that you are with a man”
“God! My brother is at the hospital as we speak. He had surgery few hours ago”
“What! you mean your brother was operated?”
“I can’t believe you didn’t trust me enough after all the times we’ve been together, you trusted an outsider’s words over mine. If you’ll excuse me I’ll like to take my leave now” I was shedding tears and wiping it at the same time with my palm.

“Anike, please don’t leave, I’m deeply sorry. I was so angry that I didn’t take my time to process the information well” he held my arms pleading.
“Let go of me”
“You are going nowhere Anike, do anything you want with me. Slap me, hit me, curse me, do anything”
“Prince, from me to you, this relationship is over” I fired at him.
“You can’t break up with me because of this” he said holding me back.
“Well I just did, good bye” I freed myself to leave then I saw a motorcade coming into the compound.

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ANIKE Episide 21 to 30 (21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30)ANIKE

By Toyin Taiwo

Episode 23

“Are you expecting….
The bodyguards entered before I could finish my statement
Then his Governor friend, Governor Mark walked in with his security officers.
“Your excellency Sir” I greeted him.
“How are you Anike” He offered me a handshake and I took it.
“I’m fine sir, welcome. I’m on my way out before you came in. Have a nice stay sir”
“Anike, I said you are going nowhere”
“Prince what’s going on here, I can tell she had been crying, look at her face?”
“We had a little misunderstandings
“What’s this? He sighted the test result and picked it. “Gabriel is your princess pregnant?” he asked playfully, though he’s the funny type.
“I wish” he replied.
He checked the results and told his men to stand down. They left remaining just the three of us.
“Prince you have infection! when did you start playing around?”
“Give me the papers Jo, nossy governor. Why did you even think I was the one playing around in the first place?”
“Because I know your girl is faithful”
“Anike you really have fans o, Mark even trusted you more than me his friend. Good for you”
“You won’t understand, in fact I have a confession to make.
“What confession?”
“Well, when you started dating Anike, I thought she was just some random girl that you would soon give up, so people like us could have a share too. But when I realized that you’re still keeping her, Despite the fact that we pressure you to remarry and you said no. I decided to know what’s so good about her that made you stick with her this long.

I know Anike never mentioned what I’m about to say to you. Because I’m very sure you would have confronted me if you know about it” He continued
“I summoned Anike to my guest house one day, she came and I told her I wanted her just for a night. Just to be sure of what you’re enjoying so much in her. She told me she’s not a pr0stitute and I smiled. Everyone has a price right? So I wrote a cheque of #5M and gave it to her. She rejected it. “Oh Alawode has spoilt you with money right?” so I thought. So I wrote her another cheque of #10M
Guess what she did, Gab! She tore it and stormed out of the room. Not scared of what I could to her. I was dumbfounded. Who rejects #10M for just one night. Do you now see reasons I trusted her?” Gov Mark explained.
Prince was shocked at her friend’s revelation.
“She never mentioned it. Please Mark plead with her on my behalf, I accused her wrongly, I was misinformed”
“Gab, you believe a stranger’s words over hers?”
“Just beg her for me Mark, I’ve always trusted her, the result made me accuse her wrongly.”
“Anike… please forgive him hun! You know he’s deeply sorry, you are his life o, don’t send him to his early grave”
“Anike please…..” he added
“Admiral Gabriel Alawode!” I cut in. The only thing you can do for me now is to give me the name of your informant” I said
“Anike leave that to me, I’ll personally deal with the person”
“Did you hear him, he’s even protecting the person” I said facing Governor Mark.
“I’m not protecting her, I’m protecting you”
“I don’t need your protection, give me the name or I’ll leave”
“Anike, he might have his reasons, just let it go” said Mr Govenor.
“Your excellency, I won’t until he gives me a name”
“Anike not now”
I picked my bag and thanked the Governor.
“Anike it’s getting late, you don’t have to leave”
“As if you care” I hissed.
“Really as if I care?” He was disappointed at was I said but I can’t take it back.
“Thank you I can take care of myself” I said and left.

I got into the compound and my instinct told me to lurk around. He might want to tell the governor who the culprit was. I walked down to the side of the house, I stood by the window side. I peeped and saw him with his phone, he placed a call. I decided to eavesdrop.
“Happy or whatever you call yourself, how dare you play dirty pranks on me? So you betrayed your own friend! You are as good as dead.. You will never try such again with her. I swear on my father’s throne, I’ll make sure I make your life a living hell” Prince said with rage and hung up.
“Oh my God! Happy!” I couldn’t hold the tears not after everything I’ve done for her.

This story is solely written by Toyin Taiwo.

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ANIKE Episide 21 to 30 (21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30)ANIKE

Episode 24

I got back to my apartment, Happy wasn’t home, I went to her room but to my surprise, she had packed all her things, not even a single pin was left. The whole room was clean.
Prince’s threat really scared her, so I thought. I went to my room, laid on the bed still brooding, I was hungry but I had no appetite. I wanted to cry but I was tired, Prince disappointed me. After all the sacrifices I made for him. I chose not to keep a boyfriend not because I don’t have admirers but because I thought he deserves to have me alone for himself at least for now.

I was even scared for Happy, Despite his riches, connection and power, he never abused it. He doesn’t use his power to destroy people. I just hope he won’t hurt happy.
“What has Happy gotten herself into” I said to myself. I’ve never seen Prince threathen someone like that before, he sounded like he meant every word he told Happy. I doubt if it’s an empty threat.
Come to think of it, people are wicked o, what did I do to deserve this from her. I even gave her #1.5M yesterday. She said she needed it for her boutique. No wonder her boutique business is running down, an adage in Yoruba says ‘ If you are betraying someone secretly, bad things will be crawling into your life secretly too’
I called my Mum, Okiki is now awake and I spoke with him. I told her to let me know if they need anything because I’m not prepared to go to Lagos any time soon, not this week. Prince started calling and I didn’t pick it, when the calls was getting annoying, I switched off my phone.


“What a bad day” I said to myself as I stormed on my bed to sleep.
First it was infection, then my brother’s surgery, Prince’s wrong accusations and a friend’s betrayal, all in one day. I travelled from school to Lagos, Lagos to Abuja and from Abuja back to school. What a day” I thought as I drifted to sleep.

The next day, Governor Mark called me, he apologized on Prince’s behalf. I deceived him and told him I have forgiven prince and it’s over. Who am I to say no to the governor. He was happy and ended the call.

I remembered Prince said something about his networth. I decided to find out on google since the federal government had already instructed all government officials to declare their assets. I entered his name on the search box. I wondered why I did not think of this before now.

The results came up, then I saw the option for his net worth. I clicked on it and I couldn’t believe what I saw hundreds of million US dollars. And I’m very sure this people will never declare their full assets. No wonder he said he can buy me anything money can buy under heaven. He can keep his money to himself for all I care.

A week later, my brother was discharged from the hospital. I had also completed the doses of the drugs I was given in the hospital, so I went back to the hospital for a rechecked. Luckily infection was gone.
I still refused to pick Prince’s call. When his calls persisted, I bought another line and registered it. When he discovered the line was no more available, He sent his men to my place to pick me up and I refused to follow them.. I even thought they’ll take me forcefully but they didn’t.
“One of the men called him to tell him I refused to follow them. He ended the call and told the others that Prince said they should let me be. So they left after taking instructions from their boss. I knew he was traveling to Dublin the following week, more reason he was desperate to see me.
When all his efforts to reach me proved abortive. He stopped reaching out. He still sent me money weekly. I sent him a message on Facebook to stop sending me money but he wouldn’t listen.

I finished my lecture for the day, I was about to enter my car when one of Happy’s friend approached me.
“Good afternoon Anike”
“Good afternoon….Tara, right?
“Yes, I checked at your house yesterday but you are not in. I’ve not seen Happy for three weeks now. I thought she traveled before and doesn’t want me to now her whereabouts. But now I’m worried, I’ve been calling since and her phone was switched off. I also checked at her department I was told she hadn’t been attending lectures for weeks now. She’s also not online. I just hope she’s OK” she informed.
“Happy moved out of my house weeks ago, though we have issues to trash out. I called her number severally, it wasn’t available. I thought she did that just to avoid me. But now that you mentioned she’s not been attending lectures, I don’t know what to make out of that” I stated.
“May be we’ll have to report to the school authority” she suggested.

Something is fishy, and I can only trace it to Prince.
“No Let’s wait I promise I’ll find her. But if I can’t in the next three days, then we’ll report” I said and she agreed.
I entered into the car. “You can join me, if you are going home, I’ll drop you off” I offered.
She entered into the car and I drove out of parking lot.
She alighted at her bus stop that is before mine. I was alone now in the car, so I could think.

“Something is not right, I didn’t meet Happy in the house that very day, all her things are gone too. Prince already called her before I left his house in Abuja. I hope prince hadn’t abducted Happy. He said he would make her life a living hell. Prince is not that kind of person, I wonder what he’s up to. I silently pray she’s fine.


I got to my apartment and changed into a top and short. Afterwards I called Alawode secured line, I’m not sure which country he is presently. All I know is that he was not in Nigeria.
I placed the call. “Your access code please” the receiver said from the other side.
“364IM7J” I replied
“Hold on for some minutes please this call will be forwarded” The receiver’s voice said.
5minutes later, I heard his rich baritone voice which I’ve missed but I tried to put myself together.
“Admiral Gabriel Alawode! Where’s Happy?” I asked authoritatively.
“So you called because of that low life girl, after avoiding me for three good weeks!”
“That does not answer my question, where is she?”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about”
“Oh! You think I don’t know. OK let me burst your bubbles. I heard your conversations with Happy before I left your house and I heard all the threats.
“Stay out of it Anike, that girl needed to be taught a lesson”
“I won’t stay out of it, where is she? Where did you keep her?”.

“Anike I’ve been trying to reach you for three good weeks now but to no avail, what you’re doing to us is not fair”
“I’m talking about someone’s life you are talking about us. See there is no more ‘us’ Just tell me where she is”
“Did you just say there is no ‘us’. Then your friend will rot in prison”
“Prince you really disappointed me, I thought you are one of the few people who doesn’t abuse their powers”
“Anyone who messes with you, messes with me and won’t get away with it”
“Why are you making another person’s business yours, I can handle my friend you don’t have to interfere”
“I know you still held her because the two us are not on good terms, don’t pour your frustration on her. You are the one who did not trust your girlfriend enough and that is on you”
“Please hang up, if you don’t have any better thing to say” he said angrily.

I quickly sobered up. “Prince, I’m on my knees please release her. I know she did wrong by poking into our affair. Please release her” I pleaded crying
“Don’t overwork yourself she’s OK, I just want to torment her a bit, so stop crying”
“Do you agree to release her now?”
“What about us?”
“We’ll talk about that later, I want Happy at my door step today. Then we can talk about us”
“Request granted” he said and ended the call.
True to his word, In the evening my Door bell rang and I checked the peep hole, it was Happy in flesh and blood.

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ANIKE Episide 21 to 30 (21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30)ANIKE

BY Toyin Taiwo

Episode 25

I opened the door and She walked in and started crying.
“Anike, I’m sorry for betraying you, I shouldn’t have done what I did, not after everything you’ve done for me. Jealousy made me do it”
“Jealousy! You said you can’t date him, then. He’s still old or is he now younger?”
“I know I said so, I know he’s rich but I haven’t seen a man spent for a side chick like that before. At some point I even thought you are using jazz on him. Seeing all the thing he’s doing for you, I regret throwing away what belongs to me. Anike you have the whole of Admiral’s heart. See the way he handled the lecturer’s case. He loves and pampers you with everything he has and I became jealous all of a sudden.
Anike it’s not about the material things that made me grow jealous, you treat me well with everything you have, but the fact that a powerful wealthy man like that is under your finger tips is what aroused the jealousy the more.
I started plotting ways to separate the two of you for months. But couldn’t come up with anything, I know he trusts you so much.
Telling me about the infection was an opportunity, you told me you haven’t informed him and I know he would be mad if he hears it from someone else but I had to lie about you dating his friends just to make my story juicy” he confessed.
“Happy you betrayed me, I even stopped you from doing runs, I started paying you the money you make on weekends. I fund your boutique, I bought you a car, I feed you, you never brought a grain of rice into this house and you eat. I cloth you. What else do you want me to do that I never did? Once I get an alert, you get an alert too. I’ve been grateful enough for what you did for me. I will forever be indebted to you for connecting me with Prince Alawode. But you still chose to destroy my relationship with him” I said pouring out my heart.
“Please find it in your heart to forgive me, I’m truly sorry”
“So where have you been since?” I asked Happy.
“I received a call from Prince Alawode and I knew my cover had been blown, I started packing my things. I moved them into my car, I was about to go out and some guys took me, one of them drove my car. I was blindfolded. I only opened my eyes and met myself in a dark room.
They didn’t touch me, I was fed only cereal and water. I begged them to release me but they didn’t listen to my pleas. I even thought they were ritualist.

Until today when I got a call from Prince. One of the guys gave me the phone and I spoke with him. He said
“Happy this is just a tip of the iceberg, You messed with the wrong girl, you should be thankful, I hate shedding blood I would have wasted you without a trace. I’m just doing this for now because she’s worried sick for a betrayal like you.
Happy if you touch a single strand on Anike’s hair, I’ll kill you and I mean I’ll kill you without leaving a trace”
That was all he said, he didn’t even gave me the chance to apologize.
He said he already ordered the guys to release me because of you. He said I must sign an undertaking which will be filled in police station. I signed an undertaking, it says anything that happens to you is going to be on me.
“Eh ya….”
“I’ve learnt my lessons please forgive me and help me apologize to him. He also said he’ll make sure I graduate in this school without a certificate”
“Ahn..ahn! But seriously you shouldn’t have played such pranks on him, do you think he wouldn’t find out the truth”
“Help me beg him please, I know he’ll listen to you”
“I didn’t talk to him again since that day, I only called today because of you, I just found out from Tara today that you are missing, I knew he’s behind it, that’s why I gave him a call. I’ve already cut all ties with him before today”
She knelt down and held me. “Eh…I’m finished, Anike please you have to talk to him, you have to mend your relationship with him or else I’ll be the one to face the consequences” She pleaded holding my legs.
“I’ll talk to him, please get up and stop kneeling like a little girl, a big girl like you”
“Thank you”
“Go and get your things back and move in”
“Ha….Prince Alawode will kill me. He warned me sternly to stay away from you. We both know he’ll find out”
“I’ll ” I exclaimed.
“Don’t worry about me, I’ll stay with Tara. We just have few months to graduate”
“OK, then. If you need anything don’t hesitate to tell me”
She left later. I had to call Prince again, because I don’t understand why she won’t let the girl be.
I called his secured line again
“Have you seen her”
“Yes, but why all the threats nau, you even said he won’t graduate with a certificate”
“I’m protecting you, that girl could endanger your life”
“Prince keep your protection, I don’t need it. She’s a good person it’s only human for her to act like that”
“What’s wrong with protecting the love of my life. Anyway I didn’t mean those threats, I know her to be a good person too, I just want to put her on the edge so she could tread carefully around you”
“Better, you’ve done enough to her please let her be abeg. Good day!”
“Anike, don’t hang up. I’m coming back to Nigeria by the end of the week, I’ll see you then”
“If you think I’ll come to your place when you return, then you are a joker except you’ll kidnapped me the way you kidnapped Happy” I scoffed.
“Anike…I’m not a kidnapper o, I just want to scare her that’s all”
“I have a meeting now, I’ll call back later”. Please replace your sim, so we could talk”
“I won’t replace it, thanks for today anyway” I said and hung up.

The next day was my visits to the orphanage. I visited the orphanage every month. I had already bought the things I was taking along with me the previous week. I believed in giving back to the society.
One of the children at the orphanage called me aside when I was about to leave.
“Anty Anike, I had a bad dream about you” Lily said.
She’s one of my favorites at the orphanage.
“How bad was the dream, Pretty?”
“I can’t really explain but I saw a man who instructed me to pass a message to you
“What’s the message?” I asked.
“He said you must pray and seek God’s face before you take any decision that has to do with your future”
“Alright dear, thanks”
I left the orphanage and drove straight home digesting what the girl said.


I went to school on Friday afternoon to return some text books I borrowed from the library. From there I went to the supermarket to get some things for my sick course mate. I went to her hostel to visit her. I spent little time with her before I lef.

I left the hostel around six and I drove back home. I honked and waited for the gateman to open the gate. He opened after what took like forever. I drove in and I noticed some men in Navy Uniform. I looked up and saw the Boss himself sitting on a plastic chair in my corridor.
“What’s he doing here” I asked no one in particular He has never set foot in my house before.
I made to reverse before the gate was closed.
“Lock that gate” he commanded the gateman and I wonder if he’s the one paying his salary. He obeyed and locked the gate.
Good, I locked my doors and stay put in the car. For like ten minutes I was there and he was watching. He later walked up to the car and knocked the window.
I didn’t move, he knocked again and I whined down.
“What?” I asked
“Get down” I did not answer him.
“Anike stop been stubborn and get down from the damn car!” He ordered.
I turned off the ignition, took my key and Gucci handbag and alighted.
“You! I pointed at the gateman, follow him when he’s going, maybe he can get you a job because you have no job here again. I promise you, I’ll see to that” I lashed at the gateman.
“Madam….”the gateman called out but I waved him off
I made for the door and Prince followed. I retrieved the key from my bag and unlocked the door. Two of the naval officers also followed us in.


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ANIKE Episide 21 to 30 (21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30)ANIKE

Episode 26

I dumped my bag and keys on the couch and went into the kitchen and get myself a chilled bottled water, I deliberately didn’t ask him if he cares for water or anything. I went back into the sitting room.
He was still busy scanning the room.
“Nice apartment” He commended.
“All thanks to your money” I scoffed.
“I like your family picture” he said referring to the picture hanging on the wall. I just muttered an inaudible ‘thank you’
“Anike…What can I do to make things right between us”
“How many times will I tell you that there is no ‘us’. We are no longer an item” I stated.
“Anike please…he wanted to prostrate, but I held him back.
“Prince stop all this, your subordinates are around and you are doing all this. You use to forget that you are old enough to be my father”
“Let me prostrate, I don’t care who’s watching as long as you come back to me, please let’s move pass this, I want things back the way they were before”
“Prince you accused me of sleeping with your friends and even your PA”
“Anike forgot everything I said, just come back to me”
“I’ll think about it”
“My princess, I can’t live without you, you are my world. He knelt down in front of me.
“Prince I don’t like all this, you know we are not alone”
Although the officers are backing us. I felt pity for him, this is someone’s father for crying out loud.
“It’s OK, stand up first” My eyes were already filled with tears and it started flowing.
“Anike please don’t cry, I will never hurt you again” he wiped my tears.
“I love you Anike”
“I love you too”
And that was the truth, I’m in love with a man old enough to be my father. And he loves me to a fault too. And I wondered where this relationship will lead us.
I pulled him up and he k!ssed me passionately, like that would be his last kiss on earth. I k!ssed him back.

I remembered we are not alone and it’s time for us to get a room. I led him into my room and we made love.
I stood up to wash up while he scanned my room and saw his picture frame on my bedside table.
“And someone is pretending like she doesn’t miss me” he said pointing at the frame.
“The picture has always been there” I said
Though He has my pictures in his bedroom too, even in his office. He has my pictures and that of the kids on his table.
“You need to leave now, it’s getting late and your men are waiting outside” I pointed out
“I’m sleeping over”
“Do you expect them to stand there all through the night?”
He left the room and I followed him. He told them to go and lodge in a hotel. One of them volunteered to stay behind. I guessed for security reasons.
The others left. I made dinner for the three of us. I told the officer to sleep in the spare room but he said he prefers the sitting room.

We left the sitting room for my room. And we got talking.
“Why didn’t you tell me about Mark”
“How many people do you want me to report” I countered.
“Meaning, he’s not the only one!”
“Your PA”
“I’ll call him back tomorrow”
“Thank you”
We had s*x again and slept. Early in the morning, they set out straight to the airport.


PA had already resumed work. He has been trying to talk to Prince into getting his own private jet. The reason he didn’t get one before now is because the Navy’s private jets are all at his disposal. So he thought it unnecessary to get a personal one.

After so much persuasion from his PA, he decided to buy one.
He got the private jet a week to my birthday. Prince asked if I need anything. I told him I’m OK with anything he gives me for birthday. Unknown to me, he had already made plans. He just told me we would be travelling for my birthday.

On the D-day. I wore a Vera Wang Vintage style sleeveless Mesh Wine dress, with a Prada peep toe heels and bag. We got to the airport and I was surprised at what I saw when I stepped into the private jet.

I saw a live band, A celebrity photographer, My two closest naval officers friends, the two Chefs from the house and his PA. My cake was beautiful with my name inscribed on it.
Then the jet took off. We were on air throughout for the birthday party, we were not traveling anywhere. He just wanted me to celebrate it on air.
PA was the MC, After brief introduction of the celebrant. Prince was asked to talk about me and for the next 20min, he was gushing about me. Others too said one or two things.
The live band started playing and food was served.
The Pilot was told to turn back when we were done.

He took me inside one of the inner cabin, where I relaxed on his chest.
“Do you mind having s*x on plane?” he asked.
“Wow! That will be great. Have you had s*x on the plane before?” I asked.
“Yes, I have”
“With who?” I asked pouting.
“Are you jealous?” You need to see your face”
“I’m not jealous, I’m sure it’s more than one woman”
“You use to forget I was once married. Anyway real men don’t k!ss and tell”
“You brilliantly ignore the question, right”
He smiled. “So let’s set a record” I said and minutes later we were both panting, after s*x.
I tried to dress up but my gown was a bit rough”
“Prince, my dress is rough, this fabric gets squeezed easily” I said
“Here” he handed me a bag”
“What! you brought an extra dress? So you planned this”
“Plan what” he said helping me into the dress.
“S*x on the plane”
“Let’s just say it’s part of your birthday gifts” He k!ssed me and we left the cabin to join the others.

Some minutes later, the plane landed. That Man knows how to make a lady feel on top of the world, that’s exactly the way I felt on my birthday.

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ANIKE Episide 21 to 30 (21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30)ANIKE

By: Toyin Taiwo

Episode 27

My sister, Adekemi came visiting the following week, she was through with all her exams. She was just at home doing nothing although she was waiting for the Navy recruitment list. So she decided to come and spend time with me. Since she had the ambition of been in the force. I made sure she applied during the last Nigerian Navy recruitment Exercise few months ago. I told Prince about it and told me there’s no problem that he’ll make sure she’s admitted.

Prince called during the week, he wanted me to come to Abuja. I told him my sister is around and I can’t leave her in the house alone. My mummy too will start questioning me that where did I go that my sister can’t go with me. I promised him I’ll come the following week since she was just spending 2weeks. She has spent one week already.

Days later, I came back from school, I rang the door bell and I was welcomed by my crying sister, her face all wet with tears.
“Adekemi! Why are you crying?” I said holding her with my left hand and locking the door with my right.
“Sister mi…..the navy recruitment list is out and my name was not shortlisted” she said still shedding tears.
That was all I said, I was wondering what went wrong because I already informed Prince and he gave me his words.
“Come” I said and hugged her.
“Sister mi! I thought you said you know someone in the Navy who would help” Adekemi inquired.
Sincerely Adekemi knew nothing about Admiral. How can I allow my sister find out about Prince and I. As the first child of the family, I’m suppose to set good examples and not the other way round. All she knew was that my room mate’s Uncle helped us.

“Adekemi I’ll fix this, I promise. Now go wash your face” She left the sitting room.
I brought out my phone from my handbag and called Prince
“Hello….. “Hello My Princess”
“Prince the list is out and my sister’s name is not on the list”
“Did she put my name as her referee?”
“Yes she did”
“I’ll call the directors, I wonder how they do things over there these days”
“Prince you should have made those calls earlier, you know I told you to do so, but you said there was no problem”
“Anike calm down, I’ll sort it out”
“But there’s no other list, that’s just the list for this year, they already put her name on the waiting list” I explained.
“Anike relax you’ve never asked anything from me before, this is the only favor you ever opened your mouth to ask me and I promise you, I’ll try everything in my power to get her into the academy” He said assuredly.
“You know what I’m coming over, you’ll make all those calls in my presence”
“I thought you said….”
“Change of plans, see you soon” I said.
“Ok, later” he said and disconnected.
“Adekemi!” I called out
“Yes, sis”
“I’m going to Abuja now. I need to act fast if there’s anything that can be done concerning the recruitment”
“Abuja! You know someone in Abuja that could help?”
“Yes, Happy’s Uncle”
“Oh, the one I used as my referee?
“Sister mi, I can’t stay in this house alone o, I’m going with you”
“Oh ooo, are you a baby? Don’t you have a room to yourself at home”
“That’s a room nau”
“Geez! OK let’s go”
“When are we coming back?”
“Maybe Sunday”
“What about your lectures tomorrow?”
“Oh ooo, I don’t have lectures on Friday Jo…”
“Sorry, I forgot today is Thursday. Let me go pack few things then”.
“My friend just change your clothes and let’s go”.

I was already in the car waiting for Adekemi while she was locking the doors. I called Prince back and informed him I was coming with my sister and he said no problem. I had to inform him because that was my first time of taking someone along with me to Abuja.

She joined me in the car and I drove straight to the airport. I parked and registered my car and paid for parking space since I won’t be coming back till Sunday.

We got to Abuja and the driver was already waiting to pick us. I saw the way my sister looked at me, when the driver bowed and opened the door for us.

We arrived at my Second home, like Prince used to call it. All the staffs bowed and greeted me warmly. My sister still carried that look.
“Sister mi! Where is this place. This house is beautiful…who owns this house?” she asked but I ignored her questions.
“I ushered her into the sitting room”
“Sit down first, you talk too much and stop this questions”
One of the kitchen staff was already standing in front of us asking for what to offer us.
He came back with juice, water and glass cups.
“This is Admiral Gabriel Alawode’s house” I informed Adekemi just to satisfy her curiosity a bit.
“Admiral! I’m in the Navy already, no wonder you are so confident about my recruitment into the navy”.

“Prince joined us shortly and I introduced them, my sister knelt down to greet him” and he welcomed her by embracing her.
“See resemblance….is your sister running away” he said playfully.
We all smiled, though we get that a lot from people, we look so much alike.

One of the maids came in with a comfy slippers and place them at my feet.
“I brought you your slippers ma so you can change to something more comfortable” she said, smiling at me.
I was like gosh! Did I ask her? I searched my sister’s face and she gave me those questioning looks again.
“Thank you” I said coldly. On a normal day, I would have said the thank you with a smile but not today, she didn’t have to do that in the presence of my younger sister. I don’t know how I’ll explain myself to Adekemi, because I don’t like the look I was getting from her.

Trust my Prince he already sensed my uneasiness, so he discharged the maid immediately.
“Prince how far, any solution?”
“I’ve called all the directors at the academy, they told me they are still having a meeting. The meeting will determine if they will paste another list or not. They should be through in another two hours”.

The two hours he mentioned was like twenty two hours. Adekemi too was tensed but we had to wait for the outcome of the meeting.

The guest room had been prepared so I led her to the room we’ll be staying for the weekend.

Some minutes later we came back to the sitting room. Prince was still there by the time we came back. Dinner was announced and we all went to the dinning room to eat. My sister was surprised when she saw the table, the same way I was the very first day I ate on that table.

After dinner, we went back to the sitting room and a call came through on Prince phone, it was from one of the directors. He picked the call placing it on speaker for us to hear.
“Hello sir” the voice said
“Hello, I’m listening” he said.
“Sir! The outcome of the meeting is not positive sir. The names that were pasted online initially were all they could recruit for this year sir, but the rest will be on the waiting list. Your candidate’s name is number one on the waiting list sir” he informed.
“I can’t believe this!”
“Sir things are not done here like before sir, you should have followed it up personally. No one checks the referee’s name again these days”
“We have one option left sir”
“What option?” Prince asked.
“If you can call the former head of state, his special list is going to be out tomorrow with just two candidate. If you can talk to him, he can add your candidate’s name to it” he pointed out.
Prince sighed. “Thank you very much, I’m grateful”
“You are welcome sir” he said then the line went off.

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ANIKE Episide 21 to 30 (21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30)ANIKE

Episode 28

One thing about Prince, he doesn’t like asking for favor except the ones he merits. He was a man of integrity, so I personally gave up. My sister looked sad though.
“Prince, it’s OK you’ve tried your best. Thank God her name is the first on the waiting list” I said trying to lighten the mood.
He looked at me in the eyes “Anike this is the first time you asked a favor from me and I will do it even if it means k!ssing the foot of my subordinate.
He picked up his phone, I know he wanted to place the call.
“You don’t have to do it, I know you don’t like lobbying”
“It’s nothing, I’ll call him. I have a good relationship with him and asking him something for the first time will make things easier”
“Ok” I said
He called the former head of state but the phone was not on speaker this time. After some minutes of conversing with him, he ended the call.
“What did he say?” I asked
“Let’s wait till tomorrow” he replied
May be he doesn’t want to raise our hopes up, I guessed.
He changed the topic and started asking my sister questions and most are funny questions. And before I knew it my sister’s mood has lightened. Mr PA joined us and I saw the way he looked at my sister, but I waved the thought off.

We all retired to our various rooms that evening. I already sorted out my sister and gave her everything she needed including a night dress.
She took her bath and changed. I did the same after her. She lied down on the bed ready to sleep and I told her I wanted to get something from the kitchen but that was a lie.

I tapped the door lightly and entered into Prince’s bedroom. He was not in the bedroom. I opened the sliding glass door that led to his bedroom pool, he sat on a swing bed by the pool side swinging himself gently.
Hi” I said.
He looked up and was surprised to see me.
“Hi” he replied calmly.
He stretched forth his right hand and I took it and sat on his laps.
“Are you not sleeping in the guest room?”
“I am, I came to say good night”
“Your sister?”
“She should be sleeping by now” I guess you can’t sleep, that’s why you are here” I said looking him in the eyes.
“How will I sleep, the thought of you been so close but still far from me is enough to give me insomnia” he said smiling at me.
“I thought as much and that is why I came”
“That’s why I love you, you can always tell how I’m feeling”
I smiled and he k!ssed my forehead
“Now that you’ve seen me, you should be able to sleep now”
“If you say so”
“Now let’s go to bed, I’ll rock you to sleep and I’ll leave afterwards.

He obeyed and we went back into the bedroom. I made him sleep with his head on my chest. Some minutes later he was already asleep. Who says men are not babies.
I looked at his face, he was sleeping peacefully, he was even looking handsome in his sleep. I smiled and snapped him with my phone.

I left the room quietly in order not to wake him.
I opened the door to guest room and I was surprised my sister was still awake.
“Adekemi, I thought you would be sleeping by now”
“And I thought you would pass the night in your lover’s room”
“Excuse me”
“Sister mi, I’m 18 and I recognized lovers when I see one”
“Seriously!” I couldn’t believe my ears. She continued.
“See the way all the staff in this house treats you like a goddess.

We came to Abuja with just our phones and handbags. Where did all these clothings came from. It means one thing, your things are here. You practically live here, right”
“Adekemi I don’t live here!”
“Really! You can tell that to an imbecile Anike….you lied to us that this man is just a good Samaritan. You even lied to your own mother. And I’m very sure he is not your friend’s Uncle”
“Stop! Adekemi stop!”
“You are his mistress, right”
I closed my eyes, I don’t know the right words to say to her. I know I may never be that sister she was once proud of again.
“You did this for us right. I understand, Thank you for the sacrifice big sister” she said and broke into tears.

I moved closer to her and hugged her. “It’s alright kid sister.”
“How are you coping, He’s way older than you”
“Adekemi, when life throws lime at you, all you have to do is to make lemonade out of it”
“I would have been scared for you but that man I met today is a good man”
“Yes he is, the most priceless thing I’ve ever come across. I see him as a father figure”
“I can see you are comfortable around him”
“Yep” I gave her a smiley face.
“Sister mi! You are blushing! Are you in love with him?”
I smiled. “I choose not to answer that question. Now go and wash your face and sleep”
“Yes sis” she smiled and went into the bathroom. She came back and lied on the bed.
“One more thing, this is our little secret, nobody must hear about it and that includes Mum. Deal?”
“Now sleep, it’s late”
“Sister mi, how do you cope when you sleep with him…his age” She asked cunningly.
“Really! You don’t expect me to discuss my s-x life with my kid sister. Do you? My friend sleep!”
We both laughed, I put off the light and we slept.


The next morning, I joined Prince in the gym where we exercised. He was on tone of the he tread mill. I stepped on the other tread mill beside him. We chatted while working out on the thread mill.
“I sent you a picture, did you get it?” I asked
“You took it last night?”
“Yes, I did”
“Do you how many pictures of you I took while you were sleeping?”
“It’s a lie”
He stopped the treadmill and brought out his phone from his pocket joggers. I stopped mine as well.
“Here” he said and passed the phone to me.
The name of the folder is ‘My sleeping beauty’. I opened the folder and saw 14pictures of me sleeping. Some in his arms, others alone.
“I could sue you for this you know” I said smiling.
“You can sue me in the court of love” I drew him closer to me and gave him a long kiss
We showered together and left the gym.

Breakfast was announced by the chef. The three of us sat at the dinning taking breakfast.
Adekemi was eating and staring at Prince at the same time. She didn’t do well to hide it from him because their eyes met like three to four times.
“Adekemi!” Prince called out and looked at me.
“She knows” I said
“Thank you sir…..for everything” she said shyly.
He held her hand and smiled. Adekemi smiled back. She couldn’t look him in the eye, so she took her phone and busied herself with it.
“Sister mi!” She screamed
“What!” I was so scared, Prince had dropped his cutleries too.
“My name is on the new list” she said joyfully.
I took her phone from her and checked. It was just three names. I hugged my sister and congratulated her. I wanted to jump on Prince and k!ss him to thank him but that I couldn’t do that in the presence of my sister.
She knelt down beside Prince and thanked him. “You made my dream come true, thank you sir” she said gleefully.
“You are welcome my dear, please stand up” he said and pulled her up.
I looked at Prince. “Thank you” I mouthed
“When are you reporting at the Academy?” he asked.
“Next week sir” she replied.
“Then you have to start preparing but first of all, this calls for celebration. I’ll take you out later”
“Thanks sis, let me call Mummy, Okiki and some of my friends” she said and left the dinning.
“My Prince” I smiled holding his hands.
“My princess” he replied and kissed my hand.
“Thank you…..”I said and hugged him.
He smiled. He was through with his food, he stood up and I followed him to his room. He called the former head of state to thank him.
I was all over him, when he ended the call. I k!ssed him and he k!ssed me back.

Minutes later our clothes were all over the place.
“Ask anything you want from me and I’ll give you” I said to him while making out.
“I want only just one thing but You won’t give me Anike”he said looking at my blurry eyes.
“What is it?”
“Don’t worry, forget it” He k!ssed me again. My phone rang but he was still on top of me. I stretched my hands and took my phone from the bedside table. I checked the caller and it was my mum. I placed the phone back.
“Who is calling?”
“My Mum. I’ll call her back. I’m sure Adekemi had called her. I can’t answer her call when a man is on top of me, I see it as disrespectful.

Some minutes later we were done and I took a quick bath. I called my Mum back, she was so happy with the news. I left his bedroom for the guest room and my sister was still making calls with my second phone, I’m very sure she had exhausted her call card.
“If you exhaust my credit, I’ll have your head”
She held the call. “How on earth will I exhaust #28,000” she said and return to her phone conversation.
“You are not serious” I said and changed my clothes.
She ended the call after talking like forever. “Why did you change your clothes”
“Do you have a problem with that” I grinned.
I don’t know where I got this inquisitive sister of mine from. Did she expect me to tell her that I changed my clothes because I just had s-x.
“No o, I just asked why the second change of clothes” she replied me
“I don’t want to wear the dress out, that’s why. Now dress up and let’s take you out. She dressed up and we left with the driver and one of the staff.
We came back later in the day. He had a visitor in one of the sitting rooms. I was tired, I needed to take a nap, so I went straight to the guest room.

On Sunday before we left, Prince gave Adekemi a new iPhone 6. He also told me to transfer #200k into her account. She was so happy
“Thank you very much sir, may God continue to bless you. I think I have a father figure too” she turned to me and I smiled.
“You are welcome, you are free to call me anytime. If anything happens at the academy just let me know. I’ll call one of the directors over there who will be your guardian. I wish you the best” he said smiling. I can see he likes Adekemi, my sister is a sweet girl anyway.
“Thank you sir” She said
I hugged him and he k!ssed my forehead.
“Bye ladies, have a safe trip”
My sister left Abuja, the most happiest girl on the planet earth. The driver took us to the airport. PA also accompanied us.
I saw him exchanging numbers with Adekemi but I pretended like I saw nothing. I can entrust my sister in his hand, he is that great guy. One of the reasons Prince treat him like his own son.

One week later, Adekemi left for the academy.

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ANIKE Episide 21 to 30 (21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30)ANIKE

By Toyin Taiwo

Episode 29

I went to Abuja after my final exams. We were both relaxing in his room on the couch after having dinner. The TV was on a music station and nice songs are been played from back to back.

He was sitting while I was lying down with my head on his laps. “What‟s your CGPA?” he asked

I turned from the tv to face him. “3.84” I replied

“That‟s a strong 2:1, you really tried despite the fact that I stole some of your time and concentration”

“Sincerely, you didn‟t distract me from my academics. I don‟t miss lectures. I make sure I read on weekdays. I only come on weekends. You don‟t allow me come to Abuja during exam period. I even read here on weekend, if I have a test to write, so you are never a distraction” I stated.

“I use to think your academics will suffer, but I‟m glad you did well” “Thanks”

“Are you ok with 2:1 or you want your result doctored”

“No thanks, I‟m good with 2:1, what‟s the point of having a first class you can‟t defend” “I know you won‟t agree, I just wanted to confirm my answer. But you know some students will jump at the offer”

“That‟s true”

What‟s your plan after NYSC?”


“Good and after your masters?”

“Hopefully I get someone who will marry me with all my baggages and flaws” “Anike” he called out slowly. “I think it‟s time” he said. “Time for what?”

“Time for us to break up, so you could move on with your life”

I sat up immediately. I looked at him, his eyes was closed, then tears started running freely on his face.

He stood up and I walked into his arms. I couldn‟t stand seeing him like that. We were both crying in each other‟s arms.

“God sees my heart Anike, I love you with everything in me, but it‟s time to let go” he said crying.

I couldn‟t look at his face anymore, I had to bury my face in his chest. “I want to stay too but I need to move on with my life, except I don‟t want to get married” I explained

Of all the time in the world the TV station choose to play westlife‟s „season in the sun’ At a time when the emotions in the room was on top notch.

That added petrol to the fire and I broke down completely in tears. “It‟s ok Anike, stop crying” he said helping me up.

Before we knew it, we were in each others arms again, k!ssing passionately. He took off his clothes and mine.

“Let‟s do this for the last time” he said.

He carried and lay me on the bed where we had our break up sex.

“I guess this is good bye”he said after the sex.

I looked at him and tears filled my eyes.

“Anike, Don‟t!” he said cleaning my face. “We are not mourning and if we are seperating, lets end it with happy moment.

“On a lighter mood, your husband will enjoy you” he said, smiling this time. “How, my mood lightened a bit”

“You are asking me how? You are everything a man wants in a woman aside that stubborn part of you” he said touching my nose with his finger. “Really!”

“There‟s another thing he‟ll enjoy”

“And what would that be” I asked smiling back.

Then he whispered into my ear. You are still very tight”

“Stop! You are unbelievable, naughty man” I laughed and hit his chest. Anike I‟ll miss you, I pray I‟ll survive it” he said with a teary eyes. “I pray I‟ll survive it too”

“Will you get another person when I leave?” I asked.

“No, I‟ll just stay on norturing days we spent together. I don‟t need any girl, no other person can be like you”

“I don‟t want you to be lonely”

“I‟ll be fine. I‟ll send you some money next month you can use it to start your new life. You can invest or do business”

I didn‟t say a word after he said that.

As for me, I don’t think it is necessary, he doesn‟t need to pay me off cos I have more than enough already.

The next day, I left Abuja early in the morning.


That week was hell for me, I couldn‟t sleep nor eat. I was indoor throughout and cried till I couldn‟t cry anymore. I had to remind myself constantly that he is not dead. We are not just together any more.

Two weeks later, I received a call from the PA, he said Prince was admitted in the hospital.

“Is he sick?”

“Yes he‟s love sick, I heard you guys break up, so what do you expect” “Oh my God!”

“I think you should come over maybe he‟ll get better if he sees you” “I‟ll be in Abuja before night fall” I promised him.

I wasn‟t in the mood for a sophisticated look. I just wore a Summer print half sleeve chiffon shirt top on a white pant. No make up, no jewelry. I wore a white cut out Gucci sandals and left for the airport.

I got to Abuja airport and one of the drivers was already waiting for me. He just handed over the keys to me. He said the PA said I should come alone. I sensed they don‟t want anyone to know that Prince was hospitalized.

I was directed to his private ward. I met PA and the doctor in the room with him. I greeted them and ran into my Prince‟s arms on the bed.

“Are you Anike?” The unknown doctor asked, I guess the family doctor was not around. “Yes Doctor”

“Good, Admiral! I’ll have to discharge you now. Medically you are OK. Since Anike is here she‟ll fix you”

“No doctor, I can‟t fix him. Look at him, he‟s pale, pls don‟t discharge him, he still needs medical attention” I pleaded

“You are looking pale too, so go and fix each other at home”

I gave PA questioning look.

“I can‟t lie to his doctor, I told him what brought him here, you” “Thank you doctor, we‟ll take him home” PA said.

Prince sent his PA to his office to help him with some things. After two hours of waiting for him.

I decided to drive him home myself in his Toyota land cruiser I came with since he doesn‟t want the other staff to know that he was admitted in the hospital because of a woman.

We got home and I called the PA not to bother going back to the hospital. We entered the room quietly, I made him relax on the bed. While I went to the kitchen and made a fish pepper soup for him. I took it to the room and made him eat with Agidi. I was there in the room with him, he lay on the bed quietly, we did not talk to each other. The PA came in later, they discussed some things and he left.

In the evening, I made dinner for him myself and took it to his room. He ate it to my satisfactory.

We had our bath separately and we slept in each others arms.

Three days later, Prince was now back to himself. He‟s much stronger now. We went for a swim. After swimming we sat at the pool side.

“Anike when did you intend to get married” He asked

“I want to take my time. I need to marry a right man. Marriage is a life contract” I replied. His countenance fell when I replied him.

“What‟s with the face Prince, you asked me a question and I answered” “Anike is there something you want that I can‟t give you”

“See I don‟t want to start this conversation with you”

“You keep on avoiding this issue, how long will you run away from it?” “I just don‟t want to talk about it now”

“Anike, I love you so much more than you do, why can‟t you marry me” “Prince, we don‟t have a marriage agreement o, don‟t bring up marriage” “Why? Because of my age? Age is just a number. Can‟t you see, we can‟t live without each other”

“Aside age what will I tell my mother, she has always suspected us and I always denied blindly”

“Are you saying this is only about your mum, we can still find a way around it” “It‟s not only about my mum. What will people say even your children. No one we believe it‟s love. Society sees ladies like me as gold diggers” “Do I look like I care”. Since when did you start caring about what people says. Anike stay with me and let‟s be happy for the rest of our lives. We even made love last night and we are still deceiving ourselves that we‟ve broken up”

“It was just s*x Prince”

“Keep on lying to yourself. What I saw in your eyes last night speaks volume. Anike you love me as much as I love you, don‟t deprive yourself of this happiness because of age differences”

“Prince, stop! Please stop I closed my ears”

“Anike, even if I die some years later and you remarried, you will still be fulfilled cos you‟ve had a fair share of love”

“Since you refuse to stop talking, then you‟ll have to excuse me, I need to rest” I stood up to leave”

“Fine, go and rest. I know you‟ll come up with something just to avoid this conversation. I wish you could face reality”

I didn‟t reply him, I don‟t intend putting him on the hospital bed again. I just walked away.

After spending one week in Abuja, I left Abuja for school after settling the issue. We are now in a relationship that is not defined.


My convocation was awesome. My Mum came with my brother Okiki, her new friends and few family members who still stick around. I was happy to see Adekemi, it‟s been a while I saw her ever since she got into the academy. We only talked on phone. They all arrived a day to my convocation. I‟m very sure those who came with my mum were awed by the life I lived in school. Enough things to gist about when they get to Lagos. Who cares anyway. Mummy came with caterers and they started preparing for the next day.

Prince sent #800,000 for my convocation expenses. It covered for the food, drinks, sourveniers and I also has been to shop for wears I‟ll use on my convocation day. Admiral Alawode was among dignitries invited to grace the occasion. So directly or indirectly he attended my convocation.

I wore a black Marc Jacobs jump suit with gold accessories with my matching Givenchy Antigona shoe hand bag.

Prince gave a brief speech during the ceremony and girls that were sitted besides me were practically tripping for him

“This man is just so handsome even at his age” one of them said blushing. I wish I could get his contact” the other said whispering.

“I can help you with that” I replied….….in my mind though.

I just smiled, that‟s Prince for you, girls trips for him any day anytime. At the end of the speech, he gave the best overall student A million naira and a car and his complementary card

He also gave him a scholarship to further his educaton abroad after his youth service. David was so happy, I‟m happy for him too because he‟s from a poor home. He is among the students I helped in school. He never asked me but I offered to help, nobody knew about it, even Prince. I know he‟s brilliant, but I never knew he‟ll turn up to be the overall best student in our set.

So he needed such opportunity he got from Prince. Who says hard work doesn‟t pay. After the ceremony, he called me over.He was still sitting with some of the other guests at the high table. I stopped Adekemi who wants to follow me so she should say hi to him. I told her to go to Abuja if she wants to see him.

I don‟t want Mummy to start looking for both of us. I told her to help me arrange things at the tent and tell Mummy I‟ll join them soon.

“Excuse me” one of the bodyguards said, obstructing me.

“She‟s with me, allow her” Prince informed him.

I bowed my head to pay obesience to do the elites sitting beside him. “I‟ve met her before, right” the commissioner for education asked Prince. “Yes, you have”

I met him once in Prince‟s office in Abuja. The man has a good memory. “You finished from this school, nice.

Congratulations” he gave me a handshake.

“Thank you sir”

“What course?

“Microbiology sir”


“2:1 sir”

“That‟s good” he said nodding.

Prince informed me he‟ll be around till tomorrow.

“Should I bring some food for everyone”

“Don‟t worry we are all eating together at the hotel”

“OK, see you later then. I‟ll come to the hotel in the evening” I followed him to where the cars conveying them were parked before leaving. I joined my mum and others at our tent. We entertained our guests. Some new guests also arrived from Lagos in the morning which include mummy‟s church members and neighbors. We shared foods and drinks to all the students who joined us at the tent, we also gave them sourveniers. I gave the students manual blender and lamps. I intentionally bought things that they could make use of in school. My tent was filled to the brim. Students were trooping in and out to collect sourveniers.

I gave my mum‟s guests electric blenders.

My mum’s guests returned to Lagos after the ceremony. I already made arrangements for coastal bus that conveyed those who did not come in their private car back to Lagos. I drove my mum and siblings back to my apartment. My mum prayed and thanked for my life, for seeing me through thanked for the success of the convocation. She prayed for me for a good job and good husband. She also mentioned my Daddy in her prayers. May his soul rest in peace. I know she wished he was here.

I took my bath and relax. By 7:00pm I dressed up. I went into the kitchen, pick a bottle of wine. I took my car keys.

“I‟m going out, someone should please come and lock the door, thank you…” I called out

My mum came out to lock the door.

“Thank you ma, I‟ll be back soon”

“My regards to him” My mum said as she was about to close the door. I was shocked to the bone. I entered back into the house. I place the wine, my purse and my car key on the table.

“Mum, your regards to who?” I asked inquisitively.

“You know who I‟m talking about, don‟t feign ignorance” she said and move into the room and I followed her.

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ANIKE Episide 21 to 30 (21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30)ANIKE

By: Toyin Taiwo

Episode 30

She sat on the bed and I stood in front of her.
“Mummy what do you know exactly?” I asked her.
“Enough to know who you want to go and meet, your manfriend right? I saw him today in the hall. Admiral Gabriel Alawide. He sat beside the commissioner for education” she revealed.
“Jesus Christ!” I closed my eyes tight. “Mummy when did you find out?”
“I may not work when your father was alive, I may be a full time house wife, I may not be a career woman but you know I was not an illetrate.
As a sane mother, you don’t expect me to buy that crap of a story you sold to me that he is just a divine helper or God sent.
So I hired a private investigator” she stood up and opened my wardrobe.
You hid his pictures here because I was coming right. She also opened her bag and brought out a brown envelope and a USB
drive. She threw it on the bed. I picked it up and opened it. I brought out the contents, they were photos of Prince and I. I inserted the USB into my laptop and I heard some of my phone
conversations with Prince. So my lines were tapped. I opened my mouth in astonishment.

Of a truth nothing is hidden under heaven. Tears were already flowing in my eyes. I knelt down in front of my mum who was also crying.
“I didn’t raise you like this, I never wanted any of my female children to end like this. My own mother raised me well, but I failed as a mum” She said sobbing.
“I’m sorry for disappointing you Mummy.”
“You did not disappoint me, I failed you. If I stood up to my responsibility, you wouldn’t have found yourself in this position.
You are dating, no you are sleeping with a man old enough to be your father all because I failed to provide for you.”

“Mummy don’t blame yourself for my transgressions. I did this to myself, nobody forced me into it. I made the decision.”
“Do you know my mistake? I shouldn’t have followed you to that house that very day. I should have stayed back in the church.
Because this journey started that very day. I should have sent you back to return everything he gave you. But I behaved foolishly.”
“Mummy I’m sorry I did the wrong things for the right reasons, just forgive me.”

Adekemi joined us in the room and knelt down pleading with my mum with me.
“You knew all along?”
“Recently ma, during my recruitment into the navy” she answered her.
“And you never told me, all my children now keeps secrets from me.”
“We are sorry ma” we chorused.
Okiki entered the room. “What’s going on here why are you all crying?”
“It’s nothing, we just remembered your Daddy, you know a day like this couldn’t pass without remembering him.”
“You don’t have to cry, you should be thankful to God who sent us help if not we won’t be here today.”
“Thank you my dear, you can leave now, I’m having a conversation with your sisters” Mummy discharged her.
“Your phone has been ringing since inside your purse that is what I came to give you” he gave me my purse and left.

I brought out my phone to check the caller. Mum and I looked at each other. She cleaned her face with her wrapper.
“You can go, I’m sure he’s waiting for you. An adage says ‘A knife cut a child’s hand, you throw the knife away. Knife has already done what it wanted to do.”

I went into the bathroom washed my face. I picked the wine, my purse and car key and left.
I got to the hotel room, and I met David, the overall best student, he was already leaving. I think he came to thank Prince.
“Anike!” He was surprised to see me there. He gave me ‘so you know him look.’
“David, Hi and congratulations I’m really happy for you.
“Thanks” he replied. I hurriedly walk passed him.
“You two know each other? He asked.
“Yes, we do.” “OK, see you some other time.
“Thank you once again sir. I’ll talk to you later, miss” he bowed and left.
Prince pulled me into an embrace immediately he left.
“Congratulations my princess!”
“Thank you.”
I kept the wine on a table. “Is that for me?” he asked.
“Yes”I replied and he thanked me.
He handed me a cheque of #10M . “That’s your graduation gift” he said.
“This is a big gift. Thank you!”
He noticed I wasn’t smiling.“ What’s the problem my princess?”
“My Mum knows about us” I said with a teary voice.
He gave me a bear hug. And the tears flowed the more.
“You told her?”
“No, she found out herself.”
“I’m sorry she found out this way. Maybe I should talk to her.”
“That wouldn’t be necessary.”
“Let me tell her my intensions.”
“What intention?” I told you I won’t marry you.
“I’m not talking about marriage here, I’m talking about the affair.”
“Anike please…not this night. In fact you need to leave so your mum won’t be having some funny imaginations.”
“When are you leaving tomorrow? I asked.
“In the morning. I’ll go and see the governor first before leaving for Abuja.”
“OK, have a safe trip.”
“I’ll be traveling next week, I won’t be back until three weeks time. I would have ask you to come with me but with the situation of things, I think you should lay low for now.”
“OK, good night and take care of yourself.”
“I will, take care of yourself too” he said and kissed my forehead.
I came back to my apartment, my siblings were watching movies. I went to my room, my mum was lying down.
“Eku ile ma” I knelt down and greeted my mum. You dare not greet her standing even if you are the first lady.
“Kabo oko mi. So fast you didn’t even spend up to an hour” she said looking at the wall clock.
“Mummy!” Why is she teasing me.
“He’s same age with your father” she said.
“Mummy you don’t have to remind me that I’m having an affair with someone of his age. Mummy he’s a good man, he took care of me like his own blood.
The house you are living in presently is mine, I bought it myself,
I have five shopping complexes, three at Abuja and two in Lagos. I have two landed properties in Ajah. I acquired all these from the money I got from him. Even the house you stayed before Lekki is now mine. He changed the ownership name to mine. I rented it out after you moved out. I changed cars every year, Mummy I can’t start counting all the things he had done for me. I’ll leave
him but not now, I can’t just end things with him in a rush.”
“Who ask you to leave him, I never said that. After sleeping with him for three good years. What difference does it make? I have few questions to ask you, and I want honest answer.


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