Too Late Episode 9

Too Late Episode 9


*Episode 9*

“Who is Elsa?” Karen asked Charles who stood before the mirror knotting his tie. It was a Thursday. He had a meeting to attend and he could see Karen was set for a fight.

“Who do you think she is Karen? Why don’t you tell me?. I have told you times without number that I am not cheating on you. You keep checking my phone for calls, sms. What are you afraid of? I love you Karen. You are the only woman in my life”

“Well, that does not answer my question”

“Elsa is my colleague”

“She has been calling. I saw several missed calls last night and this morning too. Why is she calling you? What’s her problem? Something is fishy and you need to tell me what is going on between you too.”

Charles gave a short laugh.

“I don’t know what you are talking about”

“If you are so innocent as you claim, place a call to her now and put it on speaker”

Charles refused to oblige her. Furious, she pushed him.

“Put a call to her” she ordered, raising her voice.

For a moment he was shocked, but he recovered. He took his phone from her and made the call. With hands akimbo, she waited for Elsa to answer the call.

“Good morning Elsa. I am sorry. My phone was in silence”

“It’s alrightght” She said then coughed

“Sorry I have cold. I am not well at all. I wanted to let you know I will be late today. I want to get to the hospital first”

“Alright!, Take care of yourself”

She hung up. Charles walked past Karen to the sitting room. The table was set with breakfast ready. Ignoring, he picked his briefcase from the chair and walked out. He was angry but trying to control himself.

Since Karen resigned from work, she has been a thorn in his flesh. Nothing he does pleases her. She always complain of insufficient fund to meet her demands. If he couldy meet her demand, she would throw tantrum and keep malice with him for days.

“This has to stop” He told himself as he walked to the bus stop”

Charles got to the office still angry. Apart from the security man, no other colleagues had come. He sat on his seat and used his two hands to support his head. His mind wandered to the discussion he had with Karen few days ago. He told her by the end of the month, he and his family would visit her parents for introduction and fix the date for their marriage.
Excitedly, she kissed him.

“My parents have to see you as a big man”

“And so?” He said with disgust written on his face. Am I not a big man?

Karen laughed.

“I mean someone that is rich, with deep pockets. You can’t say you’re that when you have no car, no house of your own. Presently, you account…

“I have heard you Karen. Can I please…”

Listen Charles, you will need to rent a car for the journey. You need to impress my family you know.”

“We are taking public transport. I can’t pretend to be who I am not. Your parents should see me for who I am”

“My brothers have cars. My sister’s and their husbands have cars too. Can’t we cover our shame by renting a car”

“Alright, if car is so important to you , wait until I buy a car before we talk of marriage”

That was the way the discussion ended that night. Ever since, she would compare him with Brian and other friends they graduated together.

“If it’s so easy as you think, get a job” He had told her


Karen was still in unconvinced by Charles explanation about Elsa. She had always been suspicious. She had told herself not to share her man with anyone not even with the stupid Elsa. She made it a point of duty to go through his messages, and call logs. She listens to his conversations and goes through his diary.

She stood over the table. The breakfast she made for Charles was still there. Hissing, she sat down and began eating. She promised to reopen the discussion with Charles when he returns from work.

Meanwhile, she had saved Elsa’s number in her phone. Karen sent her message claiming she’s Charles wife.

“Please leave my husband alone. You left your work to chase my husband shamelessly. If you don’t leave him alone, I will show you the kind of stuff I am made of. I will arrest you and your family. Infact, I will organize cult boys to dismember you.”

Satisfied by the sms she sent, she proceeded to dress for the interview she had by 10am. Her dress accentuated her curves the way she likes it. She stood before the mirror admiring herself before leaving the house.

Karen stood at the bus stop waiting for a bus, when a car parked in front of her. She gave her direction and hopped into the car. She greeted the driver and a man sitting at the back seat. No discussion took place. She got to her destination and highlighted after thanking them.

Karen was surprised to see so many people for the interview. She didn’t envisage such. She waited for hours before it got to her turn. Karen was ushered into a spacious office with two men there. She greeted and was asked to seat. Karen was asked her name, age and what she knows about the job she applied for. She responded well. They complimented her and she smiled broadly baring her set of well structured white teeth.

“We are going to make it easy for you” The fairer of the two men said.

“You are qualified for the job and also lots of other people that we interviewed”


“We want something from you”

“Something like what?”

“If you agree, the job is yours with good salary” He told her

“How much are we talking about”

Ignoring her question, the dark man left his seat and sat on the table beside Karen.

“You ask too much questions. We want to have sex with you, right now in this office”

Shocked, Karen stood up and picked her handbag from table.

“I don’t care how much you want to pay, but I will never stoop so low” She walked to the door, hissed and left the office banging the door so loud.

The two men looked at each other and laughed loudly.

Walking out of the premises, she looked at her wristwatch, it was 1:28pm. Karen was hungry. She sighted an eatery and crossed over to it. It was a popular eatery around the area. She settled down on a chair and made her order. Just then, a man walked in and took a chair opposite her. Karen recognized him as the man at the back of the seat. They exchanged pleasantries. Karen thanked him again for the ride and they ate in silence. He asked her what she does for a living.

“I am still searching for a job oo” She said “I went for an interview and I still find it difficult to process the kind of condition i was given in order to get the job. Two stupid men who thinks I will open my legs wide for them”

The man laughed while she was talking, he studied her facial and decided he likes her.

“Don’t worry, I will give you a job”

“I don’t understand” She said “How can you give me a job when I don’t even know you”

“You don’t need to know me to get the job. I gave you a lift this morning in my car, yet you didn’t know me”

He paid for their meal and told Karen to follow him. She followed him into the car and he drove her to the premises she went for interview. She saw people were still waiting for their turn. Some of them who saw her leaving the building earlier wondered why she returned.

The man opened the office and entered with Karen. Seeing him, the two men stood up and greeted with shocked expression on their faces.

“Send everyone away. This is the new manager. You are to work under her”

Both of them became ashamed . They greeted her many times.

“Come with me Karen”

She followed him to one of the offices.

“I am the director of this company. My name is Kam. You are not working here. Resume at the head office”

He told her what to expect as salary and for Karen, it was like a dream. She kept thanking him.

“Don’t worry resume on Monday”

Before she left, he gave her the location of the head office.

To be continued

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