Story: Web Of Lies Episode 15

Story: Web Of Lies Episode 15

Story: Web Of Lies Episode 15

Web Of Lies – Episode 15

“You look good,” Serena complimented Darren without looking at him.

“Whose car is this? I didn’t know receiptionist make a lot of money to buy themselves cars,” Darren said.

“Well, its mine. I’m the highest paid receiptionist in the country so why shouldn’t I own a car?” She said with a subtle wink.

“Just drive!” He answered irritated.

It wasn’t a long drive to Taj pamozi Hotel. They got at the hotel in twenty minutes. Set amidst tropical gardens in the heart of Lusaka’s business and government district, Taj Pamozi hotel provided spacious comfort and modern amenities. Darren wasn’t surprised that the minister chose this hotel. He got off the car and opened the door for Serena.

“Still a gentleman,” Serena said getting off the car.

Darren nodded his head and watched her walk past him. She walked freely with her hips rolling and undulating. If he had known better, Darren was being seduced. He thought about Ayana and his reason for being at the hotel. He closed the car’s door and followed Serena.

“Do you even where we are supposed to be going?” Darren asked Serena.

She ignored him and reached the receiption. He watched her talk to the receiptionist while his eyes were hovering around trying to find Marcus. He hadn’t forgotten Marcus’s words that he would see him at the dinner.

“Darren!” Serena called him. “This way.”

He followed her while she followed a lady who was taking them to the diner where the minister and his family would be.

“This place is beautiful,” Serena looked around amazed.

“Watch where you are going, you will trip and fall. It will be a shame to fall in that lovely dress,” Darren said.

“Oh lovely? It took you long to compliment me,” Serena smiled.

“No I didn’t …..”

“Don’t spoil my moment,” she cut him. “I think we are here.”

They arrived into the diner which was already prepared for the occassion. The minister had his family had not arrived yet. Darren and Serena sat next to each other quietly at the round table. Darren got his phone and called Ayana. She didn’t pick up. He assumed she was sleeping.

“Your baby is not picking up?” Serena mocked him.

He ignored her.

“Where are these people?” Darren asked looking at the entrance into the diner.

“Patience Darren. They are coming. Excuse me, I will be back.”

“Where are you going?”

“I’m coming Darren. I’m sure you can survive without me for just five minutes.” She winked.

“Don’t kid yourself Serena.”

Serena left Darren in the diner. Waiting and patience was not his virtue. He kept looking at his watch and could feel each and every second that passed. He could feel the tick of his watch in his ears and that irritated and bothered him. If it were a mere person, he could have just called them and shout at them. He was pressed and went to the restroom where he met Tatiana coming out from the Ladies.

“Darren, its been a while,” she walked towards him.

“Madam,” he said.

“It seems like my name is not nice enough to stick on your tongue,” She said hugging him.

Darren didn’t move.

She let go of him and held his hand. “I’m sorry about what happened the other day I came to your place. I wasn’t in my right mind. I hope you are not mad at me.”

“I forgot about that don’t worry.”



“Its just that I have been thinking about it for the past two weeks and I think I took it too far. Don’t mind everything I said.”

“I don’t.”

“Then we are good.”

“Wait a minute. Something has been bothering me from what you said. You mentioned something about your husband liking young men. What did you mean?”

Tatiana’s face was expressionless.

“You heard me.”

“I said don’t mind what I said Detective,” She reached for him and pecked him.

“Times are changing Darren, I wouldn’t be surprised if you like men too.”

“Gross Tatiana.”

“Ohh how I love it when you call me Tatiana. I wish you could prove me wrong that you don’t like men too.”

“Stop confusing me Tatiana,” he pushed her away.

She smiled at him. “I’m sure everyone is settled now.” She walked away.

Darren quickly got into the toilet and as soon as he was done, he went back to the diner and found everyone at the table gathered.

“Detective!” Wayne exclaimed.

Next to Wayne was Clarisa who didn’t look at Darren but kept staring at the plates in front of her eyes. The Minister had sat next to his wife. Serena was also back at her seat. When she saw Darren, she gave me a stare that conveyed that he had to sit down. Darren took a sit after greeting everyone.

“We have heard that you came some minutes ago Detective,” The minister said looking at Darren.

“Yes sir but we haven’t waited for too long,” Darren said.

“Trying to be modest?” Tatiana looked at Darren.

After everyone had settled down, three servers came in with plates filled with roasted tomato soup as appetizers.

“This is my favourite appetizer,” Tatiana grabbed a spoon from the table. “Do you know that Tomatoes are really packed with nutrients?”

Darren looked at the soup and wasn’t interested.

“Mum!” Wayne yelled irritated.

“I’m saying the truth and this soup is healthy. It contains beefsteak tomatoes plus tomatoe juice and Tomato paste.”

“You know your food,” Serena sipped from the side of the spoon avoiding a slurp.

They were all enjoying the soup and it made them even more hungrier.

“You might be wondering what Clarisa is doing here,” The minister said tipping his soup bowl away from him.

“Yes.” Darren said.

“We accused her of our daughters death not knowing that she was the one who was even trying to put our daughter in the right path. So after knowing that, we felt we needed to apologise to her,” The minister calmly said. “She’s a good girl, she forgave us. Right Clarisa?”

“Yes sir,” Clarisa spoke up while avoiding Darrens stare. “You were overwhelmed with emotions. Every parent in that situation could have reacted the same way.”

“You see detective? she’s a good girl,” Tatiana said.

“I can see!” Darren responded.

“Iam hungry, where are the servers? I’m done with the soup.” Wayne said yawning.

As they were seated, large serving platters and bowls were been filled with foods in the kitchen and set on the dining table by servers. Everyone at the table helped themselves and they passed the foods to each other. As the host, the minister carved the meat.

Darren could see that the diner was heavily guarded by two men in black. His mind raced when he thought about Marcus.

“Detective!” The minister called him.

“Oh sorry,” Darren answered. “I was lost in thoughts.”

“You know you and I have a lot in common?” The minister asked Darren.

Tatiana cleared her throat.

“Yes Minister. You are the Minister I work for,” Darren answered sarcastically.

“I like you, detective,” the minister laughed.

“Isn’t it true sir?”

“Yes it is. We are charged with protecting the people of Zambia,” the minister sighed.

“You couldn’t protect your daughter,” Wayne whispered.

Everyone heard him and were quiet for a while.

“Its good that we have people like the detective here who don’t sleep each and every night to ensure our safety,” the minister said ignoring Wayne. “Its just unfortunate that there are also people like Detective Chilufya who take the law in their hands.” The minister paused and looked at his wife.

Tatiana held his hand and said, “Its ok my love.”

Darren looked at the Minister and thought to himself why Marcus would think that these two were somehow involved in the murder of their daughter. He knew Tatiana to be an hypocrite but the minister seemed sincere.

“The law will surely deal with Chilufya,” Serena added.

Darren hardened.

“Yes and someone out there is tirelessly working themselves to catch the real culprit,” Wayne looked at Darren smiling.

“The culprit is already in jail Wayene,” The Minister added with a stiff face.

Darren sensed something about the way Wayne was acting from the time he saw him. He knew the boy had something on his sleeves. Darren stood up excusing himself.

“Let’s wait for dessert detective,” Tatiana told Darren.

“Be right back,” Darren said leaving the table.

He went to the Marula bar and sat at the counter. He really needed a beer but couldn’t order one.

“How was the food?” Marcus asked touching Darrens shoulder.

“I have been waiting for you,” Darren answered without looking back.

Marcus sat on a chair next to Darrens on the counter. He ordered a shot of tequila which was brought with a lemon chaser. He tilted his head back as he raised the shot glass to his mouth and swallowed it.

“Eish, I never get used to this,” he put the glass on the counter.

“What did you want to tell me?” Darren asked.

“The Wayne boy thinks the father has everything to do with the death of his sister.”

“He’s acting strange. Did you meet up with him?”

“I visited the ministers house this afternoon,” Marcus grinned.

“What? Aren’t you scared of anything?”

“I once was scared like you Darren but I don’t have anything to lose. This case amuses me and I want to get to the bottom of this.”

“Don’t be too excited. I think the minister has something going on with him. His wife keeps telling me something to do with homosexuality.”

Marcus’s face showed curiousity.

“That’s now interesting. What does the wife want?”

“What do you mean what does she want?”

“I know she came to your house and its obvious there is something she wants from you.”


“Do whatever she wants. Do her right and she will curl. We need that information. What if that buzz about homosexuality is connected to Fiona’s death?”

“Do you even hear yourself talk?” Darren asked digusted.

“Anything for information. Anything Detectiive. The clock is ticking.”

“I have a woman,” Darren objected to Marcus’s proposal.

“Who says she will know and this is work. If she happens to find out, she will understand some day,” Marcus got off the chair and minced his way out of the Marula bar.

“Wait!” Darren shouted.

“Who is that?” Tatiana asked him.

Darren hadn’t noticed her coming into the bar as he was busy listening to Marcus. Marcus saw her and discerned she was coming to where they were and quickly left before she could see him.

Darren hesitated and answered, “someone I just met here.”

“Let’s get back to the dining room. You are our guest and you’ve left us,” she gave him her hand and walked back to the dining room.

Entering the dining room, Tatiana let go of him. Darren felt Serena’s evil stare from where she was sited. As soon as he sat down, one of the bodyguards walked to the minister and whispered something in his ears. The ministers body sagged against the chair. He whispered back into the bodyguards ear and stood up.

“Excuse me, I have to sort something.,” the minister left the table. “Wayne follow me!”

Everyone was surprised. Darren suspected something was about to happen. What if someone had seen Marcus at the Ministers house and had seen him at the hotel? He asked himself. He had to act fast and smart.

“Excuse me,” Darren stood and left. He entered the long corridor and saw the ministers bodyguards rushing to the receiption. He didn’t see the minister and Wayne. He ran following the bodyguard.

Marcus was sitted in the lobby with a Newspaper covering his face. He had noticed several movements and two huge men looking around the lobby. He saw the minister pass through the lobby with Wayne. The ministers face was stone cold.

“He was here!” The ministers bodyguard pointed at a sit in the lobby looking at his friend.

Darren reached the entrance of the lobby but stood at the door and observed the bodyguards movements. His eyes searched everywhere and met with Marcus’s. He knew the bodyguards were searching for Marcus. He got into the lobby.

“What is it?” He asked one of the bodyguards while keeping his eyes on Marcus.

“Some sucker broke into the ministers house this afternoon and was seen here tonight,” the bodyguard answered.

Darrens suspicions were confirmed. The bodyguards were looking for Marcus. The other bodyguard noticed some movements from Marcus.

“Hey you!” The bodguard shouted. ” Drop that newspaper.”

Marcus knew he had been found. He calculated the seconds he could run to his car without been caught. He knew the security guards of the hotel were no match for him but the problem was with these two huge bodyguards of the minister. He had studied their bodies. He knew he could ran faster than them but once they caught him, that would be terrible. His experience assured him they wouldn’t fire any guns unless otherwise. He decided to take the chance lest been caught and risk his investigation.

The bodyguard walked to him slowly. He reached for the newspaper and was met with quick fingers in his eyes that temporarily made him blind.

“My eyes!” He screamed causing everyone in the lobby to stare.

Everyones attention turned to the screaming man and Marcus was seen leaving the lobby running to his car like a scared cat.

“Let’s chase him detective,” the bodyguard told Darren.

Darren didn’t hesitate because doing so would have made it obvious he knew Marcus. By the time they got outside, Marcus was already in his car driving to the already opened gate and off he got into Church road. Darren thought that the chase was over.

“Come on detective, I have a car parked outside. The minister has to know what this man was doing at his place,” the bodyguard rushed outside with Darren trailing behind.

They got into the car and in no time, they were behind Marcus’s BMW.

“He thinks he can outsmart me,” the ministers bodyguard stepped on the gas and was bumper to the tail gates trunk lids with Marcus’s car.

The road was clear with no traffic. Marcus’s car was not slowing down and neither was the ministers bodyguard. Darren was thinking of what to do when the car he was on hit Marcus’s car that made Marcus lose control of it and drove into NIPA colleges wall fence.

“Yea, I got you,” the bodyguard happily said.

Darren was checking himself if he had been hurt. The bodyguard got out of the car and went to check on Marcus and found him unconscious. His face was on the driving wheel. Apparently, he had not worn the seatbelt. The engine was still running. Some students had heard the bash and were running to the scene.

“Come out here,” the bodyguard pulled Marcus out of the car and dropped him to the ground. He kicked him in the stomach. Marcus was now awake but weak. “Stand up you fool!” The bodyguard yelled.

Watching from the car, Darren was faced with two options. To help Marcus and risk his job. To leave him to be beaten and risk the investigation. He knew he needed Marcus to finish the investigation.

“To hell with this,” Darren growled and ran to Marcus’s aid.

The ministers bodyguard was busy kicking the weak Marcus when Darren kicked him on his left leg joint. The bodyguard knelt down in pain. He turned around and saw Darren standing in front of him defiantly.

“You too detective!”

Darren punched the bodyguard on the face. He was laying on the ground next to Marcus. Darren quickly lifted Marcus and put him in the backseat of the damaged BMW. He rushed to the front and started the engine.

“Get him too,” the weak Marcus said.

“Who?” Darren asked.

“The man you’ve just punched.”


“Don’t argue with me, get him now before people get here and start taking pictures.”

Darren got out of the car and found the bodyguard struggling to stand up. He went to him and punched him more in the stomach. He dragged him to the trunk, opened the lid, threw him in and locked it. He ran back to the wheel and drove out of the wall.

“Where are we going?” Darren asked Marcus.

“To my building in Garden compound.”

“What have I gotten myself into?” Darren whinn

To be continued

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