KEY TO LOVE EPISODE 11 to 30 (11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16,17 ,18 19, 20)

KEY TO LOVE EPISODE 11 to 30 (11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16,17 ,18 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29,30)


Written By Oluwatosin Ayomi Abolarin


✍️✍️ unknown pov✍️✍️

I asked you something Amelia… Why are you Busy staring at Dean…. Mina questioned

Ignoring what Mina just asked, Amelia looked at Dean once more, seeing it that he wasn’t looking at her anymore.

I discussed about Arnold’s lesson teacher right? She asked almost stuttering

You told me your parents wanted to get a lesson teacher for him. How is that related to the question that I asked?? Mina questioned

Dean is Arnold’s lesson teacher… She replied and Mina scoffed giggling

Hold on… Are you ¢razy now? Are you probably aware of what you are saying? Don’t you know who Dean is, how on Earth can he be a lecturer not to talk of your brother’s lesson teacher for goodness sake…. Mina said almost yelling and assumed Amelia to have lost her mind.

Just allow me to explain… The first day that he came to our house I didn’t get to meet him. Yesterday I was watching movies when he came and Arnold introduced him as his lesson teacher:

Do you know something Mina? Yesterday he introduced himself as Dean Stewart. Do you understand me now?? She asked and Mina instantly shook her head

Actually I think my confusion is cleared already because they are both bearing the same name … I’m sure that can’t be a coincidence apart from them looking alike… She explained

But… How is this possible? I meant why will someone as wealthy as he will be a lesson teacher. It just doesn’t sounds right to me… She insisted

Nothing here seems right to me also… I’m sure he recognized me…. Amelia talked

What do you mean? Did he talk to you??

He didn’t… He was also staring at me and I could see how shock was written over his face… She concluded

Ops!!! Everything just doesn’t seem right.. it doesn’t… Mina ranted.

Amelia remained quiet for some times before finally speaking.

I will just clear this confusion by going to him… You wait here… I’m going to ask him… Amelia stated and left without hearing for another word from Mina.

She got to her seat and turned to Mina giving her an eye gesture.

HI…. She said to Dean and got his attention because he raised his head to look at her.

HI…he simply said and tried returning his concentration back to his phone.

I want to ask you something… And I don’t know if you can spare me little moment… She asked and got a nod from him.

Do you remember meeting with me somewhere? Actually yesterday I got to meet my brother’s lesson teacher and he look so much like you… Amelia tried explaining.

I was the one that you saw… And yes I remembered meeting you at Arnold’s house yesterday…. He replied and rested his hand on the desk.

Amelia stared surprisingly at him, So she was right! She tried talking to him furthermore but she got interrupted by the arrival of His seat partner.

She returned back to her seat and tried thinking everything all through.

Obviously she’s not confused but it’s cleared that she’s not satisfied.. Why will he be a lesson teacher?

She got interrupted in her thought when Carol hit her shoulder.

Is there something you want to share with me? You seem tensed after speaking with him.. did he reject your offer? Carol teased and winked at her.

Amelia angrily rolled her eyes and finally decided to go and speak with Mina and just then a teacher entered.



So how was the conversation? He’s not the same person right? Mina questioned

I will surely say everything to you Mina, let’s just go and find him first… Amelia answered and started walking ahead of her.

Hold on… Who are you looking for? Where are you going? Mina asked and ran after her

I’m searching for Alfred.. have you seen him for me? She asked and took her eyes to the crowd

Why are you searching for Alfred… What’s wrong? Mina stuttered

I want to pay his groom’s price… She replied sarcastically but it didn’t come as a joke to Mina

What!! Why are you doing this? You know that I love…. I meant you know that I am crushing on him and I always…..

HI ALFRED…Amelia waved when she spotted him in the crowd and that made Mina to stop talking.
Alfred stopped walking and waited for her. She increased her steps towards him and dragged Mina also with her.

Hey… I just wanted to say sorry for what happened earlier. Please don’t be upset…

What can I say? I told you then. I wasn’t upset since I saw how you were hurrying so it’s okay… Alfred answered and smiled.

She nodded her head and pinched Mina who quickly muttered Hi and almost lost it when Alfred replied her.



What just happened there now? Why are you apologising to Alfred? Mina impatiently asked

Relax Mina… Why are you tensed? I didn’t kss him you know.. Amelia teased

I’m not tensed: I was just surprised seeing you talking with Arnold. That alone is making me anxious to know about everything… She denied and rubbed her head

I bumped into him while I was rushing to the Quarter today, unfortunately I ruined his shoe… I was surprised because he didn’t get upset.

I just feel the need to apologise to him again, That’s why we are here… She explained rushing her words

So it’s not like you have something else to do with him.. She asked smirking And stressed Amelia just nodded her head.
I’m glad now.. now tell me about what you discussed with Dean.. what did he say?

Well he confirmed it, he’s Arnold’s lesson teacher… She stated

Seriously… But how? He has a wealthy father and he’s the heir of his father’s company also. Do you think he’s telling the truth?

After everything I have heard and seen… I don’t doubt him.. I’m just bothered about what could make him one… She stated

I can’t think less of that too… Do you think Tiana is actually his sister? They seemed almost age mate to me.. Mina asked

I can’t remember knowing someone bearing that name with Him… Amelia scoffed

Yeah… Because Brad has ruined your sense of reasoning. Isn’t she the new girl that got transferred here from Germany.. she came yesterday together with Dean… She explained rolling her eyes

Well I didn’t cram her name on my head.. that means I don’t know if they are siblings. She replied nonchalantly and closed the chapter of their conversation.



I seriously don’t know why you insisted on coming home with me.. what actually is your mission? Amelia complained as she entered her room with Mina trailing behind her.

Meeting Dean is my mission. Honestly I find it difficult to believe you when you were explaining to me back there in school. Mina replied and sat down on Amelia’s bed

Maybe luck wouldn’t be on your side, today is the last day of the week. I’m not sure if he’s coming or not. Amelia scoffed

I will see to that by myself. Please stop questioning me and get me a bottle of water. I’m thirsty… She demanded roaming her eyes around in the room.

Go downstairs Mina and sort yourself out in the kitchen. Or maybe tell a maid to attend to you… Amelia said and started undressing.

Mina stood up in anger before marching out of the room. Amelia laughed and continued anyway.



Mina gibbered as she walked down the stairs. She was going around in search for the kitchen probably to get the water by herself, since she couldn’t find any maid…

She satisfied her throat and tried returning back to the room when she saw Dean going towards the stairs . She ran up to Amelia and immediately told her.

I thought I told you that he’s Dean… Did he see you?? Amelia asked not really surprised

No he didn’t… But I saw him… I think my mission is completed now. We will talk better at school tommorow.



Waiting anxiously for Damon’s visit. Dean thought about everything that happened all through the day

How can he find himself in this weird coincidence:: while he was trying to get the proper description of her, because he could remember bumping into her at the restaurant.

It became clear to him that he got a job of lessoning her brother, in addition with her being in his school, in his class. What the hell!!

Tiana walked in and sat down beside him on the couch. Seeing her Dean got inconvenient but it’s impossible for him to leave.

I saw one of those noisy girls discussing something with you at school earlier. What was she telling you? Do you mind sharing it with me? Tiana spat

Hearing that alone made Dean fed up of her presence already.. why is Damon not here yet??

It has nothing to do with you, you shouldn’t bother knowing it….. she recognized me to be her brother’s lesson teacher and came to me for confirmation… He answered rudely and texted Damon.

Actually I was almost upset when I saw her talking to you, I didn’t know she came to discuss something as senseless as that… Tiana replied rolling her eyes

Dean furrowed his brow since he doesn’t like how rudely she talked and just when he decided to text Damon again.

Damon entered and his appearance alone increased Dean’s mood. After little introduction with Tiana who was sounding upset for some reason known to only her.

Damon concluded that she’s rude in his mind. Just then Dean and Damon both made their way upstairs leaving Tiana alone In the sitting room..

The fk…. She muttered hissing


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Chapter 12

Unknown pov✍️✍️

Talking randomly and sharing laughter, Dean and Damon lead each other inside the room.

Why do I feel that girl doesn’t want my visit? Damon said instantly when they both entered the room.

Just then Dean that was planning on laying on the bed went back to lock the door, after when he heard what Damon said.

Is there any need to lock the door? I’m not going to run away.. Damon joked and laughed

You came here by yourself so why would I lock you in here? Dean snapped

Well you might have gotten angry because I didn’t come early… Damon replied nonchalantly

I locked it because of Tiana, stop being silly… He answered

That can’t be true… What’s with her? Damon asked because he was confused

I also can’t say what’s with her, I felt the need to lock the door. It’s always inconvenient for me to stay around her. And who knows she might decide on coming here to join us. Dean explained

Obviously I am speechless… I just wondered why she looked at me with that evil glare when I came in… She looked so upset… Damon Recalled

I saw it, I was even planning on messaging you again when you entered…. I felt being choked staying around her. Do you know what she asked me yesterday? Dean asked and changed the television channel to something else.

I think I wasn’t here and you didn’t inform me… So it’s not possible for me to know what she asked.. Damon replied making Dean to fume in anger.

What’s the need to answer me that way? I don’t know about it would have been better you know? Dean snapped and furrowed his eye brows

Well you didn’t spare me when I made fun of you earlier anyways. Just tell me what she asked you. Damon Specified

She was here in my room yesterday and started asking if I love her… Dean replied

Permit me to just say that I saw that coming….. What was your reply? Damon asked

What was I supposed to say? I made up silly excuse and walked out of the room… He answered nonchalantly

What!!! Why will you do that? Damon coed

Well there was no answer to the question. And I can’t sit back and started staring at her….. Dean snapped

Why on Earth will you tell me there’s no answer? You didn’t even think about it! Damon snapped

Why are you being so serious about the matter? Maybe I didn’t think of it because I don’t love her.

I wonder why she came to me with such Question… He said and rubbed his palm together

I’m sure she isn’t daft to forget what Happened when you were young. She must have been aware of how you used to fall ¢razily inlove with her.. you told me how you were so addi¢ted to her back then. Damon Shared

Think like an adult Damon… We were both young then and it was just childish act, I never loved her. And I hope she didn’t put those things that happened back then In to her head, because it was just a childish play… He exclaimed

Seems only you thinks it’s childish play.. By asking you that question she already showed what she thinks of the past and what you need to know… Damon confirmed

What are you saying? What was I supposed to know? Dean asked since he’s confused about everything Damon was telling him.

The fact that she still thinks that you love her, exactly how you used to love her back then..

I seriously don’t know what to say… Dean muttered

What to say will know itself when she brings that question to you next time… Damon asked and started going towards the fridge in Dean’s room.

Why do I feel you are speaking in her favour? Dean insinuated

I don’t know how a guy’s life will be boring more than yours… Why do you keep only soft drinks in here Everytime?? He asked when he got tired of searching for alcoholic drinks.

They are what I like taking and you Don’t expect me to store it with Alcohol that I don’t take… Dean snapped

Your choice of enjoyment is boring, what a female version inform of a male… Damon frowned as he picked one soft drink and went back to the bed.

You were telling me about Amelia yesterday but then you got interrupted… I think we should discuss that now, I will keep up with this soft drink… Damon said and took a sip from the juice

How did you know her name? Is she your friend? Dean surprisingly asked

We are not friends but we know each other… She doesn’t flow with boys. Maybe if she used to flow with boy’s we would have been friends, tho we do say HI and HELLO when we see… Damon answered

Well she was the lady that I bumped into, and accidentally fell her phone when I was on my way to the restaurant… Dean stated

That’s not a good news… Did she recognize you when you met her?

It doesn’t seem so… Although she recognized me as the new guy in her school… Dean specified

The h’ll!!! You are attending her school? And also her classmate?? Damon scoffed

I’m still wondering about that… Well it’s just a mere coincidence… Dean shrugged his shoulder

That’s not mere, it’s weird coincidence… God must have taken you back to her just to get pvnished… Damon suggested and Dean laughed

It’s great God doesn’t think like you… She doesn’t even recognize me as the one that broke her phone.. who knows she might have forgotten about the incident.. Dean objected

One day she will. And I’m sure she won’t spare you… Then you will realized how to wait and apologise for your mistakes next time… Damon joked

Looking at her she doesn’t seem arrogant to me, and if at all she will remember my face one day. I will make her my friend before that day, at least with that I will get spared by her when she finds out…Dean bragged

I Know the kind of person that she is, remember I told you she doesn’t flow with guys… I think it’s not necessary to inform you about it. You will find out by yourself very soon… Damon answered taking another sip from the juice.

Whatever!!! Dean muttered and concentrated on the television. He’s fed up of nagging with Damon.

Tell me how things has been in your new school and stop Rolling your eyes at the player. Damon teased

Anonymous person dropped a package for me…. Dean simply said

Lovely… Your second day in school and you have secret admirer already. What’s In the package? Damon beamed and asked

Thought you’ve concluded on the answer by yourself… It was just a letter in addition with a silver Wrist Band.. Dean said

Prince charming has started receiving gifts from crushers… What’s the content of the letter? Is it love letter? Show me the band also… Damon asked

You are so lousy that I almost forgot that you are not a lady Damon… How come you talk like one? Dean scoffed

Well after hearing about love package.. I can’t stop being lousy… Damon said and winked at him.

According to what Tiana read out, the letter is from a secret admirer. Well Tiana took the wrist band with her… Dean stated ignoring Damon’s act

Isn’t the package yours?? Why will she take the band? Damon asked

She took it when I tried picking it from the box.. I don’t feel the need to argue about it since I am not interested in the band. I just let go of it…. Dean answered and received a slightly upset glare from Damon..



✍️✍️ unknown pov✍️✍️

I love eating here when there’s no many students around.. I hate receiving stares… Amelia said as she walked into the cafeteria with Mina.

Well I am the one who is loosing here. I’m hungry but I can’t eat because you made me wait for the student to finish eating… Mina ranted

They both got to the attender and after making oder for their food.

They walked together with it to an empty table… Mina comfortably sat down wondering on where to start devouring her food. Amelia dropped her food and wanted to sit when they heard a voice behind her.

Hey hold on…. that’s my seat… A voices echoed from behind and Amelia stood straight. It seems the question was threw at her since Mina already sat down.

She looked at Tiana who was coming towards her smiling.

This place was empty when we got here, so how can the seat possibly be yours?? Amelia confusingly asked

Don’t be d.aft girl… Because you met it empty doesn’t mean it belongs to you… Tiana nagged rudely

I didn’t see your name written on it, or a signal that makes the chair yours… Amelia specified

Anyone with brain would have known there’s no need to add names to things before they recognize whom it belongs to… She replied nonchalantly

I was trying to be polite with you, don’t try to take that for granted… What’s the issue with you? Amelia angrily asked

I want you to get out of this table for me because it’s mine, and I am supposed to sit on it…. Tiana answered

Since the chair was bought with your money!!! Mina who has been watching the nu!sance Tiana was creating suddenly let out her anger.

Excuse me, what did you just say? Tiana asked and started at Mina

What you just heard… We got here before you. Tell me what gave you the effrontery to stop my friend from sitting here… Mina replied and stood up facing Tiana

It’s like you are not sensible to understand me earlier.. I had my eyes on this chair before you both came and it’s necessary for one of you or either you both to get out… Tiana Bragged

You must have lost your senses somewhere else.. who the h’ll are you to decide that for us… Mina yelled and tried going closer to her.

Mina just forget about it, let’s go find another seat… Amelia proposed wanting to leave with Mina.

You heard that?? Now get out of my sight… Tiana replied and rolled her eyes.

Angry Mina hearing that dragged Amelia’s hand and forced her to sit on the chair.. after that she went back to sit and started eating out of her food.

Eat your food Amelia, we won’t leave this place until we are done eating… She said and took a bite from her food.

Tiana angrily stared at them especially Mina and not having any other choice. She took the bottle of water in front of Amelia and poured it in Mina’s food.

Seeing this Amelia screamed, just then Mina angrily took Tiana’s food from the Table and threw it on the ground.. Making it to splash on Tiana’s leg.

The flame in the fire increased as they both wouldn’t stop shouting and throw insults at one another.

Tiana’s temper got inflamed Then she angrily threw her phone towards Mina but it accidentally h it Amelia who was trying to take Mina out of the cafeteria.

Amelia let go of Mina and quickly held her head that the phone had h it.. Seeing this Mina stopped nagging with Tiana and hurriedly held Amelia by her shoulder.

Amelia whimpered in pa!n as bIood came out ..

Dean who heard noises while passing and how the students gathered decided to enter because he recognized one of the voices as Tiana’s.

He entered and saw a girl leaning and whimpering on her friends shoulder with Tiana just staring ran closer to them.

Hearing how pained Mina was shouting at Tiana, Dean knew Tiana must have done something to the girl who was bIeeding…

He looked at Tiana and not minding about what exactly happened he walked closer to her and muttered.

I don’t know what happened but you didn’t do the right thing Tiana… He muttered to her and tried helping Mina in taking Amelia out of the place.

Amelia has small bump with blood gushing out of it by the side of her head. She felt weak as Dean and Mina supported her in walking.

I will help in carrying her… Alfred Offered and came closer to them. Not minding the stares from the students.

Alfred Swept Almost unconscious Amelia off the ground and started heading to the School emergency room with Dean and Mina following behind him..


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Chapter 13

Unknown pov✍️✍️

In anger and frustration Mina marched into the classroom going towards Tiana. She’s going to teach her lesson today.

She was about to $pank her desk when Amelia suddenly called her. She turned hoping she’s fine but then saw her gesturing with her hand that she should let Tiana be.

She fumed in anger but still hit her desk anyways… Who does that girl thinks she is to take advantage of Amelia’s kindness.

Tiana seeing someone h!tting her desk stopped what she was doing and looked at Mina angrily.

My Friend saved you now but I am coming back to get you… Mina threatened and went to meet Amelia .

Why did you stop me from teaching her a lesson? Why are you being nice to her? After doing this to you…Mina Ranted on Amelia

I feel it doesn’t worth it, she didn’t mean to do that… Amelia replied silently

She meant everything, I am sure she wanted to throw the phone at me, I wish it touched me, I would have rip her head off… She boasted and Amelia laughed

She’s still a newbie.. Reporting her will create a scene and I actually don’t want that.. Amelia said wincing slightly in pa!n

it’s obvious that I don’t care about that… You always try to create peace, well I didn’t report her because of you. Her brother came begging me and you know how handsome he is, I can’t say Sorry to him… Mina said and winked

You are being too na$ty Mina…. Tiana just needed attention. Why else will she do that? Amelia asked?

She did it to make us believe she’s special, because she came from Germany. I wished I get to give her a sIap… Mina fumed in anger

You don’t have to start getting angry now… Everything is sorted out and see me here. I’m fine… Amelia shrugged

Yes it is sorted, that bandage made you look so cute… Mina teased making Amelia to furiously glare hard at her.



I love it when I was in Alfred’s hands, I felt like a bride… Mina, You know I framed being unconscious because I wanted someone to carry me, then God sent Alfred over… Amelia Teased creating tension in Mina’s body. She knows where to get her.

You know what? I am the one who followed you home. That’s why you have the chance to make fun of me. Now I am leaving…. She said and tried leaving

Seriously Mina. When you told me I am cute with this bandage I didn’t complain. Why are you complaining now?? She asked but didn’t get a reply from Mina.

Okay then I am sorry… I am not comfortable in his hands, I would have preferred Dean since he’s charming more than Alfred… She stated

$illy girl… Mina murmured.

Just then they heard someone knocking Amelia’s door. Before Amelia could speak the door went open with Arnold entering.

Amelia what’s wrong? Aunty told me you came from school with a bandage. What happened? Arnold questioned and sat down beside her.

I’m fine Arnold it was just a slight injury. I will be fine… Amelia assured

You must have had a deep cut, that’s why you are wearing bandage right? Should I inform Mom and Dad? He asked worriedly

It was just a little bump and it’s healing so fast. You don’t have to tell them. I will be fine in few days, Where’s Axel? She asked changing the topic

He’s downstairs… I came here quickly because I was scared. I’m happy you are fine…Arnold said and Amelia nodded her head stroking his hand.

So now I wished that I do have a brother… Mina who has been watching them lamented causing everyone to laugh….

Arnold left to prepare for his lesson, since Mina has decided on leaving. Amelia got herself something casual to wear and walked her out of the room.

On her way back she spotted Dean sitting and operating his phone… Is he waiting for Arnold?? She thought

Dean saw her and stood up going to meet her…

Hello… He said to her staring at the bandage on her head.

Hi…. Are you waiting for Arnold? He should be in his room.. Amelia stated

No… I have seen him, I’m waiting for you to come…. How are you feeling? I’m sorry about what Tiana did to you… Dean apologized after which they talked frequently and parted ways.


****AT NIGHT****


Diary how are you? Seems I am back as usual. Forgive me diary there’s no sweet News to inform you tonight.

I got into a fight with someone and presently my head is bandaged.. it doesn’t really hurt. But it doesn’t suit me.

Imagine Mina told me I am cute with it. Do you think that she’s telling the truth?? I didn’t believe her because she always tease me..

I got my new phone yesterday… I would have been happier but Dad got me the same product. I don’t feel the need to be too happy. Although it’s nice having it back.

Anything I do Mina kept on frustrating me about Having a lover… With what I have learnt so far Diary. There has been no feelings from me to any guy.

I need that feeling and crave of love before I can love someone remember diary? I feel suffocated whenever she’s discussing that with me. I seriously want to strangle her…

I think I should discuss about this with you diary… Dean came to lesson Arnold as usual and he…. Amelia kept on writing in the diary and only stopped when she feels the need to.



You look different in my eyes… Probably because I haven’t gotten the chance to see your face in awhile now. I miss you my COMFORT.

Did you miss me? Having you once again In my hands feels like I have gotten everything I wanted… Damon deprived me of having you.

He gave me many task if he would return you back to me. I completed everything and that’s he returned you back to me.

Forcefully I am starting to accept the faith that I can’t see you again. You didn’t think of how I will feel when you left me right?

You should have known better not to leave.. it took me awhile to figure out my love for you and just when I thought of confessing you left. I can’t just stop staring and remembering your face.

My childhood crush that I always tell you about is back. And guess what MY COMFORT? She has changed alot. She used to be so sweet and now I can’t explain how arrogant she can be.

She got into a f!ght with a girl today and even though she was wrong, she refused to say sorry. I urged her to say it but she declined.

Why do people change so much? Dean talked and talked to the image. Anyone who’s there would think he’s losing it.

Why will someone decided to talk to an image that can’t even answer. Doing that gives him joy and he never seize to do that…

Having one last stare at the image he kept it in his wardrobe and locked it. He can’t risk dropping it carelessly once more.

Who knows what task Damon would ask him to do if he lay his hands on it once again.

Dean made his way out of the house, entering the car he met Tiana already seated in it.

He’s not surprised but seeing her reminds him of how wi¢ked she acted yesterday.

He sat down and ordered the driver to start driving.. Tiana did everything to get his attention but he didn’t care.

I told the maid to trash the wrist band… It’s too cheap and I’m sure you won’t like it right…

Tiana told him and even though he was upset he didn’t show it, he just looked briefly at her and took his eyes away.



Dean walked into the Martin’s Abode with few books he would be needing for the lesson.. Apart from lessoning Arnold he’s so concerned about meeting with Amelia.

She didn’t attend school and he couldn’t be less worried. What if her head has worsened? And that Tiana didn’t seem to care about anything. She should be thankful that Amelia refused to make a report.

Arnold already told him not to bother knocking when he comes, which is why he twisted the door knob directly and entered, with the fragrance speaking wealth welcoming him.

He entered fully and met Amelia watching movies. He felt relieved knowing she’s fine. A lady that everyone thinks she’s his sister did this to her so for that he can’t worry less.

I can see you are getting better… He said and walked closer to her. Getting Amelia somewhat surprised to see him.

Yes I am… Thanks for helping yesterday… Amelia said and smiled.

I am glad seeing how you are improving. I’m sorry for everything that Tiana did to you… Dean apologized

It’s okay… She was just upset and I understand. It’s nice that she at least has a nice brother to apologise on her behalf… Amelia stated and offered him to sit.

Dean would have love to inform her about Tiana not being his sister but he feels that’s not needed now..

Why didn’t you attend school today? I have planned how to make Tiana apologize but then I didn’t see you. Dean asked

I couldn’t wake up early because I slept late, also I felt weak So then I decided to rest at home today. I will definitely attend tommorow… She replied giggling

That’s needed… You should take care of yourself and please don’t hesitate to inform me if you need my help. Tiana created this mess, and it’s the same as when I created it. Dean clarify

No problem thanks… Arnold should be waiting for you upstairs and I don’t want him quarreling with me for chatting with his favorite Teacher, we could talk better before you leave….. Amelia joked.


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Chapter 14

✍️✍️ unknown pov ✍️✍️

Mina feels bored and gets the need to do something in the room by herself. Since the maids are always the one doing it for her.

School was boring today as Amelia did not attend.

If only she didn’t promise Amelia. She would have got into a fight with that Tiana. There was chance to quickly teach her a lesson but she can not disobey her best friend just because of that $illy girl.

She walked towards the dressing table and decided to arrange the things on it, even though they are properly arranged.
Taking over the chair she had kept infront of the dressing table.

She sat on it and started arranging it. While arranging she found out most of her cosmetic has almost finished but she didn’t notice.

She will trash all the empty ones later or tell a maid to do it… She remembered that she just bought one of the finished face scrub just of recent. How did it finish?

Could it be that her mother was the one that finished it? She doubted.

She will deal with that later. She continued arranging and found a used face wipe placed on the table.

Now she knows someone came here, The wipe she used in the morning was trashed by her before going to school.

Where’s this one from? She thought and picked it up, staring at it and if she is not making a mistake.

This wipe was used by Elisa… Immediately her mind thought of that. she lost it and anger started gathering in her mind.

How dare her entered my room? Who does she think she is to enter her room…..She furiously said and started heading out of the room with the wipe in her hand.

Had it been it was a weak door, it would have fallen down with how Mina pushed it open. She angrily entered the room and met Elisa doing something by her wardrobe.

She marched towards her and threw the wipe on her face. Creating burning anger in Elisa.

What took you to my room? What have you gone to get in there? Did I invite you? Who are you to touch my things? Mina yelled

I went there by myself, I am your sister and I have the right to touch your things… Elisa replied nonchalantly

You won’t learn in an easy way. Will you? Mina asked and started counting her steps closer to her.

I told you never to call yourself my sister again. You are an illegitimate child if you can’t remember. My dad must have given birth to you. But you are not anywhere close to being my sister. Mina said to her face angrily and not caring about what ever is coming out of her mouth.

I never want you as my sister either, Dad can’t accept to have someone like you only as his child. That’s why he gave birth to me. Elisa boastfully replied. Making Mina to roll her eyes

Maybe they forgot to tell you in the history that you heard. My dad is married to my mom. That makes me a legitimate child. Let me brief you about what you ain’t aware of here… She offered

Dad wanted to help your mother but what did she do? She se..duced my dad and that was how you were born. Anywhere your name is mentioned Illegitimate must follow, obviously that’s why you will never be my sister girl, and stop forcing yourself to be one… Mina answered staring straight into Elisa’s eyes.

The pain you have to bear alongside with your mom, cause Dad gave birth to an angel like me must have taken over your mentality… Elisa blasted and laughed

The pa!n you are bearing for not being fully consider as a child that belongs to this family, is enough for both you and your mother to bear; Mina replied and started heading towards the door.

I want this moment to be the last time you will touch my things or entering my room. Because the next I see you touching my belongings. You also won’t want to see my wrath another time… Mina said and walked out of the room.



Sometimes mistake comes up and people do make mistake the by thinking Halogen is also an element.

Which is why if you want to get the best definition for it. You must always remember that Halogen belongs to the seventh group in the periodic table and it has never been an element.

Further explanation says that halogen is like a family that brings them all together. For example we have Fluorine, chlorine, iodine. And many other element that exists in halogen. All these element I mentioned are Halogens… they formed halogen.

Which means for you to identify what group Fluorine belongs to without battling with the correct definition. Make sure to know what halogen is…. Dean continued explaining to Arnold who’s concentration was fully on what he’s been taught, and Admiring how Good Dean can be while teaching.

I think we should talk further about the seventh group tommorow. It will help you and you will understand better… Dean concluded and started packing his books.

Yes I will go through this explanation at night… Arnold replied

That’s not a bad idea. I think I should go now, you should get some rest too… Dean said wanting to leave.

Ermm… Dean please can I ask you something? It won’t take too much time.. Arnold requested

No problem you can… Dean accepted and dropped his bad. Arnold gathered little courage in him and finally decided to speak…

I’m just curious to know the reason why you are tutoring me as a lesson teacher. You are wealthy and known almost everywhere. But here you are teaching me… Arnold asked without sharing eye contact with Dean.

Hearing this and seeing how Arnold is trying to avoid gaze with him. Dean giggled and told him to look at him.

Everyone who knows about this never seize to question me. You don’t have to feel scared before asking me anything.

Honestly I don’t know what aspect to get the answer to your question from.

But I will try to be brief about it.. I love teaching but it’s not because I need the money. I see teaching more like having fun. Personally it’s helping me to always remember what I am being taught and then I will get to share my experience.

The truth of the reason why I am here teaching you is just because I want to have fun.. Dean explained and got Arnold surprised.

Your sister was also surprised when she saw that I am your lesson teacher… Dean stated seeing Arnold expression

Have you had any discussion about it with my sister? Is she aware?

She asked me back then in school. Since she wasn’t sure if truly who she met as your lesson teacher was me. Dean explained

Are you in the same school with my sister? Does she know you before you came here as my lesson teacher? Arnold curiously asked.

I got transferred to the same school with her, we haven’t come across each other at home before then. So she couldn’t identify me as your lesson teacher when I resumed.. Dean answered.

They had some discussion afterwards. After which Dean left and Arnold hurriedly ran to Amelia consulting her too.



Having to bear the pain with how her head was suddenly aching and finding some sleep.

Amelia’s phone beeped with a message entering. She took the phone and checked what message that can be. Then she saw it came from Mina.

HEY AMELIA … IM SORRY I COULDN’T COME OVER TO VISIT YOU. HOW ARE YOU FEELING? Were you able to get a nap during the day?

My day got ruined by Elisa. I got into some argument with her and she seriously got me frustrated.

I’m saving the entire explanation of it for you till tomorrow. Take care of yourself and please attend school tommorow. I was bored today since you didn’t attend school.

Goodnight hugs and ksses from me….. Amelia read the message out and smiled.


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Chapter 15

✍️✍️unknown pov

Dean was in his room going through notes, he heard a guard seeking for permission to enter, after confirming it through the CCTV camera he approved. He came down from the bed and stood up to the guard.

Good evening young master….. I’m here to tell you that Your father wants you in his room now, and he command you to follow me… The guard delivered bowing his head.

Why is he suddenly requesting to see me? I was told that he went for an important meeting.. Dean stated eyeing the guard.

He came back from the meeting a while ago. But I can’t say about the reason why he has sent for you young master…. The guard explained.

I will go with you… Dean said and started leading the way out of the room, with the guard trailing behind him.

He got into his father’s abode and entered alone with the guard waiting outside..

He entered and met his father sipping out of his coffee, with his face backing him. Maybe he hasn’t noticed Dean’s presence yet.

Good evening father… The guard came and delivered to me that you requested to see me… Dean said while Mr Stewart nodded his head.

Come sit over here…. Mr Stewart ordered and continued drinking his coffee.

Dean went and sat down infront of him by the dinning table.

Do you mind taking coffee with me? He asked

No father… I’m fine this way; Dean rejected politely

I wanted to discuss something with you.. that’s why I sent for you….

Earlier today I met Tiana alone in the sitting room unhappy. I talked to her and found you’ve been upset with her…. What happened Dean?

Dad I never told her that I am upset… Dean defended

If that’s so why did you refuse to talk to her… Because after she told me. I made sure to confirm it through the driver… I’m your father and you can tell me what the problem is.. He worriedly said hitting Dean’s soft spot

Dad Tiana did what was wrong at school yesterday. But she refused to say sorry. Even though I told her to apologise for her mistake, she didn’t listen to me… Dean explained

I understand what you are saying, I will definitely talk to Tiana and make her apologise.. but what exactly did she do?

She got into a random f!ght with some girls yesterday. One of the ladies got injured because of her. But she acted like she was right, but everything was her fault… Dean explained

You shouldn’t take that personal. I know she didn’t do the right thing but you shouldn’t be upset with her, being upset with her won’t solve anything….

She’s your childhood friend and also a guest here. I don’t want her to feel inconvenient…. Mr Stewart stated

I will do something concerning that Dad….. Dean replied



I think you shouldn’t stress yourself by arranging the Quarter today. You are not strong and carrying out the stress will make you feel dizzy… Mina rejected Amelia’s suggestion

That can’t happen to me Mina… Trust me I’m fine, I will just hurry with it and come back soon… Amelia insisted

Why are you so adament? Are you scared of Brad??

I would have been scared of him, but why should I be? I have good reason for not coming to school yesterday… Amelia said and after convincing Mina she left.



I could see how hard you’ve proven for me to see how hardworking you are….. Brad said entering the hall.

Amelia saw him and wondered if something was wrong. This is the first time Brad is visiting without any lady with him…

Are you impressed by my look now or why are you staring at me? Brad asked and sat down closer to where she was cleaning.

Amelia quickly took her eyes away and continued arranging..

I thought your friend would accompany you here since you have your head bandaged.. Brad said and smirked with Amelia just gawking at him

Are you quiet because you are scared of me or because your bandage is preventing you from speaking? Brad questioned

I’m quiet because I don’t have anything to say… Amelia replied sternly

I knew you would reply… Anyway I came here to find out about the reason why you didn’t let your friend report about the fight to me… I could have gotten justice for you… Brad said to her

It was just a foreplay between ladies… I don’t see the need to make a report about it…. Amelia snapped

Maybe you took the right step for the first time in your life…. You have no idea of what I would have done if only the matter was brought up to me… Brad boasted

What will you do? I wasn’t wrong after all… Amelia coed

You weren’t wrong but I could make you the guilty one after all… Don’t forget about the Stuff between us Amelia… I’m still going to seek my revenge and probably that would have been a better idea to use…. He ranted

What do you want from me? Why do you despise me this much? Amelia said within gritted teeth

I don’t despise you miss Amelia Martin… I only despise your boldness of declining my request.. what a gut you truly have…. Brad replied and the taunting on as far as it could.



Brad is such a nuisance… Who does he think he is?? Mina said furiously

I don’t know what to do about him Mina. I’m tired of all this… He even has the gut to tell me I must lay with him if I want peace of mind…. Amelia irritatedly muttered

I always knew he was a coward but I never expected him to stoop too low…. You should stop crying now… We will think of a way to get back at him… Mina assured

Dean came to the boy’s Quarter and collided with Brad… Amelia suddenly said

Oh my!! Do you think that he overheard everything that Mon$ter said to you? Mina asked curiously

I can’t say about that… He walked in when Brad was about to leave…. I’m just scared. Amelia murmured

Why should you be scared? Brad can’t do anything to you? I’m here and I assure you that… Will you stop shivering now and let’s return back to class…. Mina consoled. Taking her out of the quarter.



I was told that what I did to you was wrong. That’s why I came here to apologise… I’m sorry… Tiana reluctantly said to Amelia. With his eyes glaring hard at Mina.

So you wouldn’t have come if they didn’t tell you; absolutely you haven’t realized your mistakes and accept it that you are wrong… Mina snapped

No problem Tiana. I’m not upset…. Amelia answered with a smile

Thanks for at least knowing how to reply in a kind way unlike your gibberish friend…. Tiana scoffed.
Did you hear that Amelia?? Who are you to talk to me like that?? Mina shouted at her

I won’t want you both to start another fight now.. you should go back to your seat now Tiana. I’m not upset with anymore…. Amelia frustratedly said.

Is that all you have to say everything? After all she said to me? Ain’t you supposed to be siding me with me instead of her? Mina asked

I wasn’t siding with her Mina. I just quenched the fire of anger that wanted to rise…. Don’t act like a kid…. She replied

Excuse me…. Please can I have my seat? Carol came and requested for her seat. Since Mina knew she was referring to her. She stood up and walked angrily to her place, with Amelia’s eyes trailing after her.

Dean who has been watching everything, nervously hit AMELIA’S chair with his leg just to gain her attention, she turned to look at him and was surprised when he happily said;

I told you I would make Tiana apologize for her mistake, didn’t I? He asked staring at her.

Amelia remembered when he’d promise her that, she nodded her head and released a smile afterwards.


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Chapter 16

✍️✍️unknown pov

Relax d.ude… If you call me twice and I don’t pick. Just assume that I am not nearby…. Dean answered

I have seen how you do ignore calls, so with that I don’t think I will be able to assume that.. Damon argued

The people that I ignored their calls might deserve it. I can not ignore your call, at least not when I was planning on call you…. Dean stated

If you didn’t ignore my call. Tell me where were you when I called?… He asked

Oh my Damon!! I was with Tiana… Dean scoffed

Really!! Is there something I am missing over there now. Are you reconsidering her now? Damon beamed

You are closer to being da.ft. What is here to reconsider? I just walked up to her because Dad requested it….. Dean snapped

Hold on; your dad told you to be close to her? He confusingly asked

He didn’t…. I was upset with her before. I don’t know how Dad found out about it. Everything I am doing is just for Dad…. He explained

Oh my!!! Tell me why you were upset with her? Did she ask you about question now? Damon beamed

Don’t you think I made a mistake by picking your call? You are klling me with your questions…. Dean tiredly said

Is that so? Come on Dean I just want to know what’s going on over there….. Damon said instantly

I will brief you about it. Stay away from any thought concerning Lyra.. I’m sure you will understand if you do that. Dean Teased

Check the time Dean and tell me what Lyra will be doing here by this time? Damon asked

It’s just some hours after school, so why can’t she be there? Dean asked too

I’m not in for that argument Dean… Just tell me what happened.. Damon gave up

Actually Tiana got into a fight with Amelia two days ago… She angrily threw her phone at her and Amelia injured her head.

In conclusion Damon Tiana refused to apologise. It was all cleared that she was wrong.. So I promised Amelia to make Tiana apologize…. Dean explained

So how did it go? I meant did she apologize?

Well she did today…. Tiana apologized to Amelia, moreover everything has finally been settled… Damon answered

I can’t believe you are just informing me about this. Even when it happened two days ago…Damon said

I have to keep up with the irrigation around Tiana.. that alone is always making me to lose my senses, Thank goodness you helped me with this lesson… I would have staying around her almost Everytime… Dean shared

I knew you would give me an excuse, you were not happy when I came up with it.. just tell me how’s Amelia doing? He asked

For some reasons I happen not to be living in the same house with her… So I am not the right person to give you an answer. Dean replied smirking

You are loosing your senses Dean… Were you happy when you saw Tiana apologized to Amelia? Damon angrily asked

It was a promise that I made to someone and it got fulfill. It’s obvious that I am happy… Dean snapped

Your trial to make Amelia your friend seems to be working out… But that can’t stop her from breaking your head one day…

I actually don’t think what I did then was a way of making her my friend. I only fulfilled a promise and it’s a normal thing, stop thinking otherwise… Dean said

How is Amelia’s wound? Your girlfriend took her Time to break someone’s head isn’t it? Damon asked and laughed

If you are nearby I would have broken your head as well…. Who made Tiana my girlfriend? Dean asked dropping the phone on the bed.

I’m aware of how callous you can be. That’s why I am telling you this on phone. Just stop being upset and laugh. It was just a normal prank… He Teased

Had it been someone was here me. Maybe they would think I have something to do with Tiana…. Dean ranted

Let it go then…. Tell me what are you doing presently?

What do you want to know? I’m staring at MY COMFORT… Dean Teased just to get back at him

Seriously Dean… Are you planning on returning back to your past self now, why are looking at it?.. Damon sadly asked

Relax Damon…. I just stared at it because I am missing her. You must have been staring at her too when you stole it.. Dean replied holding on to his laughter

Come on Dean; I only took it just to blackmail you with it… Damon confessed

So you finally confessed, anyways I am not staring at it…. Im preparing for the lesson now. But remember, this conversation isn’t over… Dean stated picking up his Bag and left the room.



Tiana’s head wavered as she angrily laid the anger on the door by jamming it really hard… At least she managed to leave before Dean would see her.

Everything she just eavesdropped from Dean while he was making call made her feel less worth of herself.

She shouldn’t have listened to Dean. She shouldn’t have apologized to her. It seems clear to her now, Dean was adamant about her apologising to Amelia because he promised her.

Her mind roamed on how she heard Dean saying everything to his friend.

What could be happening? Dean isn’t taking her kind attitude for Granted right? She thought and sat down.

She recalled how he used to be so loving to her when they were young and gritted her teeth.

So what!! Dean might have made her to apologize to Amelia but it was her that he want right?

So what did he mean by her presence irritates him? Could she have misunderstood what Dean was trying to say.

She’s sure all what Dean is saying was because of that Damon’s influence.

Maybe she was wrong about what she did to Amelia. Moreover Everything wasn’t entirely her fault… Why should only her apologise!!

That Mina too should have apologized…. She thought.



Well I understand Some terms about homologous series, maybe I may not be good like Dean in your eyes. But at least I am not really far from being good like him… Amelia argued with Arnold

I won’t argue about that anymore. At least you should be able to answer this…. Arnold curiously said

What’s that? Make sure it’s something that I have been taught tho… Amelia warned

If Dean could explain it properly to me.. then you must have been taught… Arnold shrugged

Your boasting with Dean is annoying. Just tell me what it is… Amelia rolled her eyes

What can you classify halogen as? Is it an element or group? Furthermore, what number of group or element does Halogen belongs to? Arnold asked eyeing who has been listening to them not to laugh.

Are you kidding me now? How can halogen be an element? How is that supposed to be a question? Amelia snapped having no idea that someone was behind her listening to them.

It was just a question… Tell me what you think of my question Amelia. It seems you are trying to back out… Arnold said furrowing his brows

Why should I back out? In the first place Arnold. Halogen is not an element. It’s a group name for elements… It doesn’t belong to any number of element. Do you understand me? She asked

Arnold stylishly looked at Dean if he should stop questioning her. Dean shook his head as Arnold took that as a No.

I requested forfurther explanation.. you should be able to convince me. Your answers ain’t straight forward.. Arnold shrugged with Amelia glaring hard at him

Halogen is a group, furthermore Elements are gathered in it. Which is why Halogen isn’t an element.

It’s just a group that contains different element in it. Asides that it is also referred to as the group seven… I’m sure When you go through your periodic table. You will understand what I am saying properly…. Amelia reluctantly explained

It seems to me that although I am Arnold’s lesson teacher. There’s some one who could teach Arnold as well… Dean said and came forward

Amelia saw him and gasped!!! Has he been listening to them? She looked at Arnold and saw him grinning together with Dean.

Seriously Dean; you joined with Arnold just to tease me? Amelia asked glaring hard at them.


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Chapter 17

Unknown pov

Seems my studying last night pays now… We are able to finish quickly… Arnold beamed

Absolutely…. I think it was a good idea that you decided to study all by yourself, it made the teaching easier for me to do… Dean replied zipping his bag.

Obviously…. Maybe I should start studying by myself whenever at night.. At least with that I will understand everything you are teaching me better. Arnold suggested

That will be great.. .. you also have a sister that can enlighten you better if I am not able to explain properly… Dean replied

That should be a joke… Amelia would never accept to teach me.. Arnold rejected

Why? Isn’t she your sister? With what I saw today. I cant doubt how good she can be in teachings.. Dean stated

I’m aware that she’s smart and can teach properly also. But she will never surrender herself for things like that… The only thing she offered herself to do is protecting her diary….. Arnold joked

Diary? Is she taking that as a priority? Dean confusingly asked

I can’t give the full explanation on that… All I know is that Amelia cares alot about her diary… She spends more time with her diary than even us her siblings.. Arnold answered

I’m speechless… What you just explained. Only introverts practices it. Is she an introvert? He asked

She has never been one.. she just cares so much about her diary. Why am I telling you this? Cause I don’t want you to reduce your length of teaching me, because you think Amelia can do that better. Arnold warned

I completely forgot that we were discussing about that… I was just kidding too .. I only pray not to bump into her while leaving. Dean joked

The angry glare that she gave us then was still making me frightened… He said laughing afterwards

It was your plan to tease her that way. I can’t say if she will spare you. Because she will never spare me. Arnold shrugged

This is funny!! Anyways I think I should start going now. I should get some rest at home since we are rounding everything up early… Dean said walking out of the room

Yes… I will go through the notes…. Arnold yelled behind him.



Amelia furiously ruffles her hair as she tried understanding what she was reading…. Why is this particular topic so difficult….

She went through different definitions. Getting tired of checking all the textbook.. what should she do??? She Ranted



Dean was walking down the stairs when he sighted Amelia by the dinning table. His worst fear finally came through. How will he leave now without her seeing him?

He stood still watching how she was talking to herself. where as she looked upset…. It seems she was struggling with whatever she was reading…



Amelia came up with another definition which she thought would suit the explanation. Just then she realized it wasn’t strong enough to defend her queries…

Giving up on everything she hissed, wanting to close the book when Dean stopped her by placing his hand on the note.

Seeing it was Dean she tried ignoring him. She was still very upset with him and Arnold. She can’t do anything to Dean but she will definitely reach Arnold a lesson. Now what’s Dean looking for here?

Excuse me… Why did you place your hand here? She asked frowning

I saw how you were struggling with this. So I thought of helping you with it. Maybe you will understand if we do it together…Dean replied politely. That’s his trick

I understood everything and I don’t think I need help, don’t you think you need to go home and rest?…. She snapped

I needed to rest but I can do that later. Can I at least help you with this? He begged

I really was planning on not getting upset with you for what you and Arnold did. But now that you can’t stop troubling me. It seems I will have to let my anger into action.

Actually I also was planning on leaving without bumping into you. Everything we did then wasn’t to tease you… Dean confessed

Obviously it was.. I saw how you were grinning together with Arnold. Amelia insisted

That was because I actually was impressed you could explain properly like that…. It wasn’t to tease you I promise. I hope you won’t be upset anymore? Dean asked

It’s not necessary…. I meant I am not upset anymore. Amelia stated simply

So that means you will allow me to help you with this? At least that will confirm it that you ain’t upset with me again… Dean requested while she nodded her head

How many definitions have you used to describe it? Did you use this? Dean asked pointing at a definition

Almost three definitions now, that was the last one I used… She sluggishly replied

It must have been confusing that was why you didn’t get it… You know when it comes to this Topic. It has a lot of definition. One just need to examine them all and memorize the standard one… Dean explained going through the definitions.

I have tried all of them. They ain’t meeting up with my taste, I put my hope in the last one but it didn’t work… Amelia adamently replied

Maybe i know what might be wrong. Let’s go to the internet. We should be able to get clue from there.. are you with your phone?

Yes.. you can have it…. Amelia said and gave the phone to him..

He was surprised when he saw how clean and unbroken the screen is. He could remember seeing the screen broken when he bumped into her… Why is the phone so new? Could it be that he didn’t actually break it..

What’s wrong? Why were you surprised? Amelia who saw him staring at the phone asked.

I’m sorry…. I was just impressed at how clean your phone is looking. It looks extremely like it’s new… Dean stammered

Because it’s new… I just got a new phone since my recent phone broke… Amelia answered

It must have been painful when it broke right? He further asked

Quite painful… A stranger broke it and ran away.. She shared

Why would someone do things like that? You should have followed him. He replied sternly

I wasn’t in my right Sense. Probably because I was shocked. He fell my phone and left before I could speak. I can’t even remember what is face looks like. Amelia explained trying to remember the face of the unknown guy once again.

That was a weird coincidence…. Didn’t you feel sad when you saw your broken phone? You must have been angry at the stranger.. He muttered

I didn’t realize that it broke until I got home…. I have been mad at the stranger and I won’t stop being mad at him untill he apologizes very well to me… She concluded

You sounded so confident about what you said.. you can’t even recognize him right?

I can’t recognize him now. But I will remember what he’s like one day… Let’s quit the talks…. Have you been able to get an answer from the internet? She Requested

I will search through it now… Dean answered nervously. Hearing everything he just discussed with Amelia made him slightly worried. What if she recognize his face one day. Oh h’ll!!!

I guess I have gotten the perfect definition.. you should check this out… He proffered returning the phone back to her.

Wow!!! I’m being flattered…. Thanks for offering to help me with this … She beamed..

Dean helped in everything she wanted to study before leaving.



Thinking of receiving breeze from outside and calming his head down at his usual place…

Dean walked to the compound with his both hands in his hoodie pocket… The breeze was blowing towards him and he liked it.

He removed his hoodie cap, making the fresh air to make its way direct into his hair lines.

He stood still in the spot with his eyes closed thinking about some personal issues.

Just then he saw Tiana sitting alone on the sofa nearby.

Why is she outside by this time! She should have gone to bed. He thought and went closer to her.

I was surprised when I saw you sitting here alone… What’s wrong? He asked sitting beside her

When did you come back? I checked the room in search for you but you were not there. She asked looking at him

I already told you about lessoning someone Tiana. I visit there once I am back from school… Dean replied

I guess it was my bad luck then…. I have to stay at home alone, or probably Wondering around the garden by myself… She said sadly

Ain’t you obsessed with cartoon like you used to? You used to like it very much when we were young right? Dean Teased

I’m happy….. At least you can still remember what I used to love when we were young? She beamed with a smile

I guess they are memories that can’t be forgotten… That should be the reason why I can still remember them. Are you still a lover of cartoons? He asked again ignoring how she was glaring at him.

Probably not. I stopped following up at the age of thirteen, when it became annoying to me. I don’t find it interesting anymore. I guess that should be maturity right? She asked

I really can’t say… Nevertheless people seems to get tired of things over time…. Dean shrugged

Maybe you are right, why are you outside? Did you come to search for me? She suddenly asked

I was feeling bored inside. I’m just here to get Cool breeze…. He answered ruffling his hair.

Since you are here. And I am here too. I think we should play a game then.. that should help right? She suggested

No problem.. what’s the content of the game? Dean reluctantly asked. He’s not really interested in the talk.

I don’t have any in mind.. except for Truth or Dare… Should we try that? She asked and Dean nodded his head.

I’m starting it… Truth or Dare? She requested

Truth…. What’s your question? Dean choose

If you are to spend a night with someone? Who would that be? She stated her question. Although Dean was a bit nervous, but he gave an answer anyways.

The girl I love…. Truth or Dare? He asked

Truth….. She choose. Dean kept mute for awhile before tapping a question

Have you encountered a self embarrassing moment before? What was it all about? Dean threw his question

I have had one… I was in the lecture room with my friends that day. A male bvlly was chasing someone and coincidentally they bumped into me. I released my hand angrily forgotten that I had my ice cream with me.

The Ice cream poured on me in return. Making Everyone to make fun of my stained dress… I can’t ever forget about that incident.

That wasn’t fair…. I’m choosing Dare now. Dean stated.

Tiana stared surprisingly at him and seeing that as an opportunity. She demanded for what she has always wanted.

I am giving you a Dare to take me along with you to where you are lessoning….. She requested Making Dean to flinch.

That wasn’t supposed to be brought up in here. I can’t allow you to go with me. Dean refused

Well that’s what I want . It’s a request and you must fulfill it…. She answered

I will do something about it… Can we stop this game now? I’m not interested anymore… Dean said and started leaving with Tiana fastly walking after him…


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Chapter 18

Unknown pov✍️✍️

That’s such a silly advise Damon… Why should I take her with me?

You don’t have any solution here to offer. Can you stop ruining the ones I am bringing? I wasn’t there when you agreed to the game.

She never told me it would lead to that question;

You forgot to ask her if she would ask that? You should have known better not to pick Dare…

I don’t know what to say to you. Right now I have a problem” I’m in need of your help that’s why I am calling. Can’t you at least think of something?

I wished your voice always sounds calm like this whenever you are speaking with me. It was so calm you know…

Anyways I think you should stop thinking that you won’t take her over there with you. Obviously that can’t work..

Why not? She should have known better that it’s my place of work. No one is allowed to follow me there. He rejected

If you stress out your brain like this. I’m afraid you won’t be able to realize what I am trying to say here. Damon answered

Tell me what you are saying Damon. I’m restless, can’t I just Inform her that it’s not possible?? Dean Asked

I can’t think of anything much.. maybe it will be a good idea to Inform Arnold about this…

Excuse me! That’s not a way out… How am I going to do that?

Right now.. that’s what you can do. You’ve played a game you can’t back out of. it’s necessary for you to provide what ever she dares you for…

If I had known this is how everything will ended. I wouldn’t have played anything with her.. she’s always making me regret everything. Dean regretted

Sort that question out by yourself.. just adhere to my suggestion.. He told him

It’s not necessary for you to be rude… For once just be friendly with me. He said

Let’s talk about the matter first.. have you agreed on informing Arnold now? I’m sure definitely that would help. Came his answer

Do you think he would allow me to bring someone that wounded his sister to their home? Dean asked

I have no idea. Rather I could remember you telling me that Amelia wasn’t entirely upset about the issue. He replied

I didn’t lie.. she didn’t look upset… But her friend was, she could kill Tiana if she was given the chance… Dean joked

That’s out of the point… You just inform Arnold, after that inform me of what he says. We will sort this out.. Damon concluded

Now you are sounding like a superhero… Dean said and laughed

You thought of me as one that’s why you called me to help. Now check it out, I have provided a way out.. just inform that girlfriend of yours to stop her s!lly request okay, she should stop giving me reasons to stress my brain… Damon warned

I can’t tell her that.. perhaps I should probably give the phone to her. I’m sure you will like to tell her that by yourself. Dean said holding his laughter

Hold on!!! Why will you do that? Is she over there? He nervously asked.

Are you scared? Well then I think it’s nice for your heart to beat faster like mine… No one is here and no one will be here anytime soon.. He confessed

I almost lost my breath… You sounded like she was there with you. He said breathing out loud

Te.aring her apart is the least thing on my mind now.. I don’t want to think of her, if she comes here then I might have to get into f!ght with her… Dean threatened

You sounded like you can actually do all that…. So what will you do now? Are you going out?

I’m on my bed you f©ol. Don’t you think your help is no longer needed here? Dean answered hoping for find some sleep

I’m thinking we should talk for long since there’s nothing to discuss again.. He muttered

Don’t you think I needed to rest? It’s not easy helping someone your friends thinks would break heads if you stay around her you know… Dean joked

Who was that? Did you talk to Amelia?

I think you remember her name quicker than Lyra’s name. Well I just help Amelia with her book today….. He explained and having to keep his eyes open.



If you asked me what I want. I will happily tell you that we shouldn’t go to the cafeteria. Amelia shrugged

What’s wrong? Ain’t you hungry? Mina curiously asked

I’m hungry. The thought of what happened the last time we went there is affecting me. I just don’t want another drama to take place. She replied

A coward like you… If anyone or Tiana trys anything today… I won’t spare them.. Mina boasted while they both made there ways to get snacks from the cafeteria…

While they were going, a student came to them and Informed Amelia about an urgent call from the school monitor. Amelia was scared but reluctantly had to follow him, urging Mina to get the snack and wait for her outside the Quarter.



Amelia walked into the boys Quarter with the student walking ahead of her. Brad could be seen standing and facing the door.

Immediately when they both got to where he is, he sent the student away and faced Amelia…

You love disobeying me. So I thought that you wouldn’t come with him… He stated

I really don’t want to come here. I’m being forced because it’s an order from you. Amelia answered rudely

You’ve made the right decision for yourself. I already thought that you would clean the entire school if you failed to come here. He boasted receiving a hard glare from Amelia.

Ain’t you tired of standing? Sit over there… He offered pointing at a sofa

No thanks… I’m good with this… Amelia rejected

I expected that… Just tell me the reason why you are being too Adament. Is it because of your beauty? Or there’s a $illy boy fooling you somewhere. He asked staring at her

Permit me… But you are disrespecting my wish by saying all this mean things about me. Amelia answered

Because I am being calm doesn’t make me soft. I can still yell at you when I want. One more word from you. I will make you regret ever coming here… He angrily threatened

I always have a good heart you know.. that’s why I don’t punish people for a long time.. I’m tired of seeing you cleaning here. He explained

So I thought of freeing you from the stress… At Least then you won’t have to arrange anything here again. Maybe I do have a condition attached to it. Do you want to know that? He asked but Amelia didn’t give a reply

No problem… I will tell you myself.. Right now I will terminate your punishment of arranging here. Only if you choose to do what I asked of you. You stated

I just need a deep kss on my lips… I don’t know how long it will last. But you will let go only when I tell you to… After that you are free from my pvnishment. He requested getting Amelia shocked

So what if I decided not to kiss you? Is there any solution? She furiously asked. Hiding her temper

You will have to continue arranging here. Furthermore I can’t assure you of when another chance will come up. He answered already filling himself

If that’s it. Then I will love to continue arranging here. It doesn’t matter how long you taunt me . What I won’t do. Is what I won’t do. Which is why I am informing you now that I reject the chance which you’ve given me… Amelia told him.

You are taking my calm state for granted ain’t you? Who on Earth do you think you are to refuse my order? He yelled

I’m no one than a student that came here to study.. but then you decided to wickedly punish because I refused to start bad relationship with you… She shouted

I don’t want to hear anything from you…. Else I will loose my temper. Brad threatened fisting his knuckles.

The one you lost earlier is still taunting me. It doesn’t matter how long you try.. but I would never accept your offer. Because I wasn’t taught to do that. I’m leaving now, you already made me late for my lecture….. she stated fearlessly and walked away.

Who does he think he is… She gibbered angrily almost sobbing

Do all what you want girl.. At the end my request will be granted. Let’s see how miserable you can survive. Brad smirked and sat down Alone getting upset for now getting what he wanted.



Oh my Amelia!! Where have you been? Don’t tell me you’ve been with that Brad. Did he just release you? Mina asked repeatedly immediately Amelia stepped out.

He didn’t release me. I left there by myself, I thought you would have gone to class… Amelia asked standing opposite Mina

What!! He actually let you walked out on him… What did you just do Amelia? I’m sure he has sent someone to bring you to him.. Mina fearfully asked

I don’t think he will do that.. even if he does that. I’m not scared of him anymore. Let him do the worst ” I’m fed up of being scared of him. What’s the need to keep forcing me into what I don’t want to do…. Amelia asked slightly yelling

What’s wrong? Did he taunt you over there too? Mina confusingly asked

Obviously…. It’s just a pa!n that I can’t even provide anything against him. I need to do something about him Mina. He’s making my life so unbearable and I can’t take it anymore… She let out

Relax Amelia… Everything will be fine. We will find a way to sort him out very soon. I promised… Mina tried consoling her

Try to understand the pressure I am under Mina… I don’t know what to do… She answered tearing up.

We can’t say if someone is here.. let’s get out of here now. We talk about this later…. Mina suggested, after which she held Amelia’s hand leading her out of the building.



Alfred who was having his private moment then he heard some girls gibbered near him turned to see Amelia and Mina discussing infront of the building.

It’s obvious they were not Aware of anyone being there. Why would someone be there? Everyone thinks it’s different part of the building.

His intention was not to listen to their conversation. But he couldn’t help it when they were talking out loud and he managed to overheard what they talked about.

He peeped to check who it was when he got curious. There he saw Amelia talking with Mina…

Even though he didn’t understand what happened between Amelia and Brad, and what she meant by the taunting. He’s sure Brad must have done something te.rrible to the poor girl.

It’s not his usual self to find out things. Especially the ones that doesn’t have to with him. But whatsoever is making Amelia that broken.

He’s ready to get to the root of this….. He once had issue with Brad before. It seems he would be embarking on another journey if issues with him.


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Chapter 19

✍️unknown pov✍️✍️

Amelia rubbed her palm together as she walked out of the wash room, heading to the classroom there she bumped into Dean who was going towards the field.

Her eyes ran into him and to appreciate him for helping her yesterday, she went towards his direction, making him to notice her.

I was on my way to get a glance of the field. Now here is Amelia standing in front of me. Dean beamed instantly when she came across him.

I think it won’t be a bad idea to say Thanks… Amelia replied with a slight smile

You shouldn’t have bothered yourself on that. By the way I hope you understood everything properly? Dean asked throwing his hands on across his chest.

I didn’t seize to review it when you left. Now any question asked concerning it will be provided with a correct answer by me… Amelia boasted

Oh wow! You sounded so confident about yourself. Do you think you can meet my question then? Dean asked getting interested in the conversation.

Don’t do that! You helped me to understand it. It’s possible you give a question I won’t be able to understand… Amelia told him nervously considering how good Dean also can be when it comes to study. And also he’s a lesson teacher after all.

Dean laughed so hard that Amelia thought he was making fun of her. Did she say something funny? She wondered staring confusingly at him.

You sounded so confident earlier, now here you are fearing what my question may be. That isn’t a good start… Dean Teased raising his eyebrows

I don’t mind about that…. Better still I am sure anyone can ask me anything. Excluding you… She stated glancing at Mina who was watching them from a far.

Dean stopped teasing her and decided to Admire her confident instead. She’s proving really different from what Damon described her to be.

I have never seen you walking alone at school before. Where’s your friend? He asked when he realized Mina’s absence.

She’s not far from me. She’s over there… Amelia replied pointing at Mina where she was watching them.

Dean turned to see her and smiled. He knew she would never be out if Amelia’s sight.

I think I should get going now… We will soon receive another lecture and I won’t like to miss it… Amelia stated as she walked away with Dean’s gaze all over her.



Is there something I am missing here? Mina immediately asked when they stepped into the classroom

That’s the way to your seat… Amelia pointed out since she wouldn’t stop following.

Don’t take me for a f©ol. I’m aware of where I am going. Just tell me what you were discussing with Dean. You were even sharing laughter with him. She insisted while Amelia sat down on her seat getting tired of answering questions every now and then.

I think you didn’t notice everything that happened there. Only Dean laughed. I didn’t laugh.. so how did I share laughs with him then? She shrugged

Whatever… Moreover I saw you chitchatting with him.. Mina coed

That was because I was appreciating him. Yesterday he helped me to learn. Little Thank You is all I have to offer him for that. She answered

I didn’t know about… I thought you’ve started building up friendship with him . Mina rolled her eyes

We ain’t enemies. Just let go of this Mina. I only talked to him because he helped me. Any other thought shouldn’t be allowed. She snapped

I love it when you bring out my point for me. You know I am just wondering if Dean would be the one to get The Key into your heart… She teased

By saying this you mean??? Amelia asked confusingly

You’ve had your heart locked all this year’s. I think Dean is finally here to open it…. Can’t you see it? Mina asked smiling

I barely know him for two weeks now. Your mentality is so soft that they can’t stop thinking otherwise. Amelia ranted silently so Carol wouldn’t be able to hear.

My mentality has been saving you for years. Very soon my mentality will prove itself right to you again… Mina shrugged with a frowning face

Since you love discussing rubbish and you want everyone to enjoy it. Why don’t you just say this to Dean? He should understand you better than me right? Amelia stated pointing her hand towards Dean. Who was marching towards his seat.

You are so unbelievable… Mina murmured and left to her seat, while Amelia laughed her Ass out. She knows the best way to get her.



The school premises was noisy as the students roamed around playing in it. Some put all their strength on the football game.

Many decided to do something else with the free moment, just then they heard the sound of the bell. Not everyone was pleased with the one who rang the bell. As he has just ruined their happy moment.

With Straight and Adament face they all headed to their classrooms. Some decided to quench their thirst since their throats got drained by the game.

I would have gotten the chance to score a goal if not for the sound that came from the bell… Arnold bitterly said as he walked side by side with his friend.

Xavier didn’t let you win since the beginning of the game. How would he let you win at the last moment… Drake Arnold’s friend replied

I have seen many Friends supporting one another. Here I am with my own friend is discouraging me… Arnold muttered

I supported you into replacing me during the match. You failed to impress me and now you want to blame me…. Drake cried out

I feel you are telling me Xavier is better than me… Arnold replied sternly

I never said that.. maybe you would have won if your attention was on the match.. you kept on staring at Harley… He answered h!tting his word very hard on Arnold.

You must have been spying on me. Arnold said realizing how his secret just got leaked.

I didn’t spy.. I followed your gaze. That’s how I found out. I’m not surprised because you looked at her. At least this isn’t the first time. Drake defended

I’m just curious to know the reason why you always stare at her, are you by anyways having issue with her?.. Drake demanded

One thing you forgot to observe is that I only did not stare at her. I felt myself drawn towards her… Arnold murmured waiting for Drake’s reaction.

You words seems to me like parables. What were you trying to say? He Confusingly asked

The realization that Harley has gotten herself a space closer to my heart…. He dropped his surprise

The fuck!!! What are you saying? Do you love her? Drake asked almost stuttering

If all I feel towards her is called love. That means I love her… He replied with a smirk.



What if he isn’t around? Should I give him a call? Probably to ask him of his whereabout… Dean thought and doubtfully brought out his phone.

Just a tap on the number, it rang for a while before it got picked.

I’m surprised seeing your call. Do you have something to say to me urgently? Damon asked in a silent voice

I just want to know where you are fool. I’m thinking of inviting you over to my place.. Dean lied wondering why Damon was murmuring.

I’m at home busy with something. I won’t be chanced to visit you today. Damon replied

Alright then.. that’s all I wanted to ask. He answered and immediately dropped the call before Damon would speak.

He walked pass the guards without them stopping as they’ve known who he is..

On his way he collided with Jasmine. Damon’s younger sister climbing down the stairs with some notes in her hand.

Hi Dean…. She beamed and immediately hugged him

Hello Jasmine, how are you doing? Dean asked embracing her also

Obviously I have been good. Are you here to see Damon or me? She asked grinning

I wasn’t aware you would be around. Damon told me you went to visit one of your Aunty… Dean answered ignoring both her question and how she was gawking at him.

I came back earlier today since I have some things to sort out .. she answered

Alright then.. I think I should go see Damon now. We should run into one another before I leave. Dean stated patting her shoulder before leaving.

Jasmine followed him with her eyes and rubbed her shoulder which his palm had touched slightly.
He has no idea of what he has just done to her.



Standing right in front of the door and observing how he would present his surprise visit to Damon.

Dean decided not to knock and just entered directly. That would get Damon surprised and his request will be granted.

Twisting the door knob in order to open it, then making his way into the Room.

He stubbled when he met Damon deeply smooching with a girl. The both of them froze when they saw him, through this Dean found out that the lady is Lyra.
Damon shyly let go of Lyra wanting to stand up from the Bed…

I’m sorry.. I should have knocked… Dean apologized before heading out of the room with Damon trailing after him.


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Chapter 20

✍️✍️unknown pov ✍️✍️

Silence stepped in as the two friends just stared awkwardly at each other. Waiting for someone to speak and quench the silence.

Damon was busy avoiding Dean’s gaze, while Dean was chuckling because of Damon’s reaction. He’s purposely quiet just to make him feel tensed.

Ain’t you going to say anything? Why are you suddenly quiet? Damon forced the words out of his mouth” he can’t bear how Dean was gawking at him anymore.

I don’t know what to say, probably because something interesting was happening to someone inside but then I decided to ruin it for them… Dean Teased holding his laughter

I never thought that you will assume this to be a joke, you made me feel tensed and I don’t know Lyra’s state can be right now… Damon murmured to Dean’s hearing

Like your words says… You are an adult and you should act like one. One who has a girlfriend, must be brave enough when anything comes. Isn’t that always your devotion? Dean asked amidst laughter.

I’m not scared, just tell me the reason why you had to enter without knocking… Damon ranted getting rid of his anxious state.

Excuse me” I was told to stop knocking before entering. You don’t expect me to start knocking after how many warning you’ve given me.. Dean defended.

Damon had no word left in his mouth. He just stared into space, where as he uncomfortably leaned his back on the wall.

I’m here just to discuss few things with you. Well I don’t think I can deliver them with this scene that I met… Dean shrugged

I’m trying to figure out your goal. Must you make fun of me? Why are you suffocating me? Damon lamented aimlessly

Dean stared narrowly at him laughing afterwards, then he finally decided to stop mocking him, at least for now. Definitely he’s going to use this against him later.

Why are you here? I thought I told you I’m busy with something? Damon squeezed his face

I was already outside the house when I called. Moreover I don’t think smooching a girl supposed to be a busy work…. Dean Teased

What will you gain by doing this? Damon tiredly asked

Nothing… Just a gmfrown on your face will make my day… Fine I won’t tease you again. I will just tell you what brought me here and leave… He promised

Ain’t you here to catch fun? Is there any other reason than that? Probably Tiana had sent you out of the house…. Damon gibbered

I have told Arnold like you said. He agreed for me to bring Tiana with me…. Dean said ignoring what he said

I said it….. Have you told Tiana then that she will be coming with you? He curiously asked

I came here straight after the lesson. With that I didn’t get to tell her. I will just inform her when I get home…. Dean shrugged

So if possible you will be taking her with you tommorow? He asked raising his brows

Yes I will…. I’m just wondering what her work will be over there, what’s her mission? Dean wondered

I think she’s planning on looking after you. What else will make her demand for such a thing… Damon shrugged

I just hope she won’t cause any trouble over there.. Dean said

Let’s just assume that…. At Least you’ve granted her wish ” now you are free from the game. Maybe you should play another one with her when you get home… Damon joked

I’m never going to play any game with her. And I won’t inform her till I am ready to leave tommorow… Dean stated frowning

Anyhow you feel it’s right…. Damon muttered into his hearing. Seeing how he’s been looking towards his room nonstop.

Dean realized he must have been thinking of the girl inside.

Seems someone can’t wait to smooch once more… I’m leaving now. Dean informed

Why? Won’t you stay any longer? Damon asked grinning

You might decided to push down from here, if I stay any longer. Can you stop acting like you want me to stay? Your brain is inside that room…. Dean ranted followed a hard glare from Damon.



Dean giggled to himself as he walked down the stairs. He thought Damon would break his bone for interrupting him.

Now he was the one that broke his bones with his words. Well he still can’t get the scene that he saw out of his head.

He strangely feels jealous of Damon. He hasn’t even kissed a girl before. He’s just a boring guy like Damon always call him..

Only if Flora was here. He would express his feelings for her then make her his. Instead of being with that her useless boyfriend.

Speaking of the boyfriend, why hasn’t Dean meet him since Flora died. Up until now he hasn’t think of him. What’s the need to meet him? He has always been useless To Dean.

He thought everything all through and only stopped on his track when his phone vibrated in his hand.
Seeing his Father’s name boldly on the screen. He reluctantly picked up the phone. Why is father calling him?

Good evening Dad…. He greeted and continued climbing down the stairs.
I’m fine dad, I’m just on my way back home… He answered
I finished earlier, I came over to Damon’s place.. He replied

Yes dad I’m on my way…. He continued his call. Then he saw Jasmine looking at him.

I will be home in few minutes time…. He answered before finally hanging up the call.

He walked closer to Jasmine and let out a smile.

I’m sorry Jasmine, I won’t be able to stay longer. I got a call from my Dad and he requested to see me urgently. I hope you are not annoyed? He stated gently

I slightly overheard your discussion with him Dean. I will come along with Damon when next he’s coming to visit you… Jasmine assured staring at him

That should be fine. I’m leaving now take care of yourself…. Dean said smiling

Yes I will…. An embrace from me won’t hurt right? She asked going closer to him. Dean found her request weird but he didn’t give it any chance to show on his face.

She hugged him tightly and murmured” It’s nice meeting you again” To his hearing.

Confused Dean slightly separated himself from her, before he finally walked out of the house, with Jasmine hand waving at him, and her mouth grinning hard behind him.



During the hour of silence with everyone minding their businesses. Amelia took her Time in operating her phone and grinning here and there, obviously finding what she was doing on it interesting.

Arnold couldn’t stop murmuring to himself as he glares hard at the tv plasma. Seeing how his team are getting defeated in the match tear him apart.

Earlier in school today, he was defeated by Xavier. And now another team is defeating his favorite football team. Is today just meant for bad luck??

His anger increased when they lost a ball which was very close to the net.

Shit!!!! He yelled h!tting his hand on the couch, while Axel who was reading a novel stared shockingly at him.

What’s your problem? Must you disturb others because you are not enjoying your match? Amelia snapped when she got tired of his reaction.

I’m sorry… I was just angry…. He stuttered throwing his eyes on the floor.

You’ve been like this ever since we got back from school. Did you have issue with anyone in school? Amelia asked noticed how cold he’s looking.

Arnold stared nervously at her, and not having anything to say he shook his head slightly.

I hope this is the last time I will warn you about this… Amelia warned and returned her attention back to her phone.

She plays with her two brothers when it’s time for it . just so that both of them knows better not to cross boundaries, since they are aware of how strict she can be when upset.
Arnold stared at the Tv one more time before taking his eyes away. He will just go to bed now..

How should he tell Amelia that he’s catching feelings for a girl who happens to be his worst competitor’s cousin…



I got into a conversation with my manager earlier today, I think it’s right for him to teach you somethings in the office… Mr Stewart informed Dean as they both sat down across each other in the garden.

But Dad how will I cope with that? Isn’t that too early for me to know? Dean sadly asked. He hates anything concerning his father’s company.

I’m not handling the company over to you yet. I just want you to learn how things are done over there, incase of the future…. Mr Stewart answered putting his phone beside him.

Dean furrowed his brows, with his knuckles fisted beside him. he knew a day like this will come.

That’s why he’s always regretting being the only child. He doesn’t have the right to say no when it comes to the company issue. What can he do!! everyone thinks of him as the Heir” which he doesn’t like.

I realized that it may be difficult for you come around after school, since you will be going for your lessoning. I think it will be a good idea if you accompany me to the office on Saturday. How about that? He asked hoping for a positive answer from Dean.

I will prepare myself towards the day Dad…. Dean reluctantly said


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Chapter 21

Unknown pov✍️✍️

Water ran down Tiana’s neck as she entered the room with hand towel in her hand, which she has been using to stop the water from wetting her already wet body.

Having a long last night shower has always been what she enjoys doing. In Germany she would always do that with her best friend.

Now that she’s alone. She has no other choice than to enjoy the fantasy shower alone. Even though it’s not overwhelming enough.

What she planned for herself was different from what she came there to encounter. She thought her staying over here would be fun with Dean around her.

That was why she tormented her father In to sending her back over here. Dean has changed so much and it’s a pain on her neck” he doesn’t even like interacting with her like usual…

Could it be that Dean has a girlfriend now? She thought while drying her hair with the hair dryer, pointing out the hidden wet hair, with her fingers.

Her mind rejected the thought, after remembering it has always been Damon who visits Dean since she got there. Maybe he just needed some space to himself.

As long as she’s aware that his attention isn’t based on any other lady apart from her. She will endure every difficulty she’s facing now…

After all she can tell her father to arrange their marriage in the nearest future, just a call will help her get what she wants……

She finished drying the hair. Afterwards she walked up to her wardrobe getting her self dressed in her favorite flowery purple pyjamas.

Decending herself on the bed…. Giving a thought about everything that has happened all through the day…

She hasn’t even gotten any answer from Dean concerning the game. Hope he’s thinking about it like he promised.. She roamed around everywhere in her mind before finally losing herself into a deep slumber.



Anxiety captured itself over him as he marched into the bedroom. There was some random noise coming from the Tv. Which he hurriedly turned off the moment when he realized the noise.

He sat down on one side of the bed removing his shoes. A guard entered the room with a tray which has a glass of water on it.

He stretched the tray forward waiting for him to take the water from it. As usual he didn’t spare him a glance, as he concentrated on removing the shoes and only touch the water when he was done.

Do you need anything else Master….. The guard asked looking at anything else in the room apart from him.

No Thanks…. He stated simply. Standing up from the bed to his dressing room.

The guard realized his job over there is done as he tried leaving the room. When he heard his order informing him to wait.

Tell me Gerald, is my father around now? He asked removing his shirt.

Yes… He returned back home not long ago….. The guard answered feeling uneasy seeing him undressing infront of him.

He continued removing his dress, while he dismissed the Guard by just tapping his hand…

One who doesn’t know him will assume his character to be rudeness. Not everyone is aware of how he’s been living his life in silence.

All the maids and guards knows how he interact. For this no one will act sluggish in his presence. He would never speak a word lasting more than Five minutes in their presence.

With that they realized how much he cares about every single one of his word.

He finished whatever he was doing by the wardrobe before throwing his leg inside a bathroom slippers.
Leading himself out of the room. He needs to speak with his father…



Sweat rolled aimlessly on Amelia’s forehead as she put in all her effort into what she was doing.

Her first lecture will be starting in the next hour. She needs to hurry with everything in here and get out.

She angrily cvrsed Brad, furthermore whimpering silently as she unknowingly h!t her toe on the desk.
It’s dmn pa!nful!!! She whimpered after seeing how it’s having effect on her.



“He stood still by the door just staring at how she was struggling in the Quarter. Why is she cleaning it? Doing that isn’t meant for any student over here.

He thought looking keenly at Amelia, trying to hide himself, so she wouldn’t see him.

While staring he saw her hitting her toe. He would have gone to help her but that will be too much.

Since that’s unusual of him, putting his attention on people’s matter. Well he’s already doing the unexpected thing of him. Thanks to his Father.

He watched her arranging even with pain all over her face before walking away from there.

He just laid his hand on the first evidence…



Why do you keep on hurting yourself? Are those your two eyes not functioning properly? Mina ranted while checking Amelia’s wounded toe out.

Don’t try to put the blame on me here… I was just hurrying with it so I wouldn’t miss my lecture. You know how difficult the teacher can be…. Amelia painfully snapped

No one sent you to hurry, you could have taken things gently over there… Mina replied

You should have come along with me then… Amelia muttered into her hearing

Please can you stop ranting? You are choking me with your words.. she yelled lightly checking out Amelia’s sore toe.

It almost swelling… wait here for me, I will go get the first Aid box… Just wait here for me ” she commanded before leaving.

In awaiting for Mina, Amelia stretched her hand forward to touch the toe.

Arghh… It’s painful” she whimpered, closing her eyes in order to take in the pain.

Do you need my help with that? She heard someone saying behind her.

Forcing her eyes to open, she turned and saw Dean stepping down infront of her.

Why are you sitting alone here? He asked as he stared at her for an answer.

I wounded myself earlier, Mina went in search for the first Aid box, so I’m here waiting for her…. Amelia reluctantly said, rubbing her toe slightly.

Dean felt sorry for her after hearing that. Seeing her red wounded toe, he slowly squirted infront of her.

Let me take a look at it…. He offered holding her feet in his hand.
Why is she always getting hurt? He thought while looking deeply at the feet.” Precisely the toe.

Amelia saw this and felt inconvenient. She doesn’t like how he’s looking at her feet. Probably because she hates it when she gets random Pity from someone.

I’m back with the box….. Mina screamed before seeing Dean holding Amelia’s feet and rubbing it with his hand. Obviously to help her lessen the pa!n.

Mina looked shockingly at him then back at Amelia who was mouthing something to her, but she had no idea of what she was telling her.

Dean you are here… I thought I would help her to dress her toe. Now that you are here. Can you help with that please? She asked Dean stretching the box towards him before he would think of answering.

Amelia saw her doing the opposite of what she demanded from her.

Anger immediately built itself in her stomach. She honestly want to slap senses into Mina’s head right away.

Dean happily collected the box from her and started helping Amelia in treating it. His entire concentration was on that he didn’t notice the angry glare going on between the two friends.

Arghhh…. Amelia let out a shout after Dean applied an ointment to it.

Sorry… I’m almost done…. Dean said wrapping the small bandage around it gently.

The students that were passing didn’t refuse to offer their eyes food, after seeing what’s happening over there..
Dean finished dressing it, before gently placing it on the floor. He stood up and strangely stroked Amelia’s hair.

I know it hurts…. Try your best not get yourself injured next time…. He whispered softly to her then he simply walked away like nothing happened.

The h’ll!!! Mina yelled, while Amelia tried understanding what just happened.


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Chapter 22

Unknown pov ✍️✍️

The h’ll!!! Did that just happen? Mina gasped with her eyes trailing behind Dean.

Amelia, Did you see that? You saw what Happened right? She asked tapping Amelia repeatedly.

Let go of Mina, I didn’t just see what happened. I witnessed it my own eyes. Just stop tapping me okay; it hurts.. Amelia spat letting out a scoff

If you witnessed it, then tell me why you are not shocked the way I am. Why are you acting like everything is normal; She gibbered instantly

Because nothing changed, you don’t just expect me to start jumping because he helped me. I’m sure he did that just to help. What on Earth are you thinking of? Amelia snapped stretching her hands towards Mina for lift.

You could have jumped you know, Dean just touched your toe. He even caressed it…. Mina stated smiling then helping Amelia to stand up.

When I think of how foolish you are, sometimes I feel like dieing….. Amelia murmured but it was clear enough for Mina to hear.

Maybe you should also act like a fool. At least during this moment. Don’t you want to check the view from my side? Mina questioned while taking the first Aid box with her.

The view that happened because you foolishly gave him the box. You were the one who supposed to do it. But then you decided not to help…. Amelia yelped h!tting her head.

Lower your voice okay; I only did that because I love his presence. Moreover he was already checking it out before I came. I just finished the mission for him…. Mina sternly Specified, taking a different route.

Where are you going? Amelia asked trying to walk without limping. Well that was impossible, since the leg still hurts very much..

The box doesn’t belong to us, what do you expect? then I am returning it…. Mina said showing the box to Amelia.

Fine then” I should go to class. You will come join me, when you are done, I can’t follow…. Amelia Answered, while they parted ways.



Dean chuckled lightly, as he remembered what happened back then in school.

A thought came to his mind, and he hurried to his wardrobe bringing out the image.. Taking a deep look at it.

He missed her!!! Not just because he loves her ” witnessing what happened in school today made him missed her alot”

I promised myself not to miss you again, but what can I do? I saw someone’s reaction today that looked exactly like yours…. He started talking to it.

She’d hurt her toe, and I managed to bumped into her. The way she whimpered when I was applying ointment to it, made me remember you….

Back then when I was chasing you, remember??? He beamed at the image

You were trying to brighten up my mood” but then you hurt your leg while doing that. Then I had to apply the ointment for you…. Can you remember? He asked lowering his head.

You didn’t know you would leave me then, you also refused to share your pain with me… If you have told me. Maybe I would find a way to save you…. He stuttered remembering the moments they shared.

Know what MY COMFORT? I won’t let this tear drop. It weakens me. I need to be strong right? I’m still expecting you in my dream. Why didn’t you come to see me there? He murmured

Do you have someone you love where you are now? He asked chuckling. He knew he wasn’t making any sense in his words.

Maybe you love someone now… But I don’t love anyone.. No one has been able to capture my heart like you did… I think no one will ever capture it….. He kept himself busy with the private conversation. Well he didn’t get to satisfy himself, when he Tiana interrupted his moment.



I don’t know why you insisted on coming. There’s simply nothing for you to do here… Dean ranted in the car.

I just want to go out with you, ain’t you happy that I am doing this for you? .. Tiana lied fiddling with her nails.

You could have asked for something else. This isn’t right… Dean snapped while driving the car into the compound.

I knew you wouldn’t answer me. That’s why I had to do this… Tiana spat demanding for his pity.

I discussed about this with the boy. I am lessoning…. Dean stated ignoring what she said.

Which means he knows about your coming… Try not to create any problem for us in there, Take this as a plead…… Dean warned before unhooking the belt from his body, storming out of the car.

Tiana nodded and came out of the car as well, dropping the snack she was eating in the car. For some reasons known to Dean, he drove the car by himself.

So this is where Amelia is living… She thought while staring at the surrounding. The house is quiet big, like wise it speaks royalty. Nevertheless it’s unlike Dean’s place.

Wealth could at times feed on wealth. Tiana thought and smirked trailing after Dean who couldn’t stop waving at the guards.

Tiana just walked past anyone she sees. Why would she talk to them? They are all workers. Right now she wondered what Dean is searching for.

Why will someone has classic as him. Choose to become an ordinary lesson teacher… She thought shaking her head.



Dean walked into the sitting room and met Amelia watching movies as usual. For some reason Tiana hasn’t shown up behind him yet..

Hi Amelia, Like I expected, you are here…. Dean grinned while he walked closer to her. Not giving a thought about Tiana.

You won’t make fun of me now, will you? I enjoy myself here anytime I am sick of staying in my room… Amelia stated while Dean smiled lightly.

How is your toe now? I still don’t know how you get hurt…. Dean specified.

Amelia wanted to reply when she noticed someone entering the house .

Tiana!!! She surprisingly called while looking at Dean for explanation.
Yes Amelia, she followed me to lesson today… Dean quickly said.

Amelia looked at Tiana who was smirking while coming closer to them and scoffed, taking her eyes to the ground, then back at her.

I already inform Arnold about her. I hope you don’t mind seeing her here? Dean nervously asked considering how Amelia couldn’t stop staring at Tiana.

No…no… Problem..she stuttered forcing a smile out of her mouth.

I should get to work now… Tiana you should stay over here with her. I will go upstairs now… Dean specified while returning his gaze to Amelia.

I Will be back, please will you keep her company….. He stated before leaving…



That’s it!!! Came a yell by Amelia. Obviously she was too engrossed in the movie, that she didn’t even care if Tiana was sitting. They don’t have anything to talk about anyways.

Tiana stared angrily at her. She’s tired of how Amelia couldn’t stop murmuring. What’s special in the movie anyways…

She glared hard at her, while thinking of what to do. Dean just left her here alone with this girl that she hates her sight.

Wouldn’t it be better if she followed him upstairs. She fumed in anger roaming her eyes around. Her eyes caught the sight the remote control, now she knows what to do.

She hurriedly dropped her beg, immediately when hand grabbed it. ” She wasted no time in switching it to another channel.

Amelia who was enjoying her movie, turned to her when she saw how Tiana changed the channel…

What’s that for? You interrupted what I was watching. Amelia snapped trying not to shout.

I am a guest here. Are you not supposed to treat me better? You have been watching since. It’s my turn to watch now… Tiana yelped while rolling her eyes.

I realized you being a guest here, you don’t have to tell me that. Moreover you don’t have any right to change the channel… Amelia shrugged

Don’t you have something else to do? Do you want to start ranting on your guest?. Tiana jested while she sipped from the wine..

Actually she had requested for the wine earlier… Not minding how she screamed at the maid though. According to her, they were supposed to provide her with it. Before she asked.

I don’t know why you are so different from your brother… You are so rude and proud…. Amelia scoffed

What did you say?? Who is my brother? Tiana asked confusingly

What you heard? Dean your brother isn’t like this… Why are you so rude?? You came to my house. And wanting to tell me what to do…. What’s that for??? Amelia growled

Maybe you made a mistake…. Dean isn’t my brother. Next time investigate before concluding… Get your thought cleared…. She answered making Amelia shocked.

She’s not his sister? Then who is she??? Amelia thought while staring at her.

I know it’s your house… But I can’t tolerate how you were giggling… You were making such a joy klling scene.. that’s why I changed it to what I want…. Tiana spat rolling her eyes afterwards.

Amelia looked angrily at her.. She doesn’t want to pick a fight with her. Since it’s her first time coming to her house. ” Dean also urged her to keep Tiana’s company” Nevertheless she won’t stay here with her.

It’s Arnold’s fault for letting Dean bring her here… She still couldn’t put aside the thought that She’s not Dean’s sister.

What relationship do they share??? Amelia thought. And without ulterring a word to Tiana who was ready to talk her throat out. Amelia stood up from there and simply walked away.


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Chapter 23 Unknown pov✍️✍️

The driving back home was solemnly quiet, as everyone decided to keep their conversation in there, in their minds.

Tiana kept herself busy with her eyes on the passerbys, probably admiring the city. On the other hand Dean’s concentration was on the road.. somehow he likes the quietness.

Dean… Can I ask you something?? Tiana suddenly asked, Destroyithe silent moment.

Dean stared at her briefly before returning his eyes back to the road.

I’m listening to what you have to say… He answered nonchalantly without sparing her a glance

Did you tell Amelia that I am your sister? She asked fully concentrating on him.

Dean looked suspiciously at her, then recalled that particular day Amelia thought Tiana is his sister, well at least it wasn’t him that gave Amelia the thought.

No I didn’t tell her… He answered, that’s the truth anyways. But why is she suddenly asking him that??

Why are you asking me that? Dean eagerly asked

I do not think it’s necessary to tell you, but I will tell you since you asked…. Tiana spat trying to get herself his attention, Dean just rolled his eyes and looked away.

We were talking earlier, then she called me a rude girl, and that I am not like my brother….. She stated playing with her hair, while Dean diverted his eyes back to her.

Dean thought everything was fine when he met only Tiana sitting alone in the parlour. Now he knows that she must have picked a fight with Amelia when he wasn’t there… Why else would Amelia told her that she’s rude? Dean imagined in his thought.

What lead to the discussion about that? He asked suddenly stopping the car..

Why did you stop the car? We are not home yet… Tiana asked confusingly

I haven’t been concentrating on driving because of this discussion.. I will resume driving after hearing what you have to say. You won’t want us to get klled by me… Dean answered relaxing his back on the driver’s chair.

I asked you a question.. what leads to her calling you a rude girl? Did you pick a f!ght with her when I left? Dean questioned while gazing at her for a reply.

I don’t think you should care about knowing that…. It’s a girl’s matter anyways… Tiana stuttered throwing some stares outside the car.

No problem, I will just ask Amelia about that… I just want to know if you confirmed it to her, that you are my sister… Dean stated glancing at her

Why would I tell her that? I’m not your sister…. Tiana shrugged

So who did you tell her that you are to me? Dean asked anyways”his eyes are still firmly closed with head resting on the chair hand” for some reasons he’s not happy discussing with her.

I told her to confirm her information properly next time, before assuming nonsense.. . Because I am your girlfriend…. Tiana said trailing her fingers on her hair

Hearing that Dean furiously opened his eyes… Seems He heard the opposite of what she was trying to say.

You did what? What did you just say? He repeatedly asked eagerly waiting for her to speak.

Are you so happy that you can’t remember? Well then I will say it again…. She beamed ignoring Dean’s Curiosity

I told her that I am not your sister. She made a mistake during her research. So I told her the truth that I am your girlfriend…. She happily answered

I thought I misinterpreted you earlier, Did you really say this to her? Why will you do that??? Dean questioned. Thank goodness he stopped the car earlier. He’s obviously loosing his mind, he would have caused an accident.

Because it’s the truth… Maybe it hasn’t happened yet. But it will definitely happen one day obviously…. Tiana shrugged

Excuse me!! Dean furrowed his brow trying to take in what she was saying

I’m not your girlfriend now, but I will become that very soon… I just tell her incase of then, she should be aware…. She answered not minding what her words was doing to Dean.

But I never appointed you as my girlfriend…. Dean shrugged

I don’t need you to do that…. You already showed me just how much you love me…. She answered

I can’t remember when that happened…. Dean threw the question right at her

Because I saw it in your eyes, I didn’t hear it from your mouth… Are you not Inlove with me?? Tiana asked

Why will you assume that? I never told you… Dean stated

You shouldn’t tell me, I found out myself… can’t you deny loving someone? That person is me… She gibbered

I know I do love someone, but You are not not the one I love…. Dean angrily said. She’s so frustrating

So tell me who it is? Do you have any girlfriend? Is there any girl you love aside me??? She questioned while Dean remained quiet with his hand just rubbing his head.

Why ain’t you saying anything??? Do you love someone?? Am I not the girl that you want??? Tiana screamed scaring Dean.

Yes…. I love someone.. and the one I love isn’t you… Dean frustratedly answered.

Who is she? Is it Amelia? Who’s she?? Tiana muttered letting out a tear.

You shouldn’t care to know about her… Please can you stop all this games that you are playing with me…. I’m not interested, I don’t know how you felt like while telling such a huge lie…. Dean scoffed

But I already told her that I am your girlfriend…. She yelled erasing the tear from her eyes.

I told her that I am your girlfriend…. If you love her then I don’t care…. She’s aware now that you are mine…. Either I have your love or not… Tiana insisted

This is getting out of hand….. Have you lost your mind? Why are you saying to me? Dean asked finding everything too fast to happen.

Yes I have lost my mind…. I lost it after realizing how far you can go in breaking me…. You used to love me… What changes? She muttered with tear Rolling down her cheeks

I never loved you…. It was just a scene that happened when we were small… I don’t love you .. Dean specified

So what about Amelia? Didn’t you just met her? She asked folding her hands below her chest.

Amelia isn’t the girl that I love… I don’t have anything to do with her…. Dean corrected. He’s tired of hearing that from her.
Hearing that Tiana felt at ease a bit, at least Amelia isn’t the girl that he loves… But who is the girl? She imagined

Who’s that girl that you love?? She asked looking at him for an answer.

I will like my issue to be personal, it’s not every occasion in my life you should be aware of…. Dean stated and started the car, ignoring any other questions that she raised up.



Dean stood still Alone inside his room at night… Corresponding his conversation with Tiana….

Why did she lie to Amelia? Could that be the reason why she insisted on going over there with him? He thought while staring at the buildings through his transparent window.

The discussion has been bothering him. He still doesn’t understand why he’s feeling upset because Amelia would think of Tiana as his girlfriend.

Will she ask him about it? What will he say to her?
What about if Tiana actually picked a f!ght with her when he wasn’t there? Oh g©sh!! He despises anything related to Tiana.



Should I get you another one? Mina asked while watching Amelia gulping down the water which she gave her.

I was only exhausted in my throat not my spirit, I’m okay now… Amelia joked while keeping the empty bottle aside.

Will you continue from where you stopped now? I don’t want to interrupt the discussion by answering you. Mina questioned

Nothing else to explain… I just want to ask if you think that she’s really not his sister? Who is she then to him? Amelia asked imagining Mina’s answer to least ease her mind.

I thought she was his sister, for some reasons. Now she told you that she’s not… I don’t know what to think of her.. Mina shrugged
She could also be his girlfriend, have you given that a thought?? Mina questioned.

I find it difficult to believe her… I’m not giving anything concerning her a thought… Amelia murmured

Are you sure about that? Why do I feel like you are affected by her not being his sister… Mina teased followed by “A angry glare” from Amelia.



I was just planning on calling you when I am done with this work… Damon said through the other side of the call.

I need you more than you can ever need me, that’s why destiny is making me to call you first… Dean answered

What’s wrong? Are you in trouble again? He questioned laughing afterwards

I have a trouble living and dwelling in the same house with me.m Tell me how I won’t be in trouble then? Dean scoffed

I should have considered that when I saw your call… Tell me what’s wrong?Damon answered.

Dean sat down on the bed and gently narrated everything that happened earlier between him and Tiana to him.. Damon gasped after hearing everything.

Oh my!!!! That’s huge.. He coed

You see that…. Honestly I don’t know what to do… Dean answered

Why did you tell her that you love someone?

I was angry Damon… I felt suffocated that I didn’t care about what I was saying…

But telling her that wouldn’t have solved your problem..

I didn’t realize that… Just tell me what I should do now… She already told Amelia that she’s my girlfriend. And for some reasons I wasn’t feeling well on seeing Amelia. DEAN sadly said

Does that mean that you love her now? Damon Teased

Common Damon… I’m just not happy, because she will think The person who injured her head is actually my girlfriend.. Dean confessed

I understand…. Will you walk up to her and tell her the truth then? Damon suggested

How can I do that Damon? That will be strange. Why always telling me to go after what’s hard?…. She didn’t even ask about it when she saw me. Dean refused

She doesn’t have any right to ask you any question about that…. You just tell her the truth by yourself… Dean said

You said it like everything is easy to do… Won’t she feel awkward if I tell her that?

She obviously will… There’s no other way…. I already told you not allow your girlfriend to create anymore problem for me to solve…

I thought you would act like a nice guy for once… You’ve started talking nonsense…. Who brought the idea of me taking her with me in the first place?

I did, but I never told you to allow her stay alone with Amelia….

Just let it slide…. I will find a way out by myself…. He snapped.



Tiana’s temper boiled while going through the internet.
All she wanted to do was making Dean confessed his love for her.

That didn’t happen, instead he told her that he loves another girl apart from her.. who’s that girl?

She recalled the conversation and hit her desk so hard… Why would Dean even think of loving someone else? She didn’t come here to witness that…

She search everything about him under his bio, and every other things concerning him on the internet.. she needed to get a clue about who the girl is..

Frustratedly closing the laptop and pushing it aside, when she couldn’t get anything reasonable from it.. She decided to bring out another way of finding out about the girl..

She remained quiet for a while, with her face frowned together and her hand rubbing her cheek.

Well a smile crept out of her lips when she finally thought of a quick Answer to all her question…

She can’t wait to put this thought into action.. surely something good that will ease her mind will definitely come out of it…


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Chapter 24

Unknown pov ✍️✍️

Dear Amelia’s Diary,

Hey Diary, I’m sorry I didn’t visit you last night, it was such a hard day for me.

Something happened too. can you remember me informing you about a girl in my school? The one that injured my head?

Surprising thing here Diary, she came to our house yesterday. Actually I don’t know her reasons for coming, but she followed Dean over here. By now you should be aware if whom Dean is.

Up until yesterday i was thinking she’s Dean’s sister. But then I can’t stop being confused when she denied being his sister.

Is that really possible diary? You know I didn’t believe her when she told me. What relationship will she share with him aside that.

As usual you know Mina always talk rubbish, she thought Tiana is Dean’s girlfriend. Do you think that she’s right? Dean is such a nice guy. Why would he want someone like her as his girlfriend?

Mina always take her time, in gathering impossible things… Which is why I am finding it difficult believing what she told me.

Will it be a good idea that I should ask Dean about that? Actually When I saw him earlier today.

I couldn’t ask him. He would think I am monitoring his affairs, and I’m not interested in anything of sort.

He’s just a friend whom I talk to because he’s nice. What’s the reason to ask him; That will be Awkward.

Go$h!!! Diary I have many things to pour out to you. When will you start replying me? You know I come here often discussing everything about me with you.

It’s sad that you’ve never answered or reply anything that I told you.. I know it’s impossible. I just don’t know why I depend on you so much.

Probably because you’ve been with me all this while right? What’s the point in asking you. You won’t even answer me..

I’m still trying to force myself into falling inlove with someone, but that seems impossible. I just haven’t seen someone that will give me the feeling towards it.

So I have made myself A promise diary, I won’t make effort on studying love anymore until I have also fallen in love with someone. I have had many points already while the rest will be gathered when I can also feel what love is.

One more thing to discuss with you before saying Goodnight diary. I miss my parents so much that I can’t say everything with words. It’s a good thing that I I will be visiting Aunty Shalom on Saturday.

I don’t know why she requested for only me to visit her. Do you think that’s because she feels like seeing Grandma? And then she thought of seeing me.

Who am I kidding… I’m not a grandmother yet, but Dad always tell me how I look purely like my grandmother, for now I am thinking that’s why she requested on seeing me.
I will be going alone to visit them without my brothers, but I can’t stop being anxious. What if I bump into Chris again? It’s seriously giving me a concern

Because that will ruin my day and I don’t want that ….. I pray that should not happen. I might just have to suffocate myself overthere.

We’ve discussed enough now…. Saying Goodnight won’t be enough right now. But my Discussion with you next time will over take the space between us.




Are you looking for something? Mina suddenly said while letting go of Amelia’s hand enjoying the shocked impression on his face.

Oh wow!! You both are here. Dean surprisingly asked. He had no idea that they were there

Yes we are… Ain’t you happy to see us? Mina asked coming closer to him.

That’s not what I meant. I was just surprised seeing you two, Do you come here often also? He asked still surprised with their presence

That should be a joke… This is our base. What are you doing here? Came another question.

Amelia on the other hand just stood still leaving Mina to do the talk. That’s what she likes doing anyway

That…. I was just strolling and taking a look around the school, I have not done that since I got transferred here, so t thought I doing that with my free period.. he answered politely letting out a cute smile which Mina dazzling fall for. He’s very handsome

Is that true? Could it be that you are waiting for someone here? We have been watching you for awhile. All I have seen you doing is just standing and looking around. Mina teased

Tell me…. Are you here to meet your girlfriend? She joked as well trying to find out about his relationship with Tiana, this would serve as the best opportunity.

That’s silly…. I came here for a nice view. Nothing else.. Hello Amelia… He waved ignoring Tiana’s talk

Hi Dean… She replied and came closer as well, when she’s been standing alone. She is happy with How Mina was handling the issue.

I was thinking that you didn’t want to speak with me.. Dean said with a smirk.

That’s not what Happened. She has been complaining of tiredness. Maybe that’s why she kept quiet and your girlfriend picked a fight with her yesterday too… Mina quickly answered

My girlfriend! Who’s that? Dean asked acting innocent

Is that a joke? Tell me now that Tiana is not your girlfriend. Mina requested

What!!! What are you saying? He scoffed. He would just use this opportunity to reveal the truth

Calm down, I will explain what I meant. When you visited Amelia with Tiana. They had a little quarrel among each other.. she tried explaining

No one told me about that “even Tiana didn’t tell me.. Dean stated

She won’t tell you.. During the argument she told Amelia that she has never been your sister. Mina stopped explaining eyeing Amelia who was smiling at her bold detective work.

Hearing this… Dean remember how Mina had told him about what she said to Amelia. Now the girls will insult him for having such a rude girlfriend. Oh h’ll!!

I was thinking you would like to say something. So far you are not saying anything. I will just continue my explanation. Mina said and continued speaking

I’m not concerned about who she is to you. I’m just disappointed that you made someone like her your girlfriend… She didn’t tell Amelia the relationship between the two of you but what else will you both share…Mina shrugged giving Dean a shock impression

Excuse me… Dean scoffed emphasizing what he heard

Tiana didn’t mention your relationship with her to Amelia. I’m just saying if also she’s your girlfriend. You should teach her some manners, you are such a nice girl. Your girlfriend Should have that too…. She Ranted giving way for him to speak

Dean thought about everything all through and finally came in to a conclusion.. If Tiana didn’t tell Amelia that she’s his girlfriend. That means she lied to him. SERIOUSLY””

Is this some kind of Joke??? Dean thought staring Absent mindedly at Amelia who was also staring back at him.

I’m sorry for how rude she behaved with you when I brought her… He pleaded looking directly at Amelia

Tiana is my childhood friend, and also she lives in the same house with me,since she got transferred to the same school that I attend.

I brought with me because she begged me to. I’m sorry if she caused you any frustration, I had no idea something of sort happened.. He explained having butterflies dancing in his stomach. This is really a miracle. He can’t wait to inform Damon.



Evening Dad… He greeted standing in front of his father. His look shows that he’s slightly upset

I called for your presence here since. Where have you been? The frustrated man asked

I was going through some notes Dad… Do you need me to do anything for you? Came his answer

I just want to know how far you’ve gone now. Any evidence yet? I need to prepare some work.. he requested

I was planning on coming to you Dad… I saw her working at the Quarter today… He said

How is that related to what I told you to get? Did you ask her the reason why she was doing that? He stated nonchalantly

I didn’t ask her Dad, but it wasn’t her work… He must have given it to her to do… He suggested

I still don’t get why all this will be happening, and no one is aware of it…. How come? Even I also didn’t know about it… He roared

It wasn’t for the public Dad, when I heard her complaining about it.. she sounded so unhappy and probably forcing herself to do it, if she knew I was there. Then she wouldn’t have talked. He explained

She could have done something good for herself by informing the school committees. I still don’t know why you are helping her with this… He said looking at him.

Her complained made me feel pity for her. I’m not doing the wrong thing Dad…. He answered

I never said you are. What you You’re doing is right but you’ve always prefer to stay apart from everyone. Seeing you worked up over someone is just a strange feeling…. He stated and watched him let out a smile..That’s not his daily thing

Your mother requested for you to come over. Did you see her message? He asked going through the files on his table while waiting for his answer



She angrily h!t her feet on the ground. Wiping the stored sweat off her face. Why is she not finding it yet? She thought and curiously arranged the books she had scattered back.

She searched all through other things but nothing good was coming out of them. Almost every single thing in this room as been searched. Where is she supposed to check now…

She lazily sat down on the bed, getting tired of standing and ranting alone…. Won’t she get anything after all her effort.

Oh Dean!!! Where did he keep the image of that girl… She thought and looked everything inside positively well with her eyes.

Maybe she should check the Wardrobe… The idea crossed her mind. Hurriedly she walked closer to it. Impatiently trying to unlock it. It should be in here.thats the only place that has not been searched.

What are you doing there??? The last voice she wouldn’t want to hear, threw her a question.
What the h’ll!!!!


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Chapter 25

Unknown pov ✍️✍️

Her hand shook unknowing as fear gripped her. Letting out an impression which she had no idea that it would appear.
What would she say? She blinked her eyes rapidly staring at Dean who standing by the door with a backpack in his hand.

Obviously he was just returning back from where he normally teach. She had no idea that he would come so early.

I asked you something Tiana, what are you doing overthere at my wardrobe? He asked staring coldly at her.

His Expression looks probably upset. Only him knows what’s preventing him from yelling at her.

Dean, I didn’t know that you were there. She stuttered biting her lower lip. She’s unfortunately out of words and had no clue about what to say.

You can’t know because you were not expecting me. I could remember handling the key over to the guard when I was living. How did you get in here? Dean questioned

I.. I was tired of staying alone in my room. I just came here to check out how things are, I have seen you giving the key with him then when you were leaving.

That was why I decided to get it from him. She answered letting out nothing but a false smile.

Just two days ago, you were bored of staying in the house. Then you decided to follow me to lesson. I’m surprised Seeing you here with that same complain…. Dean blasted.

But there’s no harm in me coming here..I enjoy checking out your room… She stated gathering some courage

Which is why you decided to roam around my wardrobe too? I don’t think that there’s something that would keep your company overthere.

I believe you are aware that I keep only my clothes in there. And also you don’t just touch my things without informing me. He stated angrily

I’m sorry.. I won’t do that anymore…. She stuttered while making attempt to leave the room.

Hold on Tiana…. I have some questions for you? Dean stopped her. She looked cluelessly at him before returning her eyes to the ground after nodding her head.

Why did you lie to me? You Never told Amelia that you are my girlfriend. Now I want to know the reason why you lied to me… He questioned leaving Tiana devastated

How did he find out? He didn’t question Amelia right? Why is today not bringing good luck for her, !!! She wondered suddenly feeling uneasy.

I did tell her that I am your girlfriend. Maybe she was lieing you, I told her.. She defended shaking her head nervously. It was clearly written on her face that she wasn’t telling the truth.

Amelia doesn’t have any reason to lie to me…. Dean snapped grumbling walking closer to her.

I also don’t have any reason to lie to you either. She defended

I don’t want to know or care about that.. I just want to make myself clear here. I haven’t been getting upset about things that you choose to do.

Even when most of them gets me upset, I still letgo of it. Because I am not interested in all those sort of things. I need my privacy and I have the right to choose who I want as my girlfriend.

Stop making yourself available when you are not needed Tiana. It can destroy my respect and care that i have towards you…. He stated gently before walking out of the room. Leaving Tiana to her thought.



Letting out a yawn before opening his eyes to see who disturbed his sleep. He could remember putting off the alarm last night.

Who on Earth dared to disturb his sleep?? He thought angrily roaming his eyes around the room before sighting the guard, who was standing few steps away from him.

Can’t I have my privacy anymore? What’s the need to disrupt my sleep? He asked with a hint of dizziness in his voice.

Sorry young master…. I was sent by your father…. The guard answered while he looking at him with a package in his hand.

What did he say? Dean managed to say

I was told to deliver this package to you. His order followed it also that you should get dressed… He answered.

Dean looked him all through, staring particularly at the package in his hands. It looks like a dress.

Did he inform you about the reason for me to get dressed? What’s the need to get me that? I didn’t ask for it…. He complained obviously referring to the package.

He mentioned you going with him to the office young master… The guard simply stated. Waiting patiently for the next order

Now Dean could remember everything perfectly. The father had forced him to come with him to the office. He had no idea that it’s weekend already.

You can leave now… I will get dressed….. He mumbled before leaving the Bed. He still can’t believe it that he would actually visit the company today.

Up until now only few of the staff recognizes him. He hates popularity and can’t believe he would have to encounter it now because of his father.



Please take this to the car… And tell the driver to be ready.. I will be out shortly….. Amelia said to the maid before she made her way to Arnold’s room.

He’s been indoor for no reason, that’s so unusual of him. And noticing how sad he’s looking nowadays gave her concern about him.

Her parents are not around. It’s her job to make sure her siblings are doing well even in their absence. She would find out whatever the problem is with him.

Arnold why …. She was saying while entering the room then she saw him immediately hiding his phone and trying to false a smile.

Hi Amelia, you are here…. He said trying to lay on the pillow which he hid the phone under.

Amelia looked suspiciously at him, why would he be hiding his phone??what was the need to do that??

Yes I’m here…. I was going to Aunty shalom’s place. I just wanted to see you before I leave…. She still couldn’t take her mind off what she just saw him doing.

I have been keeping myself busy in here with my phone. That’s why I haven’t come out… Thanks for coming to check on me…. He appreciated letting out an unexplainable smile.

Humm. When I entered I saw you hiding your phone. Why were you hiding it? Amelia asked sitting on the bed beside him.

I wasn’t hiding it Amelia.. I just dropped it…. He stuttered

It didn’t seem like that to me… You were so disturbed. Give the phone here…. She demanded stretching her palm towards him

You will be late for your outing Amelia, you can check the phone when you get back…. He murmured slowly

Amelia ignored what he was saying and went forward in picking the phone under the pillow.

Arnold was trying to stop her but that was not possible because she had taken it already.

Amelia immediately put the phone on, luckily it doesn’t have password. Getting Arnold to confirm it would have been a problem.

Who’s this??? Amelia questioned when she saw a girl’s image clearly showing on the screen..

Arnold rubbed the back of his head not knowing what to say…

I’m asking you something Arnold… Who’s this girl? Why were you checking her picture? She questioned sliding the picture to another ones and couldn’t be more anxious that she is presently.

There are many pictures of the same girl. Sometimes it would be clear, some seems unaware. In conclusion she looks unaware of when the pictures were taken. Why is Arnold having so many pictures of her…

She stopped checking the pictures and turned to him, with her eyes eagerly waiting for an answer.

She’s Harley…. We are classmates…. He stuttered feeling the need to run out of the room. Everything seems tense over here suddenly to him.

Amelia looked at him weirdly enough. Her eyes Seriously demanding for another explanation… She’s not understanding whatever he was saying to her.

Let’s just talk about this later Amelia…. I promised to explain everything to you when you are back…. Arnold stated praying for her to adhere.

I hope you’ve cheered up your mood before I get back. And you shouldn’t bother about framing lies for me… You know what I am capable of doing if you try that?? She warned looking at him.

I won’t hide anything…. He answered while walking out of the room casually with her.



His anxiety increased immediately when he stepped out of the car. Today is the day that his father would announce him publicly as the Heir.

Well he announced that him on their way here. Telling him to accompany to office was just a trick of getting him to come.

How will things be in there?? He thought walking side by side with the father who wouldn’t stop receiving calls from all sources.

There were journalist, newscaster and many LIVE T.V channels Representatives all around. The day was quiet a special one.

All eyes trailed behind the cute Heir as he watched his steps slowly into the building.. He’s just so Adorable. Alot of girls are always started to fall massively for him.

Alot of praises and Welcome gesture from everyone. The crowd were too much that he decided to keep his eyes on the floor.

The news about him has been the talk on everyone’s mouth…. Why won’t they be tensed because of his visit? That’s the Richest company in the country’s Heir entering.

Thinking clearly about when nobody has the chance to witness what he looks like gave them all concern. If he’s very handsome why did it take long before meeting him.

Little Wave would have make them happy young master…. A guard who is the closest to Dean whispered into his ear.

His major work is to guide him as his personal guard. But they grew their relationship into that of Brothers. Which is why the guard is always free to say anything to him.

I’m still trying to hurry out of here…. Now you expected me to start waving?? Dean snapped silently while forcing out a smile out of his mouth.

There are many cameras that are present to capture all of his single step, which is why he needed to smile often.

The shyness on his face couldn’t be measured when some journalist boldly came forward and started interrogating him.

TELL US MISTER DEAN STEWART. WHY DID YOU TAKE SUCH A LONG TIME BEFORE REVEALING YOURSELF TO THE SOCIETY…. One of them questioned positioning the microphone towards his mouth.



He gulped down nothing down his throat, remembering his father’s warning not to say anything to them.

If he knew this would happen. He wouldn’t have agreed to come out here.



Amelia let out numerous smile as she focused her eyes on the T.V screen.

Go$h!!! …. He’s so cute…. Natasha coed admiring his look.

I wish I could be given the chance to touch him… She said wrapping her hand around the pillow.

Hearing this Amelia looked briefly at her before returning her eyes back to the T.V ”

His lips are so pink…. Oh heaven knows that I have a huge crush on you Dean…. Scarlett also stated who was sitting beside Amelia.

In Aunty Shalom’s house there is Amelia and her cousins watching the T.V together. It was Natasha’s idea to watch the T.V.

Now she’s surprised Seeing the magic Dean’s presence on the live T.V has been doing to her two cousins.

You know I could do anything in this work just to make him talk to me… Have you heard anything about him before? You seem unconcerned about everything… Scarlett Questioned Amelia.

She looked nervously at her, Should she tell her that Dean is actually a friend of hers. They don’t look like someone who would believe that.

What if she told them that he’s Actually a lesson teacher to Arnold… What will they say? She thought while staring at him as he was smiling at the journalist.

I asked you a something Amelia.. why are you ignoring my question??? Scarlett snapped squeezing her cheeks

Yes Amelia tell us… Don’t you like Dean Stewart?? Natasha also intervened..


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Chapter 26

Unknown pov✍️✍️

Excusing herself from their captivity, she walked to the center of the room stretching her body. She believes they won’t trust what ever she has to tell them. The best thing is just to ignore their questions.

We asked you something Amelia, won’t you answer us now? Scarlett asked standing up also

I think that we should talk about him later… How about us making pancakes together before I leave? I haven’t been here in a while.. That will be interesting right… She beamed hoping for positive response

Nah…. I want to stay over here watching Dean’s introduction…. Natasha declined focusing on the T.V

We will just make the pancake and come back here. You won’t miss the entire program… Amelia insisted dragging her arm

I don’t even want to take my eyes off the show. Tell me how will I go away from here for some hours… You should go with Scarlett. She answered giving her a smile

It’s fine Amelia, let’s go make the pancake together. At least then Natasha won’t be around so we can talk about her.

She beamed hoping her trick would have power on Natasha but that wasn’t true. She acted unconcerned about whatever she was saying. Knowing their tricks won’t work, they both walked hand in hand out of the sitting room.



Just to heal my broken heart, I sent him a breakup message instantly when I got home… Natasha said some baking powder to the flour.

They both decided to kill the boredom they felt in the kitchen by sharing their past experience together. To aid the matter Scarlett decided to make a quick revelation about her boyfriend.

I thought you would give him another chance to explain himself. He may not be guilty…. Amelia stated mixing the flour together

Well I didn’t see the reason for me to do that. That wasn’t the first time he would do something of sort, it was his luck that I could tolerate him for such a long time before reacting…. She shrugged

I’m speechless…. Did you talk to him about it? Did he know that you found out? She asked

I’d tell him…. He always apologize but would never be remorseful. Tell me what’s the need to keep a relationship with someone who thinks you are not enough for him? Scarlett asked.

This is toxic… But I think it won’t be a bad idea to leave such person… Amelia managed to say

That was the reason why I let go… Tell me Amelia do you have a boyfriend? She suddenly asked out of no where.

Seriously…. Why are you asking me that now? Amelia asked confusingly

I’m just curious to know.. you’ve never talked about him, and seeing you not falling inlove with Dean’s sight like us made me suspicious. Do you love the guy so much that you don’t even want to spare a charming Prince like Dean a glance? She teased

Honestly… You sounded so funny…. You won’t believe my status even if I tell you.. Amelia muttered.

What’s your status? Ain’t you Inlove with someone? She asked curiously

Well I am not…. I don’t have a boyfriend and I don’t love anyone… She stated Finally done with the mixing.

So you expect me to believe that? Common Amelia. You have a boyfriend. Maybe you don’t want to reveal me to me.. Scarlett refused

How can I explain this to you? I don’t love any guy. With that I don’t see the need to have a boyfriend… Amelia said truthfully

Hold on…. So you don’t have a boyfriend? I find it difficult to believe what you said. She shook her head repeatedly

I’m telling the truth…. I am hoping on loving someone soon. Maybe then I will finally have a boyfriend.. Amelia replied placing the pancakes in the hot oil.

Why didn’t you spare those prince charming a chance? You are beautiful and anyone would want you…. She said to her

You are kidding still Natasha…. Nevertheless I will give what you said a thought…. Can I ask you something?

You won’t stop even if I tell you not to ask. Tell me what it is. You want me to do something for you? She asked helping her with the placing.

Just that I saw how you and Scarlett couldn’t stop murmuring about Dean. Tell me what’s so special about him. She asked.

She’s been thinking of that in her mind. That’s why she would want to know about it. Is he so adorable that even her two cousins are obsessed with him?

Well I can’t really answer that… I will just brief you on that… On the aspect about mine. I don’t know about Scarlett… Natasha fore said

No problem then… Step aside… Amelia proffered

Why??? Are we not making the remaining pancake? She asked confusingly

We will… I just want to take over. It was my suggestion to come here.. I should be the one responsible for the remaining Flour. She explained herself properly.

I will just start with the first time i heard about him… I went out for shopping with my friends. So randomly one of them was talking about him. She started explaining

I didn’t know who he is. But hearing them talking about him tempted me to find out about him. I think you should add little frying oil to avoid burning… She suggested to Amelia

I don’t know how I did it. I just found myself going through him on the social media. I did research about him and through that I became fond of him. She revealed

Hold on a second… How is that possible? I thought he doesn’t engage himself on things like that… Amelia scoffed

Yes he doesn’t.. but his father had an account created for him. You could reach out to him through it. But he would never communicate with anyone, I think he was forced to be operating it… She suggested

In my own view, I feel the Father really wanted him exposed to everyone… Amelia stated

Exactly… But he’s always keeping himself abstain. Being such a powerful heir and yet he’s humble makes me crazy about him. Natasha said anyway

Have you seen him before?? Amelia asked waiting for her reply.

I haven’t… But trust me Amelia. I won’t mind doing anything for him whenever I set my eyes on him. His girlfriend would be so lucky to have him. She beamed suddenly imagining herself closer to him

Do you think that he has a girlfriend? Amelia asked instantly

No idea.. ever still if he doesn’t. Any girl closer to him or able to make him talk to her is so lucky. If that opportunity comes to my path. I won’t mind exhausting it instantly… She ranted

Gosh!!! You can’t stop Amusing me… Amelia laughed

Get to know him also. I’m sure you will be obsessed with him more than I am.. she promised

I know him already. She unknowingly replied. Immediately regretting ever mentioning that.

Excuse me… Do you have something to do with him? She asked

I meant you’ve been telling me about him. When will Aunty be back? Amelia asked changing the topic. Something in her doesn’t want her to tell Scarlett the truth.

I don’t know… You came immediately when she left… Maybe you wouldn’t be able to see her before leaving today… She shrugged

I won’t want that… She invited me over now she’s not around. I’m not pleased with that.. Amelia fumed

It wasn’t her fault, something important came up. But at least I together with Scarlett made your day at least… She stated taking a bit from the pancake in her hand.

Only you did… Scarlett refused to help me with the pancake.. I forgot to ask. Why have I not seen Chris around? Amelia asked noticing that she has not seen him around.

He went out since last night.. that was the last time that I saw him …. Natasha answered giving Amelia some joy with her reply. At least she won’t have to deal with him today.

What are you two talking about? Is it about me?? Scarlett interrupted marching into the kitchen.

Why are you here? I thought you refused to come with us earlier. Natasha snapped angrily immediately squeezing the remaining pancake into her mouth.

I decided to come back, do you have any problem with that?? Scarlett replied picking a pancake before taking a race out of the kitchen.


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Chapter 27

✍️✍️ unknown pov ✍️✍️


Oh my!!! Seems I am arriving at the best time…. The voice came as a surprise, creating huge Fear in her while she reluctantly turned to him. Her Fear finally came true .

She looked towards the direction Her two cousins had taken after seeing her off and gasped. They were just getting closer to the main house. What if They turn back?? She thought fearfully while stepping back from him.

What’s wrong? I have been here waiting for you “Are you not happy that I am here? You won’t be Happy leaving without meeting me right? He said going closer to her almost covering the little space between them.

She gulped down nothing downwards her throat as she stared nervously at him. She thought everything would be fine. How did he manage to return when she was close to leaving? Why didn’t she leave in their presence before they left?

Are you not going to say anything? You are happy to see me right? You won’t believe me if I tell you the stress I went through before I could get here, “how come you all took such a long hour before coming out? … He asked staring directly into her eyes. All other parts of her body has been devoured with his eyes.

Good P.m” she managed to say staring at his forehead. She doesn’t want to make anymore contact with his eyes. Not now, not Never will she ever try that.

I thought you were not going to talk to me…. Better still you haven’t answer my question. Are you happy that I am here? He asked lowering his head for an answer.

I am getting late and needs to leave now… She ignored his question and anxiously said while taking her eyes to the ground.. Oh h’ll!! She’s not ready to witness his next reaction.

So what about me? I left everything that I was doing and came here to see you. Are you not going to spend little Time with me? He asked wanting to touch some strands from her hair.

I’m not interested in all this. Can you stop this please? She refused stepping back from him, having the urge to suddenly disappear into the thin Air.

What’s that? Don’t you want me to touch you? Come on you know that’s not possible… He smirked while trying to hold her hand.

Stop it Chris!!!! What are you doing? This shouldn’t happen between us, at least not anymore. I can’t take all this it’s enough… I just want to leave from here peacefully without worries. Can you leave me alone?? She requested tiredly” Her voice is nothing less than shouting”

So what about me? I want you and it’s a must for you to be mine. You can’t stop me from touching you…. He replied dragging her closer to him with his hands wrapped around her waist.

Being shocked would be the least word to use for Amelia’s state. What if someone comes there… Her mind pondered as she tried releasing herself from his grip.

Just stay still, I’m not going to hurt you… He said in cold voice while breathing in Amelia’s scent. He’s still not ready to let go. That bea$t installed in him won’t let that happen.

What perfume do you use? It scents like strawberry incense and I like it… He whispered softly and tried to kss her earlobe.

No she can’t take this anymore….. With full force and anger burning in her she ki¢ked him on the knee and quickly released herself from him, letting the h!tting effect to have a rapid hold on him.

Why did you do that???? He roared while trying to hold her Arm again amidst gritted teeth…

She was quick enough to push him aside, without waiting for him to get a hold of himself. She took a turn and ran into the car.

Instantly when she got in, she told the driver to take off. Before Chris could run to stop the car, the driver zoomed off. While Amelia watched how he was trying to meet up with the car. That was Quick!!


Tear rolled down her cheeks and she remembered the incident. It just wouldn’t stop displaying itself in her head.

That moment, how he was trying to assault her, the touching. Everything taunted her Mind.

What sort of faith does she have? On one hand there is Brad who torments her always in school and she can’t even help herself in getting rid of him.

On another hand is Chris who Always harass her anytime she goes to visit her Aunt. No matter how much she tried to free herself from him also, nothing ever help.

Must she always have to deal with all the difficulty in this world? Why is her life rotating about Male bvllies?

Why can’t she just live her life freely like other people and be free? Her heart saddened as she tightened her hands across her leg while burying her face deeply into her Thighs.

What if she didn’t defend herself? Someone would have seen them or probably he would have taken Advantage of her once more…

She remembered the past incident she once hard with him and whimpered silently.

That thought shouldn’t be allowed to cross her mind. That was a secret she’s been hiding and having to bear the pain Concerning it.

She felt grateful for at least being able to rescue herself with the little courage she could gathered, at least for once she was able to safe herself.

She wouldn’t stop feeling bad that she couldn’t think of anything that would help her get out of this terrible rough state of mind.

She was still soaking herself with all kinds of thought when her phone started ringing… This was not the right time for the caller to call.

Who could be calling? She thought Wondering if it was Chris. That can’t be true he doesn’t even have her contact. She had restricted her other cousins from giving it to him.

They had no idea what has been going on between them. Cooking up some lies together was able to get them in promising her not to ever give him the contact.

She reluctantly let go of her Thighs and picked up the call realizing the caller to be Arnold.

No problem… I will come over… She said before hanging up. She tried brightening her mood since no one is allowed to see so weak. Not even a glance of smile is seen on her face.

How can she forget that she has unfinished business with Arnold, even if he didn’t request for her to come see him….. She thought before finally walking out of the room.



You didn’t want to discuss about your outing with me right? That’s why you decided not to inform me that you are back…. He Teased welcoming her into the room. He couldn’t notice her sad mood since she had faked a smile.

I was exhausted… Although I would have come to see you if you didn’t ask me to. What’s the need to call me on phone call? You could have just come over or send a maid…. Amelia shrugged

I just think calling you was a quick Process… I just want to give Dean a call and congratulate him…. He answered

Can it be possible that you are Aware about him being Publicly announced as the Heir now?? Amelia furrowed her brows

Any living thing would know that…I watched it live, over here in my room. I can’t believe it that such an influencial young man is actually a lesson teacher of mine.. it sounds so weird…. He explained surprisingly

That was how I felt when Natasha and Scarlett were talking about him to me.. Amelia also said remembering their words.

I feel lucky… He comes here teach me, chat with me despite his status. That’s a once In a lifetime opportunity… He beamed happily

I can understand… Tell me what’s the reason for calling me over? Is it because of the Girl? Amelia asked while she watchedhow he shyly nodded his head.

I want to surprise Dean so I think it wouldn’t be a good idea to use my phone. Can I have your phone? I will prefer that, it will come as a surprise… He requested still hallowing the shyness on his face.

Alright…. Here it is…. Amelia stated simply while giving it to him.

He exchanged the contact from his phone to Amelia’s phone. There in the next minute He was finally on call with him.

Hey master, Congratulations as you emerged as such an Influencial Heir now… He said happily while Amelia laughed because of how he’d say it.
Thanks so much… Sorry can I know who I am speaking with? Dean asked not having idea of who the caller was.

I’m Arnold…. I want to make it a surprise that’s why I am calling with Amelia’s phone… He finally said

Oh my!!… Thanks so much.. I love this, I didn’t have idea that it could be you. Dean appreciated

You are welcome…. I’m sorry I couldn’t attend. I wasn’t aware…. He stated nervously

It’s fine… Is Amelia there with you? Tell her I am saying Hi… Dean suddenly asked

Yes she’s here. Seems She would like to wish you as well.. Arnold said and gave the phone to Amelia before she could Reject it. She’s feeling nervous

Hello Dean, congrats…. She said while eyeing Arnold, who was teasing her.

Oh my Amelia, you are also aware… Thanks alot. I feel honored with this…. Dean exclaimed and having little chats after wards. With the promise of seeing each other in school, Amelia hanged up while turning To Arnold.

He sounded so Happy…. It’s an happy occasion anyways…. Arnold stated while smiling selflessly

Seems you like Dean quiet alot… Amelia said while looking at Arnold. Who just couldn’t stop smiling

I do like him. He teaches very well and being Humble regardless of his status, I’m just impressed with everything about him……. He answered

You should stop acting like Natasha and Scarlett now… I don’t think this is the best time for this… Tell me about the girl now… Amelia introduced creating tension in the Air because the room was suddenly Quiet.

I know I promised to Discuss that with you, but it’s late now. Can it be postponed till probably tommorow? I’m feeling sleepy and I’m yet to do my assignment… Arnold begged letting out A yawn.

I have waited all Day for this. Only to hear you postponing it…. Amelia fumed.

After little Pleading she finally listened to him, then she returned back to her room. At least her sad mood got lessened.



Tension filled the room as Tiana was not trying To control herself.

Her eyes roamed around the room as She addressed the maids on what work to do. while she kept herself busy with the conversation going on between her and Her best friend. It was actually a phone call.

Get your f!lthy hand off that Bag!!!!! She suddenly roared at A maid who was cleaning it.

Do you know how much that bag cost? I don’t want your filthy hand touching it, None of you should try touching it. She commanded while the maid fearfully Nodded her head.

I’m sorry Ciara, One of those maids just got me annoyed. Tell me what is happening overthere? She asked sweetly while staring at herself in the mirror.

Really!!!! Now everyone would start getting jealous of me right? She beamed happily. Gesturing her hand towards the door” That’s her commanding way of telling the maid to leave”

The maids understood better to go out of the room. While She looked towards the closed door, confirming them all gone then resumed speaking.

It’s not a Little Thing being His girlfriend. I’m sure Sharon would have poisoned herself after you told her… She Ranted while rubbing her hair.

Just flow along with me. She would Never say it out into your hearing that she’s jealous of me… She commanded while displaying a little time lasting smirk on her face.


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Chapter 28

✍️✍️ unknown pov✍️✍️

Little anger built up in his mind as he watched Damon sliding back and fro the iPad.

You saw how he dressed over here? Can you notice the differences from the previous one? Damon asked while zooming the image.

He heard what he asked but he wouldn’t answer. He must Always be forced to do things that is against his wish.

This was the posture that he used in the previous picture. Having a closer look at his legs. They are a bit different from the previous one. Can you differentiate that? He asked while checking out other postures

So I need to stare at another person’s leg, what differences is in leg to find out. How is that going to help me in anyway? He snapped irritatedly

All this things I am showing you are needed. Dressing to kll, Taking different pictures, letting out a cute smile often. You’ve been hiding your charming self for all this year’s. You know all sorts of things will be put into consideration now… He explained

I’m sure you are aware of it… Should I show you another styles? He asked politely. He’s acting more Quiet today unlike his usual self

Why don’t you just order for another bunch of it, then you have many pictures sent to you from many places? You know I am not interested in things like this. Why are acting like my Dad’s P.A? Dean angrily exclaimed

I am your best friend. It’s my duty to make sure you are different from your usual self. Back then you were just a young guy who finds joy in Lessoning, Reading and finding troubles. Damon answered sharply

Presently you are The heir to a massive company. That makes you the successor of it. You need to rebuild yourself… I’m here to help and make that happen…. He answered

I’m aware of everything… Just stop suffocating me by acting like a P.A I don’t want that.. He stated frustratedly

So what do you want? I’m ready to listen. After then you will listen to mine… Damon surrendered

I don’t really have anything to say… All my problem has been solved, except from the new one I got today… He muttered

Which is? You had issue with Tiana? He asked

Not that ” I have been announced as the Heir publicly even though I am not ready for it” isn’t that too much… He replied

So what do you want now? I should inform Your Dad about this? Come on Dean forget about all those childish moment. You have Responsibility on your shoulder now… Damon explained like his brother would.

Tell me have you been able to reach out to Amelia? Dean asked. His aim was to make the moment of checking out postures stopped.

Why will you ask me such a d.aft question. Why should I be reaching out to her? Damon scoffed

You told me that you are both friends remember? He shrugged

I never mentioned that you fool. I told you that she doesn’t keep male friends… He replied

She’s proving you wrong in all ways. We’ve been interacting as friends for a while now. How about that? Dean replied boldly

Nothing interesting is in that.. we talk often too when we see each other…. He said Rolling his eyes alongside with his hand rubbing his chin.

I will save your stress of explaining that by asking her about you from her… Dean stated

Your Audacity that she is going to tell you came from where? He snapped back

All sources . Maybe you are not aware that we are both good friends now. She even congratulated me last night by calling me… He boasted happily.

Each Time he remembered that, little butterflies would form in his stomach and starts dancing. Damon saw his mood brightening and decide to invade in his privacy.

Quick question! Quick question!! He announced

What’s that? If it’s something silly Don’t expect me to answer. Only what is reasonable should be asked.. Dean warned

Were you happy when she called to congratulate you? He asked

I was happy, I didn’t expect that. It came as a surprise, so of course I am happy.. He answered truthfully

Another question” Each time you are with her. Do you feel any specific happiness during the moment? He asked anxiously waiting for his reply.

I’m curious to know the reason for your questions. I have never taken my time to think about this sort of things. What’s the reason for asking me that? Dean requested

Nothing: I’m just confirming something” he shrugged

Which is? Are you seeing me as a threat? Dean joked

What do you mean? I just don’t understand you… He muttered

Do you have a crush on Amelia? I feel you are scared that I am getting closer to her. Why else will you be questioning me? Those questions are weird. Dean asked.

He engaged himself in laughter after receiving the best threatening glare of the day ..



Can I go now? He asked tiredly as he got fed up of the crowd surrounding him.

You haven’t snapped with us…. A lady’s voice echoed from the crowd.
He rubbed his head furiously but still forced a smile to appear on his face..

Reluctantly agreeing to take pictures with them, the one which he assume would be the last one. Few minutes their batch has finished with him.

He decided to take advantage of the moment, since everyone was busy checking out the pictures from one another. He would just leave without asking them for permission.

He thought and started leaving before they would notice it.

Will you mind taking pictures with us too? He heard another student saying behind him. There’s no doubt that the question was for him. He thought on the way while taking different routes that would take him to the classroom.

If he had known this would happen, he wouldn’t step out of the house. He has been around the school premises more than an hour.

The students didn’t allowed him to leave for his classes. Students were coming from all sides of the school compound wanting to take pictures with him.

He’s just an Heir for Goodness sake! He’s not the owner of the company. If only he could scream out loud to everyone’s hearing that he’s not interested in the popularity.

He hates having to deal many people around him or being notice by couple of people. Saying anything to them would sound rude and offensive.

My lecture is commencing any time soon. Can I do that later? He requested sounding as cool as ever, alongside with his mind blowing smile.

He got a nod from them and quickly hurried away. He took a narrow corridor and finally arrived in his class.

Everyone beamed instantly when he entered. Another awkward encounter. “If their eyes could set him on fire” he would be begging for strength presently. Everyone darted their eyes towards.

Ignoring all the stares and waves from everyone. He headed straight to his sit. While going his eyes ran into Amelia whom he gave a slight smile, with a brief wave.

It’s a surprise that upon how everyone was showing love and care gestures to him. He only took his time in responding Amelia.

Tiana who saw him when he did that fumed in anger. Why did he wave at only her?? She was also waving at him. But then he didn’t spare her a glance.



If you are not going to be offended. Will I be allowed to take pictures with you today? Mina asked making it sound awkward to Dean as they both walked out of the library.

Don’t say that.. I’m here and we can take as many as you want… Dean replied politely finding her request funny….

I just feel that I should seek for your permission like other students did… Everyone in the library likewise begged before snapping with you .. she explained

I understand.. but you are not other student. You are my friend right? Dean replied

SERIOUSLY…. You think of me as a friend? She beamed finding what she heard Surprising

I don’t know why I feel the gut to say this. Actually I have always see you and Amelia as my friend… Dean answered

Wow!!! I was supposed to record that… Mina confessed

What? Why will you do that? Dean furrowed his brows

To play it in everyone’s hearing, do you know who you are? She ranted like parrot

That was silly why would you ask me something of sort? You know my name perfectly Right? He asked finding her questions funny

I’m not talking about your name, just don’t worry about that… I don’t know what me being your friend means to you. It means alot to me. I need to step on Tiana’s face brutally. She unknowingly said happily. She shouldn’t have mentioned that In his presence

Excuse me? What do you mean by that? Dean asked since he didn’t understand her.

Nothing much… You should not bother about that. Tell me where you are heading to? Are you finding someone? She neglected the question. She doesn’t want him to think of her as a bad person after explaining what her plan is to him.

I’m looking for somewhere quiet to relax my head. All the students wouldn’t stop following me. I feel I might collapse if I don’t rest my brain… Dean answered while waving at the students who was waving at him.

I understand how hard this might be for you … I will leave now. Take care of yourself… She said nicely before parting ways with him. She needs to share what she just heard to Amelia.



You could come forward whenever you are done observing…. She suddenly said withher eyes focusing on the novel that she was reading.

Oh my!!! How did you know that I am here? I tried not to make you notice me…. He shyly asked

Overthere was where I saw you from….. She finally raised her head to look at him with her hand pointing at A door.

My bad!!! I had no idea that was secreting videoing me for you. Can I sit here with you? He cursed after seeing himself clearly on it.

My body couldn’t contain the sofa, you are free.. She offered before diverting her eyes back to the book.

Why are you here? Do you come here often? She asked after being quiet for a while.

No I haven’t been here before. I was just searching for somewhere to rest my head.. He stated politely

Why didn’t you go to the hall as usual? She asked. Her eyes were still on the book.

I am not satisfied enough that no one would be there. Any one could come around, just like you came together with Mina. He doubted

I can address that….. She stated simply

I saw Your friend on my way here, Why are you not with her? He asked when he remembered

She went to the library. That’s why I decided to come enjoy private moment here. Everywhere has been noisy… She answered. Raising her head up to properly look at him.

He’s very handsome… She thought before taking her eyes away.

I can relate with that .. that’s why I am here as well… He stated while stroking his hair.

The students must have been flowing around you. How does that feels like? She asked

Terrible!!! I don’t want anything of it… He answered immediately

That was rude.. everyone was just trying to celebrate with you. I would have demanded for a snap if I had seen you earlier… She replied with a smirk

That was not my point. Seeing everyone doing that isn’t te.rrible to me. I’m just not interested in the popularity and Everything my Dad suddenly created for me… He tried expressing his word properly

Why?? Amelia asked. She could remember Natasha telling her something of sort about him to her. Maybe getting more explanation from him won’t hurt the cloud.

I’m not just a fan of it… I enjoy it when people addresses me as a commoner. It’s the satisfaction of everything to me… He answered

I’m speechless…. I can’t judge about this because I don’t really know much things about you… She replied while trying to continue reading the novel.

I understand…. What are you reading? I won’t mind joining you.. Dean offered.

Everyone is waiting for you out there. Why do you want to be here reading with me? It’s not fun in here. Amelia managed to say.

I like it in here… I love quietness and that’s what I am getting here… Can you allow me to stay here with you please? Dean requested with his eyes on her face.

It’s fine by me… I’m just trying to keep myself company over here with this novel. Do you want to check it out? She asked giving the book to him.

LOVE WHAT YOU CHERISH” Seems to me that the Novel is based on love…. He suggested after reading out the title.

Yes and extraordinary interesting. You should try it out. It gives me goosebumps whenever I am reading it. Amelia advised.

Tell me are you interested in things concerning love? Your impression while explaining about the book was different from how you were. Dean asked after realizing how happy she sounded. It wasn’t like her previous mood.

I am… Everyone should be interesting in things about it. It’s a better way of life right? She answered while throwing a question at him

I hear that often.. Can we have little discussion furthermore on it? Dean requested

It’s a free world. I’m entirely interested in that.. She shrugged

Just some questions that I would want you to answer for me… Have you felt obsessed with love before? He asked

Your question isn’t straight forward…. Can you explain better? She confusingly demanded

Sorry, I meant have you love someone so much that you don’t feel the need to live if anything happens to them? He asked

I haven’t…. That was a strange question” she pointed out

Yeah I know… It somehow sounds that way. Have you love someone before? He asked carefree

No I haven’t… What’s the need for that question? Is it related to what you asked earlier?

Yes partially. The feeling you get when you love someone is so precious that you would feel the purpose to live everyday just because they are with you.. He explained.

I’m getting it now….. Amelia nodded

The feeling would be so fragile that it will always demand for attention and excess love. When the one you love finally leaves your side, it’s more like unending pain, I don’t think anyone would be able to bear that… He explained having the shattered feeling rising in him after a long time.

I’m still going to come back to that later. Let me ask you this. Do you love someone? Amelia asked. Watching him talking about this and his impression showed it to her that what he was saying has to do with him.

I do… I love someone so much and unexplainable… He stated while staring coldly at the ground.

So have you feel the need not to live if anything happens to the person? Amelia asked. With her mind processing if Tiana is the one that he loves.

I’m already feeling the need not to breath because it has happened….. Dean mumbled but she could hear him

What do you mean that? I’m finding it difficult to understand…. Amelia scoffed.

I lost her…. I lost the one I love…. He replied silently
Lost her? You meant that she broke your heart? Did she leave you? She repeatedly asked. Anxiously waiting for an answer.

She’s D.ead…..


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Chapter 29

✍️ unknown pov✍️✍️

She’s…. He repeated ” leaving Amelia devastated.
Oh my!!! How did that happen? What happened?. What exactly happened to her? She questioned non-stop

She was an asthmatic patient. It happened that she got into an argument with her boyfriend. Although it was a phone call.

After the yelling and pa!n that she was feeling. She had an attack and unfortunately she couldn’t get the inhaler by herself. No one was there to help her. Dean soberly explained with the incident report displaying on his head.

Her brother entered after hearing noises and meet her breathing hard on the ground. He then gave her the inhaler but it was too late… She died before getting to the hospital.. He narrated everything

Go$h!!! I’m sorry!! I’m very sorry about that… Amelia said. No words came to her mouth other than that..

Dean only nodded his head. They both kept quiet for a while. Amelia doesn’t know what exactly to say next.

She was only able to speak when she saw tear Rolling down Dean’s cheek. He was not even whimpering, the tear just dropped. He kept his gaze straight forward, showing in his eyes all the pain he was feeling.

Dean, you are crying!! Are you okay? Should I get you water? She asked

I’m fine… It’s nothing… He answered cleaning the tear off his face. Amelia looked pitifully at him. A lot of questions, Many confusions.

I want to ask you something, can I? …. Amelia asked then she saw him nodding his head. That was like him telling her to carry on.

Were you aware that she had a boyfriend? Amelia asked. That was her first question. If he knows that she had a boyfriend. Why would he fall inlove with her?

Why did you love her with that? You know that she can’t be yours right? She questioned

I knew she had a boyfriend. But the hope that would be mine was in me… Dean managed to say

Why will you have such fate? She was Inlove with someone else and you know that… Amelia surprisingly asked

She was with him because her parents wanted them to marry each other. Clearly in her heart she was Inlove with me… He answered

Did she say that to you? She confessed it? She further Questioned

She didn’t tell me. I saw it in her diary when I visited her room, after her death…He muttered

How come you were able to go to her house? Did you share any relationship with her family?

I used to lesson her. So then I have the privilege of going to the house anytime I want to… He stated

I understand it better now.. Can I ask you more questions further? She seek for an answer. She’s aware this isn’t the right time to question him. She just couldn’t get her not to question him.

I’m all hears…. He nodded dropping the novel by his side.

Why did you fall in love with her despise knowing that she has a boyfriend, who would have been her future partner then? Came her question

Also, how come she was also Inlove with you even though she already had a boyfriend?

What you are asking for is a part of me that I don’t like remembering. I stay around her often. Anyone in my shoe would fall for her, even before the time that I did fall Inlove with her.

She had a boyfriend who was actually useless. He took advantage of her innocent self. I really don’t know how it happened but she likewise fell in love with me. But I won’t blame her for doing that.

She told the diary how she couldn’t bear the pain of seeing me around her, due to how she couldn’t tell me how she feels… Everything was so complicated for us Amelia. That’s the little I can say. He explained bitterly

It’s okay…. Can I ask you another Question? She asked while a nod came as an answer

You know she’s Dead now. I’m just curious to know how you’ve been trying to get over her. How have you been handling the love? Are you still Inlove with her?

I’m not ready to get over her. I’m still very much In love with her, I really do love her and it hurts alot anytime I remember that I won’t ever get to see her.. He answered while Tears dropped endlessly from his eyes.

Hey… Don’t do that… Amelia ushered. His sight was so calm and broken. Who would believe it that Dean Stewart could be shattered like this.

What should I do? I can’t help it…. He sniffed with tears still gushing out of his eyes. He wasn’t crying out loud. The tear kept on dropping.

Amelia looked pitifully at him. She couldn’t think of what to do in helping the him. Not knowing what else to do she shifted closer to him and touched his Shoulder.

Everything will be okay: You know Everything can still be Mended…. Amelia assured while stroking his back.

When will it be? I’m actually alone you know. First it was my mom, and then Flora….

He Said Amidst tears, Everyone knows about His mother’s De.ath. Which is why she doesn’t have any reason to ask him about her.

He did mention Flora, that should be the girl that he loves; Amelia thought

I’m sorry!! Sorry… She stuttered probably having no idea of what to say.. If someone was passing by and see them together”. They would think she was responsible for his present state.

I’m never going to be able to forget those memories. They also will never stop taunting me. Like is unfair to me, can i tell you something? He asked while Amelia withdrew her hand from his shoulder.

I’m a such a bad luck. I don’t have good luck, you know that?. He muttered silently and Amelia shook her head repeatedly.

You don’t understand me. Fine I will make you understand… He said then faced her properly.

Everyone I love and care about always have to leave my side. You know my mom meant a whole lot to me. Then she d!ed and I was busy dealing with the pa!n.

When I realized my love for Flora, I felt lively once again. You know what the feeling of love is like? He asked forgetting that she hasn’t fallen in love before.

It skipped my mind, you haven’t fallen in love before right? You will experience everything when you finally love someone.. He pointed out

I know everything hurts, but you will get over it very soon. Just be strong for yourself.. And Tiana don’t you love her at all? Amelia raised the question. Obviously he must have been close to Mina. He should have gotten feelings for her. That would help his situation.

I never loved her. She was just a girl I used to crush on when we were still very young. I don’t know why she still kept those childish experience in her mind. She thinks I love her but I don’t love her. I only love Flora..He shrugged

She misunderstood everything then.. Amelia added

Yes and that’s why she is making herself a pain in my neck. My heart has already been occupied. Tell me where should I put her? Ran curiously asked

I don’t know.. maybe in your stomach…. Amelia joked and it did help. Dean unknowingly laughed

You should stop thinking about anything that would hurt you now. I know this must have been difficult for you to bear, but you should try to be strong. Amelia said . At least he laughed

It is… But I will be fine.. I feel better after talking to you. You know I have A friend bearing Damon. But he would never let me express my feeling this far to me.. He told her

Why caused that? Friend supposed to listen to one another.. Amelia replied

Yes he couldn’t tolerate seeing me broken. I’m just happy I could tell someone how I feel. Nobody knows this side of my story… Dean answered

Now that you’ve told me about it. Does that make me somebody to you? She asked.

It makes you many things. You are my friend and I feel I could talk to you, I can say just anything to you… He stated with a smile

How about if I tell Arnold about how you were crying like a baby? That should be enough to punish you for the prank right?Amelia suddenly said. Reminding him of the prank they both played on her.

No… Please don’t do that. You can punish me with something else but don’t tell Arnold about this. It would be such an awkward moment..Dean begged nonstop

Why will I gain by not telling him about this? You even played a prank freely on me. Tell what will you repay me with? She demanded

Anything you ask of me. Just don’t inform him about this…. Dean shrugged

I have a request… If you can grant it. Then I promised not to tell him anything. Amelia finally said

I’m ready to listen to it… Tell me what you want? He asked

You wouldn’t think about anything that would break your heart anymore. I want you to let go of those hurtful thought…Amelia stated

That request is huge. I think about it often when I don’t have anything to do. Although it hurts but it helps in keeping myself busy with something… Dean replied.

I can provide myself for you to talk to whenever you are ready to speak with someone. I just don’t want you doing that anymore… She insisted

Remember there’s a deal between us. If you couldn’t grant this then I don’t have any other option than to reveal this to Arnold. .. she threatened

Alright then. I will do it… I won’t think about things that would hurt my feeling anymore. Dean finally agreed

What will give me the Assurance that you won’t do that again? You can absolutely cheat whenever you are at home. I won’t be aware you know? Amelia pointed out

I’m crossing my heart… Now tell me.. Will you be happy to be my friend? He asked out of the blue.

You said it earlier that we are friends right?? Shocked Amelia managed to say. She never thought a day would come that he would be asking her for friendship.

Yes but that was a simple friend. I want you as someone I can talk to anytime. I feel I might get over my worries if I am able to talk to someone who would understand me. Dean replied. He’s saying everything casually while Amelia was thinking of what Natasha told her.

It’s fine then.. I’m approving your request…. She shrugged after a while. She’s definitely going to inform Mina about this .

Now that you have accepted to be my friend, I can tell you something right? I have always wanted to tell you but I couldn’t. Can I say it now? Happy Dean requested

What’s that? Don’t try to play a prank on me now… Amelia warned

I just wanted to say that You are beautiful and I like you… He stated while he watched her gawk nervously at him.

I mean to say that you are very beautiful and I have always like you, ever since when I met you…. He repeated


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Chapter 30

Unknown pov ✍️✍️

I’ve been searching everywhere for you. Tell me where have you been? Did you go to see Brad?? Mina complained after bumping into Amelia on her way back to the classroom.

That was not a good guess. Why would I go to see him? Did he ask of me? She asked nervously

It was just a guess, where were you then? She asked anyways

I was at my usual private base. Why didn’t you come to check me there? She asked before she finally stopped walking.

My mind didn’t think of going there… Nevertheless I have something to share with you… Let’s sit over there.. Mina beamed before dragging Amelia with her.

On my way back from the library. I bumped into Dean… She said immediately they both relaxed on the sofa.

So? Anyone can bump into someone… Amelia shrugged. That really upset Mina.

At least learn skills from patient. You need to know how to be patient. Actually I bumped into him, then he was looking so tired. We were both discussing and during our conversation he said something. Guess what it? She explained.

I wasn’t there. Maybe he told you to Get lost…. Amelia joked.

Yes that was what he told me. Now I am also telling you to get lost. There’s no need of discussing anything with you… She angrily said. Followed by different hisses from every corner of her mouth.

It pains when a small legend gets teased… Sorry then, tell me what happened. Amelia sluggishly said

Such a big f©ol; Mina cursed before saying anything

We were talking so then he told me, that he considers me and you his friend. That was so surprising. I felt like recording it when he told me… She joyfully explained.

Okay then… Amelia simply said, she doesn’t find the information interesting.

Can she ever gets tired of klling people’s joy? Hearing this Mina flinched, this isn’t what she expected Amelia to say.

Just okay … Ain’t you supposed to be glad? Dean Stewart just considered us his friends. Do you know what that means? She ranted while Amelia just watched her drama.

She really felt the need to tell Mina, everything that took place between her and Dean few hours ago. But Mina isn’t a good type. She would tease Amelia with every line of the information. ” that she couldn’t bear to experience”

Maybe she would tell her later…. It’s not a good idea to inform her now…

I don’t know why I always tell you things. It’s obvious that you wouldn’t reply nicely. You don’t even keep male friends in the first place. I was the only one interested in being Dean’s Friend. Mina gibbered irritatedly

Amelia sure doesn’t keep male friends, Probably because of the slight Hatred she had towards Brad and Chris has made her to dislike all males.

She feels the need to stay away from them, they are all dangerous. How could she forget that? She agreed to be Dean’s Friend without thinking Everything all through. He doesn’t mean any harm Right?

What are you thinking? Are you jealous that he told me that before you? Come on Amelia. You won’t be jealous of your best friend… Mina foolishly interrupted her thinking

Do you know what I was thinking? I feel I should interact better with him. Who knows he might fall Inlove with me. That would hurt Tiana and I’m ready to make that happen… She suggested and that made Amelia to release a smirk.

How will Dean fall Inlove with her, when he’s madly in love with someone else..




I have brought a strange news for you. Dean Stewart just asked for my friendship. I didn’t expect that to happen. But I wasn’t surprised.

Everyone sees one him as a mighty young heir, but I saw the weak part of him today diary.. He cried and wailed in my presence.

The sight wasn’t a thing to hold on to. I was sad but I couldn’t help him. I know little if not all how girls are ¢razily crushing on him.

Even my two cousins ain’t excluded. But the one his heart crave for died. For a moment I tried understanding his pain. But then I couldn’t understand him better.

He doesn’t even have any recipe to heal the pain that he feels. Diary you know something? I don’t like guys company. Strangely today I feel entitled to him.

I want to help him with everything that I can. I want to make him locate his happy self once again.

More like I feel the need to help him heal his pain. With that I feel that will erase all the hard and heart saddening experience in his mind.

After that he would be himself once again and finally be able to enjoy his status. Just tell me what I should do diary?

Little from Tiana’s secret got leaked today once again. She was soaring herself in the thought that Dean loves her. She isn’t even the one that he loves.

I really don’t know what her problem is. I feel the need to spank little sense into her skull. She just doesn’t know how to understand things that happened in her environment.

Like Always diary, I’m still battling with Brad’s punishment of arranging. Strangely He hasn’t been taunting me as usual. I also haven’t gotten any issue with him.

I really want to say something but I don’t know how to present it. I think I need to relax my head now. Many things happened today, that stressed me out.

Having splendid night before embarking on a new day journey won’t be too much to ask for.

Goodnight Amelia’s Diary.

She finished writing before finally closed the diary, before placing it under her pillow as usual. Hoping to Get herself falling asleep by reciting A poem in her head.

It all lasted for some minutes, during then she was hoping to finally sleep when she got a barely lasted quick beep from her phone.

Since the phone was placed beside her she was able to know that a message entered.

Forcing her slightly heavy eye flickered open to check the message…

HELLO AMELIA, ARE YOU SLEEPING? She confusingly read the message out. It was a text message from unknown number.

Who could have sent the message to her? She thought while sitting up properly on the bed.

She immediately switched on the light that she had off earlier.. Thinking it all through she decided to send a message also. Asking who the sender was won’t cause her any harm.

HI, WHO IS THIS? Those were they words that she sent. Before she would blink her eyes a reply came in.

She was surprised. Was the Person waiting for her to reply? Who’s messaging her during this late hour. She thought fearlessly

I’M SOMEONE. DON’T YOU KNOW WHO I AM? Another simple text message from the unknown person.

She was curious and had to crake her brain in order to remember who that person would be. What if it was Chris?

I WON’T ASK EARLIER IF I KNEW WHO YOU ARE… she angrily typed before sending it over. Whoever it is should better be positive.

She thought a reply would come in early but it wasn’t so. Who ever was messaging her refused to reply and that Got her worked up.

She wouldn’t think about anything concerning the sender. Who knows whether it was a wrong test. Anyone could make mistake with People’s Phone number. She would just assume it to be a mistake.

She finally concluded before Grumbling Crawling herself inside the big blanket. Resting her head on the pillow. house of story room, sweet and nice story room. With her eyes on the phone, hoping it would beep. Everythingthat happened during the Day narrowly found a chance in entering her thinking.



Dad, You are here Dad…. Dean said nervously while he moved closer to him.

I came to check on how my son is doing. Can I enter now? He asked while smiling sheepishly at him

Of course Dad… Good morning Dad, I was just planning on coming to you before leaving to school. Dean replied going ahead into the room.

It’s alright.. I have few things to discuss with you. That was why I decided to come see you myself… The father shrugged while taking a sit on the couch

I’m always proud of you and any choice that you make.. I don’t always have problem with any of your decision. And you know what you do always will make me happy right? He asked creating worried in Dean’s mind.

Excuse me Dad, I don’t understand what you are telling me.. Dean answered confusingly

Since you’ve been announced as the Heir Now, many People and companies has wanting to meet and have one or two words with you .. he explained further

You will be engaged in representing the company in mostly in all places that we are needed. I have been receiving many calls from some demanding companiesTo have brief moment with you.

I didn’t get to explain all this to you before now. Above it all it’s needed to guide you all through the company activities and how things work in there. So far I know, you are still very naive about how things works overthere… He explained while he listen. Everything seems understandable to him now.

So I am thinking.. since you wouldn’t be available to carry out all the tasks. Should I get you a smart P. A? I’m aware you are not interested in handling the property and company. He pointed out

I believe with time you will sort that out by yourself. Will getting someone to work on your order be okay for you? That would make you feel less uncomfortable about everything right? He asked



He kept was gaze straight as he walked side by side with Tiana to their classroom. Everything she was saying sounded more like noises to his hearing.

He’s happy with the discussion that took place between him and his father. He had no idea that his father would understand him so much.

Now he’s free from thoughts about having to include The Heir title in his schedule. He would just be carrying the title. At least for now he doesn’t have to do anything.

That sounds good to him… He only wished for his father to likewise save him from Tiana. Is he not noticing how much he despises her living in the same house with him?

I’m thinking of travelling to Germany for my holiday. How about the idea? That was the first sentence he willingly listened to among everything that she has been telling him.

It’s a very good idea, you will get to see your friend and spend time with your mom. You’ve missed her right? He included. Her traveling would be relieving.

Yes I do really miss mom and Dad quiet alot. I’m just thinking of this now, will you go with me then? It would be a better idea and Mom would love to see you after many years… She beamed hoping that he would concur.

He looked startled… But he didn’t let it show. He found one excuse and successfully declined her request.

Finally they both entered the class. The first thing that caught his eyes was Amelia. She was keeping herself busy with a novel he thinks. She didn’t seem aware of the noises going on among the students.

Letting out a smile after remembering what he did last night. He walked directly to her and unsuspiciously snatched the book from her hand.
Before she would talk, he had immediately sat down beside her.

Since Carol wasn’t in school yet, it was easy for him to sat down on the empty seat beside Amelia. With his eyes grinning heavily at her.

He has even forgotten that Tiana was with him earlier. His aim was to surprise his beautiful female friend.

Everyone in the room gasped after witnessing this… Nobody expected that. Even Amelia stared shockingly at him.

Amelia’s eyes ran into Tiana, her sight was nothing to write home about. Then she finally decided to tease Tiana.

It was something she doesn’t engage herself into. But if it’s to get back at Tiana for picking up a fight with her when she visited her house. Then she’s willing to be the news in each of every present student here.

After receiving a wink from Mina and looking forward to seeing Tiana bursting, It’s entirely percent sure that she would collapse after witnessing what she was about to do.

No even bothering about the friendly stare, she was receiving from Dean. She moved closer to him and without giving him notice she planted a peck on his right cheek, before whispering.

Good morning handsome… she whispered with her eyes on Tiana





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